Ford Motor Companywarranty of pain on my 2015 mustang gt

P Jul 11, 2019

I have paint bubbling up on my hood from a defect known to ford since 2005 as in their TSB 19-2026 06 February 2019 stating that they have an issue with their aluminum hoods causing paint to bubble and create defects from corrosion. I have been to the dealership who took pictures and sent to Ford. Ford declined to help. I called them and spoke to Customer Service who said that unless their is rust going all the way though the hood they refuse to cover it. According to their TSB it says that its corrosion caused from the aluminum hood and paint and to replace the part. They are not following their paint protection warranty nor their guide lines on their TSB to dealerships to replace the defected part. Even though their are thousands of people all over Facebook and history of cases that are available showing the same issues I am having, and getting items replaced.

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