Dollar Generalcoupon and shopping

S Nov 18, 2017

Okay I went to go shop at night at Dollar General at Zapata Highway in Laredo Texas and had a bad experience with purchasing. I had everything correct with my coupons and the cashier decided to lecture me in how my coupons are suppose to be used and how they are suppose to be used. She told me that I could only use one coupon per transaction that i couldnt use multiple coupons. The coupon clearly says "One Coupon Per Purchase" which means one one per item and i used it exactly how it states. She went ahead and told me she couldnt accept them unless i only use one that I was wrong in whst the coupon said. So i left everything i got and left. They really need to be alot nicer and more cooperating because i showed her everything in using coupons and still didnt comply with the information provided. I would like for this to be addressed to them before you all start loosing more customers because of them. Thank You!

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