Dish Network / Dish.comcustomer serive

K Sep 03, 2018

We have had dish four over 15 years we were on auto pay along time until their accounting system was changed and they tried to run it thru our bank three times before money came in! Then was in overdraft! Granted they paid for one of the overdrafts! Long story short our bill was running 97 a month five months ago i was told by the loyality department if i paid 97 for three months then our bill will go down to 76.86. Now 5 1/2 months later still 97 a month they responded to me today I dont know why you are relying on what you have been told! I stated they are your employees not mine ! No help! I have called every month for 2 years to have our due date on the third which i was told it was but no im charged late fees and extension fees cuz will be disconned on the 28 of every month! So much for caring for your customers they lie ! Trust me i know! My reccomemedation dont use dish as i was told sept 3 2018 dont rely on what they say!

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