FedEx Corporate Servicesirritated fedex express driver

I live in Orland ca and one of your express drivers was going through town to the freeway and tried to pass multiple times on the right around a motorcycle on a 1 lane road. Then he was behind me where I made a mandatory stop at a stop sign that is at the base of an overpass to go over the freeway and when I came to a full stop he brakes and raised both hands in the air with a look on his face of disgust. Proceeded to narrowly take the on ramp of the freeway around my car. I had a wheelchair bound child in my vehicle I was afraid he would hit us causing damage as I was afraid for the motorcycles at in front of him earlier. This occurred at 12:32 pm orland ca license plate 91529A2, and drove with his lights flashing as though he was stopping the whole time. Do something about the safety of the drivers and those they interact with on the road!

FedEx Corporate Services

Oct 05, 2019

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