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I went and created an account on Etsy for the purpose of opening a store to sell my 3D printed items and designs.

The same day I opened the shop after providing all the necessary information, the shop was immediately suspended with no explanation. I filed a support case with Etsy and after 2 days I got a message that my request to unsuspend the stored was denied without explanation of any kind. This is supposed to be a brand-new store that was never opened before, so no policy violation happened.

here is a copy of the interaction with Etsy Help:

An important message about your Etsy account

ID: #[protected]

Eli Peer

December 04, 2023 17:02

Your legal full name: global touch telecomm, inc. - eli peer

What kind of items do you sell?: Items that I make

List all the locations where your current shop members are signing into your account: USA

Why are you appealing your account suspension?: I have not violated Etsys policies or had any account issues

Other reason:

Are there any actions you've taken to address your suspension?: I fixed the company name that was entered by mistake. all other info is correct and valid. including the verified bank information.

How will your business practices change if you regain account access?: haven't started business yet because account never opened yet.

Describe any extenuating circumstances that may have contributed to your suspension:


December 05, 2023 17:08

Hello There,

This is Abhishek from Etsy’s Member Services team. We appreciate you taking the time to file an appeal with Etsy. After careful consideration, we've determined your account does not qualify for reinstatement. We've performed a comprehensive review of your account and the information you provided, and are unable to reconsider this decision.

While we’re unable to disclose our internal review criteria or discuss your account status further, if you have questions related to your Payment Account please review Etsy’s Payments Policy.

We’re unable to reconsider this decision and can no longer respond to further messages about your account status. We appreciate the time you’ve invested on Etsy and wish you success in your future endeavors.

Best Regards,


Eli Peer

December 05, 2023 17:37

I have not violated any policies, I have just opened my shop.

Please explain.

Claimed loss: Request was denied without explanation.

Desired outcome: Store suspension removed.

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