Dollar Treeservice

V Aug 03, 2018

At store #6757
The store as been absolutely filthy for the pasr few of months...I think it is the same spill marks, dirt, trash and merchandise on the floor that was on there a few months ago... It use to be so clean and organized... And the workers use to be so pleasant as soon as you walk in... Today the cashier was on her cell phone while she was ringing up customers...a worker that was suppose to be putting out stock was on her cell phone after standing around leaning up against the product for 10 minutes talking to another employee named Stephanie...I know her name because she checked me out and was rude AND put chemicals in with food... What happened to this store? The only one that was pleasant was an older lady with glasses...I think her name was Rebecca...I thought I would go there one more time in hopes that it had improved but never again.

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