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I went into Dollar Tree to buy hand soap & candles. I saw a lot of the stuff from Assured Antibacterial Moist Wipes was ripped open & stolen. So I went to two women who worked there & asked "hi, who is the boss here." This women told me & (let me say I've gone to this Dollar Tree for year's & she has always been rude to me & other people shopping there), so I told her about the Assured Antibacterial Moist Wipes & that the people who work there should remove it so other people wont be buying stuff that was stolen & most of it is gone from the packages. She said 'there's nothing we can do about it" in a real snotty voice. Then looked back at the other women chatting away about whatever. So I honesty said "you know you are a real B" which wasn't right, but yes I did. She said it right back & started laughing. I then said "I am going to report you to the corporate." She said "you can, they wont do anything."
Got to the cashier to buy the stuff & saw her passing so I took some photo's so the corporate office can see who I am talking about. Bought the stuff, and started to go towards the door to exit. She came up to me, punched me in the face, & took my phone. Said "you can't take photo's of me!" Said it over & over. I said "yes I can, & am only taking them so the corporate office can see who I am reporting about." I said "give me my phone back" She wouldn't so I tried to grab it from her right hand about 3 time's, & two staff who work there grabbed me & pushed me those time's. She took my phone & through it on the ground. I asked people to call the police, & no one did. I picked up my phone & said "I am calling the police for assault." She said "I am calling also for you taking photo's of me."
I went to the police station & reported it. I said "I do not want to press charges, I just thought I should call, because of the assault & she said she was calling about the photo's which is legal to do as you now." A officer told me that she can press charges because I assaulted her. Which I did not. He said "you can be under arrest though because she said it." The officer said "you will not be arrested because you said you didn't want to press charges though."
She didn't want to press charges because I would of had her arrested, & it's on camera.
The officer also said "tell the corporate office about this & send them the photo's of her. Most likely they will let her go, because of how she acted."
That is a good Dollar Tree, but staff need to learn how to show respect for people who shop there. I was wrong for saying the B word, but she was wayyyy more then wrong for what she did. Also I had seen her in the past. Rude to me & other people shopping there.

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