Dollar Treebad service

First it is not my fault that the system freeze and on that moment she was on a break, supervisor or manager Sarah, came to register apparently to help but we got a surprise, the first mistake that Sarah made was that she make racist comments against us with the cashier. If she want to see my birth certificate, I can show it to her that I am an american citizen since the day I born, so I am american as her and there is no reason for her to make racist comments against another american. Second, the manages demonstrate the lowest knowledge asking me what she can do with the system, obviously as a computer technician I know how to fix the problem, but it is her responsibility to as manager had the proper knowledge on the system, not to ask me what to do. As a manager she should be to represent company values demonstrating that every customer is important for the only the ones that only speak english. Personally I dont think those are the values that you guys as company wants to spread around your employees. I hope you guys stop this type of conduct

Sep 28, 2019

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