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Penske Truck Rental reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 27, 2006. The latest review Marcos Vidal/diesel technician was posted on Mar 2, 2021. The latest complaint Brakes and air condition was resolved on Sep 02, 2019. Penske Truck Rental has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 63 reviews. Penske Truck Rental has resolved 19 complaints.

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+1 800 736 7531 (Commercial Truck Rental Information)
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+1 866 309 1962 (Sales Department)
+31 800 4673 6753 (Netherlands, Penske Logistics)
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Calle Antonio Dovali Jaime #70 Piso 4, Col Santa Fe, México D.F., CP 01210, Mexico

Penske Truck Rental Complaints & Reviews

Penske Truck RentalMarcos Vidal/diesel technician

An employee named Marcos Vidal who works for you guys have made a racial comment to my Asian mother on the TikTok app. I do not find this behavior acceptable at all & I think you guys should take action and do something about this!

Marcos Vidal/diesel technician
Marcos Vidal/diesel technician

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    Penske Truck RentalTruck driver

    I'm not sure how it all works but whoever was driving a Penske cab in the photo I attached he was driving recklessly today in Liverpool, NY. He tailgated me, aggressively changed lanes behind me, was driving 15 mph (at least 60 in a 45) over the speed limit and ran a red light at a very busy intersection. On John Glenn Blvd around 1:30 pm on 2/9/21. Not sure if this is a driver paid by Penske or someone that just rented the vehicle but I would definitely suggest not renting to him anymore.

    Truck driver

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      Oct 29, 2020

      Penske Truck Rental — Truck purchase

      I have never been treated with so much disrespect and disregard. The irresponsibility across the board within...

      Sep 16, 2020

      Penske Truck Rental — No place to park - pickup in the sticks - car destroyed then towed

      I picked up a truck in Roseburg Oregon. I asked if I could just stay parked in front of the office, inside...

      Penske Truck RentalDriver

      All I did was turn off woodman and one of your drivers honked at me and I went to udf and he wanted to come in there parking lot and start screaming and yelling at me claiming when I turned I hit him when I didnt and started calling me a hideous ugly [censored] this and that. The number on the door of what he was driving is 343429. I dont appreciate being harrassed and being accused of something I didnt do. Next time I'll be going to the police

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        Penske Corporationdriving

        Please review the video and educate your drivers not pull out and cut off oncoming traffic. It is very dangerous. I had to frocibly apply the brakes to stop in time and I was doing the speed limit. The trucks license plate # is P626851. It was 3:25pm EST on [protected]. This happened on Old Statesvilles road in Cornelius, NC, while I was travelling north of Sam Furr road. If you have any questions you can contact me at [protected] Thank you.

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          Nov 09, 2019

          Penske Corporation — 26 ft one-way truck rental

          I rented a truck for a one-way move on October 7, 2019. 1. Received a call the night before my scheduled...

          Nov 05, 2019

          Penske — purchase of tractor from penske

          I purchased a premier Truck from Penske, that I picked up for Massachussetes on Oct 18, 2019. That same day...

          Penske Corporationcustomer complaint

          I witnessed a customer renting your truck, who attached hate speech onto the back of your rental. He rode for over an hour on the interstate with the message attached to your Penske truck: "Liberals... America's Hemorrhoids"

          I'm calling to request that you deny service from this customer indefinitely. Virginia License plate # 4055PE

          Please let me know how you handle this issue.

          picture attached

          customer complaint
          customer complaint

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            • Ec
              Ecotest Lab Sep 16, 2020
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Well, he does have a point. Socialism has never worked. It's the pathway to hell. Suggested reading "the Road to Serfdom." A classic for anyone who thinks. Sadly, few liberals do. They make a lot of noise, but few actually study history.

              0 Votes

            Penske Corporationthe car carrier

            I'm making this complain because the rental of your truck and car carrier for our relocation from Texas to Florida started off horribly and ended horribly. The first problem was the facility we started at in Garland Texas gave us a truck infested with red ants i mean infested and I am allergic to them. Thank goodness I didn't ride in the truck with my husband as we were told to go to the main facility to get padding for our television that they didn't have. The people at the main facility were accommodating and said the truck was unacceptable. So they gave us a different truck and told us we could use a car transporter through them. They also gave us a discount. We were satisfied. All was well until we got to Florida to unload at storage facility. The jack handle or whatever it's called broke as we were trying to unhitch car transport. It was not due to operator error. We called for roadside service and they sent a service called boss idk they fix tires . However they looked inside the jack and said the teeth were broken they couldn't help us and they took pictures. The tow was faulty to say the least and had us in danger for almost 1500 miles. Next your company sends out a tow truck that tried to help Us. A1 towing of Fort Meyers Florida, He did un hook the car tow but it was too wide for him to tow because he had rails on his tow truck so we had to go through that until we figured out it would not work. So he hooked car tow back up to moving truck and told us to just take it all in the next day! Now this took all of about six hours of us unloading our things at storage within two hours and sitting at this facility waiting for four almost five hours dealing with this issue. To add insult to mental anguish when we turned in the vehicle today at the fort Meyers location we were asked how come it wasn't filled with gas??! This is super annoying and ridiculous when the company in Texas told us all we needed was a quarter of a tank. We explained our issues and the gentleman said that would be our compensation to not worry about the gas. He then asked my husband if he knew how to get the car tow off the truck?! Are you kidding me it's comical at this point and we are so exhausted and tired from our trip I'm actually speechless. I'm just thankful to the Lord we didn't have an accident and made it safely. The last guy said you guys have lots of trucks and you so your best and this happens l. I disagree you should never ever send people on the road trusting faulty equipment that they have no ability to check for themselves. Ok I guess that's it. Happy to be in Florida. Will not refer Penske to family or friends.

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              • Rk
                R Kelly Jun 05, 2020
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. Can I contact you via your email?

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              Sep 28, 2019

              Penske Corporation — used car

              I am a retuning customer who bought 2 used cars over the past year. First experience was a good one. Second...

              Sep 14, 2019

              Penske Corporation — replace egr coolant in the engine to stop engine light.

              A part in my engine needed to be fixed to stop the check engine light from coming on and truck shutting off...

              Penske Corporationpenske corporate complaint

              I AM BAFFLE! You not only let a customer verbally abuse, harass, and be discriminatory to someone WHO WORKS FOR PENSKE, but you also gave him a discount for doing so. Not to mention it was done so by your wonderful customer support who heard everything on the phone and then still gave him a discount. I'm all for customer service, but to let a customer treat your employee like that is just completely mind boggling. You let him say he's happy that he doesn't have to talk to someone who's not American!? What kind of racist bigotry is that. You guys are the worst company for truck rentals. I will make sure this get to corporate and you guys will go down. I'll make sure everyone I ever get in contact with will know to never use Penske. You will be hearing more about this.

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                Sep 02, 2019

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Penske Corporation — Brakes and air condition

                On friday august 30th I rented a truck from your company and trusting my daughter and my life. Well I wa...

                Aug 30, 2019

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Penske Corporation — charges, horrible customer service

                I have commercial account with Penske. I usually rented every week or twice a week. The location I usually...

                Aug 19, 2019

                Penske — customer service

                I was very unhappy with the service from the start. I had a big move from Connecticut to Florida. I checked...

                Penske Corporationtruck for purchase

                I purchased a unit over a month ago, as a premium model. I was assured that this unit was ready before traveling from California to New Mexico. When I arrived in New Mexico the vehicle had major cosmetic flaws on the outside. Once I drove the truck no less than 5 minutes the air brake system began to beep and did not hold pressure. I took it back immediately, the mechanics there seemed baffled. There was a major leak, the mechanics then gave me false information. I did not take the vehicle and left it there. I have reached out to numerous people at Penske who have become in responsive to my emails and calls. Over a months and still no resolution, I was promised that my truck would be ready 2 weeks ago, still no. How does a large company take your money and then not follow through? The bank has funded them their money, now I have a note and insurance and daily wages lost . This is the worse, I advise other and I know I will NEVER purchase another vehicle from Penske again!!

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                  • Mo
                    Moeboogie Oct 29, 2020
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    The same thing happened to me. My truck was a lemon. Brokedown 25 mins after I took the truck. I had to tow it myself pay for everything. I was 7 hours away from my house in another state and I was stranded. I had to pay for a hotel for two nights only to be told on Monday that I was responsible to get home also. Over three thousand dollars later in expenses, they tell me they will refund a portion of the money because another department has to give me the rest and that I have to wait 15 days to get a refund. I have been out of work for six days and they do not even offer me a rental temporarily so that I can work. They basically said sucks to be you and wait for your money and so what if you do not work. I emailed 8 people ccd everyone and emailed the President and the VP. They will give me my money back or they will get sued.

                    0 Votes

                  Penske Truck Rental 70754042truck leasing

                  On july 31, 2019, I leslie h oxley drove to home depot to pick up a penske 26' truck to have filled with household goods to drive from los angeles ca. Rancho cucamanga 91730. The truck appeared to drive fine from pick up to residence, but it wasn't until we left and hit the highway that issues started to occur. We noticed that the passenger window handle was broken. Not mentioned on the pick up sheet - no problem simple overlook. As we drove on highway I noticed the driver door shaking in its locked sequence making all kinds of obvious noise. Not normal under any condition. It appears that the hinges were not in an acceptable condition for the door to be shaking. It should be locked and secured without a dancing ability in that locked position. A "safety violation" in my personal experience as a safety consultant. Next the a/c unit was cooling when we left. An hour into our transfer the a/c went humid, which tells me that there either was a leak in the contained pressure system or low charge or moisture in the evaporator, which in fact needed to be serviced as evacuation and put under a vacuum to check and see if it would hold a vacuum, checking for those leaks that would cause a low a/c charge and after confirming that it may have a had a lead fix it and put under another vacuum and recharge. The best time to do this is "before a customer picks up a vehicle" "not when the customer is drivng from local pick up to destination". Very uncomfortable and unpleasant. Oh! By the way we attempted to call before leaving the area and we did not get through to anyone! So we continued our unpleasant journey in your truck. Next on the agenda the truck would not consistently down shift when traveling up a steep grade to keep the truck at a normal speed "something wrong with controlling unit" truck would be traveling at 70 mph and when we hit a steep grade hill it would slow to 40 mph before downshifting. "very frustrating to rent a penske and have this happen". I have rented several penske trucks in the past when in the military and I never had a penske with all these issues. The owner deserves a huge discount for this inconvenience! I am forwarding a copy of this letter to miss velma gandara.

                  Leslie h oxley usn retired

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                    Penske Corporationtruck rental

                    I was moving from wexford PA and dropping the truck off to hackettstown NJ. I arrived at home depot to pick up a 12 ft truck and there wasnt a truck available to rent even though i had a reservation and called ahead to make sure it was there. I waited for over an hour while they called penske to see where the trucks were. I finally get a truck and pack it up. The next day i start my 6 hour trip and notice the truck would shake after a certain speed. I decide to go as far as i can because it would be really bad if i had to stop somewhere and change trucks. My back is killing me from the vibration. Then i get into NJ and the weather was horrible i am having a hard time seeing and thought it was just all the rain. It was untill i get to tge drop off point for the truck that i realize that the water was on the inside of the windshield. Upon further inspection i see two places where blu painters tape was on the winsheild which would suggest that there was recent work done to the windsheild. I park the truck into a spot and try to look for the drop box. There are three businesses at this location and i only see one drop box which has a sign that says this is for the auto repair shop not for penske. In the middle of this horrible weather i am scaling a dark parking lot looking for the drop box for penske. I finally find a small opening in the garage door which has a hand written note around it " key drop"... So i put the keys in it and head home. The next day i got to work and receive a frantic phone call from my sister who was the credit card holder to reserve the truck, she was asking me to call over there and tell them where the key is because there is a woman who was screaming and cursing at her and making fun of the way she talks aand literally bringing her to tears. So i call this lady named Denise and ahe procedes to scream and carry on at me as well. Threatning me and belittling me in a most horrible manner. I tell her where the key was and appologize to her if i had put it in the wrong spot. She calls me back to scream at me some more she said ahe wasnt feeling well and i was keeping her at work and that there were signs everywhere that i should have parked it in a different spot etc... Im not the type of person to complain because im a mechanic and a conatruction worker i understand sometimes we have a rough day. However im covinced that if this lady wasnt on drugs than she definatly has a mental disability she was absolutly out of her mind. I could barely get a word in edge wise. Please feel free to contact me if there are further questions... As a whole this was a horrifying experience and if we cant find a type of resolution i feel severly threatened and am still feeling like i need to press legal charges. I will be contacting a lawyer and the local authorities just ss soon as i get off work today.
                    Thank you in advance for any help you can do in this situation
                    Michelle Taylor

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                      Penske Corporationrental truck 16'

                      We have used Penske in the past and so far have been happy with them. On July 13 we reserved a 12' truck from Fort Payne, Alabama to West Chester, Ohio. When we arrived at the rental place the lady was nice and polite but in a hurry because she had somewhere to be and we arrived right before they closed due to the car breaking down on the way there. We did call and notify her off the problem and she she stated she would be there a short while after closing. We were not walked around but anyone to assess damages that were done before we rented the truck and they had it already marked on the paperwork that there was no damage. There was damage around the gas cap. After we left and got about a block away we stopped and noticed that we were given a 16' truck not the 12' truck we had reserved. We were never called nor were we told at the time we paid for the truck that it was the 16' not the 12' truck. I do understand that the 12' trucks are limited but we had just rented the smaller truck from the same place in May. I was also just told that the 12' trucks are not available at all locations. I used my card in May to pay for the rental with no problems but this time for whatever the reason my card was not being accepted. The rental lady could not give us an explanation on why our card was not being accepted. I did check my card and there was plenty of funds to cover what we needed. I then had to use the cash that I had set aside for our move, storage and gas to pay for the truck and the deposit. I estimated how much money was needed but due to not having the truck we reserved and the truck we had no choice but to take took considerably more gas than I had budgeted. I called the 800 number and told them our I issue. I expressed my concern with not having the gas to put back in the truck when returned and was out of gas already. The gentleman I spoke with told me to call Roadside assistance an explain to them or issue on gas so that we were not charged $8 a gallon which is robbery in the first place when we returned the truck. I was then informed if I could make it to the sharonville, Ohio location which was only 10 minutes from where I was they would help me. They told us to pull up to a pump and they filled the tank and sent us on our way. Now the gentleman I spoke with when calling the roadside assistance number knew that before I returned the truck that we were still in the middle of moving which I assumed he had told the location we took it to of that as well.
                      When we returned the truck on Monday July 15th to the Home Depot in West Chester, Ohio we were not given back the $100 deposit nor did we receive any type of compensation as we were told. The last at the counter called Penske and our complaint was then marked as undisputed. We have found that it is much cheaper to rent a one way rental and when we were finished with our move we were renting another one way rental from our location in Ohio back to the location in Alabama but we are now stuck in Ohio because of the mess we have because of Penske. I would appreciate a prompt response to this complaint and hope to come to some type of agreement.

                      Thank you
                      Christopher Auburn [protected]
                      Stephanie Sensbach

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