Foodlion Meat and Beershoplifters welcome


All shoplifters in Durham know it is alright to shoplift at Foodlion on Sherron rd.Theft has become a big problem in the Oak Grove neighborhood because Foodlion is allowing shoplifters to leave the store with carts full of meat, beer, wine and groceries Manager Scotty was heard telling his associate that she would be fired if she approached another shoplifter leaving the store with a cart full of groceries just let them go.Foodlion is bringing crime to our neighborhood.You can sit in the parking lot and see people running out the door with carts full of unbagged groceries.People will aproach you in the parking lots at nearby quick marts selling Foodlion meat for half price or less.The theft has gotten so out of hand at Sherron Rd. Durham Foodlion I don't feel safe shopping there any more.I think Wallmart has better prices because they practice theft prevention.

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