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Reviews and Complaints


I was sold a wrecked car by Ford Motor Company. It was a pre-certified car with Power train warranty. It was involed in a car crash by the other owner . I was never told this when I bought the car from Apple Ford here in Maryland. I have also been to court for the other owners emission fines for 2015, 2016. I didn't own the car at that time. By Maryland law I cannot drive the car on Maryland roads. The dealership has been charged by the Maryland department of transportation for Maryland Vehicle law 15-313(a). I am out of 15, 000. 13, 720 for the price of the wrecked car 1, 455 and court costs. And cannot get my money back from Ford. I have ripped off by Ford Motor Company and the Car dealership.

Ford Motor Company2014 Ford escape

I purchased a used 2014 Ford Escape in March of 2017. On January 10th 2019 I was told that I had to replace the engine. Fortunately, at this time the engine was covered by my extended warranty. On February 14th, 2020 I was driving my Escape and it started making a noise, a minute or so afterwards my car shut it self off, and I was able to safely pull over to the side of the road. After pulling over, I immediately got out of the car and opened the hood. The area where the coolant is kept was smoking and there was no coolant in the reservoir. The temperature was in the single digits this day. I had the car towed to the shop the replaced my engine last year. Later that afternoon, my mechanic called to tell me that the engine was bad again! I couldn't believe this. I have been driving, and owned cars for over 25 years (never a Ford), and have never had an engine go bad, and to hear that I needed yet another engine in the same car was unbelievable. My mechanic explained to me that there was no coolant in the car, and that was the reason for the engine breakdown. I called Ford customer service and learned from the agent that there was an active recall on the coolant system, that could cause the engine to breakdown, and possibly start on fire. She suggested that I bring it into the nearest Ford dealer and they would take care of it. I called the nearest dealer and explained the situation to them. I was told to bring it in on Monday, and they would take care of me. I was also told not to worry, and that I was entitled to one day of car rental, and possibly more after they were able to look at it. On Monday morning I had the car towed into Sutton Ford in Matteson Illinois. I called Melissa (whom I had already spoken to on Friday) and let her know the car was on its way. Later that afternoon, Melissa called me back and told me that they needed to install a new battery in order to diagnose my car. I agreed to the charge because I was under the assumption that they were going to take care of my car. At this point Melissa told me that they would not be able to look at my car until the next morning, and asked if I wanted to use my rental today or save it for tomorrow. I told her I would let her know. I never received a call the next morning, and ended up calling there at 10:30, to which I was told that they weren't going to do anything for me, and that she couldn't get my rental covered either because they weren't able to do the recall. I was told the engine was out of oil, and they weren't able to do the recall because the engine was seized up. I explained the recall situation again, and was told that there was no way the coolant system malfunction could cause the oil to burn out of the engine. That was a blatant lie. Any mechanic or even a google search will tell you that it is absolutely possible for that to happen, and that it was likely that did happen. I contacted Ford customer service again, and filed a complaint. This agent put me on hold and called the dealership. She came back on the phone sometime later and told me that they were going to honor what the dealership says, and that it was the dealerships discretion whether to fix it or not. I asked to talk to a supervisor, and was told "they would do the same thing as I am", But if I really wanted to they would escalate it to a supervisor who would call me back in one business day. The next day I called the dealership and spoke to the service manager. He told me that they couldn't without a doubt say that the coolant system failure didn't cause my engine to seize, but that basically his hands were tied as to what he could do. He told me the only way they would be able to tell what caused the engine to go bad was to take the engine apart, and if they did that then I would be liable for the thousands of dollars it would cost. He told me my best bet was to wait to talk to the supervisor from Ford to call. Late Wednesday afternoon a supervisor called me. I talked to her for about two minutes before the call was dropped. The only thing I heard her say was that the dealership told them my engine was replaced with a non-Ford part. I asked her how could a non Ford engine be placed in a Ford car? I told her that was not true and virtually impossible without other alterations. This is when the call dropped, I waited for her to call back. She never did, so I called Customer Service again and had to put another request in. I asked if I would have to wait again, and was told it would be made a priority. It is now 24 hours later and I have yet to receive a call. This is highly unprofessional, an very unethical way to run a company. Ford is aware that there are serious issues with the engines in these cars, and will not do anything to rectify the situation which can cause serious safety hazards to Escape owners as well as other drivers on the road with these cars. I have now been paying for a rental for 6 days and I am not any closer to a resolution. After the lies and mistreatment, I would never buy another Ford again, and I will discourage any others I know to stay away from a company who only cares about their bottom line, and not the safety and well being of their customers.

Renee Donlan

Ford Motor Companyrepairs

The repair associated with the warranty replacement of my Diesel engine for a Ford Transit 250 has been subpar and is still not resolved. The replacement was installed at Ford Gainesville and took 7 weeks after which I drove to van for approximately 7 miles and lost all transmission fluid. After this issue was corrected, I drove a week later to an appointment, parked the van and after half an hour got back to find the van not starting. It was cracking but clearly did not get any diesel fuel. While on the phone with Ford support it started again. I scheduled an appointment with Ford Thomasville to correct the issue, which had turned into a leaking diesel fuel issue! Through Ford Motor company a loaner/rental was arranged since the dealership is 40 minutes away from my residence. I was advised after 2 weeks the issues had been rectified. I drove the vehicle 4 days later to serval appointments approximately 150 miles away from my office to find the same issue after having parked my van again. It wouldn't start again for more than 20 minutes while it continued to crank. I immediately called the Service rep at extension 79045 but she wasn't available and explained the situation to a coworker to please get in touch with me. I also found out that the engine cover was removed by the dealership in Thomasville to be able to install a new injection system and was left behind. I advised Thomasville Service agent Josh regarding the missing part on January 31, but as of today nothing has been found nor any suggestions be made on how to make me whole again. Additionally after suggesting towing my vehicle to the dealership, he hung up the phone. Currently I'm waiting on a return call from the Thomasville general manager to discuss the issues. My van needs to be repaired to avoid having these issues of being inoperable at intervals and the missing parts need to be replaced.
If neither can be performed to my satisfaction, I will have no choice but to start legal proceedings.

Ford Motor Companyrecall/customer service/no assistance offered

2013 Ford Focus recalls on the transmission clutch and module and the fuel system. I have tried to get someone to help me with trading in my car due to the continual problems with taking my car to the shop to fix the re called part that had already been fixed. No one is willing to help! Please someone help me, trade out this car my warranty has expired and I have to have transportation to work! [protected]

  • Updated by Unhappyfordowner · Jul 18, 2019

    I have written letter to customer service, I just spoke with someone name Ashley from the Ford Service Team today and she did the same thing everyone else does. NOTHING! I don't have a warranty on the car anymore, what they don't tell you is when they replace a recalled part you have 12, 000 mile warranty if the part goes out after that they will not fix it again even though they know it is a recalled part! Why is it that they will assist some people with getting out of this car but everyone that is having this problem! What can I do to get out this car that I'm still paying for?

Ford Motor Companyf 350 6.7l diesel

I purchased a used Ford F350 6.7l Diesel truck with 108, 000 miles on it. I got a carfax on it and it was clean. Purchased in June of 2016. On marck 15th 2019 At 125k miles the engine seized and cracked the block. I have owned this truck for just less than 3 years and put 17, 000 miles on it. This is my 17th Ford Vehicle and I have to admit that this was one huge disappointment especially after being told that the new 6.7l diesel is the best diesel engine that Ford has made to date. I was towing a 7000 lb capacity box trailer that was not full. In fact it felt like there was no strain on the truck. As an avid gauge watcher, I keep tabs on oil pressure, engine temperature, and trans temperature. None of those gauges showed any sign of stress when this happened. I contacted my dealer and a few others in my area, and Ford Customer service and was told basically "tough luck you're out of warranty". I was hoping that Ford would allow some kind of concession since I have been a customer for so long and have bought almost all of my fords brand new from 1 single dealer. I have now replaced the motor at a cost of $21, 900. I was told to hold on to my receipt if there ever was a recall. I'm not holding my breath. Since I still owed money on the truck I had to replace the motor. After getting the truck back, I noticed several oil leaks and after 3 hours of driving it the check engine light came on. Back to the dealer where it still is, and hoping that "under the 2 year unlimited mileage warranty" they will fix all the leaks and the check engine problem with my truck. Seems to me that Ford's quality control is not so good with this most recent experience. I wish there were some way to recoup my motor replacement cost of $21, 900.
Any creative and helpful comments would be appreciated.

f 350 6.7l diesel

Ford Motor Company2010 ford fusion sport

On September 12th I was driving home from work and noticed the temperature gauge was on High. No warning lights, no low coolant warning, nothing. I turned on the heat in the car and then turned down the next closest side road to safely shut it down. As soon as I turned the corner, the check engine light came and on the engine shut down. Luckily I was able to steer it to a stop in a safe place. I noticed a lot of steam coming from under the hood and assumed I had either a hole in a hose or the radiator had an issue. I bought and paid for the Premium plus extended warranty with the car, but assuming this was a hose, I had it flat towed to a local repair shop that I use and trust as I have a 100 dollar deductible. They called me on the 14th and said they also think it is the hose, its a Ford only part, they would order and most likely have fixed on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon they called me and said its a much larger issue. They put it under pressure and determined it was the water pump, not the hose and a major repair. I told them to stop as I have the warranty and would have it towed to Metro Ford in Schenectady. As they did nothing but pressure test, they charged me nothing. I called Metro Ford and told them it was coming. I also told them the drivers heated seat was shorted and needed repair. I then called my insurance company and had the car towed via the roadside service. I was in Las Vegas from the 15th to the 19th at the World EMS conference. On Wednesday after I checked into the hotel, I had a message from Jay, one of the service advisers at Metro, asking me to call. When I called he said in fact it is the water pump, its a major repair and it would be at the earliest the end of the following week (Friday, September 25th). They had to remove the engine to fix. I told him I was out of town but would need a car on Monday. He also told me the Air Conditioning system was not working right and would be repaired or replaced. On Monday I got a ride to the dealer and they had Hertz pick me up and get me a Ford rental car. Jay told me they were actively working on it. I also told him the front Windshield washer pump was also inoperable. He said he would add it to the growing list of problems. On Thursday, September 24th I called Metro Ford (as they never call me) and asked if we were going to be ready for the next day (25th). I was met with, yeah, umm, there is a problem. He said there was Anti-freeze in the oil and the engine would have to be replaced. He said they sent a picture off to Ford and were waiting on the approval for the engine. He said it would be Friday (25th) or Monday (28th) before they would hear. I called on Monday, September 28th and was told by Jay the engine was approved and they should have it Tuesday or Wednesday. That the car was already apart and it would take a day or two to put the new one in. I called again on Thursday, October 1st and was told not only did they not have the engine, but it is on back order with no ETA. He said it was escalated to Ford and asked if someone at Ford had called me. I said nope, no one calls me, I have to keep calling to get any answers. I called on Monday, October 5th and was told there was nothing new, Ford was working on it and he would (finally) escalate to his service manager. I called yesterday, Thursday, October 8th and was again told nothing new, they were waiting on Ford. His attitude was there is nothing I can do and he said to call Ford. He gave me the [protected]-FORD number. I called that number and got someone who told me their name was Boris (which I do not believe to be true). I gave him the VIN and verified the information. He put me on hold and then came back and said the engine will not ship until October 26th. By now I am pretty ticked as you can imagine. I asked why there is a shortage of engines, is it because these are junk? The design is garbage? Who puts a water pump inside an engine where it can fail and dump directly into the oil sump? I said if you google this engine with water pump there are thousands of entries of the failures. He said he didn't know but they did have an engine. I said no you don't or it would be on its way. He then proceeded to argue, talk over me, and insist you did. I told him that was unacceptable, that I paid for a warranty, and to have to wait almost two months for a repair was unreasonable. I also told him that Hertz had started charging me for the car when Metro assured me they were covering it. Jay had to call and straighten that out, yet I have hundreds of dollars in pending charges Hertz cannot remove until I return the car so they can drop off. Do I have to return it and re-rent it???? I said I want to speak to a supervisor. He then proceeded to argue that he had one. I said wonderful, I want to speak to them. He got snotty and said no one can do that and he can take my information and have one call me. I said I am not hanging up until I speak to one. He then said hold and I will try and find one. I doubt he ever did, rather putting me on hold in the hopes I hang up. After 5+ minutes he came back and said he was still trying to find one. I said have one call me. I am still waiting and doubt that info was passed along either. I have owned two pieces of junk in cars in my life and both have been Fords (and I owned Chrysler products so that's pretty bad). Between the car, the flawed engineering, the dealer not really caring about it customers, and Ford I am disgusted. All I want is the car back so I can sell it and be rid of it as soon as possible. As it sits, it is depreciating. Who is going to reimburse me for that? I was looking for a car for the last two months and was close to trading it when this happened. Today was told that the engines are on backorder (almost 100) and they are re-manufactured and I have to wait until enough bad ones come in and can be rebuilt. So I am looking at over 2 months to get my car back for a Premium warranty I paid extra for. Also I was trying to sell the car and am losing value every month as it depreciates and I am helpless to do anything with it.