Dollar Generalmanager

M Aug 05, 2018

My husband went to our near DG store # [protected] Hwy 701 N Elizabethtown, Northcarolina 28337 with my daughter to go see if he can catch the Glitch of the Dog food but it was gone . So he walked out of DG to his car and the manager chases him telling him of where he put the ear buds at, his pocket? To put them back ! He said excuse me ma'am what are you talking about ? (My daughter had grabbed a pair of ear buds to pay if they found the dog food deal ) He said we put them back, you have cameras check, And if i would steal something certainly wouldnt be for $3 ear buds "my daughter said no we put them back and walked inside the store to show her where they put at and the lady was Racial and rude and even said "we dont know with your kind " with a attitude!

As a Former Manager myself i don't think thats a Way to treat a customer, and of course not when there are small children's around. I think there was a better way to address the situation. I don't think that was the way to come at us WITHOUT PROOF OR ATLEAST SHOULD HAVE MADE SURE ABOUT HER ACCUSATIONS and it is unacceptable for RACIAL CALLING.

  • Updated by Margarita2018 · Aug 06, 2018

    What you mean i played the race card? Wusnt she the racist when she said " YOUR KIND"? Or am i wrong?

  • Updated by Margarita2018 · Aug 06, 2018

    How did i pull out the racist card? when she was the one that said "YOU NEVER KNOW WITH YOUR KIND" What was that suppose to mean? Isn't that being racial? Or am i wrong?

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