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Reviews and Complaints

Ford Motor Companylenoir city ford service department

I was having problems with my 2010 Ford Explorer and after bringing it to a few mechanics, they suggested I bring it to a ford dealership to help figure out the problem. I had detailed descriptions about what was happening exactly when and diagrams of the dashboard lights that were coming on. The wrench light, swerve light, ABS light and beeping service ABS Now. Lenoir City ford has my car 3 separate times for a week and after charging me over $400 to fix the problem .. which solved nothing just put me out $.. still never fixed it. I worked the Judy Daley the manager and she assured me since I had been put out for so long having to Uber to work and back when I didn't have a car since they had it and could never see a problem with it that she would see about getting me a loaner car so they could figure it out. After telling me that and asking for me to be patient which I was and waited a week listening to the lovely beeping multiple times a day, she would never return my calls but texted me (not very professional) saying I'm still waiting to hear and then nothing. I first brought them the car with this issue back in March. It is now mid July and I listen to the beeping and lights going off about 8 times a day and have no idea what to do about it. I have owned a 2002 explorer, this 2010 explorer and had my heart set on the new 2020 explorer as I have never driven or owned anything but explorers. Because of these issues with the car and with the service department my husband will not let us get a ford as our next car. I am extremely disappointed with the lack of service and frankly rude service I received at Lenoir City Ford and wanted you to be aware. I have been a loyal Ford costumer my whole driving career and am sad to see it end because of poor costumer service.

Thank you,
Bonnie knutsen

lenoir city ford service department