Dollar Generalovercharged


I had almost the same thing to happen as jim. I was overcharged by the cashier. Double charge on 2 items. When I got in my car I thought that was more than expected. I went through the receipt and saw where 2 of the most expensive items were on their twice. I went to the door and the manager locked it. She yelled through the door it was closing time I’d have to come back in the morning. I got the same treatment the next day. It’ll have to wait I have to do this and I have to check out customers. Then I’ll have to look at cameras. Heck I had even left the bags in my car with the receipt and the person who checked me out was working. After waiting and having the lazy other employees be rude to me I finally said just forget it. Said I want be back and the what I assume was the manager said good.

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