FedEx Corporate Servicesdelivery driver

We had a delivery at our home 300 W Hickory ST Rich hill, mo 64779 today 10/3/19, about 12:30 in the afternoon. Im sure the driver didn't expect anyone to be home.. however I watched him FLY BY our house about 40mph.. which we live on a dead end street only 3 houses on our road. If he would not have been flying by he would have seen our house the first time.. comes back.. passes the drive way a little so he can back in.. however he doesn't just back in.. he backs WAY to fast and doesn't stay on the drive way.. he went into the yard.. almost half of the truck was off of our drive way. So I meet him at the door.. he says how are you here you go. I said im good next time can you not drive so fast and in my yard thanks. HE COMPLETLY IGNORES ME.. doesn't apologize or anything just leaves.. and FLYS out of my drive way I guess to prove a point that he can do what he wants. Completely rude and un-professional.

Oct 03, 2019

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