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I took a day off to wait for a package to be delivered by FedEx HOME DELIVERY. I heard the door bell and when I opened the door the FedEx truck was driving away. The worst is that I cannot go and get the package. The driver is a contractor and the FedEx facility will be closed by the time the driver returns. FedEx customer service informed me that there is no way they can contact the driver! Today is Saturday. So, there is no way I can get the package myself. Customer service informed me that maybe they would be able to contact the driver on Tuesday, so that I can go and get it myself. Damage Resulting: Besides the stress, the package contains a recorder I needed for a job. I will not be able to do the job.


  • Ma
    Mani Jul 14, 2008

    I totally agree . UPS is far better in this front

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  • Ba
    barry Jul 26, 2008

    To bad, I dont want to hear your voice so why should you record it! Be alert when you get a delivery next time!!!

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  • Ti
    Tim 1998 Dec 30, 2015

    I totally agree, Fedex is the worst. they say it is on the truck and it is not. they say they do not deliver on Monday's it is a lie my neighborhood got a package on Monday from them.

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  • Jt
    JtxIs Dec 30, 2015

    We get packages all the time from them and they are always right on time. Unless the sender requires a signature, we are ok with their leaving the pkg at our front door. We are usually here, but can't always get to the door before they have to leave to get to the next address. Package is carefully placed, not tossed as some videos would have you believe. Perhaps you can talk with them? They are very willing to leave per your wishes.

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  • Ju
    Justus Richardson Oct 05, 2016

    My package arrived in Troutdale Oregon yesterday (Tuesday). I live in Bend Oregon. My package could easily be delivered tomorrow, but it's not scheduled for delivery until next Tuesday. So it's going to sit in Troutdale until Monday, and then it'll be sent to Bend. This is most likely because the sender paid the econo-rate. Which means it can sit in a local FedEx facility for a week before they'll deliver it. It'll probably remain in Troutdale all week so I can't pick it up early! USPS is better than FedEx! Even if it's regular post, a package will still be delivered when it arrives in town. And it won't sit anywhere for a week, before delivery.

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  • Eg
    E.Gamb Mar 06, 2017

    Fed-ex is the worst shipper you could use and every package I get from them is 2-3 days late. Sits on truck for a extra day travels 1 hour sits in warehouse. I have actually had a package sit in there truck for 3 days 2 miles from my house and could not do anything about getting it faster. Wal-mart .com uses it for there supposed 2-day service takes 5-7 days. I ship regularly will only mail through USPS for my customers to get it on time.

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  • Pa
    Paul Ackerman Dec 11, 2017

    This holiday season I have used all three major shipping services, only one of which I don't understand at all FEDEX. FedEx takes two to three days longer just to deliver to USPS in a different state after delivering to two FEDEX locations in my state, Illinois. They literally drive pass my city several times to give to Wisconsin USPS to deliver back in Illinois. They charge customers for a poor service and ultimately cannot deliver to address themselves.
    I have seen this at least six times with deliveries in last month of deliveries. I have started e-mail to vendors to please use better delivery company. As it seems the Chinese have the most use of FEDEX I most certainly send route info to each vendor that used them.

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  • Ph
    Phil O'Dendron Feb 25, 2019

    FedEx is still the worst. Tracking says out for delivery Friday morning. Friday afternoon tracking says delivery Monday.
    Monday morning tracking says out for delivery. Monday afternoon tracking says delivery will be on Wednesday.

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  • Ro
    Robert macher May 09, 2019

    they suck suck suck never ever going to use them again, they tell you its on the way to its final destination then after waiting all day it then shows delivery scheduled for tomorrow they suck big balls, lazy workers they smell, look like junkies drive like crap use ANYBODY but fedex or you will regret it !!!

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  • Gr
    graphic Jul 22, 2019

    I have been using FedEx ground since it was RPS, which at the time was an excellent delivery service and famously innovative, but alas, they sold out to FedEx and it's been a dysfunctional operation since then. I stayed with them and endured their incompetence because I also used UPS, which at the time (2005) was even worse, but perhaps it's time to consider UPS once again. I can't speak to any issues with FedEx Air, but the Ground service is HORRIBLE! They run it as a separate company, which complicates things, but generally, the Customer service is the WORST I've seen in my 25+ years of business. They have higher rates for residential service, which means any shipment to any location THEY deem to be "residential", regardless of volume or ease of access for the driver. Their online functionality has never been good and they make it a point to be as difficult as possible to contact if you have issues with their service. The only thing fully functional is their payment process. Regarding deliveries, I have no problem with leaving a shipment at the door with no signature required, but I have had cartons left out in the rain, in the garage (an envelope that I didn't locate until weeks later, and after I assumed it was lost in transit and had to request duplicate documents). Phone customer service people will lie to you, just to get rid of you, they will NEVER contact a driver, even if they mistakenly place a document envelope for Air Service that was marked for ground service. I've had a few instances where the Customer Service person admits that FedEx screwed up but they will NEVER give you consideration by expediting the shipment; I've had shipments (especially document envelopes) that have taken 3 business days to deliver that were in the SAME zone! Forget it if your shipment finds itself in a warehouse on Friday night; you won't see it again until Monday. I could go on, I could write a book on the horror that is FedEx Ground.
    Note: If you're a shipper or receiver that can't understand because you've had great service, just wait until you ship or expect to receive something that is urgent or extremely important; they'll screw up at the worst possible time.

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