Alamo Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews

Alamo Rent A Car / overcharge

Jun 12, 2019

I entered into an agreement with Priceline and Alamo on 11/26/2019;reference Priceline Trip Number 161-605-652-87;for a flight on American Airlines and a car rental from Alamo during the dates of Feb.20th, 2019 through March 23rd, 2019 to Panama City, Panama. The agreed upon amount for the...

Alamo Rent A Car / refund of 2 days car rental unused

Jun 08, 2019

Good Morning, I booked a car rental with Alamo in the US via Cartrawler because I am staff of an airline (SN at Brussels airport). Pick-up date was foreseen on 27th of may in San-Francisco and drop-off the 07th of june in Phoenix. We arrived in San-Francisco by plane the 24th of may. And...

Alamo Rent A Car / disgruntled customer

Jun 02, 2019

I was scheduled to pick up 3 vehicles from Atlanta airport already prepaid for 2 weeks in advance upon my arrival they refused to rent the vehicles stating that our drivers license from the bahamas was the wrong license bearing in mine i am a frequent customer of Alamo for 12 years+ plu...

Alamo Rent A Car / employee and manager

May 14, 2019

Employee male with blond spiky hair was very argumentative today as I was very frustrated about renting a vehicle and driving around all day. He began to tell me I can't rent a car without insurance and I advised that I didn't need it because Hotwire gave me the option to decline the...

Alamo Rent A Car / rental car drop fee

May 09, 2019

RA# 943169767 for Travis Chew. Your company charged me 636.44 for a rental car since I could not drop it back at the same airport due to my dad being very ill and dying. This drop fee is ridiculous since ultimately someone else will rent the car from the airport I dropped it at...

Alamo Rent A Car / price at pick up

Apr 13, 2019

I booked a car rental for 5 days with Alamo through My reservation was 197.76$ Canadian due at pick up. All taxes and fees included. I was shocked when I picked up my car at the counter of Fort lauderdale aiport that the price was different. 345.90 US$ so about 475$ Canadian...

Alamo Rent A Car / citation charged twice

Apr 02, 2019

I'm being charged twice for the same fine (invoice number CW080001189). I paid that bill on January 29 (the proof is attached). However, I have been charged again for that same invoice on February 15. I have submitted the proof of payment for citation to electronic addre...

Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

Mar 06, 2019

On February 2, 2019 I rented a car from Alamo at St Louis Airport. I noted to the gate attendant that the car had significant damage and he claimed he noted it on a damage report. During my time with the car, no damage occurred and the car was safely parked most of the time and no damage...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / unfair/unreasonable customer service

Jan 25, 2019

I have rented a vehicle from alamo in toronto ontario canada and have been communicated through email stating that I will be coming on saturday to rewrite/renew the contract agreement. Without any replies to my email, I have been reported to the bailiff and have almost got the car...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / unethical behavior

Dec 13, 2018

We rented an SUV from Alamo online on August 11, 2018 for December 25th and paid in full. On December 5th, I received a letter that Alamo, Bozeman, MT would not be able to rent the car to us. They offered a mid-sized car despite the fact we have 7 people. I explained we have 7 people plu...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / enterprise, national complaining

Dec 07, 2018

Hey, Emerald member ‪ this is Aftab Yusuf, account of membership it's not working I complain many times already before many about that who manager and others YYZ I was complaining before since dec 2015 complaint regarding who there 2 managers and others they not working well as it's should...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

Dec 05, 2018

I booked a Minivan through (number B4D7KFJ) at Orlando Airport and Its a prepaid contract. Pre Paid usd 459 with all insurances. I just handle a contract to the sales person, refused any change or new insurance. When I came back home I was charged with more USD 500 saying I...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / claim of invoice (receipt) no ra448059703, res 1839589945, ext ref 553916367

Nov 02, 2018

My contact e-mail for replay: We made a reservation of the car through with Booking Reference 553 916 367 for the rent period 20-AUG-2018 to 08-SEP-2018. Whole amount of rent fees was paid in advance. It means that everything have been already paid. In hte end...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / alamo rent acar tolls 877-8601284 usa

Oct 31, 2018

NoCont Loc 940748410 Martin Burri, Schwerzenbach NoRES 1501643165, ID Contrat AUTO EUROPE DEUTSCHLAND, No Ref Ext EU14935248 Dear Sirs, On 26-AUG-2018 I have picked up a car from ALAMO Rent a Car at the JFK International Airport, Building 308 Federal Circle Jamaica, NY 11430. While doing...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / lost and found

Oct 29, 2018

Extremely disappointed by how my case is handeled. I forgot my glasses in the car upon return. Car was rented and returned back at Paris airport. I have been contacting daily and have spoken to 3 respresentatives in 2 days. They keep reassuring that someone will contact you soon, that...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

Oct 29, 2018

Originally I booked the compact choice because I was the only person in the vehicle and was flying to a different state to conduct my military duty. The charge was approximately 130, I had made the reservation over a month in advance. To my surprise no vehicles in that category existed, so...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / rental car

Oct 22, 2018

On 10/18/2018, I picked up my rental car on Alamo at San Juan, PR Int'l Airport. I was very happy with the customer service and also they upgraded my rental due to lack of cars, they offered me a Jeep which I was even more happy with the upgrade. However, when I got to the Jeep, I found a...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / cancelled

Oct 07, 2018

After booking and paying in full with Alamo rentals, I log into my account 2 days prior to my flight to Atlanta, just to be informed my booking had been cancelled. I emailed to find out why this had happened, and was told I would need to rebook - no reason was given, no apology, and I...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

Oct 07, 2018

I rented a car from alamo in tours on the 29th of september. The car got btoken the next day. I bad to wait for a few hours for having the car towed away. Three alamo representatives, the names of two I recall being patrick and marie promissed me anothrr car, but nobody ever contacted...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / overpayment

Oct 05, 2018

Plaza Resorts rented a car for me for one week, I was to pay fuel charges and taxes. I extended my rental for 24 hours, and was told the cost would be $116.94. The car was rented from the Miami Airport, 3900 NW 25th St Suite 400, Miami FL 33142-6702 The weeks paid rental was from 9/15/2018...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / payment not received, and unethical behaviour at miami airport office

Oct 01, 2018

on early morning of august 5 I rented a car at Miami airport, RA 754268561, RES 1301703540, and I pay in cash one thousand dollars, the employee stated to me that 300 dollars will be a security deposit, for tolls and any additional expenses, and the balance toward my rental contract, when...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / service at shreveport airport and customer service

Sep 28, 2018

I rented a car on September 20th from the DFW airport. I was driving with two friends to Alabama to a funeral. While driving on the freeway through Shreveport, LA, the rearview mirror dropped off the stand and fell partially into my lap. I called customer service and they told me to go to...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / alamo rent a car [180824-003127

Sep 27, 2018

I have had an ongoing complaint regarding the shockingly poor service that we received on our recent holiday to Florida. I was in communication with Melissa (with the above reference number and now when i send an email i get this message "We apologize, but this e-mail address does not accept...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / fraud charges

Sep 21, 2018

Hello I have been a victim of fraud charges from Alamo rent a car In Spain (bilbao office). I took the car with a reservation from the Bilbao Airport. I did not take any insurance while reserving. The officer handling my car offered me an insurance package which he said will be the best...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

Sep 17, 2018

Hired a vehicle from Alamo in Orlando Florida. The car had a puncture which I was sure if it was slow or not and felt unsafe driving around on it and thought it to be inconvenient to continually pump it up so I phoned your breakdown department who told me to drive to al Alamo to switch it...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / rent a car

Sep 13, 2018

Please see the detais for my reservation. When I arrived there, she said the total was 132, 00 dolars cause I was oblied to add the liabily insurance. Ok, I did and was happy with 132, 00. When I give back the car in LAX, they chrge more then doble, + 144, 00 dolar. This is so absurd, how...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car hire in anaheim

Sep 12, 2018

We are from the uk and planned big trip of a lifetime for our son with the biggest part of it being hiring a mustang for 5 days to go to Vegas through Alamo Anaheim When picking up car we was told was a convertible beetle Please tell me how that is anything like a mustang!!! To say we wa...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

Sep 10, 2018

Alamo Damage Claim # 13143478  I have rented a car from Alamo in Sunny Isle Store (18080 Collins Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33160, USA) for 6 days. The retal was uneventful until the car was being returned. During the returning process Alamo agent claimed that the car had some scratche...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / roadside assistance

Sep 05, 2018

We paid a significant amount extra per day on our rental agreement for roadside assistance, after the agent assured us it would take the stress out of any problems that might occur. Today we got a low tyre pressure, and found there is a nail in one tyre. So we called the roadside...

Alamo Rent A Car / cost of returning item left in car.

Sep 05, 2018

IO left my handicap parking pass in a car i rented from the Almo car rental at the Ottawa Airport (Canada). When I asked them to ship it back they informed me it would cost $43.50 US (to ship from a Canadian address to a Canadian address!). When I asked them why they said "that's the way we...

Alamo Rent A Car / no desk at airport - want deposit back

Aug 29, 2018

E voucher no- 3615672 Named driver - John Davidson Car rental provider confirmation no- 1500560371COUNT We arrived at Alicante airport to discover there was absolutely no desk to collect our hire car from. To make matters worse it was out of hours that we landed at the airport. This caused...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

Aug 20, 2018

I rented a car via Alamo to collect at MIA airport Saturday 18th August. When I arrived at the desk there were only 2 staff working and a queue of about 12 people, admittedly it was 2 am so I understood the low staffing. However in the 20 minutes I waited in line only one person was processed. I...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / copenhagen airport alamo car rental

Aug 19, 2018

Rented the below ref. Car from the Airport on 14 August, 2018. This is what I found on the rear seat (a pair of dirty socks). I failed yo check the inside before departing. Puagh! P.S. I am attaching a photo of yhe contract deatails for your reference. I have also attached a photo of...

Alamo Rent A Car / rental car service

Jul 31, 2018

I'm a Alamo insider and have rented many cars from Alamo. Me and my husband receive the worst service this past weekend. My original conformation number was 1601332535. We reach the car rental facility at 2:30 am, and was told due to my rental was at 5:30 am, that I would need to come back...

[Resolved] Alamo Car Rental / car rental, 24 hrs assistance

Jul 30, 2018

A European family member rented a car from Europe, paid for it. She gets to LAX, Alamo convinces her to pay 30$ per day extra to get a better car. She accepted. She had gotten the 24 hrs assistance if anything goes wrong with car. In Oklahoma, we got a sudden flat tire. We quickly pulled to...

Alamo Rent A Car / additional charges on car rental

Jul 24, 2018

I rented a car at Vancouver airport on July 19-22, 2018 (RA # 173707973, RES # 1929357803) for an online advertised rate of $75 per day. When I returned the car, I was also billed a "premium location charge" at 17.21% and a "customer facility charge" at $5 per day, for an additional cost...

Alamo Rent A Car / rental car customer service wrong fees provided on extensions

Jul 21, 2018

I had ato get an extension on a rental with Alamo for a rental that was picked up at the Orlando International Airport. . I called their reservations phone number and spoke with Roschelle to extend from Sunday to Tuesday she said I would have to pay $2.30 to extend until Tuesday. I said I...

Alamo Rent A Car / customer service/ cavalier attitude

Jul 19, 2018

Poor Customer Service and Cavalier attitude. On July 12th I booked a reservation for a full-size vehicle to be picked up at El Paso AirPort. While traveling to El Paso my flight was delayed twice. As my flight was the last scheduled flight for that evening and the delays made my arrival...

Alamo Rent A Car / sat nav and mid guidance

Jul 19, 2018

Hi I got a masserati levante at Orlando International Airport and 2 things 1 the guy gave me the key and said its over there with no direction on how to use the car or anything 2. The sat nav which we Had to pay extra for is a complete joke why did it take me 3hours to get to cocoa beach from...

Alamo Rent A Car / theft

Jul 17, 2018

On Saturday 07/14/18 My brother Martin Stanfield, and his son Martin Stanfield Jr. came to visit me-his sister Angela Green. We started to go with another rental car company. However, after a family member recommending Almo. We chose to go with you! Big mistake. Your employees at the...