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Fantastic Sams Cut & Color reviews & complaints

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color complaints 157

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Hair color root touch up

Never go to this place! If I could give 0 stars or negative stars I would. I used to be a satisfied customer when armand was working there. Now that he's gone, this place is just the worst!!! I told...

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Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Hairstylist Reva she is Rude, Extremely Loud, Intimidating, using profanity while providing service.

In July of 2021 Reva completed a Color, Style Trim totalling $126, I did not have the exact amount, I had $140. Reva refused to give me money out of the Register, she told me to go next door to papa John's pizza to get change, . She could not give me change because she had other customers, she could not give me the money out of the Register. I told Reva to go next door to get the change Money from Paps John's, Reva got upset started talking loud, got rude said she was Not going next door, and got the Money from Hsirstylist Tolundria.

This complaint is for Reva also for services received on 10/20/21. My Appointment was with Tolundria on this day but. Reva called my Cellular phone around 9:00 am, and told me Tolundria had an Emergency with her Husband, and was not coming in for work so. I asked her if someone else could do my Hair she said, "Reva" then. I Said aren't you Reva. When I got to the Hair Salon Reva had an Attitude, asked me for my Hair color#. While Reva was styling my hair she stopped to go work on a different customer hair, had me waiting. I told her I was paying $100 for service today Reva got upset again started talking extremely loud. She used profanity. Reva got so loud until the other colleague went to hide in the back. Reva snatched my Smock off me, snatched my hair holder out of my head, told me to get out of the store, Reva did not complete my Flat Iron. I asked Reva how much did I owe. There was not a charge. Reva told me I could not get my car keys out of my purse inside the store, and that I had to go outside to get my car keys.
Please contact me at [protected]
Cynthia Randle

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Lumberton, NJ location

Lumberton, New Jersey… I contacted the shop and set an appt for Sunday at 10am for a wash, blow dry & style several days in advance because I had hand surgery & my father in law suddenly passed and it's a chore I just can't accomplish at the moment. They reassured me they'd take care of me in this time of need. Whelp Sunday morning arrives and we pulled up a few minutes early so we sat and waited for 10am … we'll our wait ended up because over 20-30 minutes. At 10:15 my husband said we had to make a decision because the service time was fast approaching… we left, raced home and to add to our stress I was left to wash, blow dry and style my hair one handed. I left the shop 2 voicemails and Ive yet to receive a return phone call. I'm very disappointed and frustrated at their lack of customer service or just plain common curiosity.


Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Customer service / environment

When I walked in the store on Sunday around 2:00-2:15pm, August 29, 2021, Patty (hairdresser in front right chair) barely acknowledged me as I signed in, she was too busy screaming across the store...

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Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Two color full foil

I was very dissatisfied with my color. I had the stylist add a money piece that ended terribly. I went in the next day to get it fixed and another problem was created. I just want my money back (she can keep the tip for her time) but I need to see someone else to fix this mess. She added brown to the blonde so when I put my hair up you didn't see a brassy blonde all over the top of my head. The money piece is meant to give you a statement not a full color throughout. I had told her that if she wasn't comfortable with doing anything I had asked then dont because I'm very particular about my hair and I had had really bad stylist like damaging my hair. I had not been to a stylist in over 3 years so I could grow my hair out from the previous damage and learn to trust someone again, and now I'm left with dissatisfied hair yet again.

Aug 28, 2021

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Highlights

Had an appointment for highlights on Sugust 26. Told the manger / owner I wanted small highlights on my bangs and around my face . She had trouble getting my highlights to get to the color I wanted . I told her I wanted very small highlights and she didn't do that either . She asked do I use box dye snd I said no it's professional color . I told her what line my hair colorist uses. She blamed it on that . Then put on a toner. Not only is the color wrong she didn't highlight 😡 she said if I didn't like it to come back within 7 days and she would fix . Called her / hrs after I got home and said this isn't going to work . I said I need it fixed ASAP . She had the nerve to tell me it would be next Wednesday before she can fix it 😡 I went to someone else to get it corrected at the cost of $65 plus tip . So now I'm out over $100 . She said she had 30 yrs experience, what a joke . I want to be made right . I really don't want to take this to local social media

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Customer service health and safety

CDC's recommendations are to wear mask even if you have had a covid vacine and your Stylist at Fantastic Sams are refusing to wear mask in the state of Florida-one of the highest states with new Covid cases. CDC guidelines posted on the Fantastic Sam's doors are outdated and not current thus your business and employees are promoting and encouraging CDC non compliance death and destruction.

Desired outcome: Mandate Fantastic Sams employees wear mask

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Coloring, styling, unprofessional

Employees laughed at what I had requested. They stripped my hair of all color, and then told me it'd be $300, leaving me no option but to continue. Did not use any protectant on my hair while styling, so my hair is fried. Several orange streaks throughout. I have natural curly hair, and I completely lost it from all the damage. Called about my experience and they offered no assistance to make me happy with their business. Workers talked badly about other employees, customers, and inappropriate talk of a man m*sturbating. Was in this salon for over 6 hours, listening to complaining, and left with orange streaks, fried ends, and short $322.

Desired outcome: Refund

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Perm solution burned my hair/poor decision on service I asked for knowing I

Had gone in for a hair trim mainly for my bangs, combed thru my hair asked me which side I wear my bangs and combed it both ways then she tells me that I shouldn't wear bangs in the summer cuz it's to hot ? and that maybe I shouldn't cut them I'm thinking this is crazy I came in for a trim.She then suggested I get my bangs and sides permed for my hair to lay better, she said a wave she can do and that she will only use 10 rollers.i told her that June 8 I had been to another salon for hilights which were blonde and of coarse had bleach in my hair, and that I had put a color on myself 2 weeks ago. I guess she thought it was ok to use the perm then so I said I would try this. Well my hair got fried she couldn't get a brush or comb thru it it made the blonde parts of hair white and my hair start falling out, she tried a keratin shampoo that didn't help trying to comb this burnt frizz that my hair turned to, the wave or curl never took, the solution had dripped down on my hair that was not rolled and where my high lights were hair burned to frizz. She then trimmed the back very little and still charged me $20.00.

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Color stripper and hair color

I went to fantastic sams in jeffersonville Indiana a week ago last Saturday. I wanted the color stripped out of my hair and my hair taken back to a medium brown. After stripping and coloring my hair, my hair looked reddish blonde. And the grey was not covered at all. The stylish then put a different permanent hair color on my roots and put a semi permanent hair color on the rest of my hair. I have only washed my hair once since then. And my hair is back to looking like it is a reddish blonde color. I paid $120 for a semi permanent hair color that didn't last 2 weeks. I sat in that fantastic sams for 5 1/2 hours just to get robbed for my money. The first picture is what my hair looks like now. The second is how my hair looked like after the first color she put in. I will be making a complaint on the BBB.

Desired outcome: I want all of my money back.

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Gift card/store employees

I was purchased a gift card for the amount of $150 for two days now, I have went to the fantastic Sam's in Gallipolis Ohio and have been turned away because they were understaffed and not able to perform the I hairstyle and request that I've made.After being turned away two days in a row, and driving 45 minutes, they again refused and would not offer a refund or Make any attempt two fulfill my request. I was not asking for anything out of question. I was attempting to get mine and my grandmothers hair done today because we have an important event to go to tomorrow Thursday, June 24. I was told to come back again tomorrow for two days in a row. The store is obviously understaffed and he has no prior training to customer satisfaction.

Desired outcome: Refund of my gift card so I can get my hair done before tomorrow.

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Customer service

I came in not knowing I needed an appointment, the person at the Desk John asked a stylist if she was available and she said no she's waiting for her 10:30 at this point it was 10:30 and so I made an appointment. An older couple walked in and said they didn't have an appointments, but the stylist sits her down and starts cutting her hair and then they seat her and then her appointment and then her husband. Two stylists working and appointments only that are all running late anyways. Here I am now waiting over 45 min for a hair cut when I could have went to Clearwater. I've been coming here for almost 5 years and this is the last draw. DONE my cut would have been done by the time her appointment showed up and the two older couple said they could have waited they're retired and in their 80s with no place to go.
They need to have a sign that appointments are required.

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Manager of lumberton fantastic sam

To make a long story short. Having been going to Fantastic Sam many years. Used to go to Angela McMillian she left and started her own shop. I stayed at Lumberton. Your manager there gave me a total...

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Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Cut

I called and made an appointment, I specifically asked for some one With lots of experiance on doing short cuts. She said oh yeah I can do that. So I went in the following morning. Oh my god what a...

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Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Fantasy sams

My name is toby. I had an appointment yesterday 4/7/2021. I went for hair color. The beautician name was (cloe) in Gastonia nc. My hair was already blond, I went for a frost color. It took approx. one hour to wrap. Which was ok. She left the color in my hair approximately 2hrs. It fried my hair. It's so damaged it's going to take months to get it back healthy. On the board it had a list of prices. Partial color 63.00. I had to pay ninety dollars. That was with no trim or blow drying. Which was my choice. I let my hair dry natural. I got their at 2:30 and finished up at 6:30. She left me sitting there, while she done another ladies hair. I was so upset it made me cry. When I left salon I brushed my hair and realized my hair was braking. I run my fingers through it as small amounts was coming out. I've been trying to call the lady over it. But no answer. Mailbox full want answer phone. I feel like they should give back my money plus some supplies to help my hair. I didn't set their for four hours for her to fry my hair. I've left message with corporate office. Waiting to hear something. I wouldn't advise anyone that has their hair colored blond to go their for a frost or a color of blonde. The color came out ok. But my hair is so damaging that I'm so stressed out. Toby

Desired outcome: Bad Gastonia nc


Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Manager at McDonough Ga location. Ms. Jean

I took my son for a haircut on Saturday 3/6/2021. The stylist name was Jean and she stated she was the manager. She was very racist and unprofessional! She grilled my son about personal issues like...

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Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Haircut

I went in today for a wet cut. Asked for a wet cut with the back of my hair coming down in a v shape and long layers put in. She did my cut. As she showed it off to me, I clearly asked her if the layers were in it. She said yes. I asked if it came down in a v shape in the back. She said yes. I thought maybe because it was wet and wavy I couldn't see the results. Went home and straightened it and it is clearly not what I asked for.

Desired outcome: Correct cut from the other fantastic sam's here is town as I don't wish to embarrass the lady that did the cut.

Jan 24, 2021

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Hair coloring and cut

While the stylist was nice the first visit, she did not listen to me and I ended up with something completely different. I told her repeatedly this is not what I wanted. She offered to fix it so I...

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Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Hair color

I went in for a fresh new color and was so excited. I asked for an ombre from dark brown to red. The stylist missed so many chunks of the bottom of my hair so now I have chunks of hair that go from brown, to red, to brown again and then red. It is hideous. The stylist attempted to fix it a second time, yet still was unable to fix her error. She also needed to cut like 4 inches off the bottom due to not bringing the bleach all the way down on my hair. The red is 1 to 2 inches from the top of my head (was supposed to be halfway down) and I haven't been able to wear my hair down since it was done. The stylist offered to do it again this month and still have not heard from her. I want a refund as I paid over 300 dollars to look ridiculous and now have to wait to have it fixed since she put bleach in my hair not once, but twice. The first two pictures are what I asked for the, the other two are what I ended up with.

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color - Service

I was very disappointed yesterday as it was my birthday and I was unable to get my hair done I don't understand, Why I had two slots back too back 12:15 and 1:30 in my name and both with appointment...

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