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Fifth Third Bankfift third bank is a rip off!

I had overdraft protection on my account. Some how it was overdrawn by $1.45 they charged $6.00 a day fee on day 53 I attempted to view my balance at an ATM and it refused to show the Balance so I went into a Branch and was told the fees had accumulated to $624.00. I told them to close the account.I paid the $1.45 only. Now I recently get a statement from nationwide collection agency the balance is over $2000.00 and claiming on a closed account and now there are collection fees. imagine that! It could continue to increase but i refuse to pay. Please don't open your account with them it will not be safe.


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    Sharon Hanna-Cox Nov 30, 2015
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    Verified customer

    Fifth third is the worst bank in the world. The Customer is the worst ever, the personal bankers have no idea what they are doing, and the OD fees are unethical and plain highway robbery. The employees are rude and will never go out of their way to help or listen. In anyway. I opened a trust account for a minor. My daughter received a large sum of money for an accident. My court order the account was suppose to be a Minor Trust account. Therefore, nobody with out a court order can touch that money. Well, I found out that's not how it was set up. Money was being used to cover OD and they are crooks Dressed up in cheap polyester suits. I will shut you down if it's the last thing I can do !!!

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    novodka Aug 31, 2011

    They are bunch of crooks, I am going at it with them now. Because of an old account I have not used in almost a year
    I have filed complaints with The BBB the Federal Reserve. I am also filing a complaint with the state where they have their charter(headquarters) Ohio.
    They have me up to almost $600 in BS fees. Does ### will not see one Red Cent !!!

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    rsss Aug 23, 2011

    All the above complaints are true to the word -5/3 is a money sucking machine -- with pit bull customer service - but as we write our little stories here it just doesn't matter for they will only continue and laugh all the way to the bank - which likely will not be their own bank because they already know better than to bank with themselves because they suck so bad...

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    BobD1126 Jul 14, 2011

    I watch make accounts especially the checking account if things get tight. I checked my account online and everything was good, but I transferred some money and deposited my payroll check. According to 5/3 my pending account went negative (they were only allowing for 100.00 of my payroll check) by $ 18.00. They transferred the money out of my savings account and charged me the transfer fee. I was told, had I cashed my check and then deposited it, it would have not gone negative. However in the past when I have tried to deposit my check as cash, I have gotten guff. Mind you my savings account had enough to cover the payroll check. The only way my pending account hit negative was for 5/3 to record all the debits and then the credits. My actual account never went negative. The branch mangers in Springboro use to fix this and apologize, but the current manager does not care. 5/3 is no longer a bank of customer service, my advice is to go elsewhere where you my be appreciated.

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  • Li
    livid ex-customer May 12, 2011

    My husband and I keep very close tabs on our account because we want as much in savings as we can get. We are no longer in a position where we live paycheck to paycheck, but we were there when we were younger. We always check to make sure our checks are posted before we spend any money. Our check was listed online as POSTED, so we moved our money into savings. They assessed $66 in bounced check fees even though our account was never listed as negative. How is a person supposed to manage a check register when the bank reports money that it does not count? When we spoke to a CSR, she said that she can understand our frustration and promptly refunded us HALF of the money. She says NO ONE in the company has the power or ability to refund the full amount, even if the bank was wrong. She then pointed out that we should have understood bank policy well enough to know the computer was wrong. HOWEVER, the bank regularly makes things available earlier. How were we supposed to know that the money was NOT really there even though it was listed as posted? This is the first time in YEARS that we have had anything like this happen because we do manage our money responsibly. It was disappointing and upsetting to have a company we have been faithful to and donated to and recruited for turn on us like this. We will no longer be banking with Fifth Third, and we strongly recommend that no one else does either. No matter how good things seem to be going, the bottom line is that they DO NOT CARE!

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  • 53
    5/3 Sucks Feb 03, 2011

    Even though they don't close til 6pm, I called 7 locations after 5:45, and NOBODY ANSWERS THE PHONES. They just ignore the calls, like a fast food restaurant would. Terrible!

    And the reason I was calling was because my cash deposit didn't go into my "available balance" by closing, even though I made the deposit at 9:13am this morning!

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    IchiHime Feb 01, 2011
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    5/3 finds every possible way to screw a customer out of their money. Their overdraft protection is a farce and I will be filing on that class action lawsuit for the time they ripped me off 800 bucks due to the way they processed checks through. I am also sick and tired of trolls coming onto these boards belittling people with snide comments and yet have no complaints of their own filed. It is suspicious when the negative comments are from people who have no complaints about any business in the world. They make everything into a personal attack and seem to get off on upsetting people who may or may not have legitimate claims of being ripped off or screwed. To those who do this, who troll boards, you are worse than the bankers themselves and need to get a life and stop harassing people with negative comments.

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  • Ni
    NikkieWalker Dec 09, 2010

    fifth third is a rip off. I do believe the charges of now $7 a day start on day 3 or something, but if you dont realize something has overdrawn your account it can and will accumulate. I had the same thing happen to me, and they stated they tried to reach me to resolve it but I never got paper statements or any phone calls and I rarely check the online, as I hadnt written any checks or used my card in awhile. I happened to go into the bank one day to make a deposit and they told me my account was closed and overdrawn nearly $500, all for being overdrawn by .23 cents...

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  • Li
    lightfoot Dec 03, 2010

    oh, by the way, 5/3rd has agreed to repay 95.5 millon dollars in robbing people of thier hard earned cash in U.S.CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.printed in cincinnati enquire paper dec.2 2010. go after your money people, they dont care about you!!!

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  • Li
    lightfoot Dec 03, 2010

    this 5/3 banking system is the worst i, ve ever been a customer with unfair, unfair, unfair, how do these bank managers sleep at night.i closed my account on the 19th of nov. thats right, closed, an on nov.29 i recieved my small amount that was left in the account in a check sent to me by mail.the following day i recieve a letter that says i am overdrafted by 90 cents. explain this one to me 5/3rd my retirement check an s.s.i check has been lost in the mail, was this out of spite or just a lack of co-operation with these dirty dogs that call themselves bankers?my question is, can i stand out front of 5/3rd with a sign telling others to quit banking with crooks that lie an decieve anyone they can.extreme measure, s call for extreme action.born in america, raised in vietnam.

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  • Ms
    mshoemaker Oct 12, 2010

    5/3 reamed me a good one and im so sick of it!!! I over drafted $4.95 from free credit report takeing money out when there wasnt any anyway afer 8 days i get a letter saying i have over drafted 4.95 and its now $205.00 i was furious but what do you do so i payed it so it didnt affect my credit well i cut my card up then 7 days later they send me a letter saying i over drafted 13.33 i call them they say its a service charge i told them to let me talk to a supervisor they say hes in a meeting i tried to talk to this man 3 times and he was always in a meeting so i goto cash a check 2 weeks later and decide to pay the 13 dollars and they tell me they closed the account and charged me 30 more for closeing it and it counts against my credit grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what should i do about these crooks can anyone help me with some suggestions???

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  • Jh
    jhart12345 Aug 10, 2010

    Fifth Third just charged me $125.00 in overdraft charges when their very own online account system shows my account balance in the positive for the time period in question. My account balance for the end of 8/9/10 was $1, 817.62 but they charged me overdraft charges on 5 debit card transactions that occured over the prior weekend stating that they process their debits before they process their credits and that $1, 800.00 of my balance was not available to me until the days debits had processed.I had a positive balance at the begining of 8/9/10 and deposited an additional $1, 900.00 on that day. But - because they "choose" to process their debits before processing credits I was charged $125.00 in fee's despite the fact that my ending balance for the day was $1, 817.62!!! WHAT SCAM ARTISTS!!! I'm leaving this bank quickly, I was warned about them before I opened my most recent account but figured it was an isolated incident with the persons who warned me but boy was I wrong!

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    cheeseman Aug 06, 2010

    They charged me 330.00 in overdraft fee's even though I had enough money in my accounts to more than cover the checks I had written. I transferred the money myself instead of letting the automatic protection kick in and they treated it as if the money didn't even exist. When I called and complained they were rude, demeaning, and wouldn't budge an inch. RUN AWAY FROM THIS BANK!!!

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    fitznice1 Jul 30, 2010

    I have browsed through these complaints and from what I have read and digested it is clear to me that Fifth Third has NO customer service index measurment nor do they care about CSI. I have had two conflicts with them in the past 18 months with the latest this week. On Monday, 7/26 I went to the local branch where I opened my account and deposited my paycheck with cash back of $350 leaving a net deposit of $1299.46. I did the transaction in the bank, face to face with the teller. Later that day I paid 2 bills online. Two days later I get a letter in the mail stating that my account was overdrawn on July 26 for the amount of $409.30. Well of course I was in shock since I had just deposited $1299.46 and only spent $420.00 via online bill pay. Here is the Fifth Third logic in the letter dated July 27, 2010;
    Your beginning balance on July 26 2010 $10.70
    Deposits/Credits addedto your balance $1299.46
    Unavailable funds from deposit -$1299.46
    Pending Amount deducted from your balance -$60.00
    Withdrawals/Debits deducted from your balance -$360.00
    Your ending balance on July 26, 2010 $(409.30)

    I called the 800 number for the bank and after jumping through the hoops they have in place to deter you from talking to a live person I was able to speak to a rep. She stated to me that I am only entitled to $100 of my paycheck until after a 1 day holding period. My response was why did an employee of the bank not only give me $350 cash back out of my paycheck, she failed to mention to me that there is a hold on my paycheck. This is the same paycheck and same employer that I have had direct deposit with Fifth Third for close to 2 years now. (I temporarily suspended direct deposit the first week of July) The rep continued to make all of this my fault and had NO answer for me as to why would a representative of your bank(the teller) not share this information with me. Needless to say, they would not remove their ridiculous charges. This bank needs to be brought out into the national spotlight for their unaccountable business practices. The bank is "never wrong" and apparently never on the customers side. I am under the suspicion that organized crime is now in the banking business with the cream of the crop running Fifth Third Bank

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  • Ih
    Ihatefifththird Jun 18, 2010

    fifth third charged me almost $400 in overdraft fees and my online statement never was in the negative until the fees came out several days later. they then charged me for all transactions made in between these times. Even for transferring $20 from my checking to my savings online and another $33 for withdrawing $40 from their atm machine. they will let you spend and use as much as possible without notifying you that you have overdrawn in hope of collecting as many fees as possible. What happened to simply getting declined! All over $32 that was pending and didnt clear till after available funds cleared. What a rip! This bank is a complete rip off!!! No refunds unless it is a bank error but what about bank misleadings. What happened to bank ethics!

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  • Ih
    Ihatefifththird Jun 18, 2010

    Fifth third is a scam! my account online never went into the negative until they charged me $230 in overdraft fees! they said is was because of a $32 pending transaction on my account. They continued to let me use my card several days later and even charged me for taking a cash withdraw from one of their machines and another $33 fee for transferring $20 from my checking to my savings. Why was I allowed to make the transfer if I was in the negative and why didnt it show online on my statement till several days later. they then charged me another $160 in additional overdrafts. Refuse to refund any. Cost me $390 for borrowing $32 for a day. Thanks 5th3rd!!!

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    Backer26 Jun 11, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Okay guys, get this! I am a 19 year old college student who works as a cook full time. So I leave work today to go to the party store to get cigarettes, and my card was denied. I didn't understand because I had 280 dollars in
    My checking account. So I walk down to the 5/3 ATM right down the street to check my account balance. It says my available balance is -499, 728$!!! I'm talking negative half a million dollars! Then I get online and not only is my checking that amount, my savings is negative 500000!! I can't believe how any1 could have screwed up so bad, but I'm going in there tomorrow to figure this [censor] out. Fukk fifth third!

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  • Be
    Beyond FED UP TO HERE Jun 05, 2010

    I was recently charged $160.00 for a $16.00 overdraft.

    That adds up to 1000% (ONE THOUSAND PERCENT) in penalties.

    I NEVER ASKED for overdraft. I never opted in or out for overdraft. I was never given that option.

    I called the helpline, they said "have a nice day" I went to the bank, they said "our hands are tied" I explained that I never had overdrawn my account before and would like some of the fees reversed because I felt the fees were excessive and extreme and honestly I would be broke if I paid them this 1000% (ONE THOUSAND PERCENT) in penalties, they said "our hands are tied"

    The overdraft occured because Krogers only charged my debit card $1.00 for fuel then 3 days later ran it thru for the full amount. I acknowledged that to the bank manager, he could have cared less.

    I played the game by the rules! They refused to budge. I was honest, I asked them to help me out by splitting up the charges so I would have money to eat. They said "our hands are tied."

    I can tell you this, THEY DO NOT PLAY THE GAME FAIR!! "our hands are tied! What the hell? I see that someone at FILTH TERD does not have their friggin hands tied cause they can use the calculator to add up to 1000% (ONE THOUSAND PERCENT)

    This cpompany is pathetic! They will forever be known as FILTH TERD, whenever someone asks me where I bank.

    The Ohio State Attorneys Office will be contacted by me to lodge the complaint, EXCESSIVE fees and deceptive practices.

    I can add and subtract, I can admit a mistake, I played the game. I asked for a reduction in the EXCESSIVE FEES.

    If the boys in the States Attorneys office do not follow up, I will turn to voodoo!

    Thank you FILTH TERD for being there for me.

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  • St
    stormcellar Jun 02, 2010

    When you bank with a locally owned bank, you'll find that they are more understanding of some of these problems. Here's my story: I have been a customer of 5/3 since they bought my bank, Old Kent. It didn't seem to matter that I had been a long term customer always paying my 5/3 credit card on time, never over drafting and always keeping a substantial balance in my checking and savings accounts. They still decided to not give me a home equity loan. My mortgage company did though. Their credit card division didn't care either; they decided in the past year to reduce the amount I could charge on my account. Nope, they sure didn't seem to care that I was a long term customer. But when I deposited a substantial brokerage check into my savings account, they sure took notice. One of their guys from their investment arm called me about offering his services. The problem I have with that is that their teller or someone else in that group shared my deposit information with their investment division. As far as I'm concerned, that is none of their business. I told this guy that I didn't appreciate receiving sales pitches from the bank. I asked him how he knew of the check I deposited. He said he was only told that I had enquired about investment information. What a liar, I never requested any sort of thing. I told him that as a matter of fact, I was searching for a new bank, a local one that cared about the community and long term customers. That's when he became indignant and snide with me. We went round and round with me complaining about the various crap I had put up with from his bank while he defended each complaint saying, "that's how banking is these days." I said that I hoped some of my complaints might flow uphill to upper management. Nope, he said, it won't. As for how the credit card division treated me, he said it was a different division. He couldn't do anything about it. Had he even once apologized for his bank's actions and lousy customer service, I might have felt better. But, he didn't. And that's why 5/3 has become such a lousy bank in a nutshell. I suggest anyone with a 5/3 problem go here:!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLd4r3dQbJgFmO-pHIIgbxngHoIgglQfre-r4e-bmp-gH6BbmhoRHljooASernzg!!/delta/base64xml/L0lDU0lKQ1RPN29na21BISEvb0VvUUFBSVFnakZJQUFRaENFSVFqR0VBLzRKRmlDbzBlaDFpY29uUVZHaGQtc0lRIS83X0JfNDZULzI!?PC_7_B_46T_WCM_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/FifthThirdSite/About+53/Corporate+Governance/Board+of+Directors/

    This is the public information about who the 5/3 Bank's board of directors are. I noticed that one of them is a vice president of Marathon Oil Company. So guess what, I'll be writing a letter to the Marathon Oil Company's public affairs people, explaining that I'll not be doing any business with their comapany. I'll also mention that I'm telling everyone I know that one of their VP's is a 5/3 director. If enough people do it, maybe it will influence 5/3's policies. Same goes for one of their C0-chairmen, Hendrik Meijer of the Meijer grocery stores. Not doing business with them either. Can't hurt!

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  • Pi
    PISSEDBANKER Mar 23, 2010

    I just want to say im sick of these [censored]es leaving comments about oh just balance your check book. They are obviously workers for fifth third bank. Well maybe you should stop offering online banking and telling us what our available balance is. After 6 months of using fifth third and also keeping tabs on how much i spent and noticing that EVERYTIME i used my card it would automatically remove the transaction cost from my available balance, I quit balancing my check book. Well here I am four months later only making sure online or through my phone I have an available balance because I thought they were trustworthy, I get screwed bigtime! I spent 165 on a clothing store on 3/15 and the transaction didnt post until 3/22, mind you A WHOLE WEEK LATER. It also was never in my pending debits or anything and I hadnt been looking at my transactions because I just figured it would of posted well I used my card 7 times that day. Which means of course because fifth third is a crook bank that they took the 165 away from the total and then my 7 other card purchases. I got charged 25.00 per transaction in overdraft fees. Let me just also add that those 7 transactions didnt even total 100.00 dollars so I was charged 175.00 in fees because they put the biggest transactions first and then the smaller so they can charge you more fees. So i called the customer service and they said they couldnt try to help me until my fees had actually posted the next day, and I said to the manager why is it that you dont just decline a card and instead like to rip people off and charge them a 25 dollar fee for a customer using their card for a 1.06 purchase (yes i used my card for one dollar and six cents and wus charged TWENTY FIVE FOR USING IT) He then said well most of our customers would rather be charged overdraft fees than being embarrassed when their card is declined in a store or resteraunt. ARE U FREAKIN KIDDIN ME?? Like i want to pay 175 dollars in overdraft fees because i want to save bein embarrassed. Fifth third is crap ...DONT GO THERE. I am paying everything off tomorrow and closing my account as well...

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  • Sc
    screw banks Mar 10, 2010

    ### every bank out there. Every bank is getting rich by charging people 35 dollars a transaction for overdraft fees. This just makes me sick. How in the hell are people supposed to try and get out of debt when banks are allowed to charge such ridiculous fees. It's impossible! I for one will never use a bank again. If they wanna know how to fix the economy they can start by shutting down every bank and credit card company. Maybe then we will finally be able to use our money buying goods and helping the economy rather then continuing to make the rich richer.

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  • Nu
    numnum Feb 23, 2010

    2 weeks ago 5th 3rd bank said they will take payment for January and I agreed to let them take Februarys (even tho it wasn't late...) the next Friday. Instead, they turned me over to RAB that Saturday. Woohoo... SO, I agreed to give RAB FULL PAYMENT for 2 months payments the next Friday. Then Wednesday RAB calls me again and advises me that FINALLY, 5th 3rd took the payment they were supposed to take the week before... OK so just take whats left this coming friday I tell them. NOW this week I have received a minimum of 3-6 phone calls per day from RAB. Since I am at work I don't answer, but when I call back to see wtf they want, they agree, I am current and to disregard the call. And so I get more phone calls. And the same thing. They won't leave me alone. They are HARRASSING ME AND I AM SICK OF IT!!! I do not owe any thing more until MARCH, and they STILL WONT LEAVE ME ALONE. I am looking for answers as to what I can do to turn them in for harassment. Any ideas anyone? PS, I am totally gonna buy out my loan from 5th 3rd. I agree they are totally SHADY. A year ago we owed just about the same amount we do now. How did this happen??? IDK, who's lining their pockets? Lucky them I guess.

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  • Wi
    wideglide1 Jan 21, 2010

    Worst banking experience Ive ever had. We have been there 18 years thru their buying out the bank not by choice. It has cost us sooo much money. When your at your worst they start deducting their fees!

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  • Co
    colby_hunt Dec 18, 2009

    ok so i have direct deposit and my checks go in ever saturday morning. i had 40 dollars in my account friday night, so the next day my account has 120 dollars and i withdraw 60 then 40 dollars, this ### is trying to say that my direct deposit didnt post til moday... so how the ### did they let me witdraw that much money. stupid ### im closing my account they aint gettin a dollar from me

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  • Dm
    DM01 Dec 17, 2009

    I somehow made my way to this Fifth Third post from someone complaining about another bank. These posts are really amusing...People are complaining because THEY can't budget their money and cause their accounts to be overdrawn. The lady who said a 10 grace period is law...Obviously not a lawyer. Actually, a finance company can repo a car if it is just 1 day delinquent. Someone posted on here that a manager froze their accounts due to a delinquent one...Let's think about this. If someone is late on paying you money, would you give them access to some more??? The lady who says she makes $90K a year complaining about overdrawning her account "Doesn't live paycheck to paycheck." I have worked for 3 large national banks over the years, and it's usually similar complaints. I have accounts with 5 different financial institutions and have never had a problem. Everyone needs to look at themselves instead of making excuses and blaming the big bad banks.

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  • Nk
    NKY John Oct 21, 2009

    Fifth Third Bank plays games that will cost you lots of money.

    The problem is that they occasionally will not make available the funds that you have deposited. We had an ending balance of 77 dollars but they charged us 231 dollars in overdraft fees for 7 small items because they deemed 125 dollars of our 225 dollar deposit (from the day before) unavailable. At other times they have made the whole deposit available even if depositing a check. There is no way to know when they will hold back your funds.

    For you people saying that the people complaining on this site don't know how to manage a checking account, you need to look at the facts. THE MONEY WAS DEPOSITED FIRST!! It is just that Fifth Third arbitrarily decides to make funds UNAVAILABLE.

    Another thing that Fifth Third is really good at is they always make sure to run the largest charges first (even if the smaller ones came in first) which causes the most overdraft fees possible. They will even have the nerve to tell you this is for your benefit because of course you don't want your mortgage payment to bounce. All I ask is to apply charges in the order received. That is the only fair way to charge these overdrafts. If Fifth Third ever changed their policy to do that they would lose millions of dollars per year (that they are currently stealing from people). Their policy is to kick you when you are down and severely punish (take advantage of) you for a very small mistake. One time about 3 years agao I was overdrawn by 1.35 and ended up paying $198 in overdraft fees. Yes I forgot about the $1.35 that I spent (that was my fault) but what resulted was that the $33.00 charge (that was the overdraft charge fee back then) for the one item caused a series of overdrafts on the following day on 5 other small items. A deposit had been made before the other small items were charged but did not cover the unknown (at that time) overdraft charge.

    Why do they do these things? They do thembecause they can get away with it. It is unethical and immoral but not illegal. They know that no one will sue them over it and most people will not actually switch banks. What JERKS!

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  • De
    Derrick B Oct 05, 2009

    I had a smartbuy loan with 5.3 that began in 2004 and ended sept of this year. In march I purchased a new vehicle and the dealer payed the reamaining 4 payments on the truck. In august I received a late notice stating that the august payment had not been made. I contacted the bank on 8-31-09 and they said that they would look into it. There answer was that I owed a balloon payment of over $12, 000.00. I told them that they were in error and asked them to look into it. On 9-17-09 a day after a payment would have been due they called and said that the payment was again late. I told them that I had spoke to them on 8-31-09 and was told they would investigate and their answer was that I owed the 12000.00 dollars still. After much agrivation I was told that there were actually 5 payments left and that the dealer had only paid 4. After speaking with the dealer they made the payment and I considered the matter closed. On 9-24-09 I was contacted by regional adjustment bureau a collection agency for 5.3. They stated that i owed the balloon payment. I attempted to explain that I had been in contact with 5.3 and that this was an error. After calling almost everyday for the last month and being greeted by as many different answers as I made phone calls, today 5.3 greeeted my dealership by sending a repo company to the dealer to pickup the vehicle. After contacting 5.3 regarding this I was given the answer that they were indeed rightful to repo the vehicle to this was an error and the vehicle was just being picked up in accordance with my contract. After speaking with the repo co they stated that even they do not know what was going on because shortly after they picked up the vehicle they were told to return it to the dealer. So here we go again. After calling and speaking to the REPO dept at 5.3 they stated that they were still picking up the vehicle through the repo company but that none of this would affect my credit, and that they considered the business matter closed. But all this begs the question if they couldnt get a simple "lease" surrended right Do I honestly believe the matter to be closed. Plus i have no documentation regarding them picking up the vehicle or what "damages" were incurred during the life of the lease. In short I urge anyone to contact their state attorney general regarding 5.3 "business" techniques which boil down to strong arm techniques in order to squeeze money from a frustrated consumer who finally just gives up in order to have the whole ordeal closed. And I am sure that this matter is NOT closed and expect probably a call from attorneys or people threatenting me in the name of 5.3 bank.

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  • St
    starkit000 Sep 23, 2009

    5/3 is E-V-I-L. just on 9/17s i was around $29.29, i made 2 purchases one for $5.61 the other for 11.32. Then i wrote a check..knowing it would overdraft..and that was fine. I was expecting that ONE fee. tell me why they posted all 3 at the same time and now im in the negative $254.00??? that makes no sense to me, if i have the money in there to cover the smaller charges why wait to post those? They posted the check first which of course overdrafted me $37.00 then they posted the $5.61 which overdrafted me again for $37.00, then the $11.32 for YET ANOTHER $37.00, so on 9/21 i was in the negative $139.00 now when i checked my account today 9/23 im up to $254.00 in the negative.

    I called for an explanation and they said that they ALWAYS take the largest debit first...regardless when you made the transaction. then i asked when you make a purchase using debit aren't the funds taken out immediately? Chris at the [protected] told me yes, then the woman who i spoke with at the branch said no, that it all depends when the store batches out their day. To which i responded, if they batch out the SAME day should the funds be debited she says yes. I asked then why wasn't it done. She had no answer. so now im stuck with a -$254.00 balance and it increases everyday by $8.00 (to which they can only charge that $8.00 for 20 days. Which equals 160.00) How in the world are we as customers to pay these outrageous fees when the average person gets paid 2x a month?

    I cancelled my direct deposit and will be receiving a paper check so that they don't take my entire paycheck. The only option she gave me was to start making deposits asap (if i gt paid 2x a month how is that possible with $8.00 adding everyday???) They were no help at all. 5/3 is a CRIMINAL and should be prosecuted. I will be switching banks and so will my fiancee.

    And another thing, i read a complaint on here saying that there are 5/3 banks everywhere and there are different prople working there and they can't be the same everywhere...well OBVIOUSLY YOU IDIOT, BUT THEY ARE ALL RUN BY ONE 5/3RD HEADQUARTERS THAT MAKE ALL THE FEES AND IDIOTIC POLICIES TO WHICH ALL THE BRANCHES HAVE TO ABIDE BY, NO MATTER WHERE IN THE U.S THEY ARE.


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  • Do
    Dontel Aug 21, 2009

    You're all acting like children, bickering back and forth. Have you ever thought that maybe there are 5/3s all over the country and different people work in each one? And that those different people choose whether or not to give you favor? I don't bank with 5/3 personally, but I read this review and all of your comments and you're all being childish. Using "he said, she said" ### and fighting. Grow up and find a different bank if you want. And those of you who like 5/3, stay with them. Nobody really cares. This site sucks. It's only here so everyone can ### about their problems instead of taking responsibility and SOLVING them. ### you all.

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  • Gu
    Guillaume Aug 21, 2009

    Fifth third bank's ripoff overdraft fees are not $30 and for a second occasion more. The overdraft fee causes you to overdraft more, so another fee. And so on. Fortunately 5/3 now has a payday loan feature..yes, they do! They only charge 120% APR, yes you read that right, 120%. This bank is predatory.

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  • Go
    GOP 101 Aug 20, 2009

    I have been with these crooks since 1985. You would think they would cut some slack but no. This is a terrible, and just outside of being criminal! I over drafted May o9 by .50 cents, of course over draft protection does not kick in unless it is over $50.00. Not being notified in time this snowballed into over $600.00 in fees. I called, pleaded for a reversal with no service. It was explained to me that my protection did not kick in since I was below my available cash on my credit card.

    If they had just covered the lousy fifty cents, things would have been fine. They are trixters and cannot understand why anyone would stay with them. They now charge 39.00 per over draft, the highest in the business. Tell me this is not a money maker!

    They also took 13.5 BILLION in bailout money and are not on the list to pay it back. I do not think I want to bank with our corrupt government or these slithery snakes! Send all the Obama voters to Fifthe Third Bank!

    Fifth Third's internal policy is the worst I have ever seen. They refer to me as a deadbeat but on the books I am great! This is where they make there money, they will say no but it is true!!!

    I will be leaving this horrible company

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  • Th
    thejman Aug 19, 2009

    these people are common day crooks, i will be switching banks very soon i used to have first charter until these idiots bought them out. and i have had nothing but trouble out of them. i know for a fact they constantly try to work the transactions around to try and screw you. and they say that transactions never post on a saturday night which is a flat out lie!! i have seen pre charges go threw and post on a sunday after a manager screamed at me on the phone saying they dont. long story short on how they screwed me this week..

    i had $219 in the bank wednesday, i had 7-9 transactions in the pre stage that i know takes no more than 2 days to post to the account. then on friday i had a $300 eletronic charge that i could not stop from coming threw. and i was fine with that cause i knew i had money to cover all the small charges so i would only get overdrawn with the big charge, i was fine with that, but they held all the small charges until monday night and put it along with the 300 charge and took that out i was overdrawn around $600 thanks to the nice people at 5/3..i know for a fact is doen not take 4 days for a fast food charge to post. and i also know that things do go threw and post on a saturday night that they said does not happen?? idiots i have online banking i have seen it. stay away from these idiots, i pray the day these big banks go belly up. keep your money in a jar at home people, your much better off.

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  • Po
    Poetman Jul 07, 2009

    I have to add my complaint to the list.

    I initially thought 5/3 would be a good option over my former Flagstar. The staff seemed nice, the lobby usually empty and they seemed to have a decent program. I opened a checking account. That was the start of the nightmare. I kept getting not only fees upon fees for balances that dipped below 0 every month, but then there were fees per item. Eventually it got to the point where I was losing half my checks to fees. I closed my checking account, and opened a savings account-under the impression that it would be FREE (as in no fees) for a year. WRONG! There were fees, not only the NSF/return ones, but also daily fees for being below the minimum. The thing that lead me to close out and take my name to their dissatisfied customer list was when they hit more NSF fees *after* I had money in the bank to cover the check! So they charged me fees when I actually had money IN the account. At that point, I said enough!

    Stay away from 5/3!!

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  • Sa
    sandy May 26, 2009

    I made a deposit at Fifth Third bank and it was never added to my account, i have the receipt for the deposit but Fifth Third said they have no record of it so I am out $ 120.00. The deposit was made in cash. I called the main office and told them the situation and i was told it is up to the individual branch how they wanted to handle it, the branch manager said they would not make the deposit good, she did tell me that on the day that i made my deposit the tellers computer jumped off-line. She said, that the reference number did not coincide with the date of the deposit, and that is my fault, how? So everyone needs to keep their deposit slips and check behind them on everything.. I DO NOT recommend Firth Third Bank..

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  • Kr
    krissy2010 Apr 08, 2009

    I agree Whole heartedly! I am furious with 5/3. Just a few days ago a transaction was ran through on my account. The company that ran it did not have my card in hand and did not have my permission to run the card. My account at the time had a balance of around $3.00. I put my paycheck into the bank and I used my card because they credit $100 of your deposited checks immediately. I my debit card twice for purchases that totaled an amount a little over $8.00 and went about my day thinking nothing of it. I didn't use my card for a few days but went to the bank to deposit more cash. Upon doing so I discovered my account was overdrawn. I flipped out! I was shown that the bogus Transaction i spoke of earlier was on my account. I explained I didn't authorize this transaction. They said I could do a dispute but it could take up to 30 days to get the money back. So I put money in the bank and was down to where I only owed like $21 to have the account caught up. Well, the next day I look at my account and they had popped me for $33 dollars each for the two trans actions and another $66 because 2 transactions that I had put money in to cover kicked it over even more. They had taken out the debits before crediting the deposits even though it was all done on the same night. So now I sit in the hole around $150 at the moment, with it going up daily. Well, I emailed the cust. service and they "IN A GOODWILL GESTURE" as they put it credited me $33 for my inconveinence. Which is humorous because, they just dropped another $42 in daily overdraft fees. So, I replied to their email that I appreciated their gesture but with their policies being set up the way they are the average person would be unable to repair their account. I also added it is sad that we as tax payers are being told, not asked! that we must bail out the banking industry and the banking industry cannot show the same good will to the same citizens who are keeping many of the banks open. You see, the bank policies are a load of poop, to put it bluntly. I was told by the girl that opend my accounts with the bank recently because I was thrown into overdraft not too long ago because of the fact that 5/3 and several other banks process debits before they add your deposits that she could fix my account and if it ever happened again to just call her and she would take care of it. Funny thing is when I called this time it was, I'm sorry. and that was all they did for me. I'm going soon as I get my next pay check and going to a different bank. This time I will watch my account like a hawk. I am half tempted to just cash my checks and use a prepaid visa or master card.

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  • Pa
    Pat Mar 31, 2009

    You work hard for your money. You place it in an institution you believe to be respectable. Sadly, greed and disrespect are what you will find if you use Fifth Turd bank. I left their bank in 2000 because of an overdraft issue. They charged me $33.00 for the overdraft and then hit me with a per day fee. I can understand the thirty three fee. I goofed. But I took issue with the per day fee. They NEVER contacted me to tell me they were leveraging a per day fee against me. If I had known I was overdrawn I would have taken money from my other account to fix the problem immediately. I should not have to check my account every day to make sure my bank is doing their job. Needless to say, I had to go to the state banking commission to get the issue resolved in my favor.

    My wife left their bank in 2008, they refused to give her $150 in cash from the Social Security check she had just deposited. She had been going to that same branch for more than five years. And had done the very same thing many times before. Deposit her check, grocery shop and go home. Now they were making her wait for the government check to clear.

    Today, they are loosing my mothers business too. We got a virus on the computer and had to reformat the drive. Needless to say we lost all our saved passwords in the browser. I sat down to pay her bills on the bank website. The username and password would not work. I tried to follow the recover password link thinking I could get it e-mailed to me. No, just a page full of nonsense. So, I called them.
    I explained the situation to the operator. She asked to speak to my mother. I put her on the phone. The operator asked my mother for her SSN or account number. I handed my mother her SSN card and said " Here is your social security number". The operator heard me say this to my mother and said I was coaching her, she could not give me the password now. I would have to take my mother into a bank branch to physically verify the information. Now I have to stay up late (I work nights) to take my 83 year old mother to the bank to get this mess straightened out.
    Their rules seem to be more important to them than their customers. I am surprised that they can stay in business. How can you be so rude and disrespectful to your customers and remain in business? Every person at that bank seems to have a chip on their shoulder.

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  • Da
    davewave Mar 24, 2009

    Worst. Bank. Ever.

    No transactions on the account for months because I intended to close the account but they wouldn't do it the last time I was there because they had to wait until the next day to settle the account (I live 35 minutes away and don't make it down there very often). In the intervening time some random annual fee from another company that had my card on file overdrafted me by $28. They just send plain white envelopes to warn about the overdraft. By the time I get to my bills (2 weeks later) -$28 became -$176 - Seems pretty exorbitant to me.

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  • Dr
    dr53 Mar 19, 2009

    So glad I found this forum. I thought I was the only one who noticed these practices by Fifth Third. I was telling my husband about it just yesterday, I just know they are doing everything they can to steal money from us and I told him that, to his disbelief. Well a day later and he believes me now! My balance was $300 yesterday, I desposited $1100 and sure enough they somehow held charges, then released them to overdraw my account and suck up over $400 in one day of overdraft fees. Thank God I'm not just paranoid, there are others this is happening to!!! And your right I'm sure they've got their HORRIBLE little CS people on here defending them, By far WORST CS I've ever encountered and I've worked as a liason with all the major Electronics Manufacturers, GE, TOSHIBA, CANON etc.. Fifth Third is no where near CS friendly but the worst in the industry!!! I hope they get brought to court SOON!

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  • Ma
    Magilla67 Jan 30, 2009

    I live in NW Indiana. I have my mortgage with Fifth Third. Last year they estimated a $1200 shortage in my escrow account. My monthly payment went up $100. My taxes were lowered for 2008 by $1100. After they paid everything, there was an excess of $1283 left over. My payment is still the same & they claim it can't be reviewed until June. UNLESS I pay a $25 fee. I think that is just palin CRIMINAl. If they're doing that to a few thousand other people, that's a few million they get to keep for themselves interest free.

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  • To
    Todd Jan 22, 2009

    5/3rd Got me too. I had a $12 overdraft on without notice on Friday, Following Tuesday I deposited $50. Still not knowing I had an overdreaft. 3 weeks later I was out of town and went to cash a check. I was told I owed $103.00 in overdraft fees. I paid it in order to cash my check. and told them to close my account. They said I could only close it at my branch. I went to the branch office when I came back in town to find out. What was going on. Was told they would reimburse me $35. I said ok then close my account. I was told if I close my account they would not reimburse me anything. I said fine. CLOSE IT!!
    A month later I'm getting numerous calls from a credit company that I owe 5/3rd $60. 5/3rd are Legalized Crooks. I hate this Bank.. Never Bank with them again...

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