Dollar Generalthe store is dirty and cluttered and no carts are available.

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This store is very dirty, cluttered, and the isles are impossible to pass through because stuff is all over the floor. The shelves are almost empty in some areas. No carts are available. I had to walk outside and clear around the store to the back in order to find a cart. When I asked who the manager of the store was, the women said "I am, do you have a problem?" She said it in a disgusted and almost threatening tone of voice so I didn't engage her. I won't go back. People are constantly complaining that there is never a checker or they have to stand in line forever. I hope something can be done because treating customers like this will run the business off.

Sep 03, 2019
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      Sep 16, 2019

    That seems to be the biggest complaint about Dollar general, isles full of carts with the mdse and nothing put on the shelves. This company needs to take some lessons on organization of there stores and train there employees . Hold them accountable for there actions. It could be a great little store if there employees were friendly and you had mdse to buy

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