Family Dollar Storesmanager


On August 8, 2018 my sister and I were racially and or Sexually profiled, verbally slander, utterly humiliated and accused of theft in front of this entire packed Dollar store by the manager named Juanita who screamed at us "YOU PEOPLE" meaning either 1)Mexican or 2) two women together "GAY". She proceeds screaming at us YOU PEOPLE need to leave my store we have you on video stealing and a another customer saw you!! YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET OUT NOW! I'm calling the police this is my store and I won't have YOU PEOPLE in here!!! My sister and I tried to speak with her calmly asking her PLEASE check the cameras! We also told her yes we had come in one hour earlier but we did pay for our items 2 waters and in fact requested cash back $10 which we have a Receipt for! We told her this must be a mistake and if she could please go check the cameras! She then told us she had. I then asked to speak to a manager and she shouted I AM THE MANAGER!! I then asked her to speak to her manager she then screamed she is not here GET OUT!!! We asked if we could have her number she quickly wrote the district managers name Val and her number the paper shook it in my face and said here now YOU PEOPLE CAN LEAVE and I'm calling the police! We told her we would wait outside for the police to come because we had done nothing wrong then exited the store humiliated and embarrassed!! One hour and forty five minuets later the police come Juanita and the other store employee let the police officer see the security Video. And of course there was nothing like what the store manager Juanita had accused us of on the store security cameras to validate any of Juanita's or the other store employee behavior or accusations! We also have video of the police officers statement to us and his notes from the incident! The police refused to file a report because he said no crime was committed! The Store Manager Juanita told the police that she in fact did NOT have any information nor any statement from the "customers " that she said told her we stole! Juanita's profiling, screaming, bullying, hateful comments, humiliating, defamation of our character and verbal slandering comments at store #02626 was is and should NEVER be expected what so ever! Then she has the nerve to have us stricken so we can never go to that store because of her false allegations! This treatment, incident and the accusations Juanita stated about us has made my sister and I who both already suffer from Anxiety highly nervous that we might see one of the customers from this dollar store at another store and feel like we need to defend ourselves or they'll a spread rumor that we are thefts to another store! This has us severally saddened, embarrassed and emotionally drained and being a women of a darker skin tone and my sister who is in fact gay Feel this should not be taken lightly and we should never have been made to feel this way!

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