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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved termination of policy

Farmers Home Insurance charge is unbelievable high. At the end of 2009, I switched home insurances to better...

Resolved awful experience

I am writing this today to advise all to read your homeowner's policy carefully. You might find that your property is not as protected or as covered as you think.

Early Sunday morning Sept. 14th, we had winds in excess of 60 mph and torrential rain. 2 giant oak trees fell in our back yard, taking out our well house and pump, fence, part of our deck and patio, as well as our lawn furniture. As soon as it was light enough, I took my digital camera outside and took 25 pictures of the damages. Much to my relief the trees had missed the house by inches, but it is going to be a massive clean-up operation requiring a truck to remove the trees and the well pump and housing has to be completely replaced. Not a problem I thought, I'll call my agent 1st thing Monday morning, send her the digital pictures and start the claim process. This is why we have homeowner's insurance and have paid $500 a year with a $1250.00 deductible. Right? WRONG!!!

After talking to our agent at Cannon Insurance of Mountain Grove, MO. Monday morning, we could not do anything but wait for the claims adjuster, so we waited and waited and waited... At noon I called back to see if there was any word yet but our agent was at lunch so I left a message. At 1:15 pm a representative from Farmer's Mutual Insurance of Dade County, MO. called to inform us that they would not pay our claim. Excuse me??? Why??? Well, because when we bought the homeowner's insurance, it was just that; the home. Nothing else. I argued that the deck and patio are attached to our house and I didn't consider the well house as a separate out building as it was connected to our house via the water and electrical lines and was necessary in order to live here, assuming we wanted running water.

The average person walks into an insurance office and purchases a homeowner's policy. Apparently, one has to be more specific and state that you want not only the home insured but the very ground it sits on. To wit: According to the MO. Insurance Commission, one must ask for home, property, debris removal, fence, outside buildings, to include a well house, deck, patio and lawn furniture et all. The lady I talked to at the Commission told me that while it is not illegal for an insurance company a GOOD agent will take the time to explain the policy and exactly what is and what is not covered so one can add coverage accordingly. She agreed with me that this practice CAN be deceptive and/or confusing to the average homeowner.

Needless to say I am looking for a new insurance company but THIS time, I will tell the agent that if someone even passes gas on my property, I want to be covered.

As an update, the insurance company agent called back this morning and said she was having a claims adjuster come out and "take a look" in the next few days. Oops! Too late! We have already started removing some of the debris ourselves with the help of a friend and his chainsaw. This was necessary since we could not get off the deck steps and into the yard because of a 50' tree laying across the railing. We have also decided to get rid of the well completely and hook up to the local rural water district. As bad as I hate to, we will also get 2 other 100 year old oak trees cut down that tower over our house because if those ever fell the insurance company WOULD be paying us for a new house. I do not want to go thru this nightmare again.

If this applies to you I hope you will take a few minutes of your day to dig your policy out of your file cabinet and READ it!!! If there is something you do not understand, call your agent.

Resolved awful experience

Innocent individuals, continuing being victimized with unduly acts performed by Farmers Insurance Exchange; which the Consumers provides monetary security to compensate bodily injury claims solely for emergencies purpose. There are injured victims with low income Health Insurance Coverage paid through States Health Services, also paid by the Consumers. Claims worth, are normally according to the gross value of treatment to injuries which is normally in the thousands. However, if paid by State Services, Farmers offers settlements based on what the States Health Services paid.

This means that since these services are paid in the low amounts, the Medical Care Professionals and their Staffs with families are not being paid and Farmers Insurance Exchange is allowing their bills paid by the Consumers'. Again. (Talking about Double Dipping.) This is the way the story goes; The Consumer's by law, must pay income taxes, sales taxes; you name it taxes; insurance taxes; insurance premiums as such, and when its time to submit the claim, Farmers known to pay as little as possible or whatever they will getaway with.

Then drop you like a hot potato or increase your fees because your are consider a threat risk.

Resolved suck at updating information

My parents just got into an accident on freeway. Their tire blew up, and hit the median on the freeway. They tried not to damage their car, because they knew this matter would only get worse if they had damanged other cars.
So they ended up damanging their own car, (car frame) I believe.

We had full coverage, premium for our plan.
They will not cover any medical bills, due to one car collison.
They said if it was 2 car collision, they would've taken care of some of the medical bills. Does this even make sense to you?
What if they died of this accident? They can't get any benefit from having the insurance?

Couple days later, they gave us the rental car, nissan, piece of #.
Literally. The engine light comes up every often, and it is embarrasing to ride in that car, when we had a nice freaking
Ford expedition eddie bauer edition.

They will only allow us to rent that car worth of 500 dollars, which is only about 20 days rental.

Farmers insurance declared a total loss on our call because the car frame is damaged. If you look at the car, the car is completely in excellent condition, except the very front corner its dented.

So it's matter of time for us to decide whether we're going to release the car to them, or keep the damaged car.

We called the agent seok woo lee, also known as (jeff lee)
He is lacking in updating information with us, and never answers his phone at the office or cell phone.
What's the point of having his business card?
He went on a vacation once, when we had an accident.
He doesn't give a # what happens to his clients.
He takes an action without the clients approval.
The notice comes in after 5 or 6 months after saying that such such actions have been placed on the accident.

For this specific matter, we needed to know how much our car's retail value was, so that we can make a decision about purchasing a new car or what not.

We called the agent constantly for 2 weeks, and never got back to us.
He always have this condecending tone and attitude with anybody, like he doesn't want to maintain his job.

My parents were very frustrated, and because they were not fluent in english, I had to speak someone from the main office.

I really want to recommend everyone not to have this specific agent, and if you could, boycott farmers insurance. They're just trying to take your money for several ridiculous reason.

I know it's lose lose for the consumer, and the clients. But seriously, this insurance company sucks, and this agents needs to be fired.

Just because you're not fluent in english, don't let them take an advantage of you. Make sure you aruge, and make your statement clear to them, so they don't # you over.

  • Dj
    djgilb Oct 30, 2010

    Farmers Insurance denied our claim. Stated we did not notify them of a different vehicle. the local agent was notified. I guess he didn't have time to update our information and follow through. Now the drivers license was suspended! Help!

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Resolved no responsibility

Here is an interesting tale that speaks to the loss you may experience from hot-headedness and from the unwillingness to accept responsibility for giving wrong information.

I must start with my presumption that part of the job of the insurance agent is to help the insured identify what is an allowable claim and what is not. I understand that the final answer on a claim comes from the adjuster relying on the written policy, but my contact point is the agent, and I am glad to have the personal communication with my agent over the years as he or she helps me with a catastrophe or inconvenient loss.

I had a comprehensive-type auto loss that was paid by Farmers Insurance on 06/02/08. During that process I learned from the adjuster of the existence of a class of claims arising from damage by wind-blown sand. (We did not discuss particulars of my sand damage. I had no such claim before him.)

I again assume that insurance companies exist by compensating me and others when we experience loss, and by setting their premiums to equitably balance the risks of particular payouts. I cannot participate in that balance between risk and compensation, even though I pay the premiums, unless I know what is compensable.

I called my agent, [Ms. X], on or soon after 06/02/08. We spoke at length about whether my [wind-blown] sand damage would be an allowable claim. [My agent] identified two different types of such damage, that from a specific event, and that which accumulates over time not from any specific event. We spoke directly to that distinction, and [my agent] said that yes, sand damage from either a specific event or over time from a non-specific event would be covered.

I had not considered, prior to these conversations, that I had a claim to pursue from sand damage. (I was somewhat surprised that I was given a go-ahead on damage that could be likened to fading paint.) My questions in the conversation with [my agent] were probing, to determine as precisely as possible what the policy dictated, but my manner was tentative and seeking confirmation. Thereafter, I relied on my agent's information, developed anticipation of a paid claim, spent my time, and involved others and their time at Farmers in the processing of the claim. Which efforts and anticipation became my loss.

I filed the claim for sand damage on or about 06/09/08, claim # [...]. On 06/11/08, [Mr. Z], an adjuster for Farmers, called me and said that sand damage from a non-specific event was "normal wear and tear," and was not covered.

All of the above is only background. How do I proceed now and re-establish trust in my agent and in the information she gives me, so that we can continue communicating effectively and amicably?...

I called [my agent] at Farmers on or soon after 06/11/08. I peaceably recited what the adjuster had told me. I believe she shuffled papers a moment, then said she would check with her boss, the owner of the agency. I expected [my agent] to come back to the phone. The conversation was not tense. My hope was to give [my agent] the chance to recognize the misinformation she had given me and the opportunity to clear the air, so I could trust communications with her in the future.

Instead, her boss, [Mr. XX], picked up the phone. I did not expect him, and his greeting did not express knowledge of the situation. I had just told the agency that I had relied on information they had given me which turned out to be incorrect, but [Mr. XX] picked up the phone with something like, "What's up?!" in a "howdy do!,

what can I do for you?" tone, with no acknowledgement that the burden lay with him/his agency at that moment to retract and correct misinformation. For what other reason had the phone call been transferred to him?

I began an account again of the situation, probably with a sigh and an inconvenienced tone. Rather than listen through the account, [Mr. XX] began to take offense at my now complaint that the misinformation had been given to me, and now, had not even been acknowledged. As [Mr. XX] became more heated, he even suggested I find another agency. I did not want that hassle, and I seriously hoped for a long relationship — in Missouri I had had one insurance agent for about twenty years. Gradually he heard and accepted my account*, and tension cooled. I believe it was his suggestion at that point that he become the agent for me to contact in the future. (Now, a telling question is whether this was to assure me that I would get his expertise directly, to insulate me from [Ms. X], or to be able to more easily corral my inquiries in the future. Regardless, the door seemed closed now to clearing the air with [Ms. X].) I likely would have been quite satisfied to continue communicating with [Ms. X] and done so amicably and trusting her, if she had been able to participate in the clear-the-air conversation. I do not know why she did not.

I think I saw [Mr. XX] once more in passing when I came in to pay a premium. I remember no other contact with him and no other issues. Then notice came that [someone else] was taking over the office. I wanted to meet the senior agent and person with whom I would deal, but I erred in waiting too long to set up an appointment. I finally called on Wednesday, 07/22/09. A good meeting time was not available, and my frustration grew with a perceived insult from the agency's receptionist (she did not seem to believe my need for a meeting in-office for whatever [my unstated] reason). I became strongly argumentative, a poor response on my part, for which I apologize. (This may seem a strange venue for an apology, but it is as it is. My hot-headedness comes back to bite me, too.)

I traveled and came into the insurance office the next morning, Thursday, hoping to catch [the new senior agent]. As it turned out she was not in, and [Mr. XX] relayed that he would meet me there. [Mr. XX's] approach to me that morning and a distinctive side comment by [Ms. X] on the telephone the previous day suggested that they felt that this was only one more of a series of problems or untoward impositions I had placed on their office.

I challenge [Mr. XX] to recount any episode, other than my isolated conversations 07/22/09 with the receptionist, in which I spoke or acted out of place, or initiated any conversation which would not be reasonable to have with one's insurance agent.

This letter comes to your office to clear the air, as much as possible, since other avenues are unavailable. This letter also is to inform Farmers Insurance of the loss it has incurred from hot-headedness. It is unreasonable, and contrary to good business, to become angry at someone, let alone at your customer, or to hold a grudge against someone, for informing you of your own error. (* Apparently [Mr. XX] did not accept my account of the issue with the sand damage claim.)

I was given the incentive to shop. Counting annual premiums for my home and two vehicles with similar limits, Farmers was undercut by American Family Insurance by 2%, and by Auto-Owners Insurance by 26%. With some liability limits significantly higher at Auto-Owners Insurance, Farmers was still undercut by 17%, from $1043.00 to $865.00 annually.

I think the greatest usefulness for this letter directly, might come to two people involved who might not get or take the chance to read it. I therefore will also post this letter, with individuals' names withheld, at The letter is long. The length is necessary to convey my good faith efforts. Indirectly, benefit may come to other insurance policyholders at large. The insurance agent, even like the general practitioner doctor, should work with the customer/patient over the years, from property or injury loss to property or injury loss/from health issue to health issue, as an advocate for [the well-being of] the customer/patient.

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Resolved auto fire

I am needing some information on filling a complaint against Farmers insurance company. My vehicle was totaled out due to a engine compartment fire. This was a 2007 Chevy Silverado Truck. I have not got anywhere with my insurance for compensation. Who do I need to contact and what do I need to do?
Thank you.

Resolved unauthorized billing

First they inundate you with paper [4 to 5 pieces of mail a week] then they charge you 15$ every time you make a policy change. Now I have a collection letter for a bill that was supposed to be an automatic deduction a year ago even though I dropped them over 6 months ago and I was told at that time that my account was paid up.

  • Co
    courtney Feb 09, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Farmers insurances billing practices are a crime. I cancelled all my policies and it took them 3 months, 20 phone calls, and several letters to get them to cancel. they held my house insurance payment and didn't give it back so we could give it to our new insurance agency for three months. We also had a vehicle that we told them we were going to sell and they put it on a 12 month plan without telling or even asking us. When we cancelled they charged us 190.00 for 3 weeks of insurance on one car. The charge should have only been 75.00 but as many of you know every time you talk to them I think they charge you a 20.00 fee. Anybody know how to deal with these people.

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  • Bl
    blondedmbfan15 Feb 02, 2010

    It sounds like the agent and there staff are the ones screwing things up. I would try contacting the nearest district office which your agent can give you they will take care of it all for you. Farmers does send a lot of paper work out but the fees are only charged if you start a new policy (one time new policy fee) or if you let your policy cancel which is now 25.00 bottom line its the law in most states to carry insurance so if you are not responsible enought to pay it then you deserve to pay the fee. The one time new policy has been charged since farmers opened its doors so nothing you can do there.

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balance due

I had insurance (Lots of it) through Farmers Insurance, several houses etc. I get a call from CCS collection...

bad customer service

I was in a auto accident recently so I contacted my insurance company the day of the accident wich wa...

refused to give me information!

David Song is the insurance agent. One of his drivers hit our work vehicle. He refused to provide me with a...

renters insurance is a rip off!

I purchased renters Insurance in the month of April for the new place I moved to. I was asked how much insurance did I need. I told the gal that I had a lot of things, I needed about $75,000 and she told me it would cost about $30 a month, so I say sign me up. She faxed the papers and I signed them. She never asked me about a rider for anything.

NOW May 21, 2007, my apt was broken into and they took all my cash ($2000), savings bonds ($600) and ALL of my jewelry (appx. $5000).

The adjuster tells me that I can only get $100 for the cash, $500 for the bonds and $500 for my jewelry! With a $500 deductible that gives me $600 for my loss. Oh, and what about the bed I am suppose to sleep in the did something to that and not sure if it is covered that it doesn't sleep me very good.

I feel that the agents office is at fault and I should be about to get more of my loss covered since I was not told about riders. Please help me, I have none of my grandparents jewelry, my HighSchool & college memories are gone with my rings and I have nothing from my past to pass on to my granddaughter. Please help, I want to try to get my things back!

  • Mj
    MJWG Jul 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    And you actually thought they were there to help? Think about it. Pay for how many kinds of insurance for 30 - 40 years, rack up maybe 10k in claims in that time, many never claim at all. Now multiply all those years of monthly premiums by however many people are insured, Probably as many as 150 million? Makes for a pretty nice nest egg wouldn't you say. Take all the money, give back little or nothing. And they hate the oil companies. At least with oil you get to see, and use a product.

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auto insurance

I am disabled for 10 years now, I used to drive 500-1000 a week before that with NO accidents and very little...