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Liberty Mutual Insurance complaints 153

Jan 12, 2022

Liberty Mutual Insurance - The employees Spencer tootle

My car got into a wreck on December 20 needless to o say this lazy company has done nothing then they assign me a adjuster and 2 weeks ago he was calling me next day the app said well I have wrote h multiple email I have called him several times and done talked to several representative who was going to tell him to contact me but he still ain't the woman who ran into my car admitted fault my car still in impound and this man hasnt called me not once and it's almost a month this man sits and draws a free paycheck his name Spencer tootle with name like that he ought stay motivated he drawing a pack check buy playing games on computer and they expect me to pay my bill when after nearly month only thing they done was nothing still don't know what going on because they not letting me know it's on on the app I think this man needs fired so only thing I can do and am going to do is get a lawyer let them know what they done whick is not one thing except kept me in dark worst thing I ever done is leave Geico because this lazy company don't care about nothing but paycheck and what the since having collision do u can get rental car when they won't let u it just one their lies so u can pay more so they can do less Spencer tootle is his name


Liberty Mutual Insurance - Auto claims handling, border-line 'fraud'

Read Brittney and other conspirators: Borderline RICO Act get together to defraud your client! Brittney and Johnny delayed my claim from July 29, 2021. Until December 2021, intended to cause...

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Dec 29, 2021

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Please pull the Spiderman commercial!!

I am absolutely terrified of spiders and your Spiderman commercial with Doug getting bitten by a spider has me so terrified that I worry I'd have nightmares! PLEASE PULL IT! I'm not the only one with Arachnaphobia! Your ad could cause severe anxiety in many others and not just me. There has to be a better way to advertise for the Spiderman movie than this!

Desired outcome: Pull the Spiderman ad off the air!!


Liberty Mutual Insurance - Car Insurance QUOTE had the police after me

We called to check on Liberty's price for car insurance. WE only got the price and never signed or agreed to anything. Our current insurance lower their rate so we stated with them. We have gotten several letters and calls from the State Police that we didn't have insurance for 2 weeks and they wanted proof that we didn't drive our cars during that time and we had to get certified letters and notified letters to the DMV or the police would come after me. After many calls to our current insurance and the DMV and our state representative. I think it has been resolve. How could they notified the DMV that we drove without any car insurance. Honorable company.


Liberty Mutual Insurance - Canceled my homeowners policy even thouth it was paid 3 months ahead

I received my annual renewal notice for my home insurance and decided to change it to quarterly payments. I went to the website and changed my billing frequency to quarterly and then paid for the first quarter.

I started getting notices that I was past due and then received a letter from my mortgage company that I was not insured.

I contacted Libery Mutual and they said that I did not owe them any money and in fact my account was overpaid. He then went on to tell me that someone should have reviewed my account. There is an obnoxious recording that plays over and over while you are on hold, that states that you should go to the website to make your changes. I went to the website and made my changes but there is a disconnect. If you can't change your billing frequency on the website, then remove that feature.

I requested a refund and went with another insurance company. The reason for this complaint is that I am still trying to get my mortage company to recognize my new insurance policy. The failure of Liberty Mutual to get it right has caused me so much time, effort, and pain.

I had another issue is getting a proof of insurance when I purchased my home. The letter they sent me incorrectly stated that I had paid zero for my insurance so I was billed for it again at the closing. I called Liberty Mutual about the letter and they said it was a flaw in the template and they could not do anything about it. I should have found a new company then.

Trying to get to an agent is another nightmare. I am so tired of automated phone systems that dead end of you don't make the right choice. I had to keep pressing the zero on my phone to get to an agent.

There should be government regulations that allow consumers to get to the right department immediately and to a live agent if they choose. At best, let you return to the main menu if you made the wrong selection. If you select billing you get a recordng and not a live person. You have to hang up and call again and try another selection. Very poor design.

The bottom line is that this company has a flawed system and no one seems to be paying attention. I wish I had the money to sue them for all of the headache their carelessness has caused me.

Desired outcome: I want the public to know how this company operates.


Liberty Mutual Insurance - TV advertisement

I am so offended with the new Spiderman TV commercial that is now airing. It's the Christmas season and you show a terrifying black spider on the man's arm and later the results of that bite. In no way is this an appropriate commercial to be airing on tv... it just terrifies children and all those who suffer from arachnofobia. I plead with you to remove this commercial. How can you feel that this encourages anyone to purchase insurance from your company?

Desired outcome: remove this tv commercial ad

Thank you! I have Arachnaphobia and this ad absolutely terrifies me to the point that I have go change the channel when this ad comes on to avoid nightmares. 😱

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Car insurance

I was hit by another driver on the side of my car, September 21, 2021. When I took it in to be fixed a few days later. Liberty made me pay my deductible $650 and said that the other company might re-imburse me. I also had to pay taxes and fees for rental car of $85, while my care was in the shop. The other company admits fault of their client and they have settled but Liberty will not pay me back. I am out over $700 for an accident that was not my fault. I have contacted them over and over again sending them receipts but they are just giving me the runaround.

Desired outcome: Re-imbursement of my costs

Nov 01, 2021

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Homeowners

We live in an extremely windy area and after a series of bad storms we developed leaks in roof — their first inspector came and chalked the damaged tiles — he said there are so many of them we need a...

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Liberty Mutual Insurance - Auto accident claim

I was hit on October 4th bye a driver that also has your car insurance company. The guy wrecked my car, the police report clearly states that he is at fault. Because I didn't have Collision on my policy, no one is doing anything on my behalf. They have another claim open they made on my behalf, but until they get a hold of this person and get a statement I am left in the dark. I have spent a lot of money on a rental car that is coming out of my pocket. Although I will get reimbursed that's if the claim doesn't get denied because of the failure to get ahold of this person. The person who hit me was not a listed driver under the policy. I received a call this morning from the driver's girlfriend stating they are not going to claim liability oh, they are not going to comply with your company. My adjuster that was on my claim has not handled this at all. I have never once spoken to this man. His name is Randy. All he has done has texted me and told me that now I have to talk to a different claims adjuster. The claims adjuster that he forwarded to me is on the other side. Her name is Chrisma Garcia. I have not gotten any answers from either side except for they can't do anything until they get the statement from the person who hit me. And as I stated earlier, they told me themselves that they are not going to do anything about this auto claim. I have been bounced back and forth between voicemails, my claims adjuster Randy has not once called me back. I'm getting tossed around back and forth between people in your company. And the only answer I'm getting is that your company can't do anything for me. I am not getting any rentals coverage, it is coming out of my pocket. I want to write a formal complaint against Randy and Chris Ma. I have screenshots of all my phone calls that I have made all of the texts that I have sent I have everything this cannot go unnoticed. What has happened to me is completely unethical, immoral and wrong. Something needs to be done about this because I'm at the point of getting legal representation to sue your company for failure to act on my behalf

Desired outcome: I want your company to pay for my car rental until all of this matter is resolved

Oct 12, 2021

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Homeowners policy

Liberty Mutual Customer Service is non existent. They encourage their customers to submit their claim online only to ignore any sense of urgency to your needs. A damaged leaking roof is not the time to not contact your customer base after a claim was submitted. I had to follow up with phone call to them as they never initiated a phone call to me. The adjuster they sent wasn't a actual Liberty Mutual Employee but a sub contractor. He said he couldn't remove the emergency tarp to inspect the damage as per Liberty's rules and policy. How can you assess the damage without looking at the damaged area ? Poor service + no communication = looking for another insurance company. Totally Unacceptable

Desired outcome: Resolve my damaged roof caused by a Monsoon Storm

Have you had any resolution to your roof? I just posted the issue with them re:our roof---I am pursuing all the avenues I can find---hope you do the same----good luck

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Auto insurance

Policy expired 12:01 am on a Wednesday. Most people don't get paid till Thursday or Friday. I called for an extension and was told they were willing to rewrite the policy for $1200.00 - $1400.00 ALL up front but no extensions were allowed, not even a day! They called me a risk for being 1 day late. I am a professional driver, I have also been an over the road truck driver. I'm over 50 years old with a 20 year clean driving record and I'm the risk, only in their little world! I have NO FUTURE plans of doing business with Liberty Mutual and I'm telling ALL my friends.

Desired outcome: Nothing, or they would have done something.

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Car insurance

So frustrated with the claims department..Was told I would receive a certain amount, Only to receive the reimbursement for almost 10% less.tried calling my adjuster to question, only to be told she is no longer handling the claim..Waited hours, sent every possible way my, emailed, chatted..Contacted the department manager via email. No response. Called his direct phone longe a workable number!Five days.later STILL no response!claims dept. supervisor states my adjuster had not been transferred..ITS a vicious cycle ..just ridiculous that you aren't able to reach any type of rep to get a STRAIGHT answer..Presently, I've an hour on hold! Just horrible way to treat their clients who are spending a good buck for their service..NOT HAPPY! Claim number:[protected]

Desired outcome: Payment difference of $150

Liberty Mutual Insurance - tow

called roadside service for a tow. waited over 4 hours no tow, called roadside several times, ended up having to call a tow myself, paid out of pocket and fighting with insurance company that stated they would reimburse if sent in the receipt. and then told I was not not going to get reimbursed. insurance paid a tow company that WAS suppose to have towed us but never showed up

Desired outcome: reimbursement for tow of $328.00

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Homeowner insurance

I have liberty mutual homeowner insurance for many years. I had leak in my foyer and called my association (I live in townhouse and homeowner association responsible for damages cause by any repair outside that cause damage inside. I called homeowner association and they found out that when they installed siding in 2019 they did not cover widows correctly and I got leak in foyer that damaged my ceiling. I made video when it was leaking during storm. Sent to homeowner association and they will fix it. I opened claim and adjuster came of and review damages. Unfortunately they told me that they will apply 1000$ deductible even I told them that its is not my fault and insurance should go after my home owner association. All of this was ignored and they issue check. I will go to small claim court and file complaint against liberty mutual.

Desired outcome: 2000$

Update by Emma543
Sep 21, 2021

I still did not get any respond and you already sent me check. I will go to small claim court


Liberty Mutual Insurance - Emails

I have haven't contacted you for info. I haven't contacted you for ANYTHING. i have unsubscribed you.[protected]
you're as bad a a scam robo caller
I've added you to spam and you STILL CONTINUE to send me emails STOP! Or a complaint will be filed.
copied and pasted from my email
Welcome to a free online quote from Liberty Mutual_WzKG
Liberty Mutual
8:27 AM (31 minutes ago)
to me

Why is this message in spam? You reported this message as spam from your inbox.
Report not spam

Desired outcome: stop contacting me. stop soliciting

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Your staff

I canceled my insurance and your staff is reusing to give me my refund. I canceled my insurance per an email I received from your billing department. I kept receiving emails and texts from Right Track, I felt harassed and threatened. My response email or text stated I canceled my policy and further stated you are no longer authorized to use my debit card. On everyone if my responses. Your company disregarded that snd attempted to use my debit card and tried to take the funds out if my savings account. My debit card is not linked to my savings account. I called snd was told I would receive a return call in 48 hours, really? I did and the person I spoke with said that they would not have tried to take the funds out of my savings account. I then stated do I believe you or my bank, I told her I believe my bank. She then told me I would get my refund on 9/8/21 or I could tell my bank to let the $71.50 go through which ever occurs first and then I would get my refund sooner. I then said you are holding my refund hostage snd she said no and I said yes you are. Bottom line, I want my refund owed to me ASAP! Meanwhile, I received an email from your company on Friday or Saturday stating they are ready to take another payment. This does nit work for me. I have a new policy that started on 8/26/21 and I no longer have Liberty Mutual. This has to stop! It is stressing me out to the max and I am currently experiencing some medical issues. Upon your receipt of this complaint, please call me at [protected]. I reside in Mohave Valley, AZ. Thank you,

Cathy Brubaker
Agent: Chase Adams

Desired outcome: Refund. My name is Cathy Brubaker

Liberty Mutual Insurance - I'll buy my insurance elsewhere

I've been a customer of Liberty Mutual for the past 11 years. My home and vehicles were all bundled. This spring, I cancelled the insurance on my motorcycle. I was told that I still owed $30 and...

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Liberty Mutual Insurance - Homeowners insurance

My father was in his 80s when he took out a prime equity loan and was coerced into taking Liberty Mutual homeowners, a veteran with 32 years service in the military, in 2014 an ice storm destroyed 2...

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Jun 28, 2021

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Commercial general liability, insurance, will not renew or issue policy.

We previously as a church had been renting a room/building from a Pacific-Algona community center. When Covid struck, we were unable to rent the room from them, and thus met privately from house to house. We let the Mutual insurance drop [ Feb 2021 ], [ and they were told this ] because we had no place to rent, therefore could not meet publicly. When we were told we could use the rooms once more in July 2021, I called Mutual to restart or reissue the policy [ state and community center covid requirements relaxed/cancelled ]. They said no, would not restart or reissue, thats their policy on anything stopped ! i was told. no exceptions. and apparently they are the only ones providing commercial general liability insurance on a rented room/building.
Is that right ?
p.s. and to consider we actually stopped using the policy in april of 2020, so apparently Mutual was insuring a room we were not meeting in for 10 months...

Desired outcome: need insurance coverage !

Liberty Mutual Insurance - Unethical behavior

My late father was coerced into getting liberty mutual insurance when he took out a prime equity loan. In 2014 after an ice storm, they cheated him and charged a thousand dollar deductible on every...

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