Family Dollar Storesservice, scam, unethical behaviour from employees!

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While visiting this store location on September 6, 2019. I was entered into a AOA banding me for coming into store property location. I don't know why that such a decision would be made on my behalf. Officers arrived as well on September 6, being called to the store location by a female employee and female store attendant. The female attendant followed as I walked to the rear of the store to look for a product. She then asked me, sir and continued to repeat it three to four times. I gave her no response and continued looking for product. I left out without purchasing the product thinking that there was not enough money added to my credit card. I went back into 3564 or 3560 South Mendenhall family dollar store location realizing that I do have enough to purchase what I wanted. The female attendant then tells me to leave the store soon as I entered the second time for no apparent reason. I then continued to the rear of the store. I picked up the product and took this product straight to the counter for purchase. The female manager then comes over to the register where I was and says no decline my transaction purchase. Also states she doesn't have to if she wish no to do so. I only asked the manager employee if it was okay for to go back to her register while I check-out, because she was looking at my Visa card. The lady manager refuses to do so. I insisted that I will like to continue to make a credit purchase transaction. Since the card swipe machine asked for my pin I asked if I could purchase the product with a credit transaction. Being that it seem like my pin was changed without authorization. I was not checked out by cashier and treated very rudely by two women employees.

Sep 07, 2019
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  • Ev
      Sep 07, 2019

    And obviously there are major gaps in your story.

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  • Th
      Sep 07, 2019

    You’re a [censored] idiot.

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  •   Sep 08, 2019

    I’m lost in your tale. You were spoken to by a clerk but ignored her. You left because out of the blue you felt there wasn’t enough money on your credit card, even though you went in to buy something. A clerk changed your pin while in line and you couldn’t buy anything because the police arrived and kicked you out.

    When you awoke from the dream, did you have a bag of products that you bought from an imaginary store?

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