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no one answers the number [protected].

I held for one hour on the 23rd Jan 2019. From 3:30 to 4:30 No answer My previous refer number was E...

cell phone r6 mobicel

I bought a R6 Mobicell between the 19th and 20th December 2018, 2 hours after the phone was bought it died at...

[Resolved] unethical behaviour

On Saturday 12 January 2019 I went to your Edgars store in Church Street Pietermaritzburg with my 14 year old daughter, while shopping I was disgusted with the vulgar music that was playing in your store. The song with the mother f----- words was been played at high volume. I approached a staff member about the disgusting music that was been played. She informed me that there was nothing that they could do as per the manager this was the kind of music that brought customers into the store. Sadly if this is the kind of manager that runs your store he is a poor example for someone of authority. This is the first time that your standard of customer service has dropped to such an all time low.

S Hurilall

  • Edgars Fashion / Edcon's response · Jan 20, 2019

    Hi S Hurilall - I do apologize for the poor music experience you were subjected to at the store. Please contact me to discuss.
    Anil Mooljee- Store Manager- Edgars Pietermaritzburg.
    Tel 0333941965
    Email: [email protected]

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

took money without giving product

We went to the boardsmans in Liberty mall on 21 December. We bought bathroom mats and we paid for it. Whilst...


Good day.

Over the last few days, my card has not worked at any Edcon store. Not only is this frustrating but insulating when I am told it is my card that is the problem.

I was at a local mall, I went from Forever New, where my card worked, to Edgars where my card did not work and I was told my card was the problem in front of other customers forcing me to put my bill on my friends account who I was with at the time. From there I went straight to Dischem next door, where my card worked. Seeing as there was nothing wrong with my card we decided to go try pay my friends account a little down the mall at CNA. Here again my card would not work and I was told that they sometimes have problems, at least I was not told I had reached my limits, insufficient funds or my card was blocked like I was at Edgars. From CNA we went to Mug and Bean, where my card worked.

Giving it another try, I decided to go to a small shopping centre close to home, the next day, to try pay my friends account. Going from the Spar, where my card was working, to the CNA. Here again my card would not work and I was told my card was the problem. I eventually had to transfer a large amount of money to my boyfriend so he could pay for me. From there I went straight to Woolworths where my card worked.

I don't understand how my card is not working at any of your Edcon stores but after all the effort, embarrassment and the possibilities of this happening again I would be hesitant to go there again.

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mobile content charges

Dear Edgars I was charged for mobile content which I know nothing of. I went to nearest shop was not helped...


returning a shoe

Dear Edgars, I was at your shop earlier today at eastgate shopping mall to find a solution to what I thought...

incorrect billing from unauthorized charges

I was recently billed incorectly on my Edgars account. I have contacted the Edgars customer care line, they...

bad boy smart watch

I purchased the bad boy watch from Edgars Greenstone at the beginning of October 2018. The watch was a gift for my son's birthday (25/10/2018). The day my son opened the gift and begun to use the watch. He noticed that it would not charge. As per Edgar's return policy, we had the watch for more than 7 days. 4 days after my son's birthday, I took the watch to Edgar's Eastgate. The staff told me the watch would need to be sent in for repairs. I filled out the paperwork and proceeded to wait for a notification or update on the repairs. With no contact after a month of waiting. I called the branch for an update. The staff informed me that it was still in process. Continuing to wait till the beginning of December 2018. I contacted them again. Receiving the same response. I have been contacting the store at least twice a week. It is now the 18th December 2018, I contacted the store again (contacting them the day before as well). They told me it was still in process. Frustrated that I have not received any feedback without me having to chase up on the watch. I requested to speak to the supplier.
The store gave me the number and told me to give the ref number on my pink slip. During this telephone call to the store I over heard the member of staff explaining the previous days call I had made. She whispered that the staff that received the call was avoiding handling my request. Along with the poor feed back I am being ignored as a customer...
I contacted the supplier, where I was told the watch had been sent over the course of November. The cause for the delay was the strikes. According to the contact from the supplier.
Over and above the complaints I have already mentioned. I am not happy with Edgar response and not informing me that there was a delay in transporting my item I paid for. Very poor service

return policy

I purchased a dress (signature collection) from Edgars Potchefstroom, Mooiriver Mall on 2018-11-17 @ 14:22. I...

Potchefstroom Clothing, Shoes & Acc

xmas and not christmas

I hate that almost every store in SA has Xmas and not Christmas this is not right at the yourl beed to change it or I will cancel my account and stip buying from yourll change it now or lose a customer. I thought yourl were a good store but I thoughy wrng I hope this matter is taken very serious or I will take matters into my own hands and tell other not to buy from your stores ever this point of Christmas is Christmas amd not X yourl are just disrespecting us as Christians I hope to hear from you that you solved this matter or if not then you will know why your business is failing

xmas and not christmas

Edgars Fashion / Edcon

incorrect billing from unauthorized charges

Edgars had implemented charges on my account which I have not authorized. These charges first appeared in May...

payment that does not reflect

Good day,
I have already paid this account on the 5 th of December. On the 8 th of December I received this sms
Please pay your Edgars acc urgently in order to maintain your positive payment record and good credit reference. Alternatively please call us on [protected]
I phoned the number and the lady that assist me told me the system does not reflect that I payed and I need to go into the store and they need to update the payment.
On the 9 th I went to Somerset Mall Edgars and the manager Regan assist me.
He said there is nothing they can do from their side and I just need to wait till the system update this payment as there is a bottle neck effect due to the system that was off.
When I payed this account R January did not informed me that the system was off.
As a customer of Edgars for many years I am upset about this. Now I even get charged for late payment even thou I did make the payment!!!
This is is not the way to treat a customer.
Please contact me on [protected].

Marni Rischmuller

payment that does not reflect

Edgars Fashion / Edcon

horrible shopping experience - blue route tokai

I have been a very good client of Edgars since opening account a year ago, shopping monthly and paying on...

racist incident

On Saturday 8/12/18 I visited your Shelly Beach store to buy perfume as a treat to myself. I selected my perfume and your employee Sphephelo Malehaye started following me saying he will walk with me to the pay point. I pointed out that I am still going to look around the store for other items and he then took the perfume from me stating that he will keep it with him until I have finished looking around and can then collect it from him. It was embarrassing having an employee taking my purchase from me in front of other customers and basically stating that he does not trust me to pay for the item. There was numerous other customers that took items of the shelves and were allowed to continue shopping without being followed or having their purchases taken from them. It has left me with a feeling of not wanting to visit your store anymore and closing my account. I have been a customer of Edgars for nearly 30 years and this is the first time I have been treated like this. I purchased the perfume to proof a point that I can afford to pay but will rather be giving it to someone else as it will only remind me of a very unpleasant experience. I will rather look for another outlet to buy perfume.

cell phone

Greetings my name is Isaac tshabalala I bought a huaw Y3 on the 26/07/2018 at menlyn park edgars I used it...

Edgars Fashion / Edcon

r600 promo voucher

So you ran a promotion of when you buy for R600 they'll give you another R600 and then went and bought. Got the voucher a week ago when i tried to use the voucher was told cannot use it, first need to pay because my account is overselling and asked what does my account have to do with the voucher and the answer was those are terms and conditions and looked for the terms and conditions and it's not there so what are you trying to do ‘scam me' becasue you cannot come up with terms and conditions that i will only find out about after i've spent my money. Right now i dont even know how did my account oversell because the last time i checked i still had credit but now im told there's the voucher but guess what you need to pay first before you can use it. I will be reporting this further because i was misled when i bought for R600, you made me buy thinking will get the R600 voucher but turned on me with terms and conditions that didnt exist still before i bought.

Also your staff at The Glen Edgars was very undermining the tone, they were using was very condescending saying i should prove that i paid my account last month insunuating im lying about the fact that i paid and also the customer service lady hung up on me.

Dont think it's how the company should be treating customers, scamming them like that? Why give me the voucher that i need to pay before could use it and didnt even mention that when i was buying? You MISLED ME!

I've attached all the terms and conditions of the voucher that were sent to me and none mentions your account need to be up to date and also if my account is not up to date is only because the money is only due end of this month not now.

r600 promo voucher
r600 promo voucher
r600 promo voucher

Edgars Fashion / Edcon
  • Sh
    s hurilall Jan 15, 2019

    I had also received the same sms . I went to the store and I purchased for R600 as well. I asked the cashier about the R600 voucher so that I could use it the same day. She said that I had to wait for another sms and that I would receive it in a few days time. After a week I still did not receive the sms so I phoned the call centre. I was informed that as it was during the weekend ad that there was no manager on duty and that I must call back during the week. I phoned back during the week and I spoke to a very rude lady (Mabuyi Zulu) who told me that she cannot help me and that I must go and sort it out with the store Manager. After getting no joy I feel that Edgars are scamming customers. Please note I have been shopping at Edgars for over 30 years.

    Sharla Hurilall

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trading hours

On the 5th December I went to the Edgar's wonderpark branch to purchase face products. I arrived at the door at 18:45 and the doors were already closed. What I fail to understand is why say the store closes at 19:00 but the doors are already closed. I spoke to the security that was on duty and asked what time the store closes. She said 7pm but it was already closed way before 7pm. Please assist with this matter

gift card

Hi im leocardo from kimberley. I received a gift card that was loaded with r1100 at african bank as part of my loan package. I went to the edgar's branch and they told me the card have expired. I called twice but no one can assist me on this matter. It's either they will call me back or i'll receive an sms but ain't got nothing yet. Can someone please assist me

management behaviour

I am utterly disgusted at the way i was treated at your Edgars store in Pavilion. My husband and I along with a toddler and infant went shopping at your store on Saturday 1 December. We purchased 3 pairs of branded sandals for my kids. The one sandal did not have a bar code. The cashier left his till and came back a few moments later with the bar code written on his hand. It did not seem to work so we left the till again and returned moments later with another sandal to replicate the bar code. Once the transaction was done and while waiting for the slip to print, my husband put on the sandal for my 6 year old. In error, the cashier packed in the sandal used for bar coding purposes. Upon leaving the store, the packet beeped. I found that the stickers were still left on my infants shoe but at the same time i also realised that the extra pair used for bar coding purposes was also in the packet. The security guard did not even pick this up. I said to him that it does not belong to us and I do not know how it got in to the packet as my son has the shoe on his foot. He called head of security who then went to call the store manager. When Stembiso arrived, we explained what had occurred or atleast what we think. He passed a comment " I will let this slide as once it leaves the till it is regarded as theft". I was horrified! my infant was already crabby from the long wait so we walked away but i have never felt so disgusted in my life. I understand what it might look like but the right thing to do would be to check the footage before accusing me. That is defamation of character and i will not accept it. If i do not get a formal apology i will be going to social media. In South Africa we have this thing called...Innocent before proven guilty. I was made out to be a criminal.