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[Resolved] terrible business practices

I am writing to you to bring to your attention the UNFAIR business practices of Dish Network.

I recently moved to Jacksonville in July 2010 and ordered Dish Network service. I had ordered Dish Network service online on June 29th (Order number: [protected]) for 2 TV setup and programming. I have email confirmation of this order. My mother was at home for dish TV installation. Somehow the technician came with an entirely different workorder and installed 1 TV with entirely different programming options and no international programming. My mother clearly indicated to the technician that we needed 2 TVs set up and also we needed International programming. He shrugged his shoulders- asked to call dish network directly, gave her a piece of paper to sign(which she did) and walked away. I got home to find out what had hapenned and called dish network right away- only to be told by the CSRs and the supervisor(Mandy) that since my mother had signed off on the order it cannot be modified now and I will be charged to get a second receiver. Ironically, if dish network had been called while the technician was at home this would not be the case but 4 hrs later it is. I feel it is an abominable way to treat the customers. My mother could have refused to sign the paper and the technician would have had to come back with another receiver-but somehow 4 hrs later it is just all different. They dont care about anything but how to make more money off your customers- let alone care about the feelings of my helpless mother.

To further aggravate matters- now 2 months later when I called in to UPGRADE my service to 2 TVs; I was told not only did I have to pay an extra @200(which I was willing to do_ BUT also needed to sign a new contract for another 2 yrs thereby extending my contract.

I feel that these business practices are designed to exploit the customers.

  • Updated by Ray [email protected] Network · Dec 23, 2010


    My name is Ray Calo with Dish Network. I understand your frustration and I apologize for the bad experience you had. Please let me know if you are having any other problems or issues and I would be more than happy to assist you. My email address is [email protected]

    Thank you.

[Resolved] unsolicited telemarketing calls

I have suddenly started getting a raft of calls from agents working for dish network at all sorts of odd times (the last call was from a Dallas area code number, listed above); they somehow figured I was of Indian origin and got folks who could speak Indian languages/ know the culture to call in a very targeted fashion! Not sure how they got hold of my home phone number as it is on and I am NOT a current customer of Dish Network! I am planning to call their CEO at about midnight to repay the favor! Seriously, can you please publicise this and hep stop the calls?!

  • Updated by [email protected] · Dec 22, 2010

    Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network. I apologize that you are getting unwanted solicitations. We have procedures in place to put you on our DO NOT CALL list. DISH Network does have several retailers that we use, and you may receive solicitation calls from them. They may have received your information from an outside company who you provided your information to. When you give any company your information you can always ask them if they will provide it to other companies. If you would like to be added to our DO NOT CALL list please feel free to email me at [email protected]

  • Updated by MikeL DISH · Aug 30, 2011

    I went over your post, barindersharma, and it would be my pleasure to help get that resolved! What I'll do is get this information over to our investigators for further research. We can also get a letter sent to you regarding this issue if you would like written confirmati0n that it's been resolved! Let me know if you'd be interested in receiving one, which takes about seven to ten business days.

  • Updated by MikeL DISH · Aug 31, 2011

    I certainly understand your concern from that type of response. We can still do some research for you if could email me your phone number that keeps getting these calls, as well as the one *from* which you receive them (if they do ever happen to identify themselves on your caller ID). In addition to that, we'll also need your full name to check our records. My email address, if you wish to send me this information, is [email protected]

  • Fr
    Frustated Customer Oct 31, 2010

    DishTV is ridiculous and I keep getting unsolicited calls. You are correct. I have put my number on do not call registry and I am in the process of filing a Class A suite against DishTV for harrasment. Some wordings by these guys are nonsense and abusive. This needs to be taken at higher level. It is already out of control.

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  • Ba
    barindersharma Aug 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm Indian and I've had the same experience, Dish Network using Indian telemarketers to target people with Indian last names. They'll often call and speak in "casual Hindi" as if they know me. It's VERY DECEPTIVE. And earlier tonight around 7:30pm, (caller ID: "Data Unavailable") I got an EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE call from Dish Network. It was an Indian, he started talking about a Dish Network promotion, and I said I'm not interested. I told him my number is on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY and please do not call me again. He said HE WILL KEEP CALLING ME! I said they've been calling about 20 TIMES A MONTH and I'm sick of it... and then HE TOLD ME TO SUCK HIS D!CK!!! I am OUTRAGED!! I demanded to speak to his manager, and he refused, and continued to tell me to suck his d!ck (whispering, I assume so his co-workers couldn't hear him). I said the call was being recorded, and he kept saying it until I hung up. I then called the number for Dish Network from their website, I got a sales rep in the Phillipines. I asked to speak to a manager, I got a woman named "Cheryl". I told her what happened, she didn't sound surprised (this happens often???) and said she couldn't track down who called me but would put our name on their Do Not Call List. That's what many other callers told me too, but they keep calling. I'm not sure what laws apply for telemarketers from India or the Phillipines, but it seems to me that Dish Network is using cheap labor from India to target Indian families in America, and many of them are rude and offensive!! My family has received over 100 UNWANTED calls from Dish Network this past year, and this is SERIOUS HARASSMENT. I don't know how many laws they are breaking, but I doubt my family is the only one in this situation. I'm looking for other people with similar experiences for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Please email me at [email protected] if you've had similar experiences.

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  • Ba
    barindersharma Aug 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've chosen to take legal action. I contacted Dish Network already, and the response I received was that they hire hundreds of third party telemarketers to harass people, and they don't consider it their responsibility to make sure those retailers are following the laws. We'll see if the courts agree.

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  • Km
    K Mehta Jul 15, 2014

    similar non stop annoying calls even repeated requests to honor "donot call " list. and to be put on DISH donot call list. If I ever contemplated using DISH, this kind of malfeasance would prompt me to never do so. K Mehta

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customer satisfaction

Dish networks customer service and technical support departments are pitiful. I have been a loyal customer for years. I switched to a new hd dvr with them and have had nothing but trouble. I am on the "fourth"dvr (same type and same model) and they are shocked everytime I call to state that it is having the same problems. After begging for them to do something to help me out - nope - nothing!! So I did what anyone would do switched satellite companies! Evidently, they no longer needed my business or my money.

  • Pa
    paisan57 Sep 23, 2010

    Dish Network is horrible...they charge $120.00 for a service call that you have to pay BEFORE they even come out to your house! And there will be NO REFUND no matter if you have a problem or not, even if it's caused by them!!!

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[Resolved] add service charge, change program without authorization

I started the Dish network at the end of 2009, with the promotion. In July, I moved and when I reinstall the...

[Resolved] as a former employee let me tell you

As a former employee of this godforsaken company, let me tell you for certain that they don't give a...

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shutting down receivers

We recently moved from Directv to Dish to save money on monthly fees. While there is less programming available on Dish, that has not been an issue for us.

The problem is that I have a customized Windows Media Center setup to record programs and specifically added a receiver so that we could record while watching other programs on our TV's. Shortly after moving to Dish I noticed that our recordings we all a logo screen stating we needed to push "select" to activate the receiver. Investigation revealed that the receivers are configured by default to power off after 4 hours and I was able to disble this. However, the next day, the receiver was off again. I could only attribute this to the daily update that Dish forces on each receiver...there is no way to disable this update/reboot; you can only change the time that it occurs. So I contacted support to try and find a work around.

The reply from support was that the only way to wake up the receiver is to schedule channel changes. While I am still not pleased, I could work around this for once a day to keep the receiver active. The real issue and the reason for this publicized complaint (to warn others) is that the tech also informed me "We are in the process of removing the ability to disable the Inactivity Power Off feature on all of our receivers." In other words, as soon as they get around to it, my receiver is going to power off every few hours and there will be no way for me to disable this.

Clearly Dish is not doing this as some big-brother power saving measure. The only reason I can fathom is that they are trying to prevent people from using their own recording devices to force them into purchasing and paying monthly fees for the Dish DVR service. Had I known this in advance, I would have stayed with Directv.

I have forwarded my complaint to their executivecustomerservice AT email address but I don't expect that to do any good. Teh best I can hope for is to prevent others who use personal recording devices from falling into their trap.

[Resolved] unsolicited sales calls

I have been getting calls from Dish Network representatives daily every afternoon since the last three months trying to sell me an upgraded contract. I have told every one of them to stop the calls since I am not interested. But the calls keep coming. They are from different representatives originating from different cities. They do not give me their phone numbers or correct locations. They give me bogus addresses -- and the calls keep coming.

Obviously these people are commission agents calling ethnic communities, speaking the ethnic languages. These unsolicited calls are a nuisance and I want you to put a stop to this. I signed a contract with you to enjoy your services but not to be pestered by your sales agents

  • Updated by [email protected] Network · Dec 22, 2010

    Hello, my name is Dan Busa I work with Dish Network's customer service department, I read your complaint and would like to help you I can get you put on our do not call list. However, some of these calls may be independant contractors who may or may not be aware of what you have. If you'd like, feel free to e-mail me at: [email protected]

I am unable to open my account

I am not able to open my accout my [protected] in the name of gopal sharma & my registered is [protected] email id is [protected] due to not opening the account i am not able to recharge dishtv through credit card

  • Am
    Amar Aug 31, 2010

    I will give you the email id of Dishtv customer Care, Just Mail your concern their for quick resolution of your problem along with your complete details Like VC No, Address and Contact Number.

    Email id: [email protected]

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  • An
    Animesh 4184 Apr 11, 2013

    I have forgotten my vc password, so i need to create an account in dish tv to find it's password.

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[Resolved] my deceased brother account

Here's one for the books. My brother passed away in June. I have the power of attorney over his affairs so I contacted Dish Network as I want to continue the service at the same address I only wanted to change it to my name and SS#.

I have had to fax over the power of attorney and death cert 3 times to the Executive Care Dept since the 24th of July. I have talked to 7 agents who represent this company and was assured the account could be switched with no problems. Today Aug13th I have found out thru the same department that I need to drive 8 hours take out the equipment mail it back to them within 2 weeks of the cancelation then call and have the equipment replaced if I qualify which 1 of the supervisors sounded as if that was in question and pay the installation fees that go with it.

I'm not changing the address so why would I have to take out the equipment you ask? According to 1 of the supervisors when he got the equipment it was on lease and since he is dead the contract isn't any good anymore and they wanted the equipment back even if I was still paying on the account. Great. Another supervisor (same dept) asked me why do you want to keep the service since he is dead? What!!! (Maybe I want to keep his memory alive as this is now my summer home and future retirement residence) Great another one. This one I actually hung up on. I cannot believe a muti million dollar company would want to treat families of their deceased clients this way. Also I was told that the power of attny wasnt any good and they would not abide by the ruling from a judge. Charlie Ergen's name is also the best kept secret at Dish Network's 800 number cause the agents refused to give me information on how to contact the CEO or Executives re: this matter. Thank goodness for the world wide web.

Since the loss of my brother I have had dealings with many companies and not one of them acted like this let alone a department who is supposed to be in charge of accounts such as these. I would think with technology as advanced as it is a company this large would be able to qualify me switch the equipment numbers with as little hassle as possible for the family involved instead of emotionally drag them thru the gutter- oh they do apologize for the loss but where is the common sense and humanity in this "policy" re deceased accounts.

I work for a major airline and I would be in jeopardy of my job if I had ever acted or said the things that were said to me today. I am deeply ashamed of Dish Network for allowing this to happen cause if it happened to me Im positive it has happened to others in my situation.

  • Updated by MikeL DISH · Dec 30, 2010

    Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I know how difficult that must have been for your family and I understand that you had an unpleasant experience with us during the process of getting service changed to your own name. Let me know whether you have been able to get this issue resolved and if not, then I would be happy to assist you further and offer accurate instructions as to where we would move forward from here!

  • Updated by MikeL DISH · Jan 15, 2011

    The first thing we need to do is close out the account that was in your brother's name and open a new one in your name. The equipment will need to be returned to us if it's leased, because we would have leased it to your brother's name under his social security number. Go ahead and email me the account number, as well as the phone number you want me to call you back at. My email address is [email protected] You will have some options for the type of account and promotion we can set you up with, which I will explain to you at that time.

  • Updated by MikeL DISH · Aug 02, 2011

    I read your post, Mary Purdy, and would be delighted to assist you! Have you gotten this resolved yet since you posted? If it remains unsettled, go and ahead and let me know so I can take a look and help you further!

  • Ho
    Honde53 Dec 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you Mr. LeMar for the note however after all of the things I went through I don't want anything to do with Dish Network. I just want to return the equipment. If you could tell me who to contact that wont disrespect me and my family I would appreciate it.
    As far as the fraud issue that Mr. Stealth has decided to pipe in on I was willing to go the distance and I gave the company all of my information including the death certificate and Court documents that appointed me as administrator of the estate 3 times and the supervisor stated "that at this point it was highly unlikely that they would allow me to have an account with them." And all of the agents knew exactly wanted. Its not rocket science and you don't have to spell out that I wanted to keep the service as my own under my SS# and MY name and my address how much clearer could I get? I just couldn't go down and take out the equipment send it back then pay to have it installed again.

    So here it is I'm 40 yrs old I plan on having the property for at least another 40yrs then my daughter will get it and currently she is only 9 so Dish Network is missing out on a loyal family and a lot of money if the average bill is $70 usd per month not including internet service. So that equals to appx $25, 600 for 40 yrs of service.

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  • Ma
    Mary Purdy Mar 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I strongly agree with your complaints against DISH Network. It is no surprise they were the subject of a suit as a result of thousands of complaints filed with 46 states attorney generals and reached an agreement to pay $6, 000.000 to settle allegations of deceptive consumer marketing and lack of disclosure about consumer marketing. In my experience, those deceptive practices still abound. My husband died in October. He had one of their most inclusive/expensive plans and had been a customer for at least ten years. I needed to reduce spending and am not a tv watcher so wanted to change the plan. I could not make any changes because the account was in his name. I had to prove his death by FAXing a death certificate and a request to have the account put into my name so that I could cancel this plan. I was told I would be considered a new customer and could qualify for new customer plans once this account was canceled and the equipment returned. I had to FAX the information twice and also traverse the frustrating steps of getting to a consistent representative who could keep track of the issues. The first time they denied having received the FAX. Receipt was acknowledged on Feb. 11th. The account in my husband's name was paid through March 7th. I asked that the service be discontinued on that date. There was follow-through on that request. Next I received a bill in my name for the following month with a " technical visit
    charge " on it. There had been no "technical visit " although I wonder if I looked like a likely candidate for some confusion that it might go unnoticed. So once again I had to traverse their system to get someone who could attend to this and get it removed. The box finally arrived for return...not here at time of discontinued service as I was told it would be. In the meantime, my mail box is blitzed with ads and I have received numerous calls all marketing plans to " get me as a new customer ". Last night, I made the call to start a new plan and am now told I DO NOT qualify as a new customer BECAUSE I changed the account to my name and had the service continued through March 7th which was the final date of " service period " which had been paid in my husbands name and account. Very slippery! At no time, was I told that requesting to have the service that I had paid for in my husbands account would constitute my being the customer and therefore I would not qualify for a new customer account. Direct TV it must be.

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I have spent my time, money but what I got is waste of time waste of money and recharging my account twice but still not able to avail the offer

I wish to file a complaint against dishtv dth service. On 7th of nov 2009, after getting the advice from dishtv customer care I recharged my dish tv package for rs.740. The advice given my the representative was that I had to resharge for rs.740 to avail the offer of zrzr wherein rs.40 would be deducted for downgrading charges from platinum package to silver package. And the rest rs.700 would go into my account and he would activate zrzr scheme on my account. He asked me to call the customer care after recharging. I called the cutomer care after recharging and requested to downgrade my package to silver and make me avail the benefit of zrzr offer. But the issue raised by a representative called vijay was that he would be able to downgrade my package to silver but he cannot activate zrzr offer on my account. He said I can either opt for zrzr or downgrade my package. Whereas the 1st person who spoke to me never said this and asked me to just recharge my current pack and never mentioned about selecting silver pack while recharging. Vijay the 2nd rep I spoke to, gave me a 2nd advice to again recharge for rs.250 and select siver package while recharging so that I would be able to avail both zrzr and downgrading the package. He said after recharging for rs.250 the 2nd time I would be able to avail zrzr offer for the whole rs.990 less rs.40 for downgrading charges. After questioning he answered that yes this rs.250 is just for selecting my package to silver. Now when I called the customer care the 3rd time after recharge for rs.250. They come up with a 3rd reason that I would be able to avail zrzr offer only for the 2nd recharge for rs.250 and not for the 1st recharge of rs.740. Whereas I was said that I would be able to avail the offer for rs.950. I have spent my time, money but what I got is waste of time waste of money and recharging my account twice but still not able to avail the offer.

  • Am
    Amar Aug 18, 2010

    I will give yuou the email id of Dishtv customer care, Just mail your concern their for quick resolution of your complaint along with your complete details Like VC No, Address and Contact Number.

    Email id: [email protected]

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  • Th
    Thankaraj May 09, 2011


    I am really frustrated and tired of writing so many emails and calls to DISH TV. Almost 10 days gone now, if you are not able to activate my service refund my money back.

    I took a new connection from dish TV on Friday 29/04/2011 and paid 1590
    (box with 6 months subscriptions) + 225 (for installation) also submitted
    my address proof.

    till now the account is not activated and I called the dealer several times
    and didn't get the proper response. No one is ready to respond why the
    delay was.

    Name: Thankaraj U
    v.c. NO: 01514112187
    STB No: 1104ABF83DS47961
    Mobile No: 9840204545

    Dealer Info:
    Bright Solutions,
    Mr Suresh
    No G5, Near Petrol Bunk, Balaya Garden Road Velacheri High Road,
    Madipakkam, Chennai - 600091
    Mobile: 9884422667
    Phone: 044-43846247

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[Resolved] treated rudely bysupervisor

i called dishnetwork on 8 09 2010 and talked to a man and tryed to make arrangements to pay my bill and he told me they had a one time a year deal where i could make a ten day promise to pay my bill in full and i told him that wouldent work for me becouse that would make it fully do on the 19th on a thursday and our pay wouldnt go in untill the 20th on friday so he advised me to call back the next day that made it today and that way it would make the payment due on the 20th and that way it would work and our service wouldent be interrupted becouse we qualified for the 10 day promise to pay plan so i told him ok i would call the next day so it would make the full balance of229.68 due by the 20th even thoue that would leave me compleaty broke i told him i was in a bad car accident and was in bed alot and tv was my only entertainment and i looked forword to my programing he refused to make no other arrangements with me he said there was no other arrangements available for me told me he was sorry about my condishon so i told him i would call back the next day on the 10th i hung up with him very stressed out wondering how am i gonna pull this off paying this off by the 20th paid in full and this was my only opition they had to offer me knowing the shape im in so i called back today 08.10 2010 and when i got threw to someone live i couldent tell if it was a she or he she or he said its id number was z2d and i tryed to explain my call the day before i had with man i wish i had his id number and this person right away said no unless i pay now no deal in so many words and was rude and i could tell this person with id number z2d was having a bad day or something and said i cound not have the 10 day promise to pay and i said that wasnt fair becouse the man i talked to said i could so i asked to speak to the supervisor of worker id number z2d so i was put on hold and the supervisor of z2d came on the phone this supervisor did not give me a id number she was right away rude said very mean things about my past payment history i told her i know but it will be better and i just wanted to work this out she continued to be very rude so i told her maybe i should concider a nother provider and she said oh you can afford another provider but you cant pay us and i said no i was talking about the 20th when we would have money i did say do you need to spank me or should i stick my hand threw the phone so it could slapped i asked if we where were being recored she would not say yes or no she said more rude things to me and hung up on me i called back and got worker id number dse and told her how i was treated and the whole story of what happend she was nice and said she reported to her supervisor what has happend to me and that shocked me becouse the supervisor of worker id number z2d said she was the only supervisor there was no one else to talk to she was as hi as it gets so worker dse was nice but said there was nothing she could do for me she tryed everything so i was forsed to bounce my bank account for 145.33 hopefully i am able to make it to my bank before it clares so im not charged more money bank fees if i wasnt in a bad car accident i would be working but i was and i live on a road in the country and being limented tv and my bible is all i have i should have never been treated the way i was and to make me cry and stress me out is wrong if these people cant treat people right nor have conpation why are they working there something should be done about this still feeling bad and hurting even more from the stress of this unnessery treatment and making me feel like crap becouse i dont have much money to keep my bills up totley unfair treatment crying in her room, dorriann 336/634/0734 if you need to contact me

  • Updated by mikeh_dish network · Dec 23, 2010

    Hello this is Mike Houston of DISH Network customer service, and I want to say to Dorriann I am so sorry you had a bad customer experience with us. We always want to make every customer happy and accommodate them in anyway we can. I am hoping you will see this post and reply back to tell me if things are going better for you, as far as your satellite and from your accident.

porno movies charged

I've been charged for three porno movies which was not requested by me. I called customer service and requested they be removed from my account. I was first told they were authorized to credit one of them but I demanded all three and was switched to a supervisor. He also told me he was only authorized to credit one. I then asked to cancel my account and was switch again to another department. She was not allow to give me any credits and would charge me $350 cancellation fee for early termination. I am so pissed I don't know where to turn all this for $30. I would had thought it is more important to have good customer relationship and therefore referrals than what they'll end up with. I will not recommend Dish Network to anyone and will shout loud and long until March 2012 when I will cancel and go back to Comcast.

  • Wv
    wvkristin Aug 09, 2010

    I had dish network for a while and it was miserable. They showed up two days late to install the satellite and the tech was terrible rude when he finally did show up. The bill kept going up every month too (when I was told my rate was locked in). Dish network was difficult to deal with and I can really sympathize with you.

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[Resolved] people who are opting for dish tv please think twice, it is a dirty service and I do not know what to do now

I had taken a maxi package with dish tv ie 300/- monthly.It was difficult for me pay the bill so i went to a...

[Resolved] unfair contract terms

Here's what you can expect as a Dish Network customer. This certified letter was sent on 7/15/10:

Mr. Charles Ergen, CEO
Dish Network
9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112

Dear Mr. Ergen,

I am extremely upset with you and Dish Network. I sent you a certified letter on 6/18/10. A copy of the letter and proof of receipt are attached. This letter has gone unanswered.

We believe that, at minimum, your business practice of locking customers into a 24 month commitment, then increasing your prices, is unfair.

This is a win/lose arrangement for Dish Network. Dish Network wins by having captive customers who cannot get out of this unfair arrangement. Customer loses because he or she cannot get out of your unfair contract without, of course, an early termination penalty.

I feel like a victim, and I also feel stupid for agreeing to your 24 month contract. But I did not believe that Dish Network was going to make repeated price increases. And I believe the average customer feels the same -- they just aren't writing you letters.

I have to assume that since our contract with you expires in a couple of months, you simply aren't interested in our concerns. So you can rest assured that we will find another satellite provider in October.

In the meantime, here's what we're prepared to do:

1. We can serve a small claims subpeona to CSC Services of Nevada, Inc, 502 E. John Street, Carson City, NV 89706 and ask a judge to determine whether your price increases are lawful and fair. We will seek to recover the costs for the filing the suit, mailing certified letters, and all Dish Network service costs above our original agreement of $54.00 per month.

2. We can file a formal complaint with the FCC.

3. We can send a copy of this letter to the editor of our local newspaper.

4. We can email a copy of this complaint to as many attorneys as we can find...we both know that attorneys love class action suits. And I love sending emails when I feel that I've been wronged!

5. We can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I see that you currently have 13, 267 complaints filed against you and that the bureau gives you a "C" rating. Maybe the majority of these complaints concern telemarketing issues, but it sure doesn't look like you can afford additional complaints.

But what we would like you to do, per our letter dated 6/18/10, is honor our original agreement and charge us $54.99 per month. In addition, we would like Dish Network to refund the overcharges that have appeared on our bills and the fees for mailing you two certified letters, the receipts for which are enclosed.

As of the posting of this complaint, this letter has also gone unanswered.

  • Updated by [email protected] · Dec 23, 2010

    Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network. Since we are dedicated to providing the lowest cost to our customers, there may be times we enter in a contract dispute with a network provider. We understand that this may affect current shows or packages you are watching so we work hard to fight for a fair deal on behalf of our customers to prevent a large price increase. We offer several programming promotions to our customers to allow them to view a channel and see if they have an interest in it before having to pay for it. Once the free preview is over if it is not removed than it does start charging the account until you remove it.

  • Fr
    Frustrated in Toledo Sep 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would be happy to join you class action law suit. I too have unanswered complaints and letter. I keep getting billed for $300 for a receiver that was sent to my home without my request. I returned the receiver and still get billed every month. Every month I call and they assure me they are taking it off my bill and yet. it still shows up the next month and on numerous occasions they have turned off my service stating I owe $300. DISH's most recent the $300 and they will refund me when they figure it all out...are they nuts!!!

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  • Fr
    franklinm Sep 09, 2010

    I called DishNetwork to inquire about adding Starz programing to my existing service and what it would cost. When I said NO, I did not want Starz they then "forced" me to upgrade my service plan charging me an additional $20 a month for the same service I had before the phone call. (see details below)

    I also am being scammed by DishNetwork. I called DN to see how much it would cost to add Starz to my existing package, "AbsoluteHD w/Locals" they gave me the price and then asked me what Basic HD package I wanted to add. I told them I just wanted to add the Starz programing to my existing package, but was told I had to choose a new HD package from their listings to add Starz. Adding a new package just to get Starz would cost $54.99 vs. $34.99 plus the cost of Starz, an additional $13.83. I was not interested in getting Starz because what it would actually cost me. NOW THE GREAT PART!!! They then told me I still had to choose a new package from their new line because I inquired about adding Starz to my existing programing AND to get the same programming I had before I made the call to DN. I had to choose the $59.99 plan just to stay connected to DN. Now I am paying $20 more a month for the same service that I had before I called DN to ask about Starz. Even calls to their executive team could not resolve the problem.

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  • Ji
    JIM68 Sep 10, 2010

    Pretty stupid complaint. I signed up with DISH 3 months ago and they were very clear in telling me that it was a 24 month contract and the price would go up $15 in year two. It even said that in the mail flyer I recieved that caused me to call them in the first place. Good luck with filing a lawsuit but you have zero chance of winning. Ignorance and failure to actually read what you are agreeing to does not equate to the company committing fraud.

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  • Jp
    JPTP Feb 27, 2012

    I recently obtained dish network because it sounded great. Boy was I wrong. three weeks in they won't let me cancel after telling me I had a 30 day trial period. I told them I wasn't happy with the service and wanted them to honor their trial agreement. They said there was no trial agreement, and I was locked in and cancelling would cost me over $450. I told them your crazy, but was told that I signed a contract and was essentially bound by it. Really? What contract? When the tech agent installed the system he did'nt have me sign anything, so I told them I didn't sign a contract, they told me they had a signed contract. I thought REALLY? signed by who. I told them to fax me a copy and lo and behold it was a signed contract. Not signed by me, but a signed contract. I asked them if forgery ment anything to them and they insisted it was my signature. Boneheads now they got me pissed, from here I go to file charges for forging my name on their contract. A two year old can tell the difference between their chicken scratch and my signature. Talk about a leaky company! Don't even waste your time trying to accomplish anything with these people over the phone or the internet. Not if you value your sanity, or your hair. MAD AS HELL IN MASS.

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failing to keep acurate billing records and cheating customers

at the beginning when i subscribed to dish net i was told my bill would be 24.99 a month my first bill was 40+ dollars my contract is about to expire in the next 6 mths and they have never billed me as they were supposed too from the beginning not to mention about 1time ever 3 mths i get an extra bill stuck on to my bill i currently pay 64.74 a mth my bill for this mth is 126.62 i was told it would never exceed the price of cable that i paid 50.00 a mth for and when i have completed my contract with dish net they are sooooo fired and i will never be a customer of theirs again

  • outfctrl Jul 18, 2010

    That is how they get you hooked. What they do not tell you is the taxes and fees that are tacked on to the 24.99 a month.
    Plus, their service sucks when it rains or a thunderstorm approaches.

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  • Pr
    preston g Jul 18, 2010

    i agree completely if a tornado was to be coming we would be at it mercy and i do not think any one is safe in storm times with a product that will fail them when they need it to save their life

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  • Ro
    RONALD cHEW Jan 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a Dishnet customer fr several years now, I always paid the past due amount bevause the bill a month in advance. Their so called interactive system CHEATED ME, when the option came up to select a different amount to pay and or a different payment method to PRESS ONE, upon pressing ONE, the system DID NOT give me the option to pay a different amount it took the ENTIRE amount, a flaw in the system??? I think not there are NO SYSTEMS FLAWS the systems does whatever the Programmers codes it to do. DO NOT TRUST DISHNET. If this has happen to you demand JUSTICE in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT

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worst custmer support and management

Dishnet is the worst and not sure how they gonna do business.
They harrassed me with so many things.
1) Initially they promised that moving is free from one place and another, then after i moved and reinstallation they charged me $100 .I fought with them telling the representative no: 105 and 405 confirmed me the free move, but the ignored me and not ready to refund.

2) Also they increased my International channel amount without informing me within 1 month after subscription and even thou we are in contract with fixed fee for 24 months.They promised fixed price but when asked they say nothing and put blame on some internaltional contract.

3) they promised to fix in my apartment with some equipment and the installation person did not come with that, next time when i called them to fix it, they say it will charged again for next visit, but its the installation person mistake.

4)The customer servcie is worst, they dont bother anything to answer, they keep repeating and threaten you with the contract breakage long they gonna do...with this issues people wont mind to pay the break fee...they will end up with no customers atall

5)People be-aware of the 3 months HBO free stuff..dishnet is Thief and they are the international frauds .
I never experienced anywhere worst like dishnet service.
I lost $650 because of their stupid Custmer support lies
They have worst of everything.
I request noone should subscribe for dishnet ever.

  • Updated by KaiaS DISH · Jan 29, 2011

    Hello, my name is Kaia S and I work at DISH Network. After reading your post, I would like to apologize for the poor customer experience that you had with us. We, at DISH Network strive to provide the best customer service to each and every DISH customer. In regards to the HBO and Showtime promotion that we offer; there are certain eligibility requirements on an account before the free premium channels are added. Perhaps there was an error on the account which prevented the promotion from being added. All of our technician visits include a 60 day warranty so in the event that you need another technician to the home for equipment repair within that time frame, 60 days from the last technician visit, it would be at no cost to you. I apologize if you were given incorrect information regarding the tech visit warranty. I would be more than happy to review your account for you if any of these issues have not yet been resolved. Please feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

  • Md
    mdick Jan 09, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had the WORST experience with dish! They caused a leak in my roof, caused my carpet to mildew and it had to be ripped out and they refused my claim to get it fixed saying they did nothing wrong...WTF!!!

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  • Md
    mdick Jan 09, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    not a happy camper at this point!! I contacted Dish net to acquire service in my home of tv and internet. The service was installed and shortly after I had to go to Md to take care of some things. This process took 2 months. When I returned home, I found the installation caused a leak on the outside edge of my roof, draining down wall, to floor, ruining my carpet which I had to take up as it had mildewed. I contacted dish filing a damage claim, it took forever to get someone out here and forever to be told sorry it is from other room not our installation! First off, there is NO DAMAGE in the room they claimed caused it, no leaks and you can plainly see it is where the dish was placed on roof. I totally understand things happen and have no issue with that, dish net just needs to step up and accept responsibility and take care of the damages. I am a very dissatisfied and unhappy soon to be FORMER customer! I want no part of a company who lies and wont fix what they ruin in the process!!! Want everyone to know how dish net treats their customers. Just sayin...

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[Resolved] bad receiver

Upgraded to HD Dish Receiver last week. The receiver has been resetting constantly for three days, saying that it has lost signal. Error message 015- Dish recommended unplugging for 15 seconds, plugging back in and letting it reset itself. After doing this it goes through the same routine again. Finally, they admit that we have a faulty unit that will need to be replaced (five day shipping which I'm sure will take longer since it's a three day week-end holiday).

Really not happy that they can come out the next day to upgrade your service but can't come out to swap equipment when it's their equipment failure. Will I get a credit for no service? Probably not. Will the replacement work? Probably not, since I've now read many others with the same problem.

Not good customer service, Dish Network!

  • Updated by Daniel [email protected] Network · Dec 22, 2010

    Hello, my name is Daniel Busa I have read the above complaint, and would like to offer my apologies for your experience. I work in Dish Network's customer service and would be happy to resolve this if it still persisting feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

  • Cr
    CrankyPaulie Jun 16, 2014

    We're on our sixth receiver in about eight years, not including the defective replacement that we just got for the last one that died. Service chat guys are fine, just dealing with crappy equipment.

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[Resolved] false promise/ trick into contract

Upon contacting dish network I was assure multiple times I will recive two hd dvr's to sign up for cable service, I did not recive a second hd dvr I got in contact with dish network on 6/21/2010 as I was interested in getting satellite cable at my home. I got in contact with operator #010z upon been explain their current new customer promotions I told him I was intereted in hd and in 2 hd dvr's he told me not a problem as new customer I qualified for hd tv for life and he assure if I sign on for service at that moment I will surely get 2 hd dvr's at this point upon him requesting my information to sign me up for new service I reinstated before proceding for him to assure me I was getting 2 hd dvr's model 722k and he did miltiple times one time was before agreeing for him to charge my credit card and other before me agreeing to term. I advise him I wasent going to be home to receive installer he said not a problem that any one could receive the installer and he assure me again he was putting the order for 2 hd dvr's that I didn't have to worried about it he assure me that once I get home I will have 2 hd dvrs and I will be enjoying of dish cable on. Upond arriving home I did not receive second hd dvr model 722k after it was orally agreed by operator I just receive an hd console model vip222k with no dvr, when he had assure me I didn't have to be home to sign that I will trustly receive 2 hd dvr's. After contacting dish network regarding the issue on 6/22/2010 they were very unhelpful and unprofessional operator #co7 shouldn't be helping out customer when they rudy tell u that what ever I was promise and told and assure didn't matter and he was unable to transfer to a manager because I was going to be told the same thing, that I need to pay about $200.00 to get the hd dvr when I was assure to receive one at no cost this is so unfair to a new customer dish network did not comply to their promises. This clearly indicates I was trick by false promises and assureness, to scam me into a 2 year contract. Now im unable to cancel without a cancellation fee and im forcely stuck as an unsastify customer at the moment

  • Updated by Ray [email protected] Network · Dec 23, 2010


    My name is Ray Calo with Dish Network. I read your post and I apologize for any misinformation you were given regarding the second HD DVR receiver you requested on your original installation. We do strive to provide accurate information to all our customers. The second HD DVR receiver whether for a new or existing customer does require an upgrade charge. I would be more than happy to see if their is anything we can do for you if you have not already resolved this issue. Please contact me either on my email, [email protected], or my phone 720-514-8846.

    Thank you.

[Resolved] avoid dish network service like a plague

I pay $2, 449.44 a year to Dish Network for WildBlue Hi-Speed Satellite Internet. Since I pay top dollar for their internet I recently contacted their Customer Service to have them troubleshoot my equipment because I was experiencing problems with "slowspeed" highspeed. After their tech spent over 90 mins. investigating software they said they would need to dispatch tech to my home to check hardware. When tech came out & inspected connections, he found the problem was related to the Dish Network hardware and replaced the bad parts. Well, SURPRISE! When my next statement arrived I was billed for their tech fixing THEIR equipment so I could continue getting service. NO one told me I would be charged extra $15 for DISH to service THEIR property. You'd expect Supervisor #H1F who arranged my appt. would have advised me; maybe the tech himself; OR have it in printed on their WRITTEN Service Agreement? NO, instead "$15 for technician visit" appears on my bill. When I called to have this unapproved charge removed, their Customer Service Supervisor IMIR -DE1 refused said I should have been told about this already and it is IMPOSSIBLE to waive this fee. Looks like I need to make this my life's work and contact their Dispute Resolution Team in Inglewood, Colorado. Do you suppose that my $15 goes toward maintaining DISH Network Dispute Team?


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by MikeL DISH · Dec 21, 2010

    Our Service Plan works the same way as most other insurance policies do. By paying a $6 monthly “premium”, DISH Network will cover the cost of a technician visit, minus a $15 “co-pay”. This covers the cost of parts, as well as labor. During the visit, a specially trained technician will examine your entire installation to ensure that every component is working the way it should be. We also back our work with a 60 day warranty, making any additional technician visits required during that time 100% free of charge. What other companies may do is automatically incorporate a fee similar to our Service Plan into customers' monthly rate. We allow our customers the option to have it included.

  • Updated by Mark H DISH Network · Dec 16, 2011

    Hi Evelyn, my name is Mark and I am with DISH Network customer service. We can review what has occurred with the set up of the DISH Network services and see how we may help. If you could email with the DISH Network account number and verify the pin number we will look into this.

    Thank You

    Mark Haakenson
    Internet Response Team
    DISH Network LLC
    [email protected]

  • Aj
    ajmike Jul 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yea, I became very disatisfied with Dish network in early 2007, and switched to direct tv, haven't had any problems since... I am pretty sure DISH was going to stop at NOTHING to get me to upgrade my package from basic.. It began with maybe a few calls, emails, or mailed letters a month, about upgrading to some kind of premium programing. When they called, I politely told them I was not interested. A few months later, I was receiving about 3-4 of these a week, and they were consistently trying all sorts of pitches and gimmicks. Then, suddenly (after 7 years of having no problems with service that weren't solved with a quick call to customer service) I began to lose service on my most-watched channels.. I had 3 visits from technicians, who each tried something I hadn't, that they claimed solved the problem. But each time, after a few days, it would go back to not giving me any service on my favorite channels. Interestingly enough, on each call to customer service, when they agreed to send technicians, they always "suggested" that I upgrade my programing, as this would likely give me better service..

    But, for the sake of this complaint, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume there was no coincidence between my loss of service, the "certified" technicians not being able to permanently fix the problems, and all this marketing of their "premium" programming. Even so, I don't know who trained these sales people, but when someone has been ignoring your letters about it for months, saying no on the phone for months, it means they're not interested. What makes you think the person is going to change their mind if you call them again?

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  • Aj
    ajmike Jul 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    actually correlation would be the better word here, not coincidence.

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  • Di
    disappointed in LaPorte Jul 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Come on ajmike. This is not a writer's workshop. Your comment was inappropriate.

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  • Ev
    Evelyn Staton Dec 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agreed to use my credit card in order for my daughter to secure approval on her Dish Network service.

    I asked three times and was assured that “this was a one-time transaction and in no way would I be linked to her account”. It’s been several months since she’s had the package. She’s defaulted on her bill and owes over $2, 000. They were able to reduce the bill upon receipt of each receiver, total value $792.00. In addition, an early cancellation fee of $192.00 would be assessed.

    I just learned that because I provided my SSN# in order to complete a soft credit check, I was named the account holder. More importantly, now I can be held liable for this bill. I told the Representative that I would have never agreed to the use of my card if it meant that I would be held responsible in any way for this service. My daughter should have never created this bill and I cannot afford to have them go into my checking account to secure the penalty fees.

    It is my position that I was deceived. The alleged contract was breached by Dish because of the omission of facts. This is going to jeopardize my credit and this non-disclosure is unacceptable. There must be other irritated, shocked and duped Dish Net Consumers who are feeling stuck with this problem. How can I resolve this issue?

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June 2, 2010, Napa, CA - I recently established Dish satellite service through over the telephone. The phone order processing time with was approximately twenty-five minutes. A good portion of the time was attributed from the representative describing disclosures - about ten all together - each of which were lengthy in detail, spoken fast and considerably convoluted. At one point I requested the representative to stop and repeat a portion of one of the sections - she insisted to allow her to finish with all of the disclosures and we could revisit the question later. I would bet somewhere among the fast talk there was mention of a "fee" but the approach by is a very well planned and deliberate strategy - inundate the consumer with a barrage of information so that it would be humanly impossible to comprehend the little things they want to slip by the consumer.

Early into the phone order, all relevant information was requested and collected by This included my social security number for a credit check - to establish an account with Dish satellite - as well a credit card. The representative explained that a credit card was needed to establish verification of my identity - another step to establish my account with Dish satellite. At this time there was no mention of any fees or amounts to be charged to the card, simply for identification purposes as Dish would be providing all equipment and installation at their cost. It made sense at the time- if I should default on the account, Dish would have recourse to collect for their equipment and installation costs. Again, no mention of any fees or charges by The order was completed and we had an installation date scheduled. So far so good.

A few days had passed from the date we had established the account when I discovered the charge on my credit card activity online. I routinely audit my credit card accounts, debit card accounts and bank accounts. Usually every two or three days. I have outstanding credit and want to keep it that way. I was completely surprised to find a charge for $49.99. I immediately brought my discovery to my husband's attention as he participated in the ordering process with over a speaker phone. Just like myself, he couldn't recall any reference from the representative of any charges. He was just as surprised as I was. He concurred with me that the only reason we needed to provide my credit card was to verify my identity as part of establishing the account with Dish satellite. Without any time wasted, we contacted to explain that we were charged. They claim we were well informed and that it was clearly disclosed duringthe phone order. They claim to have the "recorded" conversation which includes me agreeing to paying the fee. Neither my husband nor myself were told they would be charging me a $49.99 processing fee. We both are very diligent and thorough when making purchases - especially those involving contractual agreements for payments over a period of time. We argued with the representative that we simply would have not completed the order if we were aware of the fee, as we would have shopped around more to see if this was a standard practice of other Dish retailers or if it were negotiable.

I am a licensed professional in the medical field, earn a six figure salary, have excellent credit with absolutely no debt. I have better things to do with my time than to contest and pursue collecting back my $49.99 that was taken from me without my authorization. I searched online for others that may have experienced this with It wasn't a surprise to me that I easily discovered countless complaints from other individuals against for the very same thing.

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