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My husband ordered 2 pizzas on Friday 11th October. After an hour and a half, they had not arrived and I called the shop. I was told that the driver was not available and the pizza was cooked 10 mins ago but would be with us in about 40-60 mins. I said the pizza would be cold! The person said he could not do anything about this: did we want the pizza or not?
We went and collected, given we had waited this long.
I am really frustrated with the poor service and the acceptance that the pizza would have been delivered cold, after it had been sitting for over an hour to be delivered.

Oct 12, 2019
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  • Km
      Oct 12, 2019

    The pizza wouldn't have been cold. They put the pizzas in a reflective insulated pouch which is said only allow a 20 degree drop per 15 minutes so it would have only dropped in 2 hours 160 degrees, pizza is cooked at 350 degrees so the pizza and if the pizza is immediately put in the pouch when it came out of the oven it would have still been 190 degrees when it arrived 2 hours later, so it would be perfect eating temperature. Only problem is I wouldn't want to wait 2 hours for pizza.

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