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service delays

Generous Motors would like us to believe that they are a changed organization. After purchasing numerous GM vehicles, to support the local economy, I have finally given up on them.

My car sits in a repair bay, for a week now, waiting for stock parts to be delivered from a Lansing depot - not more than 2 hours away. And this is after I authorized an additional $50 charge for overnight delivery.

I can well afford the purchase price of another GM vehicle but I won't stand the direct and incidental cost of ownership. How dumb do they think I am?

Goodby GM

Resolved bad service

I apologize if you are not the correct person to write to, but after the 6th phone call, and with the...

Resolved crappy theft system

Alright, not gonna lie, but the Chevy Malibu is actually a great car minus the really crappy theft system... i am glad to find out that I'm not the only one that has problems with this. I was repeatedly late to work, well in fact anywhere i was ever going because this so called "theft-deterrent" stopped me from going anywhere... seriously why don't they offer some way to break the *** thing or remove it, instead of having to replace the whole *** thing which costs oh, about 300 dollars... but i hear many things about cutting the yellow wire... so i urge everyone that has this problem, not to confide in the "great, noble, wanting-to-help-you-in-any-way-i-can, " people of GM but to cut the *** yellow wire... you'll save money. Hust Google it and you will find out how to do it step-by-step. Thanks for listening.

Resolved terrible experience

My company has 6 GMC 3500 trucks. Most have had the accelerator cables replaced at least twice. The cables are cheep and fray easily therefore the trucks give no warning, the truck accelerators just stick wide open. I contacted GMC to report this and they were only interested in it costing them. I was only intending to inform them of the safety issue. GMC could care less. I found no recalls on this problem. GMC customer care was only interested in the problem if the trucks were still in warranty and had no intention of wasting their time on a problem that they weren't required to pay for.

  • Ma
    Marjorie LaRocque Oct 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I. have been buying GM for the last 28yrs.
    This Saturday I bought a Toyota.
    I am the owner of an Equinox, my pay out is 16 thousand, it is worth 8thousand in the black book, I have already paid 22 thousand...38 thousand for a 4 yr old car!!!
    When I went to Lounsbury's to see a car, a Malibu 08 is $438 a month for 72 months...give me a break, I owed 5 months on you'r car and with all the insentives, I still have this to pay for a new car..
    I am tired of fighting at Lounsbury for everything I needed done and to get a fair shake..
    After of being a good GM client for 28 yrs. Toyoto used me better...Sorry, I would like to still buy a GM but not at this price

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  • Mi
    Milton E. Roundtree Jun 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I brought a 2005 Yukon denali and complained about transmission problems, but dealer could not find anything wrong, but after many trips to dealer over the last couple of years and warrety runs out behold now they can find slippage.my main question is how long is the transmission is under warrety& for how many miles ?50, 000 or 100, 000 or is it 36, 000 miles.
    If you continue to treat people who trust you & your product like this American auto industry will not recover.This dealership I'm complaining about is Gay's dealership in Dickerson, Texas, service manager is Mr. Moore. This is where I purchase but the service & attitude has changed and it "STINKS".


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spontaneous acceleration

I have to ask anyone and everyone that has owned a Cadillac Escalade or any GMC vehicle if they think that their vehicle is a luxurious "accident waiting to happen."

I bought the vehicle Dec 17, 2003 and it was an 02. I felt like a million bucks leaving the dealership. I had a smile that went from ear to ear and an energy that said, "I love life"-until seven months later...

I had complained about a malfunction of the breaks.

It felt as though the ABS was engaging. I don't know if you can remember the sound an old ten speed bike used to make when you switch gears-the vibration and sound is what occurred when I would apply my foot to the break.

At the time of my first complaint, I felt a delay and heard a sound when I applied the breaks-my truck did not come to a complete stop-it kept going. The dealership stated it was my tires. Obviously both GMC and its certified dealerships have not "FIXED" the problem so the issue has only gotten worse-I am afraid to drive it-its sitting pretty in the driveway.

Here is a list of the history-of the "Spontaneous acceleration. " That's right my truck actually accelerates when you apply the brakes!!

June 30, 2004
I had complained of the issues with my vehicle stopping. The dealership "fixed" the problem by putting on 4 brand new tires however did not describe "why" I was there in their "reasons" for diagnosing the tires being replaced .Therefore GMC is stating that the issues didn't actually occur or were not due to faulty/malfunctioning breaking system. Why should I be responsible for their documentation when I go in for service? Why would anyone have a second thought when someone who is "certified" is paid to diagnose and "fix" a problem?

June 15, 2005 I had the same breaking issues and complained again to the, Certified dealership.
They "fixed" the issue and replaced the rear break pads, rotors and rear brake shoes.

June 16, 2006 Same issues/complaints of break malfunction. Certified dealership "fixed" the issue by replacing the front brake pads, resurfaced all four brake rotors

June 22, 2006 Complained about breaking issue. The certified dealership "Fixed" the problem by replacing the Hub Bearing, replaced both ABS sensors and both bearings. My vehicle had 75, 000 miles on it at the time and was still under the certified "preloved" warranty.

March 19, 2008 complained to GMC about the inability to stop since the warranty expired. Another certified dealership "Fixed" the breaking complaint with ANOTHER Hub bearing replacement. HHMM can you say HUB BEARING (I am guessing the part is defective)

September 18, 2008 Spoke with the GMC representative which is like speaking to a well scripted robot who is trained to deflect blame and/or responsibility. After describing the issues of NOT being able to STOP and the malfunctioning of the vehicle where it accelerates, the GMC representative asked again, "So when do you have this issue?" I said the following:

"Have you been listening at all to what I have said? Putting your foot on the break should be a lot like blinking-we shouldn't have to think about it. When was the last time you had to worry if you stepped on the break that your vehicle will plow into the driver in front of you?"

The GMC representative said, "I don't-So why don't you want to drive it to get diagnosed?" -Get the picture? GMC and their customer service sucks.

I was told in the very beginning that if I took my vehicle anywhere else other
than a GMC certified technician or dealership-the warranty coverage for any
issues would be at risk. Also the system that they use to diagnose is
computerized. So if the computer doesn't say there is an issue-they meaning the GMC certified technicians assume there is "no issue".

When I called GMC in March of 2008 they
were more interested in my next GMC purchase than what I was trying to complain about? Like I would EVER buy another GMC piece of ***.

GMC kept reminding me that regardless of the number of attempts I have
made to fix this ongoing issue with my break malfunction and the money that I have spent(time away from work, rental cars)-They won't take responsibility for a vehicle that is no longer under warranty, a vehicle that is 6yrs old and 105k miles. I have been a responsible owner and have been diligent in the maintenance of it. The breaks are only one issue I have had with this truck-New radiator, new transmission, new ride control and another four tires when the Hub bearing was replaced the second time. Issues with the oil(lots of changes-not consistent with 2000 miles)

Companies like GMC hope that consumer complaints will fade away into the backdrop when the consumer gets so frustrated and "give up". I am not one of those people.

Here is a list of some of their excuses:
*"It could have been a fluke"
*"It could have been your driving
*"You know that's common at slow speeds-My response is this "So when I hit a pedestrian should I tell them that too?"
*"We are not familiar with that issue with spontaneous/unexpected acceleration"
*"You should warm up the vehicle before you drive less than 10 miles an hour"
*"The sound is your muffler"
*"There is no issue with the breaking system. we have not been able to duplicate your complaints, so there is nothing wrong"
"The resistance to break could be the way you are applying your foot to the break pedal"-WHAT????!!!

My favorite response from GMC:
"I am so sorry you feel that way, I wish there is something we could do but it's not covered under warranty anymore. Your vehicle was not on the recall list. Yes the year and make was but "your" vehicle was not on the list for the recall."-When did vehicles have social security numbers?

After my ordeal with GMC and the performance issues with my Escalade I am a firm believer that Fred Flintstone probably had a GMC and was the only one that was happy with their product. You see Fred Flintstone didn't care about breaks, airbags, stearing issues, seat belts, windshield wipers that could cause a fire, his car exploding, stalling on a highway...These are some of the many issues the public is raving about on the web regarding GMC vehicles and the safety issues that occur with all makes and models belonging to GMC.

I have filed a complaint with NHTSA and have contacted several newspapers and consumer advocates. Only one person actually helped-a little. A consumer reporter from NBC placed a call to GMC and now I have to deal with "The Executive office". When I asked the GMC representative what her title was she said, "Executive office". I can only assume that she is not someone that can help, just another line of defense to make the a disappointed consumer "go away quietly".

I have done so much searching on the web. The public outcry against GMC is overwhelming. SAFETY is not a priority GMC considers as important as the expensive crap it puts out for unknowing consumers. God help us all when they put out their electric car in 2010. Yippeee another disaster. Hopefully they will go bankrupt before they put out yet another vehicle with safety issues.

All I want is for GMC to pay me the book value of my truck so that I can buy another vehicle that is not GMC. (They won't even pay for a tow to get my vehicle diagnosed. ) It's no wonder that Americans are buying more foreign vehicles and GMC sales are not what they used to be.

It is hard for me to deal with the fact as a consumer that I spent $53, 109.00 for the certified pre-loved vehicle prior to all the money I have spent in getting the breaks to operate properly.

  • Gr
    greg Sep 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Escalade has an acceleration problem also. My car is a 2007 model that with the cruise control on will, when going up a hill, start accelerating full throttle and not quit until you are going 10 to 18 miles faster than your cruise control was set for. One Cadillac dealer told me some just work better than others. The next dealer told me he Yukon does the exact same thing and it drives him nuts. None of the 25 or so other cars me and my wife have driven do that. Also I have rented another 200 to 300 cars in the last 10 years and none of them do anything like that. GM just does not want to fix the problem.

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3 complaints

First I must say my experience with GM is not unique. My family has GM cars throughout. Most of the problems seem to be consistent. I own a Malibu(2002). I first experienced a problem with the Rear-In Take Gasket( Had it replaced twice). Next it was in the Socket Boards for the Tail Lamps. Both had to be replaced at a cost of over $750 Dollars for both, which I had to pay out of my own pocket. Then it was the A/C Control Head wich has been replaced twice and know I was told it needs to be replaced again at a cost of over $300 Dollars to myself. Thats over $900 Dollars for it to be replaced over 3 times. My question is this, should I consider buying another car, maybe a foreign car? Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan. I think it would be in my best interest to look over my options. I have recieved no contact as of yet from GM. Basically NO answers to my questions. The dealership that I deal with told me that they are understanding to my situation but there isn't alot they can do. The Socket Board for the Tail Lamps are a safety issue. I seen the direct results of what happens when moisture or in this case it was ice freezing inside the Tail Lamp. The potential for a fire increases greatly when you mix water or ice with electricity, the dealership said the likely hood of having a fire in this situation is not great. Tell that to a mother who may have her children in the back seat. That is not a risk I am willing to undertake. Please General Motors hear the concearns of your customers, for it may be your children in one of your cars that may cost the lives of love ones, or atleast the burden of paying money that could be used for better things in your family's lives.

  • Ka
    Kate Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All GM cars and trucks need intake manifold gaskets and the circuit boards for the tail light assemblies. This is extremely common. Instead of just dumping GM for another make, you should do your research this time. Cars aren't indestructible and it's important to remember to take care of yourself by doing research before you make such a large purchase.

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Resolved gm does not stand behind vehicles

I have a 2006 Chevy Uplander. The trim that runs down each side of the vehicle has (rusted/discolored) from one end to the other on both sides after only 2 years. The vehicle has 50, 000 miles due to the distance to my work. The dealership (Fox Chevrolet in Timonium Maryland) and GM refuse to fix it unless I pay $200.00 towards the cost because the warranty is up. This is not a moving part and is obviously a factory defect for this to happen all at once after only 2 years. If this had been a moving part I would pay for the replacement but this is something that was a problem from the factory. I asked my contact at GM if they consider this acceptable after 2 years. She said it is out of warranty (hiding behind the warranty instead of doing right by the consumer) and they were being helpful by only charging me $200.00. I contacted GM twice in writing about this and each time it took over a week to talk to someone. When you call you get an answering machine message where they claim they will return the call in 24 hours. You better be sitting by the phone at their convience or you will miss the call. Must be a lot of problems if it takes that long to return a call. This is my fourth GM vehicle in a row and my last. When I explained how many vehicles I purchased from them it did not seem to matter. I have had other problems with this vehicle with the steering and with the brakes. I mistakenly thought customer loyalty meant something but not to GM.

a/c issues

I own a 2006 chevy cobalt and the a/c completely locked up. It cost me $1, 800.02 to have it repaired. The...

terrible experience

I have an '02 Chevy Avalanche that had the paint bubbling just above the rear passenger wheel well. I...

Resolved what a joke

I drive a 2000 Jimmy GMC and have had most of suspension replaced after going to a sight that 2 mechanics told me about and saw the 13 pages of service calls and recalls on my truck I was floored no wonder no one can figure out why at highway speeds this truck shakes like crazy then going to the dealership and the guy says oh its your carrier bearing (lol) which my hubby called to get a price on and lol that truck don’t even have one (lol) and this person works for dealership where did he go to school? So I owe a few more payments and I’m getting rid of this headache!!! Between vibration and flickering interior lights and water on driver side floor board I’ve had enough!!!

Resolved I will not buy another

I had a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado. I bought it at 43000 miles at the Chevy dealer in Desoto, TX. They claims at the time of paper work, the vehicle is checkout find and in perfect condition. I got the vehicle home, at the next morning there is a loud vibration noise from the engine. I immediately bring it to the Chevy dealer (Plano, TX) to get it checkout since it is out of Guaranteed. I paid a $100 for the diagnostic fee—they claims that this is a flaw in it design, but the vehicle check out fine. I drove the vehicle for couple of thousands miles then the engine started to leak oil and smell antifreeze. I replace all the hoses new, but the antifreeze smell still there. Shortly later the Air conditioning leak. I got it fix at Chevy dealer, and then the Air Conditioning goes bad again, I got it fix again. Then later, the antifreeze smell turns out to be the heater core. It cost me a $1000 to get it fix (Raymond Chevrolet (Marietta, GA)). At the mean time, they also mess up my vehicle, the windshield noise (leak). Of course, they claim this windshield noise is normal without checking it out or fix it. The next problem is the antifreeze is going empty all the time and my check engine light again comes on. I spend money again at Reliable Chevrolet (Richardson, TX) for diagnostic, they said Coolant and oil mix together and would cost around $1000 to fix it. Again, I paid to get it fix. The engine oil is getting worse. At the dealer where I got my truck repair, that service engineer got bad attitude toward customer. This is at Reliable Chevrolet, and is worst at Steve Raymond Chevrolet in Marietta, GA.

Bought a GM vehicle is my biggest mistake. --- I then file a consumer report, GM again call offer me a $500 that can redeem at the dealer for a new car (at Chevy). I turn down the offer, saying that I will not buy another junk from Chevy again.

  • Te
    Terry Gregson Oct 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will never EVER buy a GM product again in my lifetime and I will certainly voice my opinion about the crap that GM produces. My daughter has a 2002 Chev Impala and has had nothing but problems. It continously leaves her and the baby stranded. She is living at poverty level where she is unable to throw money at this car but she has no means to get another one nor fix this one. We have had to step in multiple times to take care of this car but the real problem has never been found and fixed. Sometimes you just cannot get the car to start. It sounds like if you continue it will run down the battery. There use to be a trick of waiting 15 minutes to an hour and then it would start. Now the trick is to spray starting fluid in the engine and it starts right up. This has to be done every morning. After that, the car runs all day fine. This leads me to believe it has something to do with dampness. That trick works for now. This car has been towed so many times because of her being stranded. With all the complaints, I know GM knows what's wrong but I cannot seem to find a good answer. She hasn't the money to take it to the dealer. We just need to know what's going on so we can fix it ourselves. You shouldn't have to pay for a car over and over again (through faulty design or workmanship). I am so frustrated. Next time she should wise up and get a Honda like I drive. Forget GM, they are worthless.

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Resolved faulty transmission

In November 2004 I leased, with the intention of purchasing through a Smartbuy program, a 2005 Chevy Malibu from Jim Smith’s Chevrolet in New York. In January 2006, I returned to this dealer because the traction control light came on, the car would inexplicable jump from 5 miles an hour to 40 miles an hour and the engine would rev when I pushed down the accelerator but the car would not speed up. The diagnosis from Jim Smith’s mechanic was that there was almost no transmission fluid in the car and the gears burnt out. He also told me that there was no way this could be from a problem with the car and I had to pay for the new transmission; which I later learned was entirely untrue. The mechanic stated that the transmission would slowly burn out (over months) with little or no fluid in it. I paid $3, 575.93 out of pocket for a completely new transmission. Jim Smith’s rep. told me that my purchase was covered by a LIFETIME warranty covering all parts and labour for the transmission, as well as towing if necessary, all I needed to do was provide the original receipt.

I complained many times to the dealer that the steering column clicked when the steering wheel was turned and the brakes did not feel right. The many times I brought my car in for service and made these complaints I was told that everything was fine.

In April 2008 while driving on the highway, the engine started revving when I stepped on the accelerator, but the car had no power and started loosing speed. At my expense, the car was towed to the nearest dealer, Frank’s Chevrolet in New York. The mechanic supervisor told me that the transmission was so badly damaged that they could not repair it. He could not explain why and had already ordered another transmission.

During one of my phone conversations with the supervisor, he stated that GM questioned why I paid for the first transmission to be replaced. He also told me there were no records of this from the original dealer. That lead to a conversation about the reason I was charged for the first repair. This supervisor told me the exact opposite of what the mechanic from Jim Smith’s had said. He and other mechanics I have talked to, told me that without fluid the transmission would not shift, and with low fluid it would not be months before the transmission burnt out, it would be days or hours. Obviously, the initial problem with the transmission had nothing to do with low fluid levels because of the length of time I had been driving the car.

The transmission was replaced again by Frank’s. The dealer told me that the warranty covering the transmission work WAS NOT lifetime coverage, it was only 5 years or 100, 000 miles. Frank’s also informed me that the transmission they just installed was covered under the warranty started in 2006, not a new warranty, even though it was a new transmission.

I picked up the car, it drove 12 miles, and it bucked forward, the odometer and power steering failed and the transmission would NOT shift out of first gear. GM roadside assistance would not tow the car back to Frank’s. Frank’s told me that the speed sensor on the new transmission was bad and had to be replaced.

I picked up the car; once again I drove 5 miles and heard a banging and dragging noise from the front right side of the car. I pulled over and found that the cover under the car had not been bolted back to the bumper and a corner had caught the road and cracked. I again brought the car back to Frank’s. They DID NOT replace the cracked cover or the bolts that were missing, instead they zip tied the cracked cover to the bumper.

Dana from GM customer service responded to my complaint letter. She stated that GM is not responsible for individual dealer’s workmanship or guarantees. She told me that when I turn the car in I will be responsible to pay for any damages caused by the faulty repairs and mechanical failures. She will investigate my payment of the first repair but warned me that she may not be able to obtain any records.

  • Te
    Ted Garn Jan 28, 2011

    In December 2009 I purchased a Saturn Sky and a month later the flag beneath my convertible top came off. I took it in April 2010 and to this date no part is available. I was told when I purchased the vehicle that even though the company was closing Saturn that it was under warranty and would not be an issue getting parts. Well guess what... they lied. Don't know what the hell else to do, i am so tired of being given the run around. Even thought about sending in the paperwork for the Lemon law. Any suggestions????

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Resolved 2003 lemon cadillac cts

I purchased a 2003 CTS from Gm dealer in July 2005 that only had 8, 000 miles and still the warranty. It vibrated when I test drove it and they said the rooters needed rotated. Left with the car after that and still rotated so I took it to another GM dealer who rotated the tires, problem solved. First rainfall the back passenger carpet soaked. Took back to GM dealer and they had it 4 days and said it was the sunroof, so they pretty much gutted the interior looking for a leak caused by the sunroof. They even left it set under their car wash for 4 hours and no leak, but a pile of sediment and rust from the water, which I then had to have it detailed to clean. The leak was from a plug in the tire wall that had not been plugged on assembly line. Chrome rims corroding and they took them and dipped and cleaned and repolished. Noise from rear end and they haven't figured that out yet. Took to car wash with 9, 000 miles and the rear light cover, which is most of the rear end fell off. Had to glue it back on. One GM dealer told me he was sure this was a GM exec car that they drive and put thousands of miles on and gut the dash to make it look new. Car still leaks and vibrates and makes the noise. GM says warranty voided in April of 2005 because car was purchased in 2002. GM ***. For the price of a Cadillac I got a piece of crap! Various other warranty issues too numerous to mention. Don't buy GM!!!

  • Ne
    Nevermind Aug 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am not even sure if putting a comment here would make any difference to customer service in India ...but anyways just trying my luck I guess ...

    1.)I have booked Spark 1.0 PS
    model but the car test drive was done in 1.0 LT model and the
    information regarding back tray( dickey tray) was not communicated to
    me and this was a shock for me when i went to take the delivery of the
    2) Car was not delivered on the specified time.
    3) Car was
    delivered with very less petrol and the low petrol alarm indicator was
    on when i took the delivery. After approaching to the executives of M/s.Talera Motors then they told that they are helpless.
    car petrol tank got dried up soon after 1 km from the showroom and i
    had to tow the brand new car to the nearest petrol pump.(its a shame for the car
    manufacturer to have such ’D’ grade authorised dealers)
    I had given the car for servicing on 24-06-2008 and i told the car
    pick-up person to deliver the car sharp at 4:00pm as i have to travel
    out of station.

    But after several reminders to the service
    station, my car was delivered to me after 2 hours. I had to cancel all my
    appointment just because of your efficient dealers.
    5) The
    car petrol level indicator was showing more than 1/4th level before
    servicing, but after i got the car, the petrol level was just near to
    the empty level.(This is what a middle class person expect
    from M/s. General Motors, authorised dealer service stations and that
    too in this era of costly petrol)????
    6)Last and the most important,
    the car was delivered in a very very dirty conditions. The whole
    interior was dirty and there were mud stamps on the rear seat.
    Dash board was also dirty with all types of permanent marks on it. The
    area near the mats was horrible and same was the condition of the
    exterior body.
    When i called up the service manager, he told me that
    the washing people are new, so there might be complaints regarding

    Now you only tell me what shall i do? This is my
    first car and this is how M/s.General Motor is treating their new
    family members. I had the worst experience of my life by
    purchasing General Motor car. Shall i sell my car and buy some other
    good brand, who knows the customer value and importance.

    I would
    humbly request you to take strict strict action against such evil
    practices. Its the GENERAL MOTOR’S name which is getting spoiled and
    not anybody else. The end victim is the poor customers who are attched to General Motors.

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rip off!

I have a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Limited Edition Pace car, which I bought brand new. I have had many...

problem with sim replacement

This reg. SIM replacement problem.
I am using Vodafone Postpaid connection.
Due to SIM card problem i am getting "Error in SIM" in my mobile.
For this problem customer care people suggested to replace the SIM card with new one.

But for last one week i am running out of Vodafone shop to get new SIM card...they told that "SIM card stocks not available".
i am working & staying in Karnataka - Bangalore - Whitefield - ITPL.
I went to ITPL Vodafone shop & SAP lab Vodafone shop...both the shop same story that "SIM card stocks not available".
For past one week no incoming & outgoing for my mobile...i am facing lots & lots of problem because of this.

  • At
    Atul Sep 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This reg. SIM activation problem.
    I am using Vodafone Prepaid connection.
    Due to SIM card problem i am getting "Error in SIM" in my mobile.
    For this problem customer care people suggested to replace the SIM card with new one., So i replace it . now vodafone store people are saying two convert my num into pospaid connection. plzzzzzzzzzz help me if u can.I have given fully varefied document wich are requred and asked by the vodafone store person.
    I m Facing this problum since 7[seven] month.
    I m from dehradun.

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  • Sa
    sameer al saloos Nov 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Dear Sir:

    First I'd like to congratulate you for the fine industry you make, for it is a distinguish mark of USA. Knowing for sure how much do you care about your products and customers world wide, I'd very much like to explain to you my deep suffering with your agent here in the State of Qatar, Al-Mannai Automobile Co

    In May 2007, I bought a HAMMER H3, brand new; my choice was built on GMC reputation it enjoys all over the world, in addition to spaciousness, strength and service.

    After nearly 2000 Km, the temperature went high, so I called the service center, they answered my by saying it’s a normal issue, but I noticed the indicator points 75 % high, so I decided to send it to the service center, who again said it very normal. After being inspected the next day, they called me telling me that it's a radiator system and based on that, it was replaced in around one week there, additionally, I wasn't given any replacement car during that time. Thursday afternoon that week, I was given the car which stayed in my garage till Saturday morning. I wanted to go to work, but the car didn't start, again I called the service center, explained to them what happened. They sent me technicians to check the car in my house and who started it with a jumper, but because lots of strange sounds, instability of engine and shaking, they took it back again to the service center.

    Next day, they called me saying the battery should be replaced and to re-program its computer which took another two- three days more, and without being given a car replacement too. After the car being used for one week, the engine light started appearing on the dash board, I phoned the service center to tell them about it, they said when its time for the 5000 Km service, tell us about it???, accordingly I waited to that service time, and when it came, I told them, they fixed it, but the sounds and shaking remained, which after many repairs, they managed to reduced them.

    Soon after the car was given to me the engine light and sounds appeared again and the shakings while driving still on. As usual, I called them, telling them the situation; the car at that time finished the 10.000 Km service at which they said they re-fixed it again. I took the car and the problems still as they were.

    When it was time for the 15.000 Km service, I called the service center that later came to my house and changed oil and filter, during that I told them about the engine light and shakings. A technician then checked it with his computer and concluded that theirs is misfiring in cylinders 3 + 4, and should be taken to the service center. I sent the car there and after two days they called me saying the car is ready and they changed injectors 3 + 4 and reprogrammed it.

    I went there; I took the car which after only two weeks the engine light popped up again for the fourth time followed by the shakings and the RPM is ok, one thing this time more.
    As every time, I called the service center and sent the car again there in 9th November 2008. After waiting one week for an appointment and as usual, I told the hideous problem. Today 13th November 2008, I called many time to ask about the car who always saying it's not ready and nor god's sake no replacement for me.

    Around 11 am, the service center called saying it's not ready and the car has an engine problem (which wasn't specified). I believe they took the engine out to inspect more, ending their call by "we will see what comes up", and when I asked for replacement, they answered "if we are able provide you" imagine IF this time only.


    I sold my old Chevrolet to buy HAMMER H3 for its reputation, more to be safe from spending too much time from one garage to another, or maintenance workshops. You won't believe that I work for a commercial group that owns three car agencies (Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche). Since I bought, the service center appeared to do know NOTHING about how to fix it which is evidenced by the many times I sent it to them whether regularly or not. My car didn't reach 20.000Km, and now they say there's a major problem in the engine, ironically not specified yet and which means to me that the car is lost for ever after being too much patient to tolerate all the above mentioned nonsense, moreover the unfair treatment to provide me a replacement every time I sent my car there.

    Therefore, I don't think I want the car anymore for the lots of defects frequently appear and not being fixed by the agency, and to say it's unbelievable that a car like mine bought brand new taken all these times to the service center, even it didn't reach 20.000 Km.

    All I want is equity since I fully trust that GM takes care of its reputation and its customer and that such equity is to replace the car by another new one which I'm confident GM will take into consideration.


    Sameer M. AL- Saloos
    Mobil # 00974-5838532
    Doha – Qatar
    P.O.Box: 92
    Car Registration No.2046

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Resolved stalled in traffic

If you have a 2000 Buick Lesabre, please pay close attention, this could affect you.

There is a manufacturing defect with the electrical system for this car that involves 1 or more of the sensors and causes a short.

What it does is, it tends to make the car stall out and die. When the sensor shorts out, it kills the engine. The problem is, while GM knows this issue exists, they will do absolutely nothing to replace the faulty sensor(s).

I have replaced the battery, replaced the fuel pump, spent a lot of money on diagnostic checks to try to narrow it down to which sensors are going bad, to no avail. While I know the car will eventually do it, I cannot predict when. Therefore I am terrified to drive the car anywhere besides around town.

I have had this car die on me in the middle of heavy traffic consisting of big rigs and I fear one day I will not be able to get my car off to the side of the road. My family is worried as well.

So if you have this car and have this problem or anything similar, keep notes of every time you have the issue pop up.

  • Ms
    M/s Tube Sales Corporation Mar 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir/mam,

    we have a Optra from the last 5 years. we have done all services to M/s Regent Automobiles only. from the last 2 years we are facing coolent problem but that company is not solving our problem but earning money.

    at every visit they charge something but still our problem keeps same.

    4 months back we paid 36000 rs for the Head repaing and they told us that now your car is fine but after 4 months same problem come out and again they are demanding for 25000 rs more. so we are requesting you please solve our problem. we will be very thankfull for you.

    we are waiting for your response.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sumit Bansal

    M/s Tube Sales Corporation
    1D/4 BP-2, NIT Faridabad-121001,
    Haryana, India
    MOb: +91-9810250083
    Car No: HR51 Q 1314

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  • Ms
    M/s Tube Sales Corporation Mar 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Gm has very bad quality of product and very bad quality of service stations in india. my suggestions to all member is please don't buy any any Car from GM otherwise your Car life will be limited to 3 to 4 years and bank balance will be reduce.

    Only they know how to earn money and still they need to learn, how to solve the problems.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sumit Bansal

    M/s Tube Sales Corporation
    1D/4 BP-2, NIT Faridabad-121001,
    Haryana, India
    MOb: +91-9810250083
    Car No: HR51 Q 1314

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  • An
    answeringyourquestions Oct 13, 2010

    Nothing is perfect and things tend to fail especially with vehicles with that age.

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Resolved had me sell my vehicle then provided no financing

I was driving a full sized GMC 4x4 Z71 pickup, probably the most loved vehicle that I have ever owned, and one that I thought I would never have to sell, but I knew that I had to do something about the amount of fuel I was using.

I wasn’t sure if my credit was in good enough shape to purchase a new Chevrolet vehicle, and thought it a good idea to test the water despite the IRS having a lien on my credit, and despite the fact that I was working on the lien and knew that it would be released soon. I was worried about the fact that I was spending way too much on fuel.

I had been spying the Chevrolet HHR, a very similar vehicle to the PT Cruiser, and felt sure that it was a good buy for me since it was so reasonably priced and would get 30 miles per gallon. Additionally, the Chevrolet HHR was roomy enough to accommodate my DJ equipment for my 2nd job.

And since I was spending $600 per month on fuel, I realized that I could afford a small car payment and the fuel for a car like the Chevrolet HHR. But what I would also gain from this purchase is a reliable vehicle with a warranty, and a vehicle that I wouldn't have to worry about reselling in an increasingly fuel conscious economy.

I went on over to Parkway Chevrolet in Tomball, Texas to take a look at the HHR and see if the financing would be a problem. I met with the Internet sales person since I had been looking into the Chevrolet HHR on the Parkway Chevrolet web site and had already taken part in correspondence via the Internet.

I explained to him that I wasn’t sure if he could get me financed, but felt it a good idea to look into getting a new Chevrolet it at this point. He ran my credit and came back to tell me that it would not be a problem.

Next, I let them take a look at my GMC truck as a possible trade in, but of course they came back with an offer that was ridiculous, so I turned them down on trading in my truck. He then told me that I only needed $2, 000 down to buy this new vehicle from Parkway Chevrolet, and said that I could easily come up with that if I were to sell my GMC truck.

So, I left the Parkway Chevrolet dealership that day, and spent the entire next day cleaning and detailing my truck to see if I could get it sold. And since it was in such good shape and ran so well, I was hopeful that it would sell… and it did the next day, to the first guy that came along to look at it.

The next day I headed to Parkway Chevrolet to get the new HHR that I had discussed with them in my previous visit. And now I really felt optimistic, because I would now be able to put down twice the money as originally discussed.

Needless to say, I hung out in the Parkway Chevrolet dealership all day long, only to be told at the end of the day that they could not get me financed. I could not believe what I was hearing! I just sold my vehicle and now was being told by Parkway Chevrolet that I could not get financed!

Needless to say, at this point I was pretty upset and not sure what to do about the situation that I was put in by Parkway Chevrolet. I called the dealership back and spoke with the woman that is currently the General Manager and explained that I was lied to by her salesman. Her answer was for me to come back to Parkway Chevrolet and let them try to put me in a 3 or 4 year old vehicle… something that would put me back in the situation I was trying to escape.

I decided to try another dealership, and drove out to Ron Carter Chevrolet after speaking with an older sales person that seemed to be on the ball when it comes to getting me financed. But little did I realized that this was going to be every bit as traumatizing as my visit to Parkway Chevrolet.

My sales person at Ron Carter Chevrolet strung me along for 4 days. That’s 4 days of driving 125 miles round trip! During this time, I only saw my sales person a few times for only a few minutes total, as he was working other deals and fitting mine in when he could. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like a customer at Ron Carter Chevrolet because I certainly wasn’t being treated like one.

Despite the fact that I knew something about car sales and told him that (having been a car salesman at one time), this guy decided that I wouldn’t know the difference if he and his peers at Ron Carter Chevrolet lied to me too. He called me on day 4 and told me that he was going to get me into a Chevy HHR, and to come on down to the dealership.

I took my final drive to Ron Carter Chevrolet only to find out that he was planning to put me in a Chevrolet HHR that was pre-owned. But the real kicker was that he told me that the bank told them to put me in this vehicle, and no other. He actually told me that the bank was telling me what I could drive.

He then told me that I would be paying Ron Carter Chevrolet right at $16, 000 plus tax, title & license for this 2 year old HHR (2006) that had 32, 000 miles on it.

My first question was how could Ron Carter Chevrolet put me in an HHR that was only a few thousand miles away from having no warranty (since the 2006 model only came with a 36, 000 / 36 month warranty) and asking me to pay a price that was almost that of a new Chevrolet HHR.

Again, he told me that the bank was telling them what I was going to be driving and what I was going to be paying. But worse, I had seen this vehicle online on their web site for almost $2, 000 less. Additionally, further inspection revealed that the vehicle’s tires were worn out.

I then asked what kind of finance company would set me up with a Chevrolet vehicle that was about to be out of warranty, and send me down the road on a bad set of tires? It was obvious to me that this was a Ron Carter Chevrolet that they badly needed to get rid of before 36 months came around, or they had just had it on the lot too long.

And needless to say, Ron Carter Chevrolet said that even if I bought this vehicle they would not put good tires on it, or give me a warranty.

Ok, now I had been to 2 different Chevrolet dealerships, Ron Carter and Parkway, and they had lied to me, and had no vehicle to drive other than a rent car that I had been in for too long already. Needless to say, I was put out by these antics at Ron Carter Chevrolet and Parkway Chevrolet since I was a long time GM customer that has been driving GM vehicles for 30 years.

I decided to go to one more Chevrolet dealership and give them a chance to get me in the right vehicle. I went to Lone Star Chevrolet the next day, and they were actually honest with me and tried once again to get me financed. Eventually, I found out that it just wasn’t going to happen.

So, here I sit with no vehicle, trying to decide what to do about the situation that Parkway Chevrolet and Ron Carter Chevrolet had put me in. I have been out looking at used vehicles that I can afford for the cash I have out of my truck, but everything is junk at that price, and a risk to buy.

What is the moral of this story? There is still plenty of dishonesty in car sales, and even though I felt some loyalty to Chevrolet and GM, they certainly felt no loyalty to me, a long time Chevrolet / GM customer that will certainly reconsider future Chevrolet purchases.

  • Ra
    Rafael Yanushevsky Jul 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have 2002 Buik LaSabre, custom; only 22, 000 miles. Only I use the car, it looks like new. Asking direction, I opened right front window. But I was unable to close it. I open front windows only in rare cases - to ask something; maybe 10-15 times since 2002.
    Next day I came to Buick auto shop (the dealership where I bought the car in 2002) and I was told that this was window regulator and it would cost $760.
    I am a retiree and can't pay such amount. I opened a part of the door and found out that the reason was a defected top cam unit. I needed 3 small parts ( an top front cam, wheel (both from plastic) and a guide (from metal) that fix the cam and wheel to the frame. All these parts should cost only several dollars but nobody gave me their numbers. I was told that it is impossible to order them.
    On the Internet I found many similar complaints.
    As if the company deliberately put defected parts that can be easily changed but only by GM employees ( a customer leaves unnecessary defected unit) and sold again as new.
    Buik LeSabre was one of their best cars. But they deliberately use a part that cost them several cents and which can easily be broken. It looks thay violate law if they don't give parts numbers and it is impossible to buy them.

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  • Do not trust Ron Carter. I have friends that are employee's and customers and I have never heard one good story.


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  • Jk
    JKDE Jul 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you had a metal brake line corrosion failure or have a Chevrolet SUV or truck, read this. The metal brake lines used during manufacturing corrode easily leading to loss of braking and collisions.

    Report Date: January 26, 2011 at 10:34 AM
    NHTSA Action Number: EA11001

    NHTSA Action Number: EA11001 NHTSA Recall Campaign Number: N/A
    Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):
    CADILLAC / ESCALADE 2002-2003
    CHEVROLET / 1500 2003
    CHEVROLET / AVALANCHE 1500 2002-2003
    CHEVROLET / AVALANCHE 2500 2002-2003
    CHEVROLET / SIERRA 1999-2003
    CHEVROLET / SUBURBAN 1999-2003
    CHEVROLET / TAHOE 2000-2003
    CHEVROLET / YUKON 2000-2003
    Manufacturer: GENERAL MOTORS CORP.
    Date Investigation Opened : January 5, 2011
    Date Investigation Closed : Open
    The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) received Defect Petition DP10-003 on March 2, 2010, requesting the investigation of model year (MY) 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4WD pickup trucks for corrosion failures of the vehicle brake lines.

    DP10-003 was granted and on March 30, 2010, Preliminary Evaluation PE10-010 was opened on more than six million model year 1999 through 2003 light trucks and sport utility vehicles manufactured and sold by General Motors Corporation (GM).

    On July 2, 2010, ODI received GM's response to an information request, which included GM's assessment of the frequency and safety consequences of the alleged defect.

    GM stated that: (1) the brake system of the subject vehicles is split front/rear and should a brake pipe suddenly fail for any reason, the affected vehicle would be capable of stopping with the pressure supplied by the remaining circuit; (2) the subject vehicles were designed to meet the hydraulic circuit partial failure requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 105 and 135, Light Vehicle Brake Systems; and (3) should a brake fluid leak occur for any reason, the brake system malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) would illuminate and warn the driver before the brake fluid level was low enough to cause a loss of line pressure.

    Of the 890 total complaints for brake pipe corrosion identified, 761 were located in Salt Belt states (Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin).

    The complaint rate per 100, 000 vehicles sold is significantly higher in the Salt Belt, 43.0, compared with 3.0 for the remaining states. In approximately 25 percent of the complaints, the brake pipe failure has allegedly occurred suddenly, with no warning to the driver (i.e., no brake warning light), and resulted in extended stopping distances.

    In 26 of these incidents, the increase in stopping distance that resulted was alleged as a factor in a crash and in 10 others the vehicle was intentionally steered off the road or into another lane of travel in order to avoid a crash.

    An Engineering Analysis has been opened for subject vehicles sold or currently registered in Salt Belt states to further assess the scope, frequency and safety risks associated with sudden failures of corroded brake pipes that can result in decreased brake effectiveness. ODI will continue to gather information on subject vehicles outside the Salt Belt as well.

    If you have any additional facts/complaints, contact NHSTA. They still have an additional investigation open on this. As of now, GM is not doing a recall because no one has been killed.


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transmission severe damage

General Motors
PO 33172
Detroit, Michigan

We have a 2004 Pontiac Vibe that has approximately 78,000 miles on it and a few weeks ago our transmission went out. We had the vehicle towed to the closet transmission repair and they found that the transmission had such severe damage that it could not be rebuilt. The cost $2500.00!! On a car that we owe almost $7000.00 on still.

We called Pontiac Elhart to find out if Pontiac had a longer warranty on the transmission and they told us to bring the vehicle to them. When we told them that it was in the process of being fixed they basically told us there was nothing they could do for us because we did not bring the vehicle to them first. We immediately had the process stopped, until we could find out more information.

We contacted GM to register our complaint. After a few more conversations with GM and Elhart Pontiac, Holland Michigan, we were told to continue to move forward with having the car repaired and to bring the transmission out to Elhart.

Customer Service, at Elhart, found that a clip or a bearing had come loose and that is what caused the damage. This is not suppose to happen on vehicles with 78,000 miles on them. We were then told that we would have a three way conversation with GM, Elhart and ourselves to talk about what they discovered and see if we were eligible for any assistance. This conversation never happened. We simply received a phone call saying that we were denied of any assistance.

This decision came from the District manager, whose name we were denied, and we are also being denied access to any and all of the records that General Motors was given. When we asked to speak with someone higher up, we were told that we could not speak with anyone and if we wanted to proceed we needed to write a letter.

So basically we bought a GM car and after we purchased it, General Motors could care less about our, the customers, satisfaction or standing behind their product.

  • Da
    David Boyd Jul 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's really terrible that your training went out; however, you should have taken your car to the dealer immediately. Having someone else work on it like that - bad move and really you are lucky GM even considered helping you at all since you had another mechanic work on it. For all they know, the "closest transmission repair" shop lied. Always take it to the dealer first no matter what when you've got such a big problem.

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  • An
    answeringyourquestions Oct 13, 2010


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forced use of onstar

I recently bought a car from a GM Motors dealer. At the time I bought the car I was told of about OnStar and how it works. I was told I got free phone service from OnStar for two months. After that I would have to buy the service if I wanted it.

With in two weeks of buying the car I was driving with my sister and talking about a family issue when my radio cut out and the word “phone” appeared were my radio station would appear and low and behold OnStar cut in on my private conversation and started to read me an advertisement. I could not believe it. I ended the call and called OnStar asking that the service be disconnected. I explained that breaking into my conversation was inexcusable. Plus, I see no need to pay OnStar for a third phone number when I am already paying for a home and a cell phone. Hands free calls are what bluetooth is for.

I was told during my call to OnStar that since the service was free I had to keep it. I was not happy and asked for a supervisor. I was then passed to Gladys who said she was the supervisor and that I had to keep the service for one year. After one year it would be canceled. I was just furious that GM and OnStar decided for me what I had to keep, free or not. I then asked what service was for a year and was told OnStar was in fact on it’s self. I had no idea OnStar was even on other than the phone service.

I called the dealer and asked that they turn off OnStar all together as I did not want it. The dealer could not do it. I had to call OnStar again, this time from the dealer. After explaining I was at the dealer’s office and would return the car if the service was not turned off, OnStar told me the “free service” was off, but OnStar it’s self cannot be turned off and they can continue to track the vehicle and pass on information about the car to GM. I was floored. I called GM and complained.

I asked the dealer to remove OnStar from the car. Unplug it, remove a fuse or rip it out. After weeks of delays I was finally told by the dealer it would cost me $1,000.00 to remove OnStar from the car.

I called GM and explained the problem again. I was told by GM that because of were they place the OnStar unit the dealer would have to spend a lot of time and effort removing the fuse.

I felt GM should cover this cost because no were does GM state that when you buy a GM vehicle you have to have the OnStar service, want it or not. GM refuses to pay to unplug or remove OnStar. The reason being is that OnStar is working and since there is no system problem, they will not remove it.

So if you buy a GM vehicle according to GM you give up all your rights to privacy so they can monitor the vehicle and keep the information for up to one year. I never agreed to this at anytime.

I really never cared or even thought about OnStar until they decided to break into my car and start to read me advertisements. Now that I know GM has decided it can do what ever it wants it has left me totally angry. The consumer not having any recourse is totally unfair.

This is not about “if I am doing nothing wrong why do I care” remarks people make. It’s about the simple fact GM has decided to activate something I do not want and will not deactivate it. It should not be up to GM to decide what I must have. It should be up to me. After all, I am the one making the car payments, not GM.

GM should have to disclose this information to anyone that purchases a GM vehicle. Then let the person decide if they want the vehicle enough to accept GM’s tracking them as a fair trade. I do not and advise anyone buying a GM vehicle to ask about OnStar before they buy.

Personally, I will never buy another GM or any other vehicle that come with such a devise. Yes, it can be a life saver, but that is not why GM forces you to keep it.

Next car is a Toyota, unless they start to pull this big brother act.

  • Ch
    Chantal McWillie Apr 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi James; just trying to find some info on how to complain or who to complain to about the onstar system and came across your letter, just wanted to send you mines

    I don’t know how to begin this letter except to say that I’m angry and very disgusted with the Onstar product & process. On February 25, 2008 my brand new Pontiac G6 was stolen, I immediately contacted Onstar to begin the stolen vehicle tracking process when they informed me that I had to make a police report before the authorities could be notified. In the city of Detroit where the vehicle was stolen, they then told me that they don’t take police reports over the phone and nor do the police come out to retrieve a stolen vehicle report from the victim.
    So now let me fine tune the picture for you. My vehicle is stolen which means I don’t have a way to get to the police station to get a report that Onstar is requiring me to have before the vehicle can be recovered, so in the meantime, Onstar is senselessly tracking the vehicle, while suspect(s) are destroying the vehicle, while I’m attempting to first find a ride to the station, then second, have to fill out a 4 page police report. Then to add insult to injury, at approximately 5:30a.m. (2 hours later), I contacted Onstar again which is the second part of the process, and gave an advisor the report information just to have another 2 hours pass and a different advisor (Laura) call me back at 7:45a.m. & say “Did you get that police information yet so we can have authorities recover your vehicle?” Needless to say, the vehicle has not been recovered & nor is Onstar able to get a signal on it (vehicle’s Time of Death: approximately 24 hours later).
    Now I ask you, how exactly did Onstar help me or my insurance company? How useful was this service or the city’s police department in conjunction with it? The only thing that just happened here is a big waste of time & money for all parties except the criminal.

    Also; what about those 130 personal calling minutes I had downloaded inside the vehicle and never got a chance to use?
    I’m disgusted with the service, the city & the time I have to spend writing letters like this.

    Thank you for the unpleasant experience I’ll try to make sure (that I or anyone I know thinking of renewing Onstar) to never have again.


    Chantal McWillie

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  • An
    AngryWorker Feb 02, 2009

    Sorry that no one tells you that you have to have a police report before a car can be tracked. I guess you rather have any tom dick and harry call and say they need to track your car...There are instances where the signal dies and the car can not be tracked. And did ya know that we don't tell you where it is! Yeah i guess you feel you should know that too huh! The nerve of people...oh and did ya know you could have your minutes transferred to another car that has onstar? yeah..didn't know that did you! People with little to no information always blame things on the company..DAH WELL LIVE AND YOU LEARN

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  • Jm
    JMD May 22, 2009

    They DO track vehicles illegally, without notifying customers - and my OnStar service was cancelled by the time they did the tracking and violated my privacy by releasing that information, just because they were told that a "federal agent" wanted it. They lied and claimed there was no release of information, but the government already admitted that there was. OnStar was caught in a serious lie. There is a huge lawsuit where OnStar will soon be added as a co-defendant. I hope OnStar enjoys the upcoming negative publicity, since they deserve it. I will NEVER buy another vehicle that has OnStar preinstalled, since you can't get rid of this worthless system if you want to - and on top of it it's being used against you! This is nothing but a total scam to gather information, spy on you and violate your privacy. I am telling everyone I know not to buy any vehicles with OnStar.

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  • Br
    Brent1 Jul 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Car dealer told my elderly mother-in-law that a law now says when she leases a car she needs to contact Onstar and give them her information even if she does not want to do business with Onstar. Any truth to this? (Ohio). I've never heard of a law requiring a person to give a private company their information.

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Resolved two elcs air compressors within a two year period!

I have had to replace two ELCs Air Compressors in my Deville, within a two year period. I wrote letters to the executive office. The executive assistant refuses to address my concerns. My perception is this assistant "profiles" and only responds to compliments. I want to find out my options when the latest compressor goes bad.