Edgarsgun held by suspected employee


17 April 2015, my little sister and I were shopping at Edgars (Eastagate). Whilst shopping around Edgars two employees of the Edgars' store approached my sister and I. The two employees were dressed in similar attire as the rest of the other Edgars' staff (this includes a name badge). The employees persisted to assist me in particular as I was looking for an outfit, as I had an important event on the 19th of April 2015.
Between the two employees I was able to recall the one employees name "Thandi" as it was visible. The other employees tag was not visible.
I had trusted these two employees as they appeared to be working in the store, they knew the various brands and cashiers.
Whilst shopping around Edgars with the assistance of "Thandi. I kept my little sister within my visual field. To my surprise the unnamed employee physically garbed my sister pulled her outside the store and pointed a gun at her demanding for my handbag.
Security reacted in a slow manner. Security began to assist me after 20 minutes (Am sure the suspects had left).
I am shocked, surprised and confused, how can this happen at Edgars. The floor managers didn't even notice that they had "two unknown employees."
The security is extremely poor. A police case has been opened however I would like to express disappointment towards the reaction time of the security, the quality of the CCTV cameras and the fact that anyone can pose as an Edgars employee with ease.
As this incidence happened at Edgars(indicating poor security control) I would like further assistance and cooperation from Edgars.
My handbag contained by passport (which is the most valuable item to me) I require my passport.


  • Li
    Libaner Aug 25, 2010

    Purchased Endocil face wash and care products to help bad skin issues i have been having, i am terribly unhappy with this product as it has made my face worse and i donot want to have scaring and spots.

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  • St
    Stutkins Sep 10, 2010

    I have purchased many pairs of Nike shoes and all from Edgars but the last 2 pairs purchased have NOT lasted longer than 2 weeks. The poor quality makes me think these are not original Nikes, the inner soles peal within a week! I will close my Edgars account and never again purchase from Edgars.

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  • Ch
    CharziG Jan 16, 2011

    Edcon are getting paid and the monthly instalments are not showing on their side. Accordingly they lob on interest, and are also lobbing on extra insurance costs, and Lifestyle fees which I either never asked for (and don't enjoy cover - they always find a loophole not to pay) and/ or cancelled over a year ago, yet they persist on just taking the money...

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  • Fe
    Fetas Mar 31, 2012

    I have credit card from edgars, iam shocked when i recieve montly statement which state the insurance amount that i dnt about it, and they take about R300 FOR MY MONTHLY PAYMENT AND PAID IT FOR THAT INSURANCE I dnt know about it

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  • Cr
    Cromhout Nov 13, 2014

    This account was paid up and closed months ago, yet it still running and shows arrears at itc transunion...
    This is affecting our home loan application and our credit score!! Utterly unacceptable and bad service!!!

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