Family Dollar in Capon Bridge, WVcashier/ employee


I went into the Family Dollar store in Capon Bridge, WV on Tuesday October 17th, 2017 to purchase some tobacco/cigarette rolling tubes on my way back from my sons' doctors appointment. I'm sure the cashier saw me walk into the store. Right after I entered she went to a nearby aisle ( which she could see her register from) and started stocking the shelf. I waited on her patiently for a while and eventually thought that maybe she didn't see me walk in, so I rang the bell which was sitting on the counter. She came over to the register and as soon as I told her what I wanted to purchase, she immediately got an attitude saying that she couldn't sell them to me because there was a man just in there trying to purchase the same thing and that I was just trying to buy them for him. I responded back that I was purchasing them for myself and that I smoke. She retorted back in a very ignorant attitude that she didn't have to sell them to me, wasn't going to and that was her right. She wrote down a number for me to call and said that if they said that I could purchase them that she would gladly sell them to me. My cell phone doesn't have service in that area of Capon Bridge so I couldn't call the number she gave me. I calmly left the store although I was very upset. I entered the store by myself, not with anyone else so I don't see how she can claim that I was with anyone. Just because I walked in right after someone else did and was trying to purchase the same product that they were trying to buy is not proof positive that I was trying to buy it for them. I was actually telling her the truth when I said that I was purchasing them for myself and that I smoked. It's not my fault or responsibility that someone else tried to purchase something and she wouldn't sell it to them and I shouldn't be punished or held accountable for it. I am of age to buy tobacco products and I had my ID on me at the time so she shouldn't of had any reason to refuse selling them to me. I ended up having to go out of my way to another store past my house when I could have just went home instead (if she would have sold the tubes to me). That store lost a customer and my business because I will never go there or purchase anything from there again. Her attitude was very unprofessional and very unacceptable. I feel that she should be the one punished in some sort of way for making false accusations against customers and for treating them so disrespectfully.

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