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DISH Network / DISH.com Complaints & Reviews

DISH Network / DISH.com / Collection letter and I do not have and never have had service through dish

Crdz2005 on Feb 24, 2017
Per csr i spoke to today at 400 pm on feb 24 2017 told me that the service was opened on april 2016 but like i told her why would i open a dish acct if i have xfinity for the past 7 yrs?? the acct number on letter is 8255909852896379 . I need this situation fixed on dish side and they need...

DISH Network / DISH.com / Customer service: kevin

Angie Bennett Boles on Feb 17, 2017
On February 14th 2017 I called Dish customer service and told them to cancel all free premiums I had on both of my Dish Accounts, Kevin who the customer service Advocate was assured me he had done that I come to find out I get Bill the very next month and I have been charged for all...

DISH Network / DISH.com / They are here to hook up in 13 hours after you order but when you need a tec they could care less

Cat Mil on Feb 9, 2017
Call I don't have the channels I watch. Girl couldn't check cause it was prime time taping. So told me how to do it. She said if it comes up low single call so a Tec could come out tomorrow friday. Will I called and no one can come till Saturday. I won't b home and I want to...

DISH Network / DISH.com / Took money out of account for cancelled install

jfmac1 on Feb 9, 2017
Customers beware of pretty fliers in the mail offering you free gift cards. Listen to your gut instinct - if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! I called customer service to only get a quote and now I find my day ruined by worrying that I am overdrawing my checking...

Dish Network / Tv

lwills51 on Feb 7, 2017
I have called 4 times asking your people to send me a copy of my contract ivve been put off and told i would get it within 10 days but they were deducting money from my acct tomorro ive been calling for 8 days just want an emailed copy because your such a underhanded company ive been lied...

Dish Network / Contract term

dstubb on Feb 5, 2017
I joined Dish Network in August, 2014 in response to a mailing. In August of 2015, I had to suspend my service because I was moving to a rental in which I could not continue the service. This required a monthly fee in order to avoid early cancellation charges. In October 2015 Dish sent me...

Dish Network / Raising rates 1 yr into 2 yr contract

Levi Lebo on Feb 3, 2017
My bill was increased from $89.21 to $109.21 one year into my two year agreement with DISH. I committed to 24 months and intend to comply as long as you agree to your end of the agreement. I was told by your customer service representative that my rates would NOT go up for two years if I...

Dish Network / Local channels gone, yet rates went up.

cottonwoodmama on Feb 3, 2017
Very disappointed in Dish. No local news channels due to Dish claiming negotiating fees. Also went to watch a movie on "Chiller" and found the channel gone. When I chatted on line (2/2/2017) the service rep said Chiller went out of business. I not only checked with Direct T.V. but checked...

Dish.com / Dish network

Eric Miklas on Feb 2, 2017
I am paying for a service that I have yet to receive (signed up on 12/13/16). I've made numerous calls and have had even more chat sessions. All have lead nowhere. The dish receiver had to be replaced after it blew the picture in my main TV. They don't want to make it right and...

Dish Network / Billing and fees

pamelap912 on Feb 1, 2017
Hello. I have talked to so many people within the Dish Network Service and including supervisors. I had so much trouble with my billing being continually wrong. Every statement was wrong and If they corrected one issue there were new issues on the next billing. I was promised after call after...

Dish Network / Dish TV

Cherylburrtalbert on Jan 28, 2017
I am so very disgusted with dish and my local abc affiliate. I watch abc more than any other channel and I can't watch it because you and the local affiliate can't agree on fees! Yall say it's them... They say it yall, but i'm the one losing out!! I pay every month but can't watch what I...

Dish Network / Installation

Jacobmason on Jan 27, 2017
I was told when I signed up it was a free installation charge, they show up and it's $50 for every wall drop or upgrade and pay more for the wireless equipment. That was not disclose to me in my conversation with the guy I set the account up with. So I feel I was basically lied to just to...

Dish Network / Charged for returned equipment

Al da V.N.V. on Jan 26, 2017
Summer 2013 I used my credit card so my daughter could get hooked up with DISH, guy told me ONE TIME CHARGE on card. June or July 2013 my credit card get's billed $297.50 & $750.00-WTF!! Im on the blower making no headway, so I cancell DISH-get equipment return box's from...

Dish Network / Unethical behaviour

donjosem on Jan 24, 2017
In May of 2015, I saw an add from Dishnet, for an advertised price ($55 a mo.) for two years, which I liked and signed. At the time of signing, I didn't get a copy of the contract, I think I signed on a device from the technician. At the beginning of the second year, the price changed to...

Dish Network / Customer service and satisfactory reimbursement dvr

Phil Stern on Jan 17, 2017
Starting on January 7 our reception was not good. We called customer service on January 9 and several days following. On the last call the technician (from the codes on the screen) said that our dish needed adjustment and scheduled a service call. The service call occurred on January 12...

Dish Network / Telephone service phone number 520 355 5601 agnes I adams

Gary F Adams on Jan 14, 2017
On December 31st, 2016, we called dish customer service about our phone service problem. This is the problem. We can receive long distance calls, but we can not make any out going long distance calls. We have called several times about this problem and have been assured that the problem...

Dish Network / Cable

Jamela2298 on Jan 14, 2017
I paid my bill and they shut my services off superviser giving people wrong info They want more money but its not my fault it there i talked to the President and she was rude so im getting a lawyer your customer's dont come first with dish i keep going thru this with dish so some one...

Dish Network / Service

Jet T on Jan 10, 2017
We got dish tv about 3 months ago. We had Directv for two years a d the bill was going up and we met a dish tv booth at a Maine fair and they told us how much better they were and how much cheaper they were then directv. You get what you pay for. We have had nothing but trouble with dish...

Dish Network / Equipment

I have had nothing but issues with equipment since signing up for Dish Network about six weeks. The Hopper in my living room had to be replaced inside of one week. The technician came out and replaced the HDMI cable (our fault) and it eventually worked correctly (not right away). After two...

Dish Network / Misleading contract

DidyMo on Jan 3, 2017
In May I bought a new TV. The Dish Network technician first installed hardware for only one TV, so I had to call him back to hook up second. It had something to do with a "Joey" and a "Hopper". I thought I was simply signing a receipt for the installation but then my monthly bill shot up...

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