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Customer service and experience

Have been a member at Lifetime Austin north for 1.5 years - ever since we moved to US. Wanted to share my experience in last few days. It was very unpleasant and made me and my husband feel very unwelcome. The behavior of the front desk staff and the site manager who was favoring her and trying to cover for her behavior was very unfortunate.

I had put my membership on hold due to Covid and I thought of starting off by taking a trail class and then start membership if I feel comfortable and sure of moving forward.

I book a complimentary session (as I wanted to try first before reactivating), arrive at the front desk and am denied entry saying I cannot enter as I am inactive. I had expected that the instructor would have arranged for me to come in, but no problem. I think it's fair, given the circumstances. I ask front desk lady to call the instructor and let me speak to him. She blatantly answers that no instructor with that name is in the center. I then ask her to call someone else from that department so that I can speak to them. She tells me there is no one. I then request her to call the person who is taking the class I had requested for so that I can speak to them and clear the confusion. She tells me there is no such class going on at the moment. Frustrated, I call my husband. He had to come and let me in using his guest pass. I reach the class, instructor is there and class is in progress. He tells me I am late by 30 mins and it would be better to reschedule and come back. Fair again. I go back and leave the center.

I book for next Saturday, and come in again. This time I bring my husband to let me in. She checks in my husband, looks at me and says I cannot come in. Voila! There it starts again. She tells me I cannot be let in as my husband used his guest pass to let me in last time (remember that all I could do last time with that pass was reach the class and return back in literally 2 mins as I was late because of all the drama downstairs). we get frustrated. we say that first of all we couldn't really do anything with that guest pass. Secondly, they could have told this last time itself.

Anyways, I didn't want to bother dealing with inconsiderate people. I had to activate my membership ($80) per month to get into that trail class.

Experience was blown out of the window. Joining lifetime which is a premium club - I would expect better treatment. If nothing can be done - then at least politeness and good behavior is the least one can expect.

We went to the manager (Myra). She was another rude and insensitive person. She kept defending the front desk lady saying she was just following protocols. Where does the protocol say that don't allow guest to speak to an instructor (on request) or give incorrect information?

On top of all this, she being a manager tells me there are different departments at Lifetime and they don't deal with each other! Imagine, I as a customer am expected to connect different departments within lifetime together! How the organization is structured is totally immaterial to the customer. For us, the brand and the entity is one single unit.

In the end to share my frustration : the manager was super rude, leave aside any apologies for the inconveniences caused - she starts blaming me for coming in without pass. I say we are unhappy and the manager cancels my husband's membership without confirming or trying anything to retain us.

Unfortunate, unpleasant but true!!
Feels there is no one to listen to my complains as I tried talking to manager, their sales manager but attitude remained the same

against "mishkat lightwala, lifetime fitness manager"at this location

I have been a member of Lifetime since 2012. Never complained about anything and anyone in all this year...

cancellation policy

The cancellation policy needs to change. I rarely go to the gym and use it for social events, mainly...

aquatics department

Hello, I am a member at Lifetime Athletic in Westwood. I have been a member for a while now so I am friendly...

membership cancellation

I explained that I have had surgery and I am not able to use the gym membership anymore, and I am UNABLE to...

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personal trainer was unprofessional, extremely rude, disrespectful and bad employee (lack of customer service skills).

Hello, My name is Marq Finezza. I apologize for writing this complaint. My wife and I just experienced a...

membership termination

When I wanted to cancel our membership this summer, they said I needed to do so in person at our local life...

vending machine apple pay/credit card broke

I've been wanting to buy an item out of the vending machine at Troy lifetime but everytime I try to use...

lifecafe manager

The LifeCafe manager buys and uses THC infused vaporizer cartridges. Was very concerned about the making of...

private swim lessons - aquatics plano, tx -

I have been bringing my two kids for swim lessons and the pay more than 450 dollars a month. We went on...

personal trainer

A personal trainer by the name of Joe at the Overland Park Kansas Life Time Fitness has some serious ethical...


I have been a loya employee for lifetime for 7 years, since I was a sophomore in High School. I always worked extremely hard. I went away to College, however, I always worked over breaks and came back in the summer. This year when I came back for winter I picked up shifts and received a text from the new manager stating that I had been terminated due to not working. No other employee who went away to college was terminated. I said it was no big deal, reapplied and got rehired but then went back to school. I contacted my boss 6 times over the course of 3 months before he got back to me about summer saying I had been terminated once again. However, people who quit a year ago are still getting reminders to submit their availability. I once AGAIN replied that it was no big deal and I would simply reapply, again. After 2 months I have heard nothing. I reached out to my boss and there is no response. I am disgusted and very angry.

uniformed waiver signing

I use Spa services only twice monthly, each time I come in I am asked to sign a waiver form. I am terribly blind without my glasses and even with glasses can not read the small print on the I pad. I have asked for brief synopsis of waiver. No one seems to know beyond "It is standard waiver. you must sign or not use spa" There is no copy available to read. Today, my eyesight was particularly blurry, so when asked to fill out form, I needed assistance. Then told hit "I Agree", Again I can Not see anything, i told staff member to hit button while I watched then I would sign. She could not do this, soooo after several pokes is general area and thinking I may have gotten lucky. I signed the form only to be chased by the manager to do the process again. This is an embarrassing situation each time I come in. And quite frankly signing something without knowing what I am signing isn't smart. I enter the facility to use spa service and end up feeling angry and agitated going through this process.

army veteran (tarancem) lt membership / membership account management - michael banks | life time member retention

3/30-Sat—spoke to Michael Banks in ref to my acc that is past due since Ive been out of work since Gov Shutdown.(Dec22)
He told me that my acc will be sent to
Coll for non-Pym after I attempted to make pym arr on 4/5/19.
Micheal was not prof as he told me it was not his fault for the Shutdown/no more options to assist me with the acc. Sarcastically told me he doesn't have a manager when I asked to escalate

army veteran (tarancem) lt membership / membership account management - michael banks | life time member retention
army veteran (tarancem) lt membership / membership account management - michael banks | life time member retention
army veteran (tarancem) lt membership / membership account management - michael banks | life time member retention

lifetime fitness cancellation policy

Lifetime fitness requires you to go into the gym in person to cancel your monthly subscription so when my daughter left for college and then called, apparently they didn't accept this as a cancellation so we were charged through the school year for her membership. I finally convinced someone they should let us cancel, but they still charged me for the following month (april) because I hadn't called within their 5 day policy so we get to pay for next month too!! How ridiculous! Whether its in their contract or not, this is just bad customer service. So I was charged for sept-april for a membership my daughter was 2000 miles away from and called to cancel. What a rip-off!!

personal trainers

Do not sign up for a personal trainer package! This is specifically about the personal training service. Purchased a package of 4 sessions with a trainer - I had a goal of getting in shape two months prior to an event. I spent 80% of my time chasing the trainer down to set up sessions. He blamed email, being busy, zero follow up. Programs he sent me were not on target for my goals. He even sent me a program for another client! Asked for a refund from his manager, who seemed like he was going to come through. He agreed that the original trainer totally dropped the ball, that it had been an issue and that he wanted to make it right. He said he'd even train me himself. Refunded 1 session (I gave up with trying to set it up with the original trainer because he would not get back to me) but they wouldn't refund the other 3 because they said it was a package. He said he would make it right and would follow up with a new plan for me by a specific date and time. I had to follow up on the status with him as he never got back to me. He failed to follow through too. What can I do? They already have my money and know I can't commit to additional sessions because I of another event I have coming up that doesn't allow me to commit to personal training. I wasted 2 months of my time with a trainer that didn't deliver as well as well over $300.

membership termination - member id [protected]

I have made several requests for someone to contact me in management and I have not received a call. This complaint is about a corporate membership that was paid by me job and I have not been with this employer for 2 months. Upon my resignation I was not informed that I had to go to the club terminate my membership. Every time I spoke to someone they kept telling me that the balances due were my responsibility. When the representative came to my previous employer to sign us up this was not clearly explained to me in the meeting, if it was then I would have never signed up. Also we were told that we had to have a debit or credit card on file and I didn't understand why I had to do this when my employer was paying the membership. The representative never clearly explained why only that the card would never be charged unless we were going to purchase something and I did understand that either. So now I was charged for 2 months and they are threatening to turn it over to collections. I am very disappointed because I was not responsible for paying the membership dues and 2 months after leaving the employer they are charging me for services that I didn't use. I will continue to dispute this, because there another person that left the same employer and the are refunding her, her money that they charged to her card. My card wasn't charged because I had to have new cards issued, but what is the difference??? This is unfair. I have called everyone that I know who has joined life time thru this employer and they also did not know that they would be charged if the left this employer and did not go to the club and terminate their membership. This is unfair due to this part of the membership was not clearly discussed. I hope that life time treats their average members better than they are treating me. From member services to corporate I have not received any answers to get the resolved instead the want to sent this to collections bad business,

membership cancellation

I cancelled my membership august 1st it takes 3 months to completely cancel the membership. I have had sent...

hours of operation

Has always been a 365 day a year fitness center. Now they have decided to close christmas eve afternoon and...


I enjoy going to the highland park location but lately there are certain people slacking when I come in...