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Life Time Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Life Time Fitness / employment

Jun 02, 2019

I have been a loya employee for lifetime for 7 years, since I was a sophomore in High School. I always worked extremely hard. I went away to College, however, I always worked over breaks and came back in the summer. This year when I came back for winter I picked up shifts and received a...

Life Time Fitness / uniformed waiver signing

Apr 30, 2019

I use Spa services only twice monthly, each time I come in I am asked to sign a waiver form. I am terribly blind without my glasses and even with glasses can not read the small print on the I pad. I have asked for brief synopsis of waiver. No one seems to know beyond "It is standard...

Life Time Fitness / army veteran (tarancem) lt membership / membership account management - michael banks | life time member retention

Mar 30, 2019

Hi 3/30-Sat—spoke to Michael Banks in ref to my acc that is past due since Ive been out of work since Gov Shutdown.(Dec22) He told me that my acc will be sent to Coll for non-Pym after I attempted to make pym arr on 4/5/19. Micheal was not prof as he told me it was not his fault for the...

Life Time Fitness / lifetime fitness cancellation policy

Mar 11, 2019

Lifetime fitness requires you to go into the gym in person to cancel your monthly subscription so when my daughter left for college and then called, apparently they didn't accept this as a cancellation so we were charged through the school year for her membership. I finally convinced...

Life Time Fitness / personal trainers

Feb 21, 2019

Do not sign up for a personal trainer package! This is specifically about the personal training service. Purchased a package of 4 sessions with a trainer - I had a goal of getting in shape two months prior to an event. I spent 80% of my time chasing the trainer down to set up sessions. He...

Life Time Fitness / recycling bins

Feb 20, 2019

Good evening, I'm not really making a complaint but would like to make a suggestion. I have been attending the facility in Raleigh for the last year and noticed that the location has no recycling bins to dispose the water bottles. I see every day how they are dump in the regular trash can...

Life Time Fitness / membership termination - member id 108987797

Jan 15, 2019

I have made several requests for someone to contact me in management and I have not received a call. This complaint is about a corporate membership that was paid by me job and I have not been with this employer for 2 months. Upon my resignation I was not informed that I had to go to the...

Life Time Fitness / membership cancellation

Jan 04, 2019

I cancelled my membership august 1st it takes 3 months to completely cancel the membership. I have had sent multiple letters requesting cancellation, spoke to representative over the phone requesting cancellation and never been requested to send a certified mail request, however they kept...

LifeTime Fitness / hours of operation

Dec 21, 2018

Has always been a 365 day a year fitness center. Now they have decided to close christmas eve afternoon and not open until december 26th. This club continually raises dues and offers less and less. Lifetime offers less and less free classes and offers more paid ones. Yoga instructors are not...

Life Time Fitness / operations

Dec 02, 2018

I enjoy going to the highland park location but lately there are certain people slacking when I come in. Making me wonder as to why they work in that area. When I come in everyday I see the gentlemen at the front desk but there is always this short mexican girl standing at the front just...

Life Time Fitness / charge of dues after canceling my membership

Nov 20, 2018

I canceled my membership and the gym says they have a 30 days policy for cancellation and collect fees/dues during that time which was never communicated when I became a member. I called to cancel my membership on nov 1 and was told I have to go in person so I was able to do that on nov 17...

Life Time Fitness / billing and payments

Nov 19, 2018

I'm reporting fraudulent behavior @ burr ridge location. I'm 75 yrs old. For the last 8 yrs i've been inactive jan-may and sept-dec, paying $20 those months & full rates for june-aug. This worked until sept 2017 when I was charged, without authorization, full membership rates on my debit...

Life Time Fitness / membership

Nov 16, 2018

Been a member well over a year it's obvious i'm loyal but your company doesn't reciprocate this. I spoke with tyler in the coportate office 11/16 1:03pm in customer service about removing individuals from my account only to find out that 1 was already removed without my notice. I proceeded...

Life Time Fitness / poor customer service

Nov 16, 2018

I called romeoville health club on nov 1st 2018 and spoke to laura account manager, I bought the membership gave her my cc didn't sign any documents, called her on november 3rd 2018 to cancel my membership she said I have to come in to sign the cancellation paperwork. I went in the same...

Life Time Fitness / aquatic charge

Nov 04, 2018

My family joined life time fitness four (4) months ago Ashburn-sterling 44610 prentice drive Sterling, va 20166 We then got email and voice invitations for kid swimming class try-outs which are offered to newly joined member would get a month free lessons for kids. We came to kid swimming...

Life Time Fitness / whirlpool in "regular" mens' locker room, st louis park

Oct 17, 2018

Today is wednesday. Whirlpool was empty last thursday the 11th. No indication of when it would be working. No sign of work being done. The pattern has been that the pool will work for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks then be down for a week or longer. When it is working, it is rarely at a therapeutic...

Life Time Fitness / unacceptable customer service

Oct 08, 2018

I signed up for free workout to check out the 2 days I was called 8 times and emailed 8 times. I was called by sales people trying to make sales and upsale me on other products. I was thouroughly annoyed and this totally ruined my experience of wanting to visit their gym. I ready...

Life Time Fitness / membership & cancellation

Oct 01, 2018

I cancelled my membership september 3rd and it takes 30 days to completely cancel the membership. I had received lt bucks earlier and did not think of using them because I began school and work so my schedule was hectic. Today, 10/1 I called the shelby, mi location (where I used to go...

Life Time Fitness / worst interview of my life

Aug 22, 2018

I went into the johns creek location the other day for a second interview. I arrived early and waited close to 30 minutes for someone to come speak to me. Once the manager made time to come see me, he barely made eye contact with me and made me feel like I was being a burden. I was walked...

Life Time Fitness / promoting the brand

Aug 09, 2018

To whom, Hello and good afternoon, I am contacting you as a cause for concern, I am a memeber and a family oriented person who came across an advertisement which I found really unprofessional. I have been to numerous clubs that promote "family" and with an advertisement of a barely clothed...

LifeTime Fitness / racism

Aug 02, 2018

I am a member of lifetime fitness syosset, new york. My daughter loved going so much that she thought it would be a good idea to obtain a job their. Worst mistake of our lives. She is 19 years old. She worked in the kids academy. I will say the gym is always very clean with most people...

Life Time Fitness / bad customer service

Jul 26, 2018

My name is gabriel j stewart and I am customer at life time fitness. On 07/20/18 at the life time fitness in john's creek, ga, around 10pm between 11pm. I had an associate who was very rude and nasty to me. The issue was that there is a sign that says the pool is closed at night time but...

LifeTime Fitness / corporate climate/toxic environment

Jul 24, 2018

Lifetime fitness is a toxic place to work, and the energy of that bleeds into the gym the last five months four employees I know personally have quit. 60+ hour work weeks with six ten-hour days drains them. They just chew them up and spit them out. I highly suggest you do not...

Life Time, Inc, / membership, magazine subscription

Jul 21, 2018

I don't know how they got my name and credit card information, but so far I have had to close two credit card accounts and make fraud claims with citibank to stop this company from billing me a membership fee and then monthly charges. Now I am getting a magazine from them with the claim...

LifeTime Fitness / gym member

Jul 15, 2018

Since may of this year I have followed the policy of going to lifetime fitness in troy michigan yo cancel my sons membership. After two suicide attempts I had to put my son in a residential treatment center out of state. Assistant manager heba ahmad in an email after several attempts in...

Life Time Fitness / general manager of lifetime fitness mt. laurel, nj

Jun 30, 2018

Today, saturday 6/30 i, christopher martin, checked into lifetime fitness around 10am and proceeded to the basketball court area to warm up before my workout. At that time staff members of the gym began moving row machines into the basketball court area while members were actively shooting...

LifeTime Fitness / lifetime fitness child care facility put my baby in danger

Jun 14, 2018

Lifetime fitness childcare facility put my baby in danger. My baby (who can't walk) was left unattended and kept getting hit and knocked down by the door because of the heavy traffic of bigger kids coming in & out constantly. I made a reservation for the infant room but he was left outside...

Life Time Fitness / injury with personal trainer

Jun 09, 2018

I joined lifetime fitness westbury new york location on june 6th, 2018. On june 9th I was working with a personal trainer who increased the treadmill speed beyond my ability and subsequently was thrown from the treadmill, causing injury to my head, back, and both knees. The personal...

Life Time Fitness / cancellation not applied

Jun 01, 2018

Hello, I am attaching the notice for cancellation here. This has not been accounted for yet. Jenna hasnt updated in the system. I have stopped by the center talked to kaitlyn, jenna, matt but no action. Called member relations, liz asked me to send picture of notice for further action. Kaitlyn wa...

Life Time Fitness / life time fitness membership cancellation

Apr 10, 2018

Hi I got membership on monday, 2nd april for 4 people. I am very disappointed at the way I have been treated. My daughter got really sick and was hospitalized right after I got her your membership. I was trying to contact someone in your office and I kept calling for three days. I even...

Life Time Fitness / managers and account managers

Mar 26, 2018

I'm writing this as a final outlet to let anyone who reads this post that life time ajax doesn't take sexual harassment seriously and hope after this post someone will take action. I'm a single female living alone, so these types of things set off alarm bells especially with all the recent...

Life Time Fitness / discrimination

Feb 14, 2018

I chatted with someone online before going in to the facility and I spoke to someone on the phone as well, the night before. They gave me information without a problem on what I needed and what was included to do the one day pass. My boyfriend and I went in, we communicated with employee...

Life Time Fitness / discriminatory practices

Feb 05, 2018

I'm asking you to terminate my membership and refund any february fees already charged to my account. There's no need to set up a meeting with you to discuss the suspension. You've proven to me your inability communicate and to manage your responsibilities. I do not want a membership at...

Life Time Fitness / front desk

Dec 24, 2017

My family and I are members at the lifetime fitness location in vestavia hills, alabama. I was attempting to get a holiday workout in today before the club closed at 3pm as I am in the current 60 day challenge and don't want to be disappointed with my results. I am understanding and...

LifeTime Fitness / billing account illegally

Dec 18, 2017

Hi everyone i've been a lifetime member for 6 years at the mississauga location in ontario. On november 20 lifetime personal training department withdrew $760 from my account without my authorization and it is now december 18 and I am still waiting for them to refund my account for the...

Life Time Fitness / billing issues

Nov 24, 2017

In the fall of 2016, my significant other used my checking account to pay for his monthly november of 2016, he was sent to an undisclosed area for 10 months where he had no access to any fitness centers. I contacted lifetime fitness in the same month to get my account information...

Life Time Fitness / unethical employee behavior

Nov 13, 2017

About three weeks ago, I was working out at a lifetime gym and was harassed by a lifetime janitor. As I was walking towards the womens locker room, the janitor approached me, and made a condescending comment towards me. I asked him to leave me alone and he proceeded to continue harrassing...

Life Time Fitness / spa, nail technician

Oct 20, 2017

Yesterday, 10/19/2017 I made an appointment to come in for hair and nails, was my first time ever getting a pedicure there and I had let the lady know that “ tasha” I was going back and fourth from my nails to my hair being on a time crunch & as I was in the middle of getting my pedicure...

LifeTime Fitness / lifetime berkeley heights new jersey

Oct 08, 2017

Read this!!! Let's start off by saying the facility other than being super dirty is great. The pool is closed time to time because of human feces. Half the people have ring worms highly contagious by the way. I can't believe a trainer could train someone with a tank top on showing excessive...

Life Time Fitness / customer service

Aug 30, 2017

Hi everyone. I have been a member of lifetime for 5 years exercise pretty often even if I dont I rarely switch to 10$ per month option. Im writing this to complain about schaumburg, il location. Today I went with my gf who was possibly looking to join. We were greeted by maryann napolitano...