Flagstar Mortgagefraud and cheating

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My niece & her husband were never notified that their mortgage payment had increased ($300 per month) until they received a letter of foreclosure. When my niece called Flagstar to question the letter, Flagstar told her that her mortgage payment had increased 3 prior and all of their payments from those last 3 mos was sitting in escrow. So the person on the phone said to quickly pay Flagstar $2600 & those funds would be enough to settle the amount owed. So that's what she did. A week goes by & she received her $2600 back in a check form from Flagstar. She quickly called Flagstar and they told her that it was too late to reinstate & that the foreclosure process had already begun (of course, that's not what they told her). Now, they can only work with the Flagstar attorneys and at this moment they owe Flagstar between $17, 000-$18, 000 including payments owed, interest, fees, fees, and more fees. As a very concerned aunt, I have been searching the internet for assistance. We found a FHA sponsored site that directed us to [protected]-HOPE. They suggested that my niece & her husband work directly with the Flagstar loss mitigation department. As of today 9/18, Flagstar is NOT willing to work out their loan & is insisting on foreclosure. Does anyone know what else we can do??? My niece & her husband just had a beautiful baby girl 3 mos ago. They want to pay their mortgage; they want to keep their home!!!


  • Th
    the Dec 04, 2008

    You should definitely bring your complaint to the news or congressperson. Usually calls are recorded at these financial companies so maybe you can pull a copy of your family's call to flagstar. Some people in flagstar are really incompetent and do not understand the basics.

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  • Ff
    F Flagstar Sep 19, 2018

    @the I attempted to request multiple transcripts of calls and chats from FLAGSTAR. I was told they would not provide evidence. I began recording my own calls. GET A LAWYER. An attorney can request the transcripts. On the calls, I have been called an "Aggressor", laughed at, scoffed at frequently and called a liar. I asked for a letter stating that my "Default was Cured". I requested this in their own language and was told I could have one and then told by another I can't. I was told to await my next statement. Flagstar is attempting to STEAL from you. BE CAREFUL. BE AWARE. BE RESISTANT to their DELAY TACTICS. THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL from their CUSTOMERS. SINCERELY, Smarter and Faster than FLAGSTAR.

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  • Ci
    Cindy Gutierrez Dec 12, 2008

    Flagstar is the worst business I have EVER dealt with. Don't they know the economy is bad EVERYWHERE? You would think they would give you a straight answer (not a different one each time) and help you over a rough patch. Instead, they lie and trick you into foreclosure. I'm just dump founded they can get away with this stuff. They should be behind bars because what they are doing is stealing ... not only do they bulk people out of thousands of dollars (hundreds in some cases) they steal people's dreams. Anyone thinking about using Flagstar to buy a home should just throw their hard earned money out the window. Turn and run! Stay away from this place.
    Cindy Gutierrez

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  • Sj
    S. Johnson Mar 24, 2009

    I refinanced my mortgage with Flagstar a little over a year ago! The biggest mistake in my life! I had to refinance due to my adjustable mortgage with Wells Fargo. About a week after I refinanced, Bush came up with the plan to freeze the mortgages. Needless, to say it was too late. I had never been late with any payments, I called and asked about deferring my payment one-month and they told me NO! Well, I didn't make the payment and they called and harrassed me every day. They called one day fifteen times!! Flagstar is not friendly or willing to help it customers at all! I am looking to refinance again! If you are reading this... please do not do any business with FLAGSTAR!!

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  • Aq
    aquan May 26, 2009

    We are in the process of trying to get our motrgage approved. The underwriter at Flagstar informed us (tthe night before our 1st scheduled closing) that they do not approve of a FEDERAL grant that we recieved to help us with closing costs. We had to wait (and get our seller to wait) over 45 days for that grant to process. The money is now here and this lady says we can not get a FEDERAL loan because she does not "like" this grant program and she thinks it is not "legal".

    She first came at us at 4pm the day before the closing (a Wed) to tell us that she does not approve of the fee that our Grant Organization charges (a processing fee). The day of closing with get the Org. to agree (reluctantly) to drop their fee and just give us the grant. She does not get back with us until Friday.

    Friday, late in the afternoon; she tells our realtor that now, she just plain doesnt approve of the grant money in general. She tells us this at 4pm on the Friday before a holiday exended weekend. Thanks alot. She had been informed that there was a poor couple sitting in an empty apartment with a full moving truck waiting.

    Flagstar has approved hundreds of loans with this same first time home buyers grant program. This one underwriter decides that we cannot. All of our things are in a storage facility near our new house. We had a uhaul truck loaded and ready to go for closing. We could not afford to keep the uhaul any longer and we dropped our stuff off near our house. Now, we have dropped the grant and we are waiting on approval without it. She has now drawn this out a whole week. Over a 5k federal grant.

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  • Se
    Seahorsey Oct 15, 2009

    Flagstar Mortgage Bank: Buyer Beware!

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  • Su
    sunny Mikko Oct 16, 2009

    Flagstar's loss mitigation -aka Sterling home is a total fraudlent joke.

    In the 6 months, this is what has happened.Now we're into month 7, new mortgage company gave us an eviction notice after 15 days.

    We were told we qualified for their program due to "hardship" because of my brain damage and severe health issues and our note would be lower.I paid March's note and tried to pay but flag Star refused payments and said I had to deal with Stearling.
    Out of 6 months, 100's of document faxed, 100's of documented long distance phone calls and 9 agents, 1 actually called.She told us based on our mortgage, my husbands wages and my disability (not received after 3 yrs) our notes would be substancially lowered to under $300.

    We received the "package", to have a note right at a $1000, almost our original note.We called, talked to a supervisor and she told us to reject the offer in writing and explain.

    Never another call, response or email- no acknowledgement we existed.We were placed on hold forever, our supposed agents never once contacted us other than the one mentioned.
    We received a letter Sept 28th informing us our mortgage was sold to another company.
    The new company has in less than 15 days never sent an actual note, just a letter demanding close to $11, 000 stated we never paid earlier payments (which we have proof they were paid ) and they would consider "maybe" working with us.
    Today, we got a foreclosure letter from the new company.

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  • Jo
    jonkre65 Dec 15, 2009

    Flagstar Bank Modification program is full of smoke and mirrors. I submitted my documents for modification back in August of 2009 and have yet to have any progress. They tell me that they have subcontracted with Sterling bank, they have and it just adds another layer of buerocracy. Can anyone advise me on how to get things moving along?

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  • Le
    lee24 Dec 17, 2009

    Due to a financial hardship, we were encouraged by Flagstar to apply for a loan modification. We sent in all the paperwork, and were told that the only thing that was keeping us from being qualified was that we were not far enough behind. They told us the we needed to be 90 days behind. They encouraged us to not make payments, and as soon as we were 90 days behind, they would begin the modification process. We were a little leary, but they told us over and over, that it would be ok, and there would be no problems. Well, after we got behind 90 days, we sent docs over and over, and called all the time, and were told over and over that everything is fine, and that it is just taking time. We asked if we needed to make payments, and were told that they would just be sent back, and not to worry. Out of the blue during the first week of December, we recieve a forclosure notice with date of forclosure four weeks away. We called Flagstar, and were told that it was a mistake, and that our loan shouldn't of gone to the forclosure department, and they would take care of it. Last week, low and behold, a forclosure notice was in our newspaper. We have been on the phone with Flagstar non stop. They say they are getting the modification finished up, and will stop the forclousre as soon as the modification is finalized. The problem is, they want over $10, 000 in fees! The are willing to add it to the total loan amount in the modification, and the new monthly payment is only going to save us $100.00 a month. It is right before Christmas, and we only have a few weeks until the forclosure date, we aren't going to have a choice but to go with the modification. They are totally screwing us!!! It looks like they are pulling the same crap with other people as well. We all need to report them! Does anyone know who we can report them to?? We can't let the contine to get away with this!

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  • Do
    Donna Dolce Dec 21, 2009

    I would like to report Flagstar also, I have been trying to modify our loan and they state they cant use my husbands lost of emplyoment as my hardship because my husband is not on the mortgage. That's not fair, he is on the deed, his income was used to obatin the loan, he made more money than I do. This bailout program is BS!!! There is no help out there for hard working Americans!!!

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  • Da
    Damon Townley Jan 17, 2010

    I think that Flagstar is the most incompetent of any business entity ever. They lost, misplaced my personal information twice. The information was faxed once and mailed the second time and had to be signed for...obviously you don't have to worry about the internet as much as you do about Flagstar making your personal information including social security numbers, address and phone numbers readily available for possible identity theft.

    To top that off, I have been requested to send more information about checking account and income which also has our social security numbers...and for what? Six or seven months later I am none the better off...oh and their customer service is the rudest and condescending bunch I have ever dealt with in 53 years of managing my business!

    Its sad that Obamas save your home program is so riddled with red tape and ### that I fear few Americans will ever reap any benefit from the program!

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  • Ma
    maldosam83 Jan 18, 2010

    I am in the same situation as you are. I just received a foreclosure notice today. I've been sending payments and i haven't received none back, but the claims specialist in the loss mitigation dept is saying that they will not accept 1 or 2 payments it has to be 4 payments or more. So how am i supposed to catch up on my payments if they are saying they will not accept them. Does that make sense? Flagstar is the dumbest mortgage company ever. I even submitted a loan modification and haven't heard nothing back. Instead they are putting my home up as a foreclosure. Word to people who don't know about Flagstar they will rip you off. Now i'm struggling to find a place for me and my family to live. I have 3 small children, and i fear it would be hard to find a place to rent after going to foreclosure.

    Any suggestions please email me, [email protected].

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  • De
    Deanz Apr 13, 2010

    Why can't we get a "Class Action" suite going? My Story:
    Flagstar Rejection Letter and Information from the Attorney General’s Office

    March 17, 2010
    Dear customer (ME), Flagstar Bank has reviewed the information you provided to be considered for the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Home Affordable Modification Program. Unfortunately, we are unable to proceed with modifying your mortgage under this program because you DO NOT meet one or more of the basic program mortgage and property eligibility requirements established by the Department of the Treasury as noted below:

    “We are unable to offer you a Home Affordable Modification because you are CURRENT on your mortgage loan and after reviewing the financial information you provided us, we have determined that YOU ARE NOT AT RISK OF DEFAULT because: you have not documented a financial hardship that has; reduced your income or increased your expenses, thereby impacting your ability to pay your mortgage as agreed.

    Dean; I have documented a $90, 000 loss in pay because of my job loss. An increase in my monthly expenses of $1, 387 because of the job loss; Things the company paid for that I have to pick up now:
    1. Car payment $404
    2. Cell phone $126
    3. Internet $39
    4. Health Insurance $554
    5. Life insurance $264

    Letter of activity from Flagstar

    1. June 30, 2009
    a. Mr. me sent us financial worksheet only. Unfortunately, because of the number of requests being received, we have NOT been able to respond to customers as quickly as we would like to do so. And….because his loan was current and, therefore he was NOT facing eminent foreclosure, Mr….’s file was NOT reviewed by a “pre-analyst until……

    2. August 21, 2009
    a. At that time, because of the missing information (I sent it in three times and also uploaded the (“missing information”) a “Missing Information Letter” was sent, requesting proof of; retirement, pension and SS. The file was NOT reviewed again by our “Pre-analyst” until……

    3. October 12, 2009:
    a. Do to the volume of requests being sent. At that time, the documents we had on file had expired and we requested UPDATED FINANCIAL INFORMATION.

    4. November 11, 2009:
    a. The file was assigned to; HOME AFFORDABLE MODIFICATION PROGRAM (HAMP) team
    b. At this time, Fanny Mae was doing a campaign for DELINQUENT BORROWERS who may be eligible for HAMP.
    c. 3rd party vendor to help

    5. December 11, 2009
    a. We assigned Mr…..file to….STERLING HOME RETENTION

    6. December 24, 2009 (yes)
    a. `Sterling spoke with Mr…..and completed a verbal interview
    b. All files, paper work etc. must be sent again to Sterling Home Retention.

    7. January 25, 2010
    a. STERLING received ALL documents

    8. February 9, 2010
    a. Flagstar notified by Sterling Home Retention that the company was NO LONGER IN BUSINESS…I KID YOU NOT….

    9. February 12, 2010
    a. Letter to all customers who were working with Sterling notifying them (us, me) of this and requesting that (They, WE)…..are you ready for this……that we SEND US (FLAGSTAR) UPDATED INFORMATION…..again
    b. We received Mr….(me) updated documents on

    10. February 26, 2010
    a. Documents okay

    11. March 17, 2010
    a. Mr. (me) was reviewed for HAMP:
    c. We have (gave, they can’t spell either) denial letter for HAMP AND ADVERSE ACTION LETTER.
    d. At this time, there are NO loss mitigation workouts available to Mr…(ME)

    That’s it. If any other business used these tactics, they would be called before somekind of agency, lose their license etc.

    I did file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray and they wrote back and said: “I regret we cannot assist you further, but hope you feel free to call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section should you have other consumer related problems in the future.” Yea, sure

    Is he (Cordray) running this year??? Mmmmmmmmm

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  • Fr
    fraudvigilante Apr 30, 2010

    Couple of questions for the posters...

    1. Has the servicer of your mortgage changed..ex. did you originate your mortgage with greenpoint but are paying flagstar or stearling?

    2. Is the original lender...if it's not flagstar, still in business?

    here are a few suggestions of what I would do if I were you:

    1. Go to your county's treasurer/register of deeds and get a copy of the deed for your home.
    2. Check to see whether the company you send your payments to is the company recorded on the mortgage.
    3. If it is not...then there's a good chance the reason they're being so aggressive is because they have no proof to show they own your mortgage meaning there is no mortgage on your home. Initiate a quiet title action in federal court or a 'produce the note' lawsuit against the bank that's attempting to foreclose/the bank you make payments to and force them to show you the note...

    4. If the person you pay is recorded on the mortgage...immediately dispute the debt with the mortgage company as well as with the credit bureaus. Additionally send a copy of the dispute to the treasurers office certified mail so it will be noted in your file in case they try to sneak and foreclose on your home. I would then have a financial audit done on the mortgage to whether or not there may be fraud...if not I would attempt to negotiate with the bank on the basis of their "breach of agreement to modify loan" " mail and wire fraud" " false statements" etc...

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  • Fr
    fraudvigilante Apr 30, 2010

    Also part of the reason these banks choose to foreclose as opposed to doing a loan modification is because they cannot produce your original note/mortgage...which is a necessary component for loan modification...

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  • Je
    Jennie Sep 01, 2010

    Flagstar foreclosed on my home July 7, 2010 in the middle of working a modification. I sent all the required documents for the modification and have confirmation that they received them and was in the process of postponing the foreclosure. Well they lied sent out a letter stating that they were missing items on June 14 called them and verified what they where missing I resent everything again - spoke with Robin Kennedy Manager in Loss Mitigation on July 7th and they preceeded with the sale after leading me on for a month. On July 15th after producing that I had evidence that they received my paperwork they said the look at my paperwork and I was at a $1200 month deficient which was an absolute lie I asked them to go over the information the refused and said I would have been denied a modification anyway so get out the house. Contacted Fannie Mae to see what can be done they said the reason for foreclosure wa due to me not sending in the paperwork per Flagstar - Well what about Jessica and Jeff verifing my information was received and reviewed on the 15th after the foreclosure. I am absolutely tired of the lies and have hired an attorney to sue them!

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  • Da
    Damon Townley Nov 05, 2010

    Dealing with Flagstar has been the worst experience ever in my life. Due to health issues and loss of income we had been dealing with loss mitigation ever since early 2009 and repeatedly got the run around, and every time I turned around they claim they are missing and haven't received updated docuements.

    All I can say is that obviously Flagstar has no intention of modifying my home loan and sounds the same for many others out there...they should be sued since they lie and do not stand behind their fudiciary duties.

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  • Up
    Upset67 Nov 07, 2010

    In April of 2009 we had hail damage to our roof. We didn't realized it until October. We filed a claim with our home owners insurance company that we were paying THROUGH Flagstar with our mortgage payment. In January of 2010, we received a notice from Flagstar that our new homeowners insurance was through a local company. The policy they purchased is 2800 dollars a year which sent our housepayment through the roof! My house payment is now 1810 dollars a month from 1200 previously. I know my property taxes increased a bit, but 2800 dollars a year for home owners insurance on a property that is only worth 147, 000? We are now behind 2 months and have been for some time now. I send what I can when I can. The last payment I sent to them was 2700 dollars last month, but I'm still owing for last month and for this month that is not over with yet. What can I do about my insurance? I've shopped around but have not been able to find any that will accept us because Flagstar hasn't even cleared the roof being fixed.

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  • Ma
    Marcy from MN Jan 05, 2011

    I have one to top them all...they actually foreclosed on our home sold it while it was under a Federal Stay order not to do so and then never put it back in our name ans actually modified our mortgage...when I quit paying until they straightened it all out they sent me another foreclosure notice on a house we don't own...needless to say we go in front of the chief judge on Feb 10, 2011 where Flagstar has to explain why 3 years ago they sold it and continued to commit fraud even though they admit they knew 2 1/2 years ago they had done what they did.

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  • Go
    Good Ethics Feb 03, 2011

    Marcy - Looks like your court date is a week away. #1. GOOD LUCK!!! #2. Please let us know what the out come is.
    I currently (to the best of my knowledge) have a mortgage with Flagstar and have just started the loan mod process.. So all of these comments and experiences are scary. I am curious to see exactly how powerful this company could be at messing up "THE AMERICAN DREAM".

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  • Lo
    Loan mod scks Feb 09, 2011

    Dont due the Hamp Good ethics. They will not help.This is one of meny stories of how the loan mod works .

    live in Miami, Florida and I also applied through Homeowner Modification Program a.k.a H.A.M with Citimortgage in April 2009. The Bank put me in a trial period which was supposed to last for 3 months. However, the period lasted from June 2009 until December 2009. During the trial period my mortgage payment was reduced from $3, 079.39 per month down to $2, 064.33 per month. After 3 months, Citimortgage was suppose to inform me (the homeowner) if I qualified for a permanent mortgage modification rather than being in a trial period. As previously stated, they inform me after 7 months that I did not qualify due to my equity in my home. They stated that I had enough equity in the home and that I can sell it to liquidate my mortgage in its entirety. However, I only own one house and its my primary home. I always paid on time prior to the Trial Period and during my Trial Period. I never missed a payment. In December 02, I made my December trial payment of $2, 064 and days after I received a letter from Citimortgage demanding the amount of $9, 238. This amount derived from the fact that since I did not qualify for the permanent modification, they demanded the amount of 7 months of regular payments rather than 7 months of trial payment. In other words, 7 months of regular payments totaled $3, 079.39 x 7 months= $21, 555.73. But the bank collected $14, 450.31 which derived from $2, 064.33 time 7 months=$14, 450.3 which was sufficient to cover for 4.69 months of regular payments. As such, I needed to cover for 3 more months to cover for a total 7 months I was under the Trial period. As such, per their demand letter I needed to come up with $9, 238 (to cover 3 months) within 30 days from December 02, 2009. As you can imagine, I was in shock to learn that the bank had 7 months to decide if I was going to qualify, yet I only had 30 days to give them the money before January 02, 2010. In December 2009, I became unemployed. I used to work as a Sr. Credit Analyst for a Community Bank which closed its doors in Dec. 2009. I could not pay the amount the Bank demanded in 30 days. I called Citimortgage the second week of February 2010, to pay the amount of $15, 533 according to their February statement amount only to learn that my loan was in foreclosure and that my case was handled by an outside attorney by the name of David Stern in Plantation, Florida. I learn that this attorney was being investigated by the FBI and had a bad reputation all over the [redacted]s. So I had no choice than to hire an attorney (costing more money) to fight for my case and obtain figures ASAP from the law offices of David Stern. I went to see my attorney for the first time on Feb 22, 2010. I don’t understand how this Bank took me to Foreclosure if I paid according to their Trial period Terms an amount of $2, 064 until December 2009. In February 2010 Citimortgage stated they sent me to foreclosure due to the fact that the amount of $14, 450 only covered 4 months of regular payment and as such I owe them 3 months of regular payments automatically making me 90 days delinquent. Since my career has always been in the Banking Business, they have drawn my credit down the hills by lowering my credit score by 150 points, and stating that I am currently in Foreclosure. Now I am not only in Foreclosure but can not get a job as a Credit Analyst. Their action has created a lot of damage in my family, my person and my career. I am even trying to bring my loan current and they are taking more than one month to give me pay off figures. I believe, someone needs to help homeowners like us, who applied for this program in lieu of reducing their mortgage payment only to find that their credit score decrease by more than 150, the Bank puts you in foreclosure and you now can not get a job. This is not right and I believe, Banks such as Citimortgage need to pay. By the way, my attorney told me I will most likely end up paying Citi’s attorney’s fees (Fees for Law offices of David Stern) because banks these days can do whatever they want. This is the reality of our country. Also, David Stern file foreclosure, without notifying me in writing and this is why they want me to sign a waiver of foreclosure. Is this the price to pay for applying for a loan modification? If you are interested in a Class Action Law Suit agains Citimortgage call Attorney Carlin Phillips at E-mail: [email protected]
    Telephone (toll free): 1-877-892-5620, Ext. 112

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  • De
    Desperatelyinneed May 12, 2011

    OMG!!! I could cry after reading all these. I am with Flagstar and too have been told to fall behind in order to remodify. Now we are being told we have to first apply for payment modification. Which means... Pay more each month to get caught up... and how am I to do this when I can't pay the monthly fee as is. I just don't get this. Help is defenitly not around.

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  • Du
    duzkiss Jun 01, 2011

    I am so sick of hearing about these issues. Stay away from FLAGSTAR BANK they lie, they are crooked!!! Banks like FLAGSTAR are one of the reasons for this mortgage meltdown. Besides every other Financial institution and Real estate companies participation. I understand home owners applied for loans they thought they could pay for. No one anticipates loosing their job, becoming ill, getting divorced, etc... Still banks are playing hardball and the HAMP program is full of S***! It reminds me of the pyramid game and we are the victims while Big Banks and our Government profit from our demise. As far as the American Dream we are living in a Nightmare. Home prices may be falling and it is a buyers market at the expense of those Americans loosing there homes.

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  • Du
    duzkiss Jun 01, 2011

    by the way "You don't have to be late to qualify for HAMP" Flagstar has lied about this. FHA guidelines state no such thing. Please make complaints to FHA, Consumer Affairs.

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  • Dj
    D. Jordan Nov 05, 2011

    Flagstar gave me the run around also before they foreclosed on me, I would send in all the documents they required, only to tell me to resend because it may have gotten lost because turn over was so great, when the Home modification program was first implemented. also they had another company Sterling Home Retention handling the modification paper work, that didn't last long after submitting all of my documents to them, Flagstar said they would no longer be using them. and to resend all documents again for the modification, I made all the trial payments as agreed, and they sent me a permanent modification packet, they also must have had a change of heart because they stamped and sealed the documents, and right before December a week before Christmas they called me and said they would be sending me the documents null and void. Which led me to believe they was going to Foreclose all alone because it more profitable for them. Stay away from this company.

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  • Un
    unlimitedjim May 13, 2012

    i bought a home and flag star bank was my mortgage holder i was raising my 2 kids there when upon me falling ill with a serious health issue just trying to work anything out they went ahead a foreclosed on me when i hired a lawyer to handle my case he said they already took it to Cort and won the case i never got any paperwork its a shame that me and the kids had 3 days to get out of the house. that's fine cause one day they are going to face god and tell him just what they did to us and believe me i will be glad to hold the gate to hell so they can pass

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  • Ge
    Germaine Velasco May 20, 2012

    Flagstar bank is the worst bank for a mortgage...My husband is filing chapter 13 and trying to lower the payments in Flagstar and went into mediation and they immediately wanted to put our house in forclosure. The represtentative from Flagstar was a beotch..Even the mediator was saying to file a motion against them.. We just wanted lower payments...Now we are taking them to court.

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  • Cj
    CJB0687 Aug 14, 2012

    I guess we can join this band wagon. Went thru loss mitigation jumped thru all they're hoops then the modified loan papers were wrong so they said they would fix them now this process took 4mths off and on of trying to get someone to answer the phone or call us back we are still waiting now a friend just told us its listed in the local paper as a foreclosure we haveb't even recieved a notice so if anybody forming a group suit against them let us know. We would join forces with you. Our house is listed on craigslist under country living in starke florida. Oh and the land has been in the family 5 generations

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  • Jo
    joliana Oct 25, 2012

    Worst mortgage company ever. Just got out of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and they are trying very hard to foreclosure on me. I hired attorney to reinstate the mortgage.

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  • De
    debbied5619 Oct 03, 2013

    I see the last dated post was last year...Just wanted to say nothings changed with them. A year later they are still pulling all the same tricks, telling all the same lies. Someone should be investigating this co. they are ruining lives.

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  • Hs
    hs30540 Nov 14, 2014

    Flagstar did a HAMP loan mod on my home in 2009. Modified the loan to 40 yr, 4% fixed. Now, Flagstar says that loan mod matured on 8/1/2014 and must be paid off. I have documents stating 40 yr, 4%, so I asked Flagstar in August to send me their documents where I signed a balloon note. Finally on 11/4/14 Flagstar sent me via email a copy of a loan mod dated 9/3/2009 with a balloon on 8/1/2014. The loan mod they transmitted to me is forged. Not my signature. This is a federally backed (FNMA) loan, forged. Even the notary is forged. I did not agree to a mod with a balloon, nor did they offer that. It was a straight 40 year maturity. I even have similar mod on another property with Flagstar under similar terms, 40 year mod, no balloon. The Flagstar loan officer that signed the forged document is Michael A. Tebo.

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