Dollar Generalthey get inventory shipped in and then don't get it on shelves where you can buy it.

C Sep 08, 2018

I buy alot of catfood from dollar general. At least 10 sacks of week. I buy the 9lives and purina catfood brands. Earlier this week the store in Caney KS got a 2 truck delivery of inventory. I went in 4 days in a row this week to buy food and still no decent brand of catfood on shelf. There was a a sack of a cheap brand the cats dont do well on and I bought it cause needed something for them to eat. Please understand I run my own business and deal with inventory all of the time. You get ur boxes unloaded and get product on the shelf so u can make sales. Right??? Yesterday (Friday) went down petfood aisle and worker was there. Not unloading any petfood . I reached down to get the cheap sack of food and she said we just got that in. I had complained the day before about no food. And I said and I am not very happy have been in here four days and still no food. She started telling me her whoes about the double truck delivery and food is at the back of it all. I said i understand about inventory and some of u just need to work a little harder. She got quiet. I left that aisle and started around store and another lady was slowly pushing a cart of petfood from the back. Four days to bring out food. Thats too long. Well folks your store has lost my catfood business. Iplaced an order with last night. It will be here on Monday. Free delivery and its for a cheaper price too. I like to do business locally as much as possible but with no product on shelf I cant. Posting this because as a business owner I would want to know what is going on in my store. Rant is over.

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