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i work at dollar general my boss acts like she is 2 if everything is not about her she goes off and she is power crazy like one day she ask me to stay over cause she did not have a cashier and i did then she wrote me up for going over hours she makes everyone nervies ihave cried more there and at lot of the other girls have to i love working for dollar store but you should have to walk on egg shells i have to work she has been reported but our dm is not realy taking things serious she wrote me up again but this time i did not sighn it i hope this gets some one at dollar general or i can get a number that some one will go and talk to all the employees


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    senior08 Jan 12, 2009

    im havin sum trouble wit my manger not only tryn 2 git rid of her 4 my customers but the employees shudnt havta deal wit her ethr. so i done sum huntin online an i found this # 8002975527. it is the dollar general resolutions hotline. i hope u find this vry helpful an tht thngz will change 4 tha bttr. good luck an god bless.

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    ihaveabadboss Apr 11, 2009

    I disagree with all of you.
    You think you have a bad boss...try working for the County in a certain city in Arizona.
    Have you ever been forced to work overtime and
    the work is not divided up evenly.
    I have a bad boss that does not care about his employess.

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    synkara Jul 26, 2012

    i work at dollar general and i have had my hours cut way back because my boss does not see the store the way it should we are losing 50 dollars a day from theft or shrink he is going thru a divorce and makes it seem like all of us are his ex wives and he treats me particularly like an idiot because i have a mental illness and having some troubles here and there at home, biut he never talks to me and when he does its just to persecute the freight i put out, or he says i am not paying attention and come to him! why should i ? when he makes me feel stupid and worthless! he knew before he hired me that i have bipolar and am goin through really bad times personally with my body and had some serious setbacks and hardships but i try to be friendly and ### and i feel like he just dont care he says hes gonna give himself 100 percent to the company but does he do it? no and i worked 5 days a week now i work 1 every 2 weeks, its ###! how the f*** am i to survive?

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