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Fantastic Sams Cut & Color Complaints & Reviews

Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationprice

Last time for hair above collar all over color w blow dry was 40$. This time hair same.. was 70$. Asked manager John and couldn't get a streight answer out of him.. he said basically color was 40 and a blow dry was 20.. which is crazy in itself. I asked if he could tell me why I was charged 40 the 1st time and 70 the 2nd and he said he could not that the salon works on a slide. That everyone can slide whatever price they want. I went in thinking I was paying 40. I got ripped off. Worst is mgr doesnt care..wont look me up and said priced slide there. When I got home to rinse my hair the next day orange hair color was all over my towel and in the shower, she had not even rinsed me good. The color I asked for is not the color I got. I am req a refunfld

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    Aug 26, 2019

    Fantastic Sams — service

    To whom it may concern:: My complaint : I have walked into a Fantastic Sams on several occassions, told I...

    Aug 16, 2019

    Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — angie sorrell

    Earlier this week I went in to the store and Angie Sorrell was very rude and loud for the whole store to hear...

    Aug 12, 2019

    Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — haircut

    I decided to get my hair cut today the same time as my niece got hers cut. I saw only one worker and knew her...

    Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationhighlights

    I went in to get highlights back on mother's day and the guy messed my hair up it was very blotchy and orange. So I went back in they said they would fix it and the lady put DARK in my hair to "correct" the orange. I wanted blonde. She said come back in a few weeks I'll fix it. She no longer works there and they won't help me. I want my money back.

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      Aug 02, 2019

      Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — service

      Rude! Rushed and disappointing, there was a old lady who had walked in and I was next on the list because my...

      Jul 15, 2019

      Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — Cap color

      Been coming here right years was in on march 1 got hair pulled through cap then dyed I was charged $35 for...

      Jul 13, 2019

      Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — stylist and cashier

      We were looking to replace our stylist who moved out of area, what a disappointment walking into this place...

      Jul 10, 2019

      Fantastic Sams — haircut

      I went into the shop letting the stylist know that I had cut the front of my below shoulder length hair at...

      Jul 01, 2019

      Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — waxing

      Me and my mother came all the way from Minnesota and we're driving around we saw a huge sign advertising...

      Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationfoil disaster that took 6 hours. left me with sores all over my head

      Went in for a foil and it was a disaster. She then took 6 hours to try and fix it. She used so many chemicals on my head that I now have open sores all over my scalp that are very very painful. I have been trying to reach someone to discuss this matter because I think I need medical attention. I went to the Fantastic Sams on Cliff Road in Eagan Minnesota. Can someone please call me or email me about this manner???

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        Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationunlicensed stylist, time it took and amount of service

        I went to the Fantastic Sams at 3910 Schofield Avenue, Schofield, WI 54476 this morning arriving there at 11:05 am and not walking out the door until 1:42 pm after having my hair highlighted and trimmed which I have done every few weeks. Normally this only takes an hour and at the longest an hour and a half. But today June 5, 2019, I had a Unlicensed Stylist do my hair, yes that is correct. She just happens to inform me halfway through that she is an apprentice in an apprenticeship with Fantastic Sams and opps she was supposed to disclose this to me prior to starting the service. Finally after two and a half hours, she asked me how would I like my hair dried and done, I told her that I can't sit here another hour, seriously, I would have been there for another hour for a service that normally takes just a little over an hour when done by a Professional!!! Nor did any other stylist look at her and say hey, let me help you so we can get this customer on her way!! Then she charges me $105.00, I had a coupon for $10.00 off which she forgot to subtract so I paid $95.00 which is FULL price, yes FULL price to have an unlicensed stylist do my hair in double the normal time, so I guess my time is not valuable to Fantastic Sams at all!!! Wow!! There is a State College of Beauty about five miles away from this Fantastic Sams where you can go and have the students do your hair, I should have gone there and paid half of what I was charged today by someone who did not have a license to be doing hair. I want my $95.00 back or I will report this to the WI BBB.

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          Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationtip refund was not given when incorrect amount was inputted into payment kiosk.

          I am writing this review/complaint for my husband Marty Glynn. He went in May 17th to get a haircut by Michelle at the Shakopee location on Heather St. He gets a short clipper cut, mustache and eyebrows trim. He goes to pay and uses his card. He puts in $24.00, $21 for the cut and $3 for the tip and goes on his way. Later he realizes he paid $45 for his haircut. He had paid $21 for the haircut and $24 for the tip. He goes back the next day to get a refund but Michelle is not working so they could not do anything. He talks to the manager but she says you have to talk to Michelle. He goes back on a day when Michelle is working and asks for a refund and she says No. My husband said don't you think $24 is an incorrect amount for a tip when the haircut was $21? Yes, she thought it was a bit much but she still would not give him a refund. He and I will no longer be going here and we have been going here for YEARS even when it was Cost Cutters. A refund of $20 would be great. Marty Glynn [protected] [protected]

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            Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationservice complaint

            I walked into fantastic sams(the one near Walmart in Scottsdale), usually I get greeted with a smile however this time there was a heavy set blond probably in her 40s wearing a polyester tight fitting shirt, she was standing at the front next to a younger female behind the register, the blond looked at my son(whom has autism and sensory processing disorder, whom also had some pretty crazy curly hair) whispered to her coworker and shot a discriminating sneer at us, she then left the counter, and shortly after her coworker did to, she stated she had to clean her station. When she returned she then confronted me about my handicapped sons hair, to be honest it is a fight on a daily basis to get him to let me even near his hair, since sensory processing disorder causes normal nerve impulses to feel innumerably worse than a neurotypicals nerve impulses. I figured, I could go to the salon, and I might get help from a hairdresser, possibly to make getting a haircut a positive experience in hopes to make my sons hair a bit more manageable, but what I got was a condescending, lazy, and negative woman. This woman approached us and loudly stated I don't even know what I could do with that, she went on with a rude tone did you even brush it today?! she stormed off, and said outing her hands up in the air, she couldn't even brush it, and it would take 45 minutes, as messy as it looked, it really doesn't take that long to brush, I explained that it was as simple as conditioning the hair, it typically takes me a few minutes to brush when it is wet. She goes and grabs a brush for me to try and brush his hair dry, while still in the waiting area. anyone who knows anything about curly hair, knows you never brush it dry, she obviously didn't know that much. Trying to get snarls out of hair when it is dry causes breakage and makes it much more painful. I explained this to the lazy woman and told her that I would just go else where because she had a terrible attitude from the second I walked in and asked for her name so I could talk to her manager, however she refused. She is unfortunately uneducated and has a strong bias agains special needs children. This lady made my whole hair situation with my child even worse! I'm dismayed by fantastic sams now! What a horrible experience! Please educate your staff fantastic sams

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              Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationan employee located in temple terrace of, tampa florida

              This employee I am writing a complaint about works at the Fantastic Sams located in Temple Terrace, Tampa, FL. When I first arrived, I mentioned to her that I was there for my 4 o'clock appointment. She said, "We don't have anything at 4." Without even confirming my appointment on the computer, she proceeded to ignore me. Luckily, another employee was standing by her stating that there my appointment is at 4 and it was right on the computer screen. The rude employee then walked over to her station without acknowledging me to come follow her. She stood by her station 10 for seconds and stared at me then tells me to come over. I asked for a blow-out and she proceeded to work on my hair. I've gotten blow-outs many times at different locations and this was by-far, the worst experience I have ever had. Every time she used the round brush to brush through my hair, it would hit the back of my neck very hard leaving scratch marks on it. She would tug and pull on my hair when she brushed it out. Also, when she used the hair dryer, she would keep the heat blowing on one spot of my scalp for a long period time causing my scalp to burn. I kept pulling back to signal that I was in pain but she didn't care. She would also slam the water spray bottle every time she was done using it. I was just looking forward to leaving the whole time. I am college student so she might've just seen me as a subordinate that didn't need to be treated correctly. In the end, my hair did not even look like a salon blow-out. It looked like it was straightened. I came to Fantastic Sams hoping for a nicely blow hair for my graduation pictures just 2 hours later, but I only made a mistake coming there. She charged me $35 for a blow-dry, where I have only had to pay $18 at a different Fantastic Sams location. She did not speak to me the whole time, from the second I sat down to when I paid and left. Because of how rude and aggressive she was, I did not bother to complain because I was afraid of how she might respond to me. I believe that there should be consequences taken place for her inappropriate behavior. She did not deserve my $35 and $5 tip (she watched me put the tip so I felt obliged to). Is there something that can be done about this?

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                Apr 20, 2019

                Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — price

                I have been going to the zachary fantastic sams for many years. I went on friday, april 19th and was charged...

                Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationcustomer service/bullying/color

                went to Fantastic Sam's in Tomah, WI with an idea and left with the opposite of what I wanted. I have naturally strawberry blond hair but have been dying it dark brown for years. I would like to go back to my natural color and walked into the salon knowing that they weren't just going to be able to get me back to my natural color or even close in one visit. I am aware that it was going to take multiple visits to lighten my hair to get it where I wanted it. I explained to the stalinist what I wanted and even showed her w picture of my natural hair color. They weren't even willing to try anything. Basically made me feel like it was impossible and I'd never have light hair again so I was talked into a darker brown than I walked in with for the top and then they lightened the bottom and did a bayalage coloring with purple and blue which i agreed to because i felt that i wouldnt get what i wanted and it sounded neat. Plus the whole reason i want light hair again is so I can have lots of pretty colors so I figured I was getting pretty color. First of all it didnt turn out anything like they made it sound but I felt there was nothing I could do and I could live with it for a while until I could afford to have my hair done again. Then I took ONE shower WITH a color shampoo and now the blue has turned green in most places and theres patches where it's mostly yellow with a tint of green. I would call the manager/owner of this store but even though she didnt directly do my hair she was right next to me and my stylist and was part of the decision process and was basically 5he one who convinced me what I originally wanted wasnt going to happen. And really she was kind of rude and shouldnt be running her own store as I also overheard her saying that she didnt want to run it anymore. But I would like hair that I'm happy with. I am extremely low income and saved for months and splurged and spend 170 on this and am embarrassed to let people see it. I would like this resolved somehow but will not go back there again even to have it fixed for fear they will just make it worse. I feel that if they had just listened to what I wanted and been willing to do it knowing that i knew it would take several visits I would have walked out of there happy. I also feel that the quality of my service was greatly impacted by the fact that they were rushed due to too many customers and not enough stylists and they just didnt want to deal with what I wanted because it was going to be time consuming. I feel like a refund for the 170 dollars I spent is what is deserved so I can go elsewhere and get what I wanted done or at least have the color I was talked into not come out after one shampoo with a high quality color shampoo. I am hoping we can agree on some kind of compromise.

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                  • Be
                    BEnchboy Feb 26, 2019

                    Do your own hair if you cannot afford to pay $170 for your hair being done. No need to lie and pretend it turned out the opposite of what you expected.

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                  • Co
                    Colorfreak Feb 26, 2019
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    @BEnchboy Of course its opposite of what I expected. If u read it I expected lighter hair. Which could have been done I've been told by many other stylists which is why I'm pursuing my money back. But instead of lighter hair, not as light as I wanted after s few visits, but a shade or 2 lighter, I got darker hair with what would have been pretty colors in it. Which would have been ok had the pretty colors stayed in instead or coming out after one shower with the shampoo they recommended I buy. So yes. It's not what I wanted. But not by my fault. N still I was just kinda like "eh, that's what u get when u go somewhere like fantastic sams" but after talking to other stylists n seejnf the proof that what I had wanted could have been done. I can see it could have been done because the pretty colors came out n they had to lighten my hair where they put the pretty colors in so now all u can see is the LIGHTENEDhair they said they xouldnt do. So nope. No lying here. Just good old fashioned bad service. N ususlaly I do do my own hair cuz I do know how n it always turns out good. but its hard to foil ur own head and also tricky to lighten hair safely n correctly as much as I wanted so for my birthday I just thought I'd have someone else do it. Know what ur talking about [censored]

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                  • Be
                    BEnchboy Feb 27, 2019

                    @Colorfreak I know what I am talking about. Liars like you want things for free.You pretend that you found rodents in your hotel room to get a free stay. You pretend you got bad service in restaurant and ask for full compensation. Now people to and get their hair done and expect it to be free by lying and claiming they colored the hair wrong. Hair dye costs less than $10 at Walmart.Go get pack and do it yourself.

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                  Feb 10, 2019

                  Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — lack of knowledge, refusal of service

                  I respectfully asked them to do the tapper cut, she said 'the fade' . So I explained the style of haircut I...

                  Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — spiral perm

                  I went to get a perm on Saturday morning I told her I wanted a big curls and and I showed her a picture she...

                  Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation — unethical behavior by employee and was forced to pay for a bad haircut.

                  Sunday 11/25/18 time: Appox. 5:30pm. Invoice: 0014 Fantastic Sams Lytle SEQ #: 0013 19325 McDonald St. (FM...

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