Dollar Treelack of help and store is filthy.

K Sep 11, 2018

I went to your store in Oakhurst, ca. in Madera county. It was about 1pm On Sept 9 2018. There was one checker available. Where was everyone else. The store was packed. I went to pick one item up and by the time I got there it was about 20 to 25 standing in line. whats up with that. You just lost a customer and money because of this. been in there many times and it seems it gets worst. How come you store runs out of bags. Something is wrong there. It is called management. I am going to also contact Madera County Health Dept. because the store is so dirty unfit for people to go in. You can not walk in unless you step over crap that are on the floor or in the isles blocking. The bathrooms are gross. At least when I go to Vons or other stores I have no problem. I feel dirty when I walk out at this store. My next step will be calling the media. People should know not to got to dollar tree store expecially in Oakhurst, ca. Unbelievable. taking my money else where.

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