[Resolved] Etihad Airwaysextra charges for luggage and rude behaviour, missing luggage, humiliation

M Jul 18, 2019

17th July 2019 (time from mumbai ISD)
Etihad flight - Mumbai - Abu Dhabi - London heathrow Airport.

Location - Mumbai CSM terminal 2 - 5.25 am flight
Customer service agent name - Asif

This is to bring to your notice that my parents were charged a total of Rupees 27342 in Mumbai India, for extra luggage as told by your staff. Of which Rupees 4321 was charged for an oversized item. And they were told to pay Rupees 23021 for extra 2kgs.

My old parents who are senior citizens were visiting us in the UK to be with their daughter who is in a bad condition after delivering her baby.

The staff at the counter pressurised them to pay the money. And did not give an explanation for the charges. They had to run from pillar to post to arrange the money.
Even after politely asking your CSA to make a consideration and they also told him to charge for the oversized luggage. But Rs23021 for just 2kgs as he claimed it fit into that bracket is a ridiculous amount of money and seems like Etihad is robbing us of money.

I think he clearly took advantage of the fact that they were old and vulnerable pressurising them to pay the amount. He behaved very rudely in spite of them trying to reason and speak with him for more information. Thus traumatising my already panicking parents who were worried about the travel and the journey, leaving mom profusely sweating and with a chest pain, panicking, and worried about not catching the flight. Your staff at the counter asked them to pay the money or throw the bag away and all this while another staff of yours at the next counter allowed so many people with excess baggage to proceed.

I do understand that you may have to charge for an over sized item however I am extremely unhappy about the 23021rupees my parents had to arrange for 2kg excess luggage.

This kind of behaviour especially towards senior citizens is really a shame to such a big airline brand, I do hope your staff is aware of your brand motto which says ‘ From Abu Dhabi to the World; The World Is Our Home, You Are Our Guest; Flying Reimagined; Choose Well' Yes we choose you as a customer but what do we get in return? Shaudy customer service, threatening behaviour and a bitter experience that will stay with us. I do hope you understand this could have ended up in a serious crisis if anything would have happened to my parents on the flight or the journey as they were completely traumatised when we met them at the airport finally this whole experience left them in tears and we really do not know if we should use your airlines again.

They also had access to wheelchair which no one assisted them with.
Also one item was not there when they reached London heathrow airport and this was not informed to them, they waited for long before they realised that the Item was missing. And had to go around the airport to find out where their luggage went missing. To which they were then told it is not reached London yet. And were made to give their details.

Me and my entire family travel multiple trips a year on Etihad and this is ridiculous and unacceptable customer service. I sincerely urge you to look into the matter and would appreciate a refund on the excess luggage charges and a compensation for bad customer service experience, the missed luggage delay and most of all the humiliation and trauma that my parents had to go through because of your staff and because your airline left the luggage behind in spite of charging them.

extra charges for luggage and rude behaviour, missing luggage, humiliation
extra charges for luggage and rude behaviour, missing luggage, humiliation
extra charges for luggage and rude behaviour, missing luggage, humiliation

  • Etihad Airways's response · Jul 28, 2019

    Dear Maria,

    We have a very strict baggage allowance that we advise our guests to view on our website before flying with us.
    Any excess baggage will be charged at the normal rate, over sized baggage will also be charged.

    We apologise that your parents baggage was delayed on arrival, please email [email protected] so that our Baggage Team can investigate this further.

    Thank you. *Rose

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

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