Enterprise Car Rentaldamage claim

I had rented a PT Cruiser for a week in Vegas. While on the freeway Quality Towing dropped a windshield off their towed vehicle and it went under my rental car without any apparent damage. The freeway was packed and the tow driver took an exit I could not follow, though I did not have a flat tire so proceeded. I found later that the small plastic fog light cover, (this car had no fog lights) had popped out, now missing. I filed claims for the missing piece, went to Quality Towing and filed a claim, yet 3 weeks later I get a bill from Enterprise for $785 including loss of use for 2 days rental rate, 100 administration fee, A NEW BUMPER, teh missing part and barcket hardware for the bumper, and labor of coarse.in talking to them, it is quite obvious they are opportunists for those of us that don't get pictures at the sight and/or run dowwn the driver of the towing company though nothing was wrong with my car and call the police on such a minor occurance.

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