eDreamspoor customer service, customer not refunded after 3 months of waiting

Don't ever book with eDreams. I booked a ticket to Jordan from Riyadh some time in May 2019 (booking reference [protected]). Due to a change in Jordan airline flight schedule, I had no choice but to cancel the flight ticket. This will be a full refund since it's a mistake of Jordan Air.

EDreams told me that I should wait maximum 3 months to get my refund back. However, after 3 months of waiting I did not receive any refund from them. Even my booking number was removed from the system.

I gave edream a call, took me 10 to 15 minutes waiting time. The consultant said he is sorry but they still did not get the refund from Jordan Air yet. Told me to wait 72 hours or more. And gave me email address to converse with them. This whole call cost me almost 40 minutes and oversea charges $$.

So I waited and waited but there was no email or response from them. I send emails several times but this company will never reply your emails. At the end, I gave them a call again and waited a long queue. As soon as it's my turn, the consultant checked my case and told me to wait 72 hours again. It sounds convincing this time so i agreed to wait another 72 hours. Also I requested him to change my refund account from credit card to bank account.

To my disappointment, there was just an email from edream telling me refund still pending. I reply to this email but as usual this company has no one checking any emails.

In the next call to edream, I found out my refund account has not been updated as promised by the consultant. I lost my cool and scolded the operator.

From then onwards, I have been calling edream till today. And I still not getting my refund back. There is not a word of sorry from the company. They don't even honor their 3 months refund policy. They could have just refund me my money after 3 months and they can deal with Jordan Air later. Customer first. Instead, they let me wasted so much time and money calling them for nothing.

To all those out there who are planning to book through edream please do it only if you don't plan to cancel or change your flights ticket. This company will not refund you money. Don't bother sending them email or complaints because no one is bothered. They are rude and treat customers like nothing. This company has no heart. It's just a plain system taking order and giving tickets. Don't ever choose edream unless you cannot find any other agencies to get your ticket.

I will also post my records with edream on the tripadvisor review.


Oct 09, 2019

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