Dollar Generalleft alone in store while employees smoke

J Nov 19, 2017

As soon as you entered the store it was overwhelming. After not being greeted, I shopped went to cash out. There was no one around. I was left completely alone in the store. I waited and looked all around thinking maybe an employee was stocking the shelves or was in the office. that's when I noticed both employees outside right in front of the door smoking. I stood and waited and stared to get their attention. Finally a woman "Amy" as she wrote on my receipt.. came in. She said "sorry, he made me do it" and then laughed. I didn't laugh. I didn't smile. This was not funny to me. I don't come to a store to wait around for the employees to finish their smoke break. Is it customary for dollar general employees to take smoke breaks at the same time, and is it allowed, to take it directly in front the store where customers walk in.. through the cloud of smoke? I now know when I entered the store it stunk so much of smoke.. because I'm sure this wasn't the first time they were outside doing this.

Dollar General

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