Dollar Treeservice


I was the dollar tree store @ 1610 e. 165th st. Hammond, IN. Store # 5694. Worst customer service ever. Manager left the store with over 20 people in line. 1 cashier did not open the other cashier left her register to complete a call in order of 20 balloons that the manager gave her when she left. The other cashier took people from the back of the line finally and was very rude when asked why. 1st was Lonnie, 2nd cashier was Markaya, manager left before I could get her name. This store is famous for leaving One cashier on duty. Corporate needs to look into this store procedures. I was there October 13, 2017 for over 30 minutes at the register. Who have left everything, but wanted a receipt to get numbers to call. Which that didn't work either. THIS COMPANY HAS BAD CUSTOMERS SERVICE ALL AROUND

Dollar Tree

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