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Complaints & Reviews

tv commercials

Does the "man" who participates in the tv commercials, wearing the yellow shirt and with a large bird (emu?) have ANY self respect? How anyone who has even a minor amount of self respect could participate in such commercials is beyond comprehension.

For years liberty has run some of the most "male bashing" commercials I have ever had the misfortune to view and hear. It has gotten to the point when I see or hear one of liberty's commercials, I either change channels immediately, or hit the mute button. In most of the commercials, the male is required to appear in clothing best suited to be worn while performing yard work, while standing next to a well dressed female. Then of course, the male has been required to act stupid or make some simple-minded comment.

I equate the quality of service/performance/product a company provides with the quality of its commercials, Needless to say, I'd never have insurance from liberty. What I can't understand is why they'd have such commercials. Males purchase the majority of insurance. Why go out of your way to offend half the population and the majority of your customers. Male customers of liberty insurance, WAKE UP. Are you going to continue to be humiliated by liberty and not even know it?

I don't need to submit any photos/videos. liberty knows its offensive commercials (all of them).

auto and home insurance

This complaint is being sent to both Liberty Mutual and the Wisconsin Officer of the Commissioner of insurance
Policy AOS-[protected]
I have three complaints, the first is possible false advertising or at minimum misleading advertising regarding their claim forgiveness policy. My second complaint is due to rate increases on my home and auto due to a claim in each category in 2019. Finally, the number of people I talked to (7) ending up with no action what-so-ever and spending 90 minutes of time on the phone.
I will start with the second complaint as it leads to the first.
Both our automotive and home rates went up. My wife went to the Liberty Mutual website as directed by the bill to check rates. She asked for a new quote and listed us as existing Liberty Mutual insured for Auto. She listed the 2019 claim and was provided a $992.04 amount after their system searched the motor vehicle report. I called Liberty to inquire how this could be and got all kinds of answers:
• First they stated they could not find the quote. The quote number was [protected]. After I provided it they said they could find it but the quote did not include a Motor Vehicle report - yet it stated it had done that.
• Then they stated it was a new customer on-line discount of $500. That seems a wee bit unfair if true.
• Finally after all the run around - again 7 people whose names I kept should you need them - I was finally told that the rate could be reduced if I diminished coverage.
We have been with Liberty Mutual since 2010 and had not filed claims until this year. Even when I was rear ended at a stop sign in 2018 no claim was filed as the person who rear ended me accepted total responsibility and covered all costs. The accident in 2018 was brought up as a partial reason for the rate increase, as was a damaged driver side mirror in 2019. That latter incident was predominantly paid for by the deductible.
• I asked about the "Claim Forgiveness" on auto and was told by Patricia it was only valid up to a $250.00 claim. I responded: "how can that be right when that is less than my $500 deductible?"
She responded that it merely means my rates won't go up because of the claim.

I am still not sure that is correct, but I could find nothing on the Liberty Mutual website to state what the policy covered - what the limit is. But I was told neither my auto nor home was eligible. Even after paying annually up front for 10 years.
Similarly I asked why my home insurance went up. The house claim was melted siding done by my son-in-law using our grill too close to the house. I I should also add to this the house claim took months to resolve and would have never been had I not persisted. I sent a complaint in on that as well with evidence of neglect on Liberty Mutual' s end and never got a response. It did get a quick resolution but was never addressed.
So in summary my complaints are:
1. The Claim Forgiveness policy seems worthless and a ruse.
2. It seems unfair to raise my rates after 10 years by more than what my car claim cost them actually.
3. The increase on Home seems fair as my house value increases but then when I asked for a review she stated no as the roof was over 10 years old. How can the rate increase in value with the house but I can't get a requote due to a 10 year old roof?
4. Last - poor service and the 7 person runaround.

claims process

DOI 10/23/19, Claim #[protected]-017750 Dersingham Drive Sacramento, CA 95829
I filed a claim on 10/23/19 for water damage. Adjuster came out and did an estimate before water litigation came out to dry the damage. Water litigation invoice is over $3k and adjuster's estimate to restore the damage is only $1250. This makes no sense whatsoever when the adjuster only made estimate based on the first day of incident. No one has come out to look at the aftermath of what the water litigation had to do to my house so that the water would dry. Now I'm left with an open ceiling in my bedroom and have been living and sleeping in my living room for over a month. This is the worst insurance company I've ever had to deal with. This can't be how Liberty Mutual treat their customers. Liberty Mutual have not approved the work my contractor needs to do to restore my home. It's getting frustrating as now it is raining and my house is constantly cold. No matter if the heater is on, it can't warm my house up because of all the air coming in from the open ceiling. Something needs to be done ASAP or I will file a formal complaint with BBB, Yelp, etc.

claims process
claims process
claims process
claims process

business insurance

Insurance agent told me that my commercial auto listed on my insurance would be fully covered. I had 1 million in General Liability, 1 million Umbrella and 1 million commercial auto. Turns out after wrecking the commercial auto by striking a deer that I had 1 million in liability auto insurance. Pay almost 400 per month for business insurance and now they refuse to cover a 20 yr old vehicle. I was flat lied to by the agent that sold me the policies and no one will do anything about it. I am out a tow bill of 150.00 and 250 per week on a rental. This has cost me lost work time and contracts not to mention money. All because Liberty Mutual wants to take money from small business owners, yet they dont want to pay up when you need the insurance.

auto insurance pricing

I signed up for auto and renter's insurance that were applied a discount for bundling.

However, the starting date was two weeks later than I requested. When I called back to make the change, I was charged $120 more than the original quote.

Consequently, I cancelled before the policy went into effect. And hopefully, I will be getting my refund.

I think this is outrageous and a perfect example of price gouging. All the bogus excuses given to me were disgraceful.

If you want to stay in business, you need to be more considerate of your customers.

claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02

Date of accident 7/27/2019

Your Safeco insured backed into my truck from a parked spot in front of a Quiktrip. The view was not obstructed on both sides of the vehicle, yet she backed into my truck and pushed the bumper into the tire and bent the frame. She was able to drive away, while my truck required a tow.

I filed a police report the following day (Sunday) and called Safeco claims first thing Monday morning in an effort to arrange a rental. The claims representative stated that she had already left a message for the insured and then took my recorded statement. She was unable to get in touch with the insured on Monday and I had to take a vacation day from work. I called again first thing on Tuesday and again the response was that another message was left and that no return call from the insured had been received. Again, I took a vacation day and again on Wednesday as Safeco was unable to get in touch with their insured. By Thursday, I found a ride to work and called Safeco again, only to be told that the insured informed Safeco that she would be out of town for the next week and she would give her statement when she returned. Since her statement is required in order to determine liability, the claim was at a standstill for another week. The claim rep suggested I go ahead and rent a vehicle and should Safeco accept liability I would be reimbursed. I chose not to and a coworker offered to bring and drop me off for the next week.
My truck was also being used by my son who is a full time student at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas to earn money for school. He was forced to cancel jobs he had already scheduled and was unable to work without the truck.
While Safeco has ultimately agreed to pay for the additional financial loss due to the accident, the claims specialist and her manager will not agreed to reimburse me for the 3 days vacation leave taken.
*1st is was because it is not a financial loss since I was paid, and I continually refuted this assertion and pointed out that the vacation leave had an accrued value that I no longer have. In addition, IRS considered vacation used as taxable income further proof.
*2nd Then the denial was stated that I had an "duty"to mitigate cost and Safeco has 30 days to investigate claims in the state of Missouri. I did everything requested by Safeco in a timely manner; the duty and responsibility to mitigate costs rests with the insured and this was clearly not a priority given the 2 weeks it took her to give a 3 minute statement. The issue could have been resolved long before she left town and I am insulted that I am being told about my duty when there appears to be no accountability for the insureds duty. I was forced to reschedule doctor appointments and make other arrangements for errands. And given the manner in which this claim has been handled, I probably would have been out rental fees if I had proceeded on my own.

Then it was you could have an Uber, to which I responded that Uber is a generational option and I am not in that generation. Then it was stated that Safeco is not responsible for any expenses not related to the accident. I can't understand how not having my vehicle due to your insured for an accident that Safeco accepted 100% liability is not Safeco's responsibility. The claims specialist did agree to base the rental on a truck instead of the car that was provided, however that is now being used as a new reason not to reimburse me for the vacation. I told them to reduce the rental by the 3 vacation days, to no avail as then we were back to the old reasons that do not have merit.

While Safeco claims has agreed to pay the lost wages related to my sons landscaping jobs, the reason for the denial regarding the vacation leave has changed over the course of the back and forth emails. Yet, the claims specialist and her manager are resolute in the determination to not reimburse me for my lost vacation and the extreme inconvenience and distress this entire event has caused me. They have processed a settlement check without reimbursing me for the lost vacation pay and inconvenience that I will be returning.

This entire process could have been avoided if the Safeco insured had simply picked up the phone and given her statement on the next business day after the accident.

While I make a good salary, I am a single mom with 2 sons in college and I am very careful with money. I am driving a 15 year old truck and have lived in the same house for 26 years and I don't believe my salary should be a factor by your representatives to state what I should be able to expend money wise.

I have attached the most recent email string to aid in your review. I will also be following up with the Missouri Attorney Generals' Office and Insurance Commission and any other regulatory agency, including social medial that could even possibly help me with this issue.

I look forward to your response.

Respectfully submitted
Leslie Ingram-Wright

claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
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claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
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claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
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claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
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claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02
claim settlement claim#:[protected]-02

claims denial

14165 I hired someone to power wash my house. The solution he used must have been far too strong because I could not only smell it in my house with the windows closed, it damaged the...

car insurance

To who this concerns, Including Liberty mutual, All of you should understand this accident has effected me tremendously. My car was rear ended and considered TOTALED! NO FAULT...

home insurance

Our about 100-ft cedar wood fence extension (above block wall) was severely damaged during a storm. Each section of 12, 8-foot long sections interconnects to each other like links in a chain thru common posts. Several of these posts were broken at their bases. One section fell off; several others are very loose. Dry Southwest climate. The entire fence must be replaced. LMI claims total replacement cost is $265. 84. With our $500 deductible, Liberty Mutual (SafeCo) refuses to pay. $265 will not even pay for just the cedar of ONE section (must be special-ordered, trucked in). I found LMI claims adjusters, Katherine Weinberger and Kristina Aguirre, are terrible to deal with: Both were condescending, evasive, deceptive, manipulative. They refused to consider all losses, insulted me with corporate BS spiel mantras, and refused to provide me their chain of command and LMI's Registered Agent info. Also, they claimed that LMI did not deny my claim, implying that if LMI assesses losses at $1, it could claim non-denial. Simple fact is: LMI clearly loves to DENY PAYING CLAIMS. Katherine Weinberger and Kristina Aguirre even refused to justify how LMI derived its $265 figure. They both clearly have absolute no credibility regarding anything.

The sole purpose of insurance is to protect you from catastrophic financial losses should the covered item be damaged, destroyed, stolen - what your premiums pay for. If a claim arises, you rightfully expect it to be reliably, fairly, totally and quickly paid, less deductible. Insurance companies which delay, nitpick, resort to technicalities, ultra low-ball, refuse to fully consider losses, refuse to itemize settlement figures are crooks. Period. Our experience LMI. Check out LMI yourself.

Your hard-earned premiums are not intended to pay for multi-million dollar compensation packages + golden parachutes for about 10 of its execs, fleet of 5 long-distance luxury corporate jets, state-of-the-art hangar, lavish resort stays, etc. LMI. You expect your claims to be evaluated and paid fairly, quickly, fully based on your coverage, losses - not based upon some arbitrary low-ball formula contrived by MBAs. Again, LMI. Nor expect their claims adjusters to be financially rewarded for denying or low-balling you. Again, LMI. Nor tolerate bad employee treatment: LMI clearly has history of not paying overtime, for paying much smaller salaries and bonuses to its female employees, and with a firmly intact glass ceiling. Out of LMI's 54 Operational Managers, only 2 have identifiable female names! Clearly, LMI abuses its female employees by making them futureless stupid fools providing its big boys with lavish lifestyles paid for by policyholder premiums.

Out of about 100 insurance companies, LMI ranks about #8 from the bottom - many LMI bad faith and breach of contract complaints. "Soaring greed at Liberty Mutual" (Brian McGrory, Boston Globe). "Liberty Mutual tries to squirm out of every claim" (Bill Shaw, 2016). LMI uses the "pure premium" criteria (basically, the % of total premiums used to pay total claims) to measure LMI's profitability, to evaluate its claims adjusters and for their bonuses. The less paid out in claims, the lower the pure premium, the better the evaluation and the bigger the bonus. You get the picture.

Worse thing that any American corp. can do is to betray, demean and disrespect our Country. A big deal to me; I honorably volunteered and served our Country during time of war. LMI runs disgusting and despicable TV ads which show The Statue of Liberty - sacred American symbol - at left. At right is usually a person acting or looking bizarre and crazy - clearly implies that The Statue of Liberty (ie: America) makes people act and appear bizarre and/or crazy. In many of LMI ads (eg: emu ads), a yellowish color is prominent, which appears to closely match the color of the Chinese flag stars and some Chinese cultural symbols (eg: Chinese Lantern). DOD says China is enemy of the USA. LMI appears to be only "American" insurance company allowed to operate in Western China; meaning that China controls some, if not all, of LMI. If LMI substituted its Statue of Liberty image with the image of Chin Shih Huang, for sure, LMI would have zero China market share - if not sued to the hilt.

Also, there are clearly disturbing complex dealings involving China (ie: Fosun International Ltd), LMI and its Ironshore subsidiary, Wright & Co. (previous subsidiary of Ironshore; bought, later sold by Fosun), Starr Companies, Lloyd's China platform, and CoverWallet. Wright USA writes most of the liability insurance policies for Federal workers, including the CIA. The personal, private, financial data of 1, 000s of CIA employees and their families are at grave risk of compromise.

Liberty Mutual owns many insurance companies eg: SafeCo, Ironshore, American Fire & Casualty, Ohio Casualty, Peerless Insurance, etc). Always inform everyone you care about.

roadside assistance

Beware! There are terrible telephone reps at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company for roadside assistance. Unprofessional and a disgrace. They don't understand that when you call roadside assistance, it's because your car broke down and you need help.

I called on 9/29/19 and provided all of the information requested and the telephone rep (girl) that I spoke with kept getting my policy number wrong, my name wrong, my phone number wrong, my location wrong, and the address wrong where I wanted the vehicle to be towed to. While I was repeatedly correcting her, she thought it was funny. I really believe that she was enjoying taunting me. I was very upset about not only the vehicle breaking down, but I also had to deal with this (evil) person at Liberty Mutual.

I was on the phone with her for over an hour resulting in me practically begging her to dispatch a tow truck!! It was getting dark and the car was in an unsafe area. I told her to dispatch the tow truck first and then I wanted to speak with a supervisor second (to report her and to confirm that she had dispatched the tow truck since I didn't trust her. I didn't tell her this). Instead of dispatching the tow truck immediately, she placed me on hold for a very long time (I believe purposely). When she came back to the call, she told me that she was transferring the call to a supervisor, "like you requested" she said in a snickering tone. I asked her if she had dispatched the tow truck first and she said "no".

The supervisor, after more discussion, did finally dispatch the tow company and told me that it would take 1 hour to arrive. That's after spending 1 and 1/2 hours on the phone!! I immediately called a local towing company myself and they arrived in 5 minutes! I cancelled the Liberty Mutual tow. After this experience, I am done with Liberty Mutual Insurance and I'll be switching to a new insurance company.

Poor customer service is happening on David H. Long's watch. My understanding is that David is the CEO of Liberty Mutual. He is ultimately responsible for what is happening at Liberty Mutual or those that represent Liberty Mutual.

homeowners insurance

Liberty Mutual stiffed my family of four when our house flooded. We found a cleanup vendor and asked Liberty if they accepted the vendor. They said "sure, " they worked with them "all the time, " and that the vendor was "not a problem" ... Until they got the bill, at which point they stiffed the vendor, which is now going after my family for the balance. All because Liberty decided it was better to save a buck and benefit their shareholders. The day they get shut down for the ponzi scheme that they are, I will be jubilant and dancing in the streets. Until that day, I'll probably be LIVING in the streets, along with my wife and children.

claims people are not humane

Wow. Where do I start? I do not have the misfortune of paying this company for insurance products. Thank everything that is holy and right in the world. I did however get involved with one of their insured drivers and they covered every bad stereotype ever created about insurance carriers over the last ten days. I am still arguing with them even after they accepted fault.

Discourteous staff, phone problems(They just keep hanging up er getting disconnected.) I counted five bold face lies just this afternoon. Try to complain and you get the wall of voicemail. If I thought my insurance company would exact a pound of flesh I'd pay my deductible just so they had to fight it in court. Seriously thinking of hiring an attorney just because at this point.


Corrine Scott .[protected] she is a bad agent she really is disrespectful an treat her customers not nice the first time I called her she was yelling in my ear an was really rude...

breach of good faith and fair dealings

On 09-07-2017 Julian Angel Flores and myself were in a collision with a Liberty Mutual Insurance policy holder. We requested written notification of the policy limits, including...

responsiveness of adjuster

We have been unsuccessfully tryin to settle our claim with our adjuster. What are your service standards for returning calls? Her phone goes right to voicemail. We have provided everything we need to on our part and expect the same from LM. I have attempted to call any other # besides Lea to get another human to no avail.

Please provide me with the manager of Lea Cavalieri so we can get some resolution.

Colleen and James McMann

Claim # [protected]

  • Ho
    house claim Jul 31, 2019

    Adjuster says that she has 75 claims to deal with That means that she should spend 10 minutes per claim every 1.5 days. Why am I waiting for 2 weeks before I can finally get a phone call to be answered?

    1 Votes

homeowners ins, was not notified they would not allow me to renew, no conversation of this.

I have been with liberty mutual 3 years now, on my home, i was informed by phone while i made my homeowners ins with late fee, that liberty mutual will not renew my policy for...


I have filed two claims with Liberty mutual over a month ago. I picked a repair shop from their network. When I realized there was another shop 2 miles from my job I took it there. I got a rental for two weeks they only paid 5 days, claiming they did not know where the car was. This time I told them where I was going to bring the car. Since they did not have an adjuster in my area, they had to hire an independent one. when they guy came he only did one estimate. I called them about the estimate because it was unreal, they told me they only pay for used part. I have a BMW hard top convertible 2010. So I got a check for $315 minus my deductible. I called the dealer and I was told this damage will cost about $1600. The guy came back to do the second estimate on 6/21. Liberty mutual stop paying for the rental on 6/24. my car is still at the shop. I just called them to ask them about the check, they claimed they never received the second estimate. I called the company who did it they told me that they submitted it to the insurance on 6/23. So now I have to bring the rental back because they already charged me for 4 days. I have to get my car back, they repair shop was waiting for the second check to start working on my car. Their customer service and towing services are sucked. I just need to know what can I do to get this people to pay for claim and the rental

Follow up to claim

Randy MarcusLiberty MutualClaim [protected]. I have a long lasting issue on an auto accident claim of my wife's (Linda Marcus). I have been shuffled around for 2 years.I want to speak to a sr level corporate person. Not a local adjuster who reads from a script. The repair and medical issues have been grossly mishandled. Ive been shuffled around for months. I want to talk to a corporate level person to settle this claim. There are no lawyers involved

Randy and Linda Marcus ...Policy AOJ-[protected] 8 7

e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics

I filed a claim with Liberty Mutual on May 21, 2019 for an waste flooding in my home on May 17th, 2019. The insurance adjuster never came to my house, never saw the damages but received loads of pictures and e-mails. He quickly honored an invoice for a plumber with no contract, no estimate and no proposal for over $7, 000.00. The plumber did about $800.00 in work and provided about $20.00 in material, never correcting the back up problem. The insurance company disputes estimates from four reputable contractors to rebuild my space that their mitigation team demolished over three weeks ago. I pay my insurance and my mortgage on time and promptly for 16 years. Liberty Mutual 's Claims adjuster has been stalling for weeks now while my home has bare walls torn down to the studs and a toilet hole with the toilet sitting in the middle of the floor. It's a nightmare. I have called and written to their corporate office and was referred to a claims manager who referred me back to the claims adjuster who is maliciously and deceptively stalling the payment of this claim. I have paid more than $700.00 in out of pocket expenses have had over $1, 000.00 in personal losses and when their water mitigation crew inadvertently disconnected my deep freezer all of the food in it was spoiled. This is now going into the third weekend and the claims adjuster will send a text message (stalling) he is working on it (stalling) he needs to talk to my contractors (stalling) In the meantime I still pay my mortgage pay all my insurance polices and my home is a living nightmare with photographs and documentation. The adjuster who denies or minimizes the value of the claim has never seen the space and sent only a water and clean up crew. The walls are gone, the floor is gone the damages by the average contractor exceeds $10, 000.00 but the claims adjuster is still (working on it). It's bad enough that unprofessional contractors scam and lie to seniors, minorities or individuals so situation that they can't just make unrealistic changes but when an insurance company holds on to the money for a claim like it's coming out of his pocket and even tried to suggest paying less than 1/3 of what four different contractors proposed is unethical. I went to corporate as stated, the office sent me to his supervisor a claims manager who sent me back to the adjuster. I have over 45 e-mails and 40 pictures to document and confirm my claim. It is demeaning and horrific that I have been forced to live in these conditions while the claims adjuster stalls completing the claim so the contractors can get to work. He sent his mitigation team in the next day to dry my basement, rip out my floors and walls and run electrical equipment for five days. They've been gone for two weeks or more and the adjuster is still "working on it". This is a typical stall tactic of adjusters I have talked to an attorney and I am filing with the Consumer Protection Bureau. OMG This is a nightmare.

e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics
e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics
e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics
e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics
e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics
e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics
e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics
e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics
e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics
e-mail claims adjuster stall tactics

refund against cancelled aos-[protected]

I have tried multiple emails and phone calls with no response regarding above Liberty Mutual insurance policy (AOS-[protected]), cancelled on 5-3-2019. All I received was an email from Alexandra Peaslee stating "we take our responsibility to our customers seriously"; however, the same person that wrote this never responded to my inquiry or multiple phone calls where I left messages and my return phone number - still no responses to date.
I paid $292.33 on 5-1-19, cancelled my policy on 5-3-19, and received a refund of $55.66 to my amount. I merely asked for a detailed summary for the refund amount, but no one apparently wants to assist. This is getting very frustrating!

accident case with doa: 12/7/2018 still not resolved

Dear Jeff Grant,
I am the other of the vehicle that your insured hit. I am trying to help my son's fiance, that was driving my car get her medical claim settle. I am including a copy of an email that I sent to Jeff Grant/Supervisor of Amanda White(adjuster) Claim# [protected] to let you know what is going on. Please feel free to give me a call with any questions; [protected]--my name is Vicki Gadd

My name is Vicki Gadd and I was the owner of Kia involved in an accident that your insured caused. The date of the was [protected]. Amanda White is the adjuster that is helping Cassidy Duke settle her claim. At this time, we have not been very happy with Amanda's response time or should I say lack there of. In fact I left you a message a while back stating that she never returns our calls and we(because I am helping Cassidy) wanted an update on the case. She was released in January 2019 from her physicians. You did return my call with this message that you weren't able to speak to me due to the fact that Cassidy was over 18. I returned your call and explained that at the beginning of this case, Cassidy and I were on a speaker phone with Amanda and she gave her verbal consent to speak to me. You then, from what I was told asked Angela Hillman(email she gave me: [protected] contact me since Amanda was out of the office.
Angela and I did speak and in fact after I explained the issues we were having with Amanda, she pulled up her notes and relayed to me that Amanda was still needing 2 medical documents(they are attached to this email which is the original email I sent Angela). I obtained these final 2 medical documents and as you can see from this email that I am fowarding to you, I sent them directly to Angela, which was her instructions. In my email, I requested that she return an email confirming she received them and as of today, I still haven't heard back from anyone!!!

On 5/15/2019, I called Angela's phone# [protected] and left a message asking her to return my call to get an update on the case. I never heard back and therefore, I called again on [protected] and left another message stating that I had called the day before and still had not heard from anyone. Angela called me back at 1:54 pm CST and told me that Amanda was the adjuster I needed to speak to and I told her that she was my last contact on this case. She then stated that Amanda was headed back to her office and asked if she could place me on hold to check with her to see if she could speak to me. She came back and said that Amanda was headed into a meeting and that she had spoken to my daughter already. I asked her to please have Amanda call me back after her meeting. She said she would ask her to. As I am typing this email the current time 1:56 pm CST, just barely over 24 hours from my conversation with Angela and still NO PHONE CALL FROM AMANDA. Of course who does that surprise!!!

Just an FYI, Cassidy is not my daughter, she is my son's fiance. Just wanted to keep the records straight. Also, I am utter disbelief that this case for this accident has taken this long to settle. Cassidy is wanting to seek legal help to put this behind her and I am trying to dissuade her from doing such.

I would like to see this situation improve to say the very least and possibly get it settled. Please feel free to call me with any questions at [protected] and also please contact Cassidy as she was the person that was injured in this accident and deserves to be treated with respect not put on the back burner.

Thank you
Vicki J Gadd

claim response

We are getting no response regarding a current claim. Kevin and Alex have both 'worked' on this claim. We are asking for a fair price, reimbursed for two years of insurance premiums that have been paid since this vehicle has been totalled, and the extra equipment on the vehicle.

Next stop is BBB and insurance commissioner.

Please contact Scott [protected] for specifics on claim number and date of loss.

auto insurance commercial

I am sickened every time I see the Liberty Mutual commercial with the emu bird bashing it's head into a glass window. Is this seen as funny or entertaining? I see it as animal abuse, even though the bird may not be real. It is percieved as a real live animal. A child sees this as real & as normal behavior for adults to stand by & watch an animal in distress & possible danger of injury, & do nothing but laugh & eat a sandwich. Come on Liberty Mutual. Is that the best you can do. How about using animals in your commercial that are perhaps military heroes or as support animals for our soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder. I do think your insurance add will be looked at and listened to much more seriously with increased sales of your products.


I am filing this complaint because I cannot reach anyone in your office that can help me. On our automobile loss report that the insurance companies pull up to find our claims, it lists a comprehensive loss of $3, 619 on 11/14/2017 and it is checked At Fault. This is a comprehensive claim so it should not be listed as "At Fault". I am not a Liberty Mutual client at this time. We were when this claim was made in 2017. We are requesting that a letter be emailed to us stating that this is not an at fault claim. Our email is [protected]

Please correct this. Thanks.

Chris and Denise Beechler

auto insurance claim

On 4/1/19 I filed a claim with you because my vehicle was involved in a hit and run. Claim #[protected]. I got an estimate from an approved shop however I did not want to get the repairs done at that shop, I was going to get it done elsewhere and just have the check sent to me. I reached out to my adjuster, Brandon several times via phone calls to his direct extension to let him know to go ahead and send the check so that I could begin the repair process, and wasn't unable to reach him a few days in a row. Finally I resorted to email on 4/5/19 and told him to send the check to me. He replied to me 3 days later on 4/8/19 and asked how I wanted to go about receiving the payment. I responded that I wanted a check sent to me, so on 4/9/19 he told me that the check had been issued and would arrive in a few days. The check arrived 4/12/19, and I deposited it that day. I had my vehicle towed to the shop that weekend, paid the deposit required for the repairs to begin and I was told it would be in the shop on 4/15/19. I recall the estimated repair time to be 7-10 days, so the rental car should have been covered until at least 4/22 if not 4/25. However payment was stopped for some reason several weeks ago, and I was never notified by Brandon or anyone else. I tried coming to a resolution on the phone with him and it was very counterproductive as he would not listen to anything I had to say and did not try to come to any solution. I am willing to pay for some of the rental, because I understand that I was in it for longer than the repair shop estimated it would take, however the fact that payment was stopped the same day that the check arrived to me in the mail does not seem right. There is no way possible I could've had the repairs done in one day, as I said before it seems to make much more sense for it to at least be covered for 7-10 days from when the repairs began, especially because the only delay in this process was caused by the adjuster not sending me the check. I appreciate any help or solutions suggested.

Sincerely, Tyler Donovan

my claim and parts

I see you already have 73 complaints not good customer name is Lorraine Barry [protected] .my claim number is [protected] I don't want after market parts my truck had a new factory number and thAt is what I want on it the cost difference is 100.00 dollars .jessica Brudziensku tells me to go to my ins for the difference you took the fault not me .is this how it's going to be when I submit medical bills to maybe I'll have to call the ins commissioner .your insurer hit me .
Lorraine S BArry
E- mail is [protected]@

maria j sotomayor sr. claims resolution - direct dial: [protected]

I sent this email to her Manager Alexander Machado

Mr. Machado, I've been having communications problems with Maria Sotomayor she is very aggressive to me.

1. Did not keep me informed regarding the status of the claim.

2. Never answer my numerous calls and emails.

3. Did not keep her phone appointment as scheduled.

4. Finally I called your customer service center and they connected me to her and she literally scream at me, because she was on the phone with another insurer and she has to give them her time... all of this in a very aggressive way.

  • Ms
    M.Sotomayor Nov 08, 2019

    Very sorry about your review. This comment is very contrary to my 100% customer satisfaction reviews/surveys from other customers. In my 8 years in the insurance industry I have treated my customers with respect and kindness. I hope my Manager was able to ressolve your concerns.

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automobile loss - claim number la000-[protected]-02.

I filed an auto loss with your company on 9/14/2018 as your insured, Mr Guy Brookings rear ended my vehicle which was at a complete stop on Interstate 12 in Madisonville, La due...

claims processing - commercial

Hi- I opened some claims in NOVEMBER, 2015 and am still working with the same rep to no resolve. I have been faced with delays, no return of letters, emails, voicemails or phone calls. I have supplied all documentation requested and have now found out it is lost. Started over again working the claims after I had to shut my business due to capital loss and non payment in July of 2016 by Zliberty Zmutual. I tried escalating the matter and was Darby back to the same rep Katie Duckett. She has never been helpful to date in any way given the fact that I am your customer. I paid over 20k in insurance premiums for over 6 years with my business and never had prior claims. This is employee theft which is devastating enough. I hired a public adjuster and started this process again with his help August, 2018. Nothing but long timely stretches Nd multiple requests to get Katie to simply reply to us in any way. There have been three escalations to Kelly Collins got assistance and now no reply in over a week from her on this disturbing situation. How can someone be in claims processing not to process claims? This is bad faith unless someone can step in and help get my claims moving. We've gone down to get through one small claim of 4 and can't get anywhere in over 8 long months. Since Katie lost my documents from 2016, I needed to go back yet again for old banking records which was difficult. Did she lose all of my documention form 2016 hot the other claims? Is this common? Is this how your service works by ignoring clients and non payment? I'd be shocked if I even get a response for help here this has been so bad. I left phone calls yo Katie Duckett the last three days to no response. Again.


Would you PLEASE get rid of those stupid Emu commercials! You are on the verge of losing a lot of loyal viewers because of some ridiculously [censored]ic commercials with EVERY break between 7PM and 11PM. Time to spread them out or get rid of them entirely. To be honest, they're the last company from which I would purchase a product. You have a great deal of people who have had enough. Everyone at our office laughs at how stupid these are & many watch MASH, Raymond and Two and a Half Men. What's wrong, you can't find other advertisers. Well I can find other things to watch if you can't.

auto insurance

Accident caused by a Liberty Mutual insured driver. DON DUNCAN the claims adjuster has gone MIA. I've called and left 4 messages. Emailed. He refuses to answer his phone or return messages. I'm going on a month without my car, because of his negligence.
I don't understand why a company that insures drivers, doesn't follow through when a claim is made? Extremely frustrating!

auto insurance

short term disability

I submitted a claim for Short Term Disability. All required forms where completed and submitted by both myself, my employer and my doctors. Every two or three days, I would get something in the mail but it wasn't payment - only the same notice advising me my claim had been received or notice that Liberty Life Assurance was now some other company name.
When you are off work, with no income, all you want is to know you can continue to pay your bills. I called (for the 3rd time) to find out when I might be expecting payment only to learn payment was pending because of a discrepancy between myself and my employer. I reported last day of work as Jan. 31, and my employer reported Jan. 30. Really??? That's why you're holding my money??? Obviously, I misunderstood or got the dates wrong -- just go with the employer!!! It is now March 8, a 3-day notice and electricity interruption later. All because of a date discrepancy. This is rediculous!! Please pay me.

claims #la0000-[protected]-02

The claim number as stated above refers to a auto accident involving 2 autos in a parking lot. Driver of Vehicle #1 (the other driver) collided into our car (Vehicle #2) causing damage to the rear driver side door and small portion of the rear quarter panel. Was not happy with Liberty Mutual's decision and tried to dispute claim. We were totally ignored and the case was closed. I'm left in the dark with no voice in the matter. Where is the customer service/support team. Been a Liberty Mutual customer for close to 50 years with very few minor claims. The claims department along with a non responsive Ms. J. Chasteen (Claims Manager position??????)did a very poor job determining who was at fault and making the right decision. Their decision was truly based on HOW MUCH MONEY CAN WE SAVE. Do not believe the Liberty Mutual TV commercials, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU, it's all about monies, GREED.

auto insurance uim, delayed, lied, and denied payment illegally deny

After being in a serious auto accident, LIBERTY MUTUAL delayed, lied, and denied ALL payments. They denied MY Medical Bills, Denied liability payments after the other driver wa...

auto insurance

Remember their claim? New car replacement if you're in an accident? If you don't have this then you picked the wrong policy, no they say, you picked the wrong insurance company.

This is a total lie and is in fact not the case with liberty. Liberty will replace your car with a newer model only if you select the right policy.

OK.. so not a big deal.. their rate was way below other insurance companies. That is for the first year. Then Liberty starts that rate creep. WATCH OUT. You are likely to miss this rate increase as they insist you pay using a credit card so they can slip in that increase and hope you don't notice.

I am insuring 2 cars with liberty. I am 63. Have impeccable record and no accidents in over 20 years. I can't remember my last insurance claim... MY FIRST YEAR for 2 cars was 1200. MY SECOND YEAR for those same 2 cars was 1500. THIS YEAR for those same 2 cars it is 1900.

I had to ask why my rate kept increasing while my cars got older. They actually had the nerve to tell me the age of your car does not matter in their calculation. It is the cost of all the other cars on the road today that they are worried about.. HUH? Oh, and also medical costs are increasing.


home insurance

Failure provide information about reinstate about reinstated fees of home insurance instead of I'm getting $447 after closing of my house they said I will only get $13 instead because of re instatement which they failed to disclose fees by reinstatement.felt I was deceived, ripped off, II was expecting refund back the first time I talk to them prior reinstatement, but end up No refund at all.I should not decide to reinstate the home insurance if only I was informed about the fees which they failed to do so.It wasn't fair for me, they took advantage of my lack of knowledge about reinstatement policy and fees, Liberty Mutual insurance took advantage of consumers.not providing details and enough informations. — complaint against my claim adjuster amy clark knighton

My claim adjuster made my life a living hell. I've had to go to the hospitalseveral times because of her devious tactics. I asked Me Knighting for help in hiring a roof...

home insurance/water heater damage

We had a water heater burst in our kitchen back in June 2018, I contacted Liberty mutual, the adjuster came out the same day, Stanley Steamer was called as well. I took picture...

car insurance

10/13 I was online searching for new car insurance and came across this company and they set up insurance for me but the price was way too high. I needed insurance right away so I set up policy with them and continued looking for cheaper insurance found cheaper insurance with national general for half the price so I called back 2 hours later canceling the policy with liberty mutual. They said that since I called back and canceled so soon they wouldn't process payment on my account. So monday morning 10/15 I check my account to see a transaction processed by them and it overdrafted my account so I call them right away obviously upset at this point and they tell me they apologize blah blah and said they will issue refund but won't release until 10/29 so now im really pissed because it didn't take them 2 weeks to take my money which was unauthorized at this point so why I gotta wait 2 weeks for a refund. Very unprofeesional and I advise not to do business with this company they are sharks and scam artist just want to hold your money never give them your banking info!! Never do business with them or you will regret it!!

homeowner’s insurance policy

I sold my townhouse on 9/14 and closed with all financing on same day.
I spoke with customer service 2 days before and they notified me they would send a paper check 2 weeks after I closed on 9/28.
I requested a check be sent to my new address as I had to vacate townhouse after closing. Customer service agreed to send check to new address.
Paper check was mailed (supposedly) on 10/4 to old address.
I called on 10/10 and was told check mailed to old address and liberty mutual admitted error. I was told I would be mailed another check on 10/10.
I followed up on 10/12 and no check had been issued, so billing had me send in blank check so they could direct deposit refund in 1-5 business days.
I followed up on 10/19 and was told no direct deposit was possible and paper check was mailed on 10/17. I was told it would take 5-10 business days to receive check.
I don't know if liberty insurance are liars, crooks or both, but this has been an exercise in avoiding paying me my refund.
I request a response to confirm my check has been mailed.
Not only will I never do business with liberty insurance, I will actively discourage anyone from doing business with them .