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I have been a customer of this store for 15 + years I shopped in this store 2 to 4 days weekly
Recently I went to the store to purchase a few things as I was going through the checkout line putting my items on counter and cashier was checking me out getting ready to pay a woman who was behind me in line bends down as if picking something up stands back up hands a bag of chips to me and the cashier and says this fell out of your purse when you took it off your shoulder I told it had not I didn't even have any of those and gave them to cashier I paid for the items I was buying and left nothing else said by cashier
Three days later I go back to the store and another cashier that I know said to me I need to talk to you I said fine we went outside we talked she said the manager whom I also know said that she had to ask me about what had happened I told her she said OK and everything was fine I went in and shopped
A week later I go back to store and I see the assistant manager I also know run to office to get manager then the manager comes out to me and tells me that I am no longer allowed in store because there were two customer witnesses who saw a bag of candy fall out of my purse
This is so very unprofessional of the staff of this store I am appalled I do not steal and being falsely accused with no proof


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