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My name is Shauntae Parker. I reside in Charlotte NC. 2 years ago, I bought a 2014 Ford Fusion from South Charlotte Hyundai. I was reluctant about getting the car but was excited to have a new car and wanted to make the best of it. Fast forward to 2 months ago, when my car supposedly began to overheat. After taking the car to 2 different mechanics and $1200 later, I finally took it to Capital Ford of Charlotte where after a diagnostic test, I was told that my car REQUIRED a fuel pump at $950. I had already cleaned my savings out for the previous repairs and had to scrape together the money to get this supposed required part put on thinking this was the end of my worries. BUT that was not it, I get a phone call from the dealership saying that the fuel pump was NOT the problem and NOW I need a WHOLE NEW ENGINE which will cost me $7400. I am a single, 6-month pregnant woman and have literally spent every dime I could spare to get all the repairs I had done and now I'm being asked to spend another 7 thousand dollars. I haven't been able to buy a single thing for my unborn child. I have missed wages due to having no way to work. I have fallen behind on bills to pay for repairs. This is a 5 YEAR OLD CAR… How the hell does an entire engine give out in that short amount of time???? This has been the biggest nightmare of my life and I feel taken advantage of not only by Capital Ford but the Ford Company altogether. I bought what I thought was a reliable car that essentially is costing me my livelihood because unfortunately, I'm stuck with this car because I have it financed and you guys are selling piece of crap cars. I will be emailing my horrible experience to my local news stations and will encourage anyone I know to NEVER buy a single Ford. These cars are made to fall apart and have ZERO durability. I am ashamed that I ever put a dime into purchasing one of your crappy vehicles.

Aug 12, 2019
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  •   Aug 12, 2019

    It sounds to me like you abused your vehicle and drove like a maniac. That coupled with your decisive lack of preventative maintenance led to the untimely demise of your car. Ford is reputable brand and manufactures a fine product. Unfortunately they can not account for irresponsible and careless owners like yourself.

    The good news? Walking is not crowded.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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