Family Dollar Storesservice rude manager

S Nov 14, 2017

Just left the Family Dollar in Terre Haute Indiana Plaza North Shopping Center phone number is [protected]. I'm pretty sick with the way the so-called manager acted I brought a pair of shoes up to purchase that had $4 on the box that I got them out of mind you every single pair in that box was the same same shoe just different sizes the whole box said $4 a pair they rang up 7 I asked her to go check she said she wouldnt the price on the tag is what they would bring up. So I was like really you're really not going to go check that is so rude she goes to say how am I being rude and I tell her that's not good customer service least she could do is go walk over there and check the box. So at the end of our back and forth me calling her rude her saying she's not rude in the price on the tag is what it will bring up and she's not going to go check I tell her thank you have a good day and I hope they get a new manager of that store!

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