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V Nov 18, 2018
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I purchased a charger on Friday 11/16/18. The manager there mrs Bernice ring me up. It was about 3:30 Friday evening. I went home to charge my phone with the new charger in which I had just paid for. The charger was $8.56, so once I made it home to charge phone 📱 It charged about a lil over 5hrs and it only gotten 40% charge.. so I took the charger back because it was charging to slow. The manager there at that time was mr Eugene he swapped the product out for a more expensive charger which was a Duracell charger and it cost 2$ more. And once this transaction was made I was given a new receipt and and it didn't have hardly anything on the receipt it appeared that the ink was out or something so the cashier named Jessica wrote her name on it and I asked her and mr Eugene both before I exited out of the store suppose I have to bring this product back for any reason what are we gone do about this mid printed receipt. He said tell them to call me and I'll verify it's no problem so with his reassurance I left and went home to use charger again and opened pack plugged charger in and it did not work on my phone it kept making a noise as if my phone needed to be charged and it would pop on and off . So I took that one back to store. Mind u that manager mr Eugene reassured me if problem bring it back no problem. So I'm there at store for refund . He now tells me I can't get a refund I bring my original receipt plus my misprinted receipt and the packaged product in same package and I can't get a refund and not only that the lady Jessica checked and plugged my phone and experienced the same problem as I did when she examined the charger plugged to my phone. And I can't get a refund!!! R u serious!! Even after his reassurance before I left store of the purchase. That's not right if this was going to be the encounter he should have told me when he swapped product out that if u bring this back and so forth. But no info as that at all nothing but no problem. And at this time it's a big big problem. So he said see mrs Bernice in the morning. First thing Saturday morning I got up went to store to get refund from mrs Bernice and she told me I couldn't get a refund either and that it is store policy which I know is a bunch of crap that she have to plug it up on her phone and test it well i don't own her phone and if it works on her phone I can't get my money back. That's the most awful crap I've ever heard and coming from management. I don't walk around with her phone the problem is the charger didn't work with my phone and I'm demanding a refund. I shouldn't be forced to keep a product that does not work for me on my!!! My!! Phone that I rightfully own. And I spent my hard earned money for.. and I want it back I've followed all procedures from product in its packaging and the receipts and oh yeah they kept my original receipt from very first purchase on Friday at 3:30. Talked to both managers and still no refund. I shop in this store all the time almost daily. And this is how I get treated. And for them to be managers this treatment is unacceptable and they gave me some wrong and misguided information. And I will and want my money back ASAP!!!😡😡😡😡😡. I spend too too much money in family dollar to be treated like this and told lies to. And Mrs Bernice told me she doesn't make the policy she just works there. If that is you all policy which I seriously doubt it then I need to see it in writing about if a charger or something works in her phone but doesn't work on the customer phone the don't get a refund and they have everything that's required to have and still no refund that bologna. And if necessary I will pursue with further actions if necessary. But I hope in regards to my complaint you all would consider giving my money back and issue will be thankfully resolved. Thanks in advance🙏🙏

duracell charger for iphones

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    And I forgot to mention that I was also told by the managers that if the pack is opened that I couldn’t have a refund. My question is how am I really supposed to know if the purchased product is working or will work on my phone if it’s not opened.??? Seriously what kind of management is that???

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