Family Dollar Storestrash


Sirs, I work in a small town for a local museum. You recently built a new store directly across the alley way from us. Since the store opened we have noticed excessive amounts of trash in front of and behind our business. Recently the Family Dollar store was asked to mow the 7-8 ft tall weeds that were on their side of the alley. They hired someone to mow, but the person did not pick up the trash beforehand and mowed all of the trash with the weeds, so now all of that trash is blowing all over our downtown area! This is unsightly! We take pride in our establishment as well as our community and we just ask that your businesses keep their areas clean and maintained. We have volunteers in our community that go out and pick up trash weekly. I know they would appreciate that everyone take care of their own areas as to not add to their work. Thank you.

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