Diwip Limited (Best CasinoFacebook app)vip gem club discrimination


On 10/21/2017 I made a complaint to the gem group regarding a $ 60 dollar purchase for 47 million coins to play and lost it within 17 minutes. I was not derogatory or rude in any way. Today, (10/22/2017) I realized I had been removed from the group by Josh Green the VIP Manager. I contacted support and asked Sarah Brady for a phone call from his supervisor. I was told he did not have a Supervisor by her and it was his choice who was in the group. I replied to her that I had submitted a complaint to Facebook regarding the the fact that I was discriminated against since I am not the only person who has ever complained and no one else has been removed. I also sent a FB message to Josh Green asking why I was removed with no notice and why with zero response. Along with my complaint to Facebook, I have requested a return of all charges to my bank account.

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