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DISH Network / DISH.com Complaints & Reviews

Dish Network / Dish.com / dish network

Brian Winters on Sep 21, 2017
there was dish network installed in the house where I reside about a month ago. Now I had 20 channels that I watched with my T.V. antenna ... The day dish was connected to the bedroom next to mine. my T.V. antenna no longer works to watch T.V. the dish network signal is interfering with my antenna...

Dish Network / Dish.com / alzheimer's disease and cancellation

Diane k Brown on Sep 17, 2017
Our mother has ALZHEIMER'S disease and dementia. She pays 90 $ a month with a broken tv for something she hasn't used for months. Dish network will not turn off her service (that she doesn't use) because she CANNOT remember her password. Well. DUH! She's lucky to remember us and now all...

Dish Network / Dish.com / wires hanging off my porch

Pat on Sep 16, 2017
I have pictures and calling my lawyer your company Dish wont come out till Monday and i have a 2 year old who cant play outside because of wires your tech left all over my back yard yesterday. Ive never seen such a poor job. But my concern is my grandkids getting electricuted by these...

Dish Network / Dish.com / unethical behavior

RaquelD45 on Sep 15, 2017
I signed up for cable in 2015 and I kept my service for the entire 2 year contract. In 2017 a customer service agent called me to update a payment because it did not go through due to credit card fraud issues with my bank. During the phone call we discussed my contract ending and if I wa...

Dish Network / Dish.com / service

Monica Campagna on Sep 12, 2017
I have gotten the proper treatment since day one. Never got Netflix free, treated horrible by Representatives, they don't have respect. They sent someone out here and they problem never got fixed. They have no customer service skills, and don't care that I spend hard earned money on...

Dish Network / Dish.com / new service dish playmaker

Unhappy Dish customer on Sep 9, 2017
We are Florida residents escaping Irma traveling to NC and wanted TV service to keep up with the news as most of our family are stranded in Florida. We drove to Louisville TN to Camping World, a 5 hour round trip, to purchase the touted Dish receiver. Upon reaching Murphy NC we established...

Dish Network / Dish.com / internet

Disgusted with Dish on Sep 8, 2017
The internet installation tech stepped on a connector to one of the two outside home AC units. The dish customer service team agreed to pay the initial repair - but as I reported during initial claim - the damage the Dish technician caused to the connector could not be estimated at the...

Dish Network / Dish.com / damage done to floors

Chrys Hawley on Aug 24, 2017
August 24, 2017 DISH Network Corporate Field Resolutions Reference account 8255909847625024 Claim for damages Chrys Hawley 4119 Shady Springs Drive Seabrook, TX 77586 I expect a call today from someone to further investigate this claim as it has been unjustly denied and I want action taken...

dish.com / hopper dvr

stupidforusingyou on Aug 23, 2017
The Hopper goes OFF 4 to 5 times a DAY for about 10 minutes interrupting programs on sat. or ones that are recorded. Before you tell us the same old [censor] of turning it off for awhile then restarting it or to check the connections, unlike your company, we are not completely stupid. I...

Dish Network / Dish.com / installation damage to my siding

Staci Armstrong on Aug 22, 2017
On 8/7/17, A dish installer came out to install new service. He didnt seem very happy that we were what he called a "new install". I showed him the outside of the house where wires from a previous install had been ran before which ran through the drop ceiling of our basement diagonally...

Dish Network / Dish.com / tech transportation

tinam12 on Aug 16, 2017
Installation was great tech new all the answers to my questions. Best dang tech I've seen in a long time. But aren't they suppose to have GPS on these vans my wife over heard a conversation that his GPS was broke so he could swing by after his last job. Just figured he shouldn't run around...

Dish Network / lies

Ttle on Aug 14, 2017
I called Dish Network about adding internet service..I was redirected to Highes Net. The representative informed me of the $49.99 plan and that priced included the $14.99 equipment lease..which I confirmed on their recording...the installer confirmed that price as well. Now I am being told...

Dish Network / Dish.com / satellite tv

M Chandler on Aug 14, 2017
on 8/12 we ordered Dish flex plan and local channels for our RV. On 8/13 we realized we did not have the local channels. Spent over an hour with online tech support and was finally told to go to a retailer. Retailer wanted to charge a hefty sum of money to come out as the closest one i...

Dish Network / Dish.com / installation damage and associated claim

Chrys Hawley on Aug 11, 2017
In October of 2016, I purchased a new home and had Dish installed as the previous homeowner was using another provider. The installation technician drilled over 30 holes in a solid hard wood floor so that he could run cable all along the perimeter of the room, which by the way was not...

Dish Network / Dish.com / internet/wifi services

Nina Helme on Aug 5, 2017
I have been with DISH Internet services aka HughesNet, for a while now. I have done nothing but complain about my service constantly. I have no service period! None. I have done the speed test and most of the time I cannot get on the testmyspeed.net to get the test completed. But still pay...

Dish Network / Dish.com / customer service

JYMARROW1234 on Aug 4, 2017
8/4/2017 I called customer service to schedule a payment, the service rep lady just kept trying to sell me a service for $99, stating she was trying to save me money. She just kept on and on refusing to accept my No thank you and may please talk to someone about payment, she basicly ignored...

Dish Network / Dish.com / dish network

Unique Fogle on Aug 2, 2017
Dish network does accommodate their long stranded loyal customers... Today is 8/2/17 I called to see if I could possibly get an extension until Friday and the customer rep couldn't help so I asked to speak to a supervisor named David who told the rep he is not coming to the phone to...

Dish Network / Dish.com / not able to watch recorded movies

Bklynn2007 on Aug 1, 2017
I have had dish network for 4 years and have always recorded movies when i get the free previews and was able to watch them months later. I jist had a free starz preview and recorded movies and now i cant watch them. It says i have to have the subscription. I call and dish said starting in...

Dish Network / Dish.com / customer service

Ama217 on Jul 26, 2017
I have always called to pay my bill via phone. This last call to do just that, the recording informed me I would need to enter a 4 digit security code or the last 4 digits of my social security number. I don't have a security code set up to my knowledge so I attempted to enter the last 4...

Dish Network / Dish.com / cus to me service, service issues

Gerrilynn on Jul 25, 2017
We are having issues with Dish connectivity interruptions and our equipment needs replaced. I called Dish on Sat, July 22. I was promised a technician visit appt on Sun, July 23 between 12-5. We need a weekend appt so that my husband can talk to the technician. Note that my husband is a...

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