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I visited this Dollar General today. I shopped for 40 minutes in the store. When I went to checkout the line was extremely long and only one cashier was waiting on people in line. I had a $5 coupon to use on my order. When I got to the register to use my coupon the cashier could not scan it and an older gray-haired lady with a long ponytail tried to help him. This lady obviously worked there. I saw four employees but none of them had on name tags. The lady tried several times with the coupon but it would not work. I did not have alcohol or tobacco. I asked her to call the home office and she did. The first time she called she got disconnected while talking. The second time she called she said that there had been a cliche in the system when printing the coupon and it should have been dated for Saturday, August 17th and not for Friday, August 16th. When I asked her if Dollar General was going to honor the coupon she said no they would not. So I stated that it's customers fault when Dollar General makes mistakes? She just looked at me and I walked out without my $36 worth of merchandise. I waited in line for 27 minutes. This is ridiculous. What has happened to Dollar General and their honor? I know it was only $5 and that is not even the point. I was there with a coupon from Dollar General and was trying to use it in their store. Customers were walking out because they were tired of standing in line waiting. Some customers were even yelling out "I am waiting". All for $5! Way to go Dollar General! Tammy Hughes. [protected]

Dollar General

  • Updated by Tammy Rose Hughes, Aug 17, 2019

    These were not kids. These were grown adults.

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