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faulty hd receivers!

We have had Dish Network for 8 weeks now and we have had to replace the HD receiver 3 times already and guess what it has happened again. They keep fobbing us off by saying it is something that we are doing wrong or that there is something wrong with our house. They have sent two technicians around and they have both stated that all is ok with the house. They still do not believe us!!!

We have spent hours on the phone to them, they do not seem to know that we have called before and we have lost hours of viewing and a lot of money on recorded pay per view programs.

Still nothing from them.

double billed and I paid double

Dish tv -
At&t -

I was using att as home phone provider and internet, comcast as tv provider and tmobile as cell phone provider. I decided to go with a combined bill and switched to dish for tv and att for all other services. I immediately got 2 months of bills from dish for install and services and paid promptly, figuring it was just a glitch in billing, but wanted to pay my bills, since dish was giving the service. I also was getting billed by att (On my combined bill) for dish, but did not pay as I was paying direct.

Att got upset and sent me letters of payment demand and then the fun started!

Att said dish should never have billed me and I owed att the $$ as it was a combined billing, dummy!

Dish said, no way jose... You got service from us and you paid us and then they closed acct (Paid in fulll) and would not refund me my $249.

As things moved on, turns out dish activated my 7 yr old acct number from 2000 and that was what they were charging me for. Then dish said att had no right to issue me a new account number and that att owed me the money, not dish.

Well, this is 2 months later... About 20 hours of phone conversations and some very terse and rude 'executive office' conversations.

At this point dish refuses to talk to me about it and says att is my point of service (Even though dish provides the service) and that I need to get refund from att.

For 3 weeks now, att has 'assured' me they will resolve it in my favor, but no one will put that in writing and I still have not gotten my $249.

I got double billed and I paid double... But no one will step up and give me my money back!

fraudulent billing practices!

I am a dish network customer myself, - and decided to treat my mother and father-in-law (Bill and joan denison) to an upgraded receiver, so they could see their local channels more clearly on their tv. Since it is difficult for either of them to deal with dish network themselves, I have been doing all of this on their behalf at their request. The equipment upgrade charge was put on my credit card.

I am so frustrated with dish network company I could scream!!! In mid-august of 2007 I set up an appointment to have a new receiver installed, and was told it would be $59.95. I decided the next day to upgrade to a dual-receiver hd instead for $169, - and was told that this would include the cost of installation. I noticed, however, that the most recent bill has charges for both the $59.95 and the $169.

I called on august 15th and explained the over-charge to them and was assured they would refund the $59.95, which has not happened. Additionally my in-laws were given a dvr which we never ordered, and so were charged a more expensive price as well as now being charged an extra $6.52 extra every month for dvr service they do not want.

The first bill also has all types of miscellaneous charges that were neither discussed nor agreed on.

I called on september 5th and spoke to a man, and explained the situation. He did not seem to understand, and seemed very unclear about what I was disputing, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. When he put me on hold I was disconnected. I called back and spoke to a lady who said her name was shren. She said that the $59.95 charge was requested but never approved as the agent did not document it correctly, but she would take care of it. She again had difficulty understanding me, so I asked to speak to a supervisor, at which time I was once again disconnected. I called again and spoke with a denise who said she would refund the installation charges, and also would schedule a new appointment to swap out the receiver so we would not pay so much. She said she was transferring me to some type of account specialist who would be authorized to set this up for me, - but once again I was mysteriously disconnected. At this point I am so frustrated with the incredibly poor customer service, that I can’t take the stress of calling again. Here are the errors on their part:

1. We should only have been charged $169 for a dual-tuner hd receiver, but were given a dual dvr receiver and charged $199 instead, as well as the $59.95 installation charge. I think this error is fairly obvious looking at the billing statement, - since the credit card charge on 8/13 was specifically for $169, not $199. If I had authorized a dual dvr hd receiver, the credit card charge would have been $199 instead. Now my in-laws are forced to pay an additional $6.52 every month because of receiving the incorrect equipment. I hardly think they will ever even use the dvr feature, - thus it is a wasted monthly expense.

2. I did not order the hd package. I only wanted them to have the hd receiver in the event in the future they decide to order the hd package, then they would have the correct equipment for it. I understand it is $6.00 per month extra for having this tuner, and that is ok. However, dish network has given them the hd package, - and even if it is free for 6 months (As the agent tried to claim) I didn’t ask for it, and now I have to cancel in 6 months and go through the hassle of dealing with incompetent billing agents.

3. I was promised that the overcharge of $59.95 would be refunded, and am now told it will not be.

4. I tried to call and resolve this and was met with incompetence and was disconnected three different times. I never once yelled or raised my voice to any of the agents, but I suspect that rather than connect me to a supervisor, or spend the extra time needed to resolve my situation, each one chose to hang up on me. Either that or all three were extremely incompetent with the phone system.

Unfortunately my in-laws (And myself) are now stuck with dish network for the next few months, until our contracts expire. However I assure you in the meantime I will be considering any other options for the future, - rather than dish network.

  • Li
    lisa marie Sep 14, 2007

    I work at dish network and I can understand all of your complaints, they treat their employees pretty bad as well, needless to say I’m still there and dealing with you angry customers. I apologize for all the rough times you have with dish. Dishes network is a sweat shop for their employees were just numbers and are in constant fear of being terminated. For one we have stats to up hold and if we don’t make those stats were looking at termination, we have to take one phone call after another, never supposed to take a breather or time to type notes on every call off a phone call. Not to mention all the angry customers that we get screaming one after another, we get it rough working there but it pays the bills. Not to mention they require over time and make you work odd hours all the time. Dish is cheap. I work for the commercial department and we have to up hold a 5 minute handle time or like I said its either a write up or termination if we don’t met those standards, and that probably one of the main reasons why our customer services is not as good as it should be. having good stats will get you off the phones by promotion or give you a bonus pay at your paychecks, so why would you let a customer hold you up for that extra pay? it is very difficult at dish all the way around and if you would like you can defiantly e-mail your concerns with the account number and I’ll be more than willing to correct any issues on the account that you can’t get anywhere on the phone with other agents. I try to have every customers satisfied with me as a customer service representative before they hang up (but you can’t win them all). So if you guys are really frustrated with anything from dish network, please let me know and I can one explain the situation to you or two correct any mistakes on the account, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

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  • Di
    Disgruntled Apr 16, 2009

    I had this problem with Direct TV. Doesn't it just fry you to call customer service and get someone in another country who doesn't even speak or understand our language enough to be of any service much less customer service? I, myself, refuse to speak to them. I always ask for a supervisor; and if he or she cannot speak English, I ask to be transferred to an office in the U.S., which by the why is getting harder to find. Has corporate America sold out this country and given jobs to other countries for the sake of a dollar? Big companies deserve to go belly up for all their greed!

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  • Sh
    Sherby B May 13, 2013

    When I initially set up my account I told the rep. that I get paid once a month on the third Wednesday of each month. He said that would not be a problem that I can address that when I set up auto pay. I specified that date when I set up the auto pay online. Well now for three months in a row they keep trying to force through payments at random times throughout the month causing me additional fees and shutoffs. They told me this morning that I should have waited to start services at the end of the month in order to make the payments hit my account at the right time and that they cannot change the due date now. Of course they cant, they are making too much money from fees to do that! They made a verbal contract with me when the account was set up and have broken it time and time again. I have just filed complaints with the Boulder BBB and will be filing a complaint with my state's attorney general office. This is at the least bad business practice and considering that they bill an entire month ahead, technically I have never been behind on any payments. They think they do whatever they want too. sorry Dish, they are laws protecting consumers in America and I for one am going to see that they are implemented against Dish Network.

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  • Ma
    Mark H DISH May 14, 2013

    Sherby B, I understand this has been an inconvenience for you and I will be glad to review your DISH services for the problems you are experiencing with your billing and see how I may help you. Please email for assistance with the DISH services.

    Thank You

    Mark Haakenson
    Social Media Representative
    [email protected]
    3 pm – 11 pm Sunday through Thursday

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  • Bi
    bill3917 Jun 05, 2013

    DISH FRAUD !!! Please do what I did and contact your State Atty Generals office and the Better Business Bureau. My complaints were answered in writing by a Dish Representative ( writing) who should be writing fiction for a living !!! My honest belief is that they lie so much on an everyday basis that the truth simply does not exist in the DISH corporate culture.

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dish sucks

Well i am a new customer of dish :( we have had the sorrow of having dish for a whole 6 weeks now and it has been a nightmare. It all started the very first night we had it installed.

Our dvr box decided to have problems so we called them and they shipped us a new box. So after that every thing went smooth for a week and then the 2nd box we have decided it isnt gonna work so we have to call again. So they send tech out and something was hooked up wrong then about 5 days later our remote decides it isnt gonna work so im calling them again so finally after 50 calles we get it all lined out in the mean time i have spoke to every cs person there is and they were all very rude. Well this past friday the fun began again. Our tv had a black screen we have 3 tv's and all but one wasnt working. So i call and i get some girl that you can tell hates her job so she isnt the most polite person she basically tells me what i'm telling her is impossible. So i work for an attorney so i go back to work and i talk to her about that and she tells me to get a copy of my contract so i call them and what do i hear, well we dont have your contract the installer still has it. Im like yeah what ever so i ask to talk to who ever that would have more information they put me through to someone else and i am told that it will take 2 or 3 weeks to recieve my contract through fax because it has to be processed and they have to find out if they can fax a copy to me. Well i inform them that i do work for an attorney and she has told me that if i want a copy they have to send it to me because it is my contract after all. Well they give me the runaround about not having it . So i informed them that i can alway send a motion down to the courts and get it signed by a judge making a order that they have to supply me with the contract or show up in court and show cause why they are in contempt. Well after 10 more min lisening to his nonsence i get off the phone not knowing no more then i did when i started. So all i can say is that dish network has the nastiest customer service i have ever seen and if you dont want to have to put up with all this bull crap sign up for directv. I left them not because of problems but because dish was cheeper but i have them coming back out on the 11 to install again and i would rather pay a little more and recieve better service all the way around.

  • Ja
    James2868 Nov 17, 2013

    I called dish after receiving a bill I was not aware of so I called them and they told me that it was for an engineers call made last month.
    I told them that the whole street had lost some signal as we had and that the engineer said there would not be a charge. He replaced a very old cable outside leading to the dish that they had installed years ago as my wife has been a customer for a long time and left his number as he wanted me to call him personally if we had other problems as he said they fired engineers who received complaints.
    The signal was not as good as before when he left but rather than wait in again for engineers we just accepted it.
    When I spoke to the customer service rep he was very apologetic and said if we had a $7 insurance we would not have been charged. I told him I did not wat insurance and he eventually said they would wave the fee. After a few moments however he said he could only wave $50 of the $95 dollar fee unless I signed up for the insurance. When I first called I was agitated but now I was angry and told him I did not like to be blackmailed to which he said I could cancel the insurance after 4 months which I did not believe as I have had problems cancelling extra stuff before and did not want that nightmare again.
    I asked for an address to write to but he would only put me through to an accounts specialist who basically told me the same thing again so I asked him for an address but he would only give me an email address.
    I told hin that blackmail was not the way to keep customers but he did not comment further. He told me he would wave the $50 dollars which I will only believe when I see it and I wrote an email complaining about the terrible and deceitful service Dish provides.

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  • Pa
    paul bozard Mar 14, 2015

    Dish Network Sux! It is not user friendly at all!
    I had Direct Tv in Columbia, SC, but had to get dish in the mountains because Direct could not get a signal.
    I hate direct TV. With dish, I could record three shows at once and still watch live tv.
    I have a dual receiver with Dish and it's so ###ing complicated, that you have to have an engineering degree to figure the damn thing out. Once I get off this cold ### mountain (this summer thank GOD)...then I moving and going back to Direct TV!
    I don't care how much more Direct TV's worth it!

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  • Py
    Pyrite77 Sep 27, 2019

    I rarely watch T.v. Waste of money for me actually. I had saved a bunch of movies to watch cuz the programs on t.v. today are so awful and the cross channel advertising truly pisses me off to the max. So anyway, tonight I turn on the t.v. to watch a movie and ALL of them are gone and it says my DVR is 100% full. Some program called Prime time live has been scheduled to record and I never even heard of that program so I would not have recorded it.
    Needless to say now I've been on hold for OVER 20 minutes to try to reach someone to get my DVR cleaned out of all the junk that somehow got recorded and to see if my movies are saved anywhere.
    I really cannot stand Dish TV and the only time I EVER swear is when I turn the damn t.v. on.
    I can't wait to cancel with them.
    They also must have done some weird forced Google thing cause it's a mess now and I remember getting some notice saying Google was going to be force pushed on to Dish users. Also can't stand Google so now I am just triple pissed off at the whole thing.

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dish network disaster!

I don't have time to tell the whole story, blow by blow. You don't have time to read it!

Just the highlights:

I have been a loyal Dish customer since the early 90s. I pay my bills, on time. Their service never was good and it has been deteriorating dramatically. For 3 years I was charged for an additional receiver I DID NOT HAVE. Someone was getting service at my expense. No number of calls or complaints could get the charge off my bill. (A Dish employee perhaps the beneficiary???)

Finally, I contacted the State Attorney General. Dish didn't like that. Finally they agreed to credit my account substantially. When the next bill came, I had been CHARGED the amount that was to be credited. (There had been the ongoing collection of "little" mistakes, additions, etc. in the bills, NEVER TO MY ADVANTAGE!) But this was BIG.

Company response: denials, disconnects, unkept promises, lies, accusations (when and if I got through to someone). Response to written complaints: "We must have lost your letter."

I have been charged for equipment that I did not order; I have not received that which I did order. Charges appear on my bill that are totally fictitious. I am charged twice. Service calls are made and they do not show up. The equipment functions poorly if at all. The company provides what is now essentially NO SUPPORT. The [protected]-DISH number is a joke; it will take you hours to get through the multiple choices, the disconnects, the canned music, the obstructions, the uninformed and the unintelligent. When you manage to get a "human", they are in India or the Philippines, and don't speak English.

Unfortunately, Dish has a strangle hold on many areas of this country.

They are the best advertisement for buying books, newspapers, and computers I have seen!

Steer clear of this company at all cost!

Their performance is so bad, I seriously worry about their viability as a company: no one can be THAT bad and survive!

  • Dw
    dw whitehead Jul 30, 2014

    This company is the worst as farr as service. I never knew you could be in a contract and still pre pay. The programming stinks and the lest bit of rain and my service is interrupted. I ask for two days for a 51.00 bill and because I was in a prepay contract. they could not do it. Been with them 10 months and I will pay the termination fee just to get rid of them. Run don't walk as far away as you can get.

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poor service!

Dish Network=Nightmare! I highly recommend staying away from this company. The fact that the person that...

overcharging and harassment!

Dish Network accounts receivable is absolutely unbelievable. I have received numerous calls from collection agencies for $$ that I do not owe. Not once have I received a call from Dish Network. DN has overcredited my account, charged my cc for amounts not owed and now months after all was settled ran another charge for $600 for equipment that was returned several months ago. I seriously wonder if part of their business model is to harass prior customers until they receive $$ that was not ever due to DN. Be very careful if you allow DN to charge to a CC. They will dig up any card # they have and run random charges without any written explanation.

  • Ge
    Gerald Grandchamp Sep 30, 2010

    I have not had dish network for almost two years. Now they are saying I did not return there receiver, which they sent a box out for within a week after discontinued service. They have started charging me monthly for service, which I'm not receiving and said they will look up and charge my credit card on file if I don't pay. Is there anything you can do about harrassment like this?

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  • Ke
    Kenny Kamel May 15, 2012

    I had Dish for 2 years and had several issues with them overbilling me among other atrocious service problems. No matter how many times I called to resolve the problems, even if I did it before I expected to have an issue, it didn't make any difference. After my contract was up I cancelled my service and returned my equipment. They sent me a bill for over $170 for a subscription package that I NEVER EVEN USED, in fact even if I were to subscribe to this programming it wouldn't even begin until two months AFTER I cancelled service. I still get calls from Dish demanding that I pay them this money, FU buddy and I don't care if you want to report me to a collection agency/scammer. I've filed two BBB claims against Dish (both successful) and this is the only way to get them to back off.

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unable to terminate service!

In november of 2006, I informed dish that I was terminating my service. I had already contracted with another may of 2007, I received a statement for charges. I contacted the company, explained that I no longer had their service and was informed that I had not terminated service. I had merely put my service on vacation hold. During the initial conversation when I terminated my service, I asked the rep what I needed to do with the dish equipment and she told me that since it was mine, I could give it away if I wished. Now, I ask you. Did that sound like someone who was putting their service on vacation hold. I did not even know there was such a thing as vacation hold. So, I was told that was the information that was keyed into their system and I would be responsible for charges. I told them I would not pay for services I was not receiving and surely they could determine if a household was receiving a june, I received another bill and again contacted the company. I was told the same thing about the vacation hold and that unfortunately, the company would use that day's date as official notification that I was terminating the service and I would be responsible for all charges. I have no intention of paying these charges. I do not know why the rep entered my information as vacation hold but it is their problem. I did not ask for it and had no reason to do so. As far as I am concerned, it is a gimmick to continue assessing charges. If I had known a simple phone call was not sufficient to terminate service, I would have sent up a hot air balloon with notice.

fraud by their use of the Elephant Group

I received a flyer in the mail that I thought was from Dish Network. They were offering promotions that I liked so I called the number thinking I was talking to Dish Network. They even answered the phone Dish Network.

I was instead talking to the Elephant Group with out my knowledge. They took my credit card number for installation and first month billing. I was authorizing Dish Network for use of the credit card, I didn't know I was giving info to a telemarketer!

I later find charges on my credit card billing statement for Block buster on line and Member Services. Came to about $40 for both a month. I called the number on the statement for Member Services and find out it is called E Club.

The Elephant Group had given them my credit card number with out my authorization! I have found out all this info from numerous calls to Dish Network and Via Satellite (installer of the Dish equipment)

Dish Network is very aware of the Elephant Group's practice since this has been going on for years but they will deny any knowledge of anything or responsiblity for anything.

But they hired them and they know they are impersonating themselves as Dish Network and by fraud getting info from Dish Network customers to sell.

The Elephant Group also told me they had vacation incentive packages sent to my home so I know they sold my address to those companies.

I am terrified my indenty is going to be stolen as this personal info is being sold all over and outside the country.

It is all very deceiving and they should be shut down for fraud. I have cancelled my credit card immediately so they do not sneak in more charges and disputing all the current charges. I have also sent a complaint to Federal Consumer Protection and Consumer Protection of VA and the BBB of CO against Dish Network.

When I made calls to the Elephant Group they are extremely rude. I asked them to stop selling my personal info and they said I do not know what I am talking about and will continue to do so.

Some one has got to shut this deceptive telemarketing group down!

fraud and overcharging!

Signed a written 18 month contract with Dish on 6/8/07. I paid $49.99 as activation fee with written term it would be refunded on my first bill.

My written contract was $44.00 per month.

Instead, my first bill was $145 for the first two months and they charged me again for the $49.99 "activation fee" for a total of $175.00, when I should have been charged $88 for the first 2 months MINUS the $49.99 activation fee REFUND for a total bill of $38 -- NOT $175. I phoned 3 times, was put on hold for 45 minutes (so you'll hang up and give up) told them this was contract FRAUD, and they were rude and did not listen and refused to correct the bill. They also told me I had to print out and send in a "rebate form" or I would be charged $54.00 per month when my contract says $44. I said zero "rebate" requirement is on my written contract, it was a full contract wherein all terms must be fully disclosed, and I was not going to take my valuable time to do anything NOT ON THE CONTRACT. Two billing flunkies and 2 supervisors were rude and refused and I hung up.

Additionally, the installer was supposed to be at my home at 8AM and did not arrive until 7PM after wasting my entire day waiting and having to phone them repeatedly to ask when, if ever, they were going to get there.

I am going to pay what I owe and not a cent more. If they send me another FRAUDULENT BILL or cut off my service I will sue them in Small Claims for the maximum $7500 for fraud, for denial of service and breach of contract, for my hours of time on the phone, and for my time waiting for the installer and for punitive damages. This is OUTRIGHT FRAUD!!! An attorney could make a great class action suit. We should do it. Direct TV was just as bad, overcharging every month.

DO NOT LET THEM BILL YOU AUTOMATICALLY!!! They charged one woman's credit card $575 fraudulently.

  • Mi
    Missyme82 Aug 21, 2014

    Dish ripped me off also

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  • Mi
    Missyme82 Sep 01, 2014

    This company has stolen from my family to

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  • Ki
    Kitchens Sep 08, 2019

    We have used DISH 12 years. Back in December, 2015 we were gone and not available to pay December, 2015 bill. Upon arrival back home January, 2016, we paid the December 2015 bill along with the January, 2016 bill. Since that time DISH has billed us an additional $10.00 per month which now comes to $440.00 paid DISH that was NEVER owed. DISH has been called numerous times since then and I was last on the telephone with a DISH representative September 7, 2019 over two hours. DISH insists we've been late since we were gone December, 2015 and refused to refund our money and even had the audacity to tell me "I will give you a little break, but this is a one time offer which will never be offered again. If you do not pay the amount we indicate owed you will never have another opportunity to get anything back from us."
    NOTE: Throuth the 12 years we've been with DISH, we :NEVER missed a payment, excluding the month abwent which was paid in full along with the next bill. DISH talks to us like we don't know anything, although I hold a Bachelor's and Master's Degree and my wife is a doctor holding three degrees. Needless to say we are totally and completely fed up with DISH. Our residence is way out in the country allowing us to use DISH or Direct TV only. This complaint is being reported to the BBB and anyone else necessary.

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cancellation fee

On 5/21/07, I canceled service with Dish Network. I was asked why I was canceling, and I told them that my wife had just pasted, I was unemployed, and I wanted to settle up with them now. The Dish Network employee waived the early cancellation fee as long as I returned the equipment. On 6/12/07 @ 6:14AM in Spartenburg, SC, Dillard received such equipment. Today, I received a bill stating that I owe the cancellation fee. I called and spoke to Ann @ 8:50PM. She told me her boss was unable to talk to me about my agreement, and I am now to pay the cancellation fee.

Please cancel, or be aware of "Boiler Room Tactics" of Dish Network.

My wife fought 2 years and 2 months of cancer, and maybe cancer can set into the management of Dish Network. Please pass this on, and if anybody wants evidence, I have it.

  • Bu
    burnsl1948 Dec 24, 2013

    Can't use the off peak time, they trottle it when you want to go on utube. Had a teck out told me this. Called this moring well off peak still won't let me on utube. So they gave me 10.00 of peak time and it works.. What a scam, told me I needed to upgrade my internet I already pay 79.99 per month. Check for other interent providers

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poor business ethics

I have an unresolved complaint with the BBB about dishnetwork (EchoStar) offering a service at one price, then doubling the monthly bill with addons and lies. The following outlines their response to my having a complaint against them and their position.

On June 19, 2007 I Received a call from Dishnetwork advising me that they would not accept an unresolved complaint against them with the BBB.

I was told that rather than addressing my concerns or having a complaint not resolved in their favor they would continue to offer rebuttals to keep this complaint alive and off their record.

That they would make such a threat and go to such lengths speaks volumes about their lack service and ethics, as well as the utter contempt in which they hold their customers.

over billing through frontier!

Frontier offers a bundle of services for $119.00 + fees and taxes $138,00 per month total. Phone, Internet and Dish Networks Digital Home Advantage Americas Top 250. Frontier is regulated by the PUC but not for Internet of Dish Network Services. Frontier is billing me for services I did not agree to. Frontier said that they will not stop billing me for the overcharges that Dish Network says that I am receiving. I have made multiple complaints to the PUC, Frontier and Dish Network. I am still overcharged $40.00 per month and I do not see any way to resolve the issue. I am looking for some assistance in forcing Frontier and Dish Network to stop billing me for services I did not subscribe to. Please reply to my e-mail.

  • El
    Ellen Hutchinson Dec 23, 2010

    Frontier internet has been overbilling me by $120 for a year. I originally agreed with Verizon to a "Bundle Special of $69.99 month and three months free" Verizon sold out to Frontier and my bill has never been less than $189 month. In a year, I have never once had the agreed-to special of $69.99. I have been billed $189 every month and have paid $120 more than I agreed every month
    That is $1, 340 more than I ever agreed to. Thirteen hundred and forty dollars THEFT of myself in one year By Frontier and Verizon

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sick of lies and changing terms!

The sucks are turning their satellite a little then charging 50 bucks to come out and adjust the dish. This must generate enough revenue to be pretty obvious. Also all their terms are subject to change at any time. Were really sick of lies and changing terms!

  • My
    My God Aug 17, 2007

    Dish network means Trash & neverwork!

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  • La
    Lawrence Gordon Carson Sep 09, 2007

    I too am sick and tired of overcharging and no customer service. They were going to charge me 49.99 to have a tech come out to my place,but they said it would be free one time. Guess what? They are charging me for that, but i am not paying them the 49.99. Then I didn't want hd anymore so now they are taking 4.68 out of me for that. It said that in one spot but in another spot they are taking 6.00 out for enabling my hd programming.They are still charging me with a partial for hd. What can we really do with these fraudulent people? Any smart ideas smb...

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  • Br
    Brooke Sep 15, 2008

    Someone who said they were calling from Dish Network called my cell phone and promised me for $43.99 a month that I would get HBO/Starrz free for 3 months, installation for 4 rooms for free, 2 DVRS and a $50.00 credit on my first bill and if I gave them my credit card number to the tech that installed it that I could get HBO/Starrz free for 12 months. What a joke! I have never been treated so badly by a company.
    The first employees had no idea what to do and after requesting a supervisor or corporates number they wouldn't give it to me. I have been given some 3rd parties number (which is never answered by a live person) and told that they can't do anything for me. I have been on the phone for 2 days and after two supervisors, David with dish #915-298-5912 told me that my account was set up with a fraudulant credit card! I haven't even given my credit card information yet! He informed me that I could get in trouble for someone in New York signing me up and using someone else's credit card. I haven't even paid my first bill yet. I was calling since my bill was wrong and to get a tech to come out and fix my equipment. We didn't get the 2 dvrs promised and if you are recording anything we can't watch tv in the bedroom. And my child's tv changes channels when I'm watching tv in my bedroom.
    Everytime I call I get someone who barely speaks English and who brushes me off to someone else.
    I was also told by the supervisor David that he wasn't going to call me a liar but he wouldn't honor what was originally promised to me the day I signed up. I had no idea that I should be recording the conversation!
    I want to cancel and I've been told I have to contact 3rd party to see if there is a early termination with them! I never would have signed up if I knew it was a 3rd party.
    What can I do?

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  • De
    Debbie Mar 06, 2009

    I feel you they did the same to me lies about everything...They are nothing but crooks in my book...and now they advertising for $9.95 per month

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misinformation in pamphlet!

Pamphlet provided by Dish states "two-room DVR No extra fees. First bill has charge for DVR fee." Dish agent on-line apologized for misinformation and ended chat session. I am still billed for DVR fees.

Beware people!

  • Em
    Emily Gibson May 24, 2007

    I cancelled my service with Dish Network and gave them a month's notice. I told them that I would be moving out on March 1st. Dish network agreed to send a box to return the dish prior to the March 1st move. The box never came, then in April they deducted an unauthorized $300 from my account. When I call support they said that they had sent the box out on the 5th, but would send our another box. I waited three more weeks; when the second box did not come, I called once more. This time the support person stated that she would send out a return label via e-mail within the next 24 hours. Needless to say, it has been over 24 hours and nothing has arrived. Where do I go to file a complaint. I live in Delaware and would appreciate any suggestions.

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  • Te
    terry h Jul 03, 2007

    In there pamphlet in small letters it says they do charge a certain dollar a month fee for the use of the dvr. I have been with them over 1o years u have to read the fine print. The box itself is free but the service is not there just telling u no extra fees installing the box. It is a pretty gray area on some of there writing info. Always check there website for the best information. If u cancel there service of the dvr they will shut that part of it down so u cant use it and sometimes there customer service is a big headache to. just call there phone # and tell them that i never got anywhere with there chat line thing. Good luck!

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  • Ba
    Babu Aug 27, 2007

    Dish network customer service sucks ! They don't value customers who are going out...

    I was moving out of my apartment and dish network cannot setup in my new apartment. So, I need to do the following to help us from early termination fee.

    1. I need to call four retailers to get a "customized special installation". At least two should say it is not possible after checking my apartment and then hopefully my early termination fee will be deducted. and yeah... dish will take care of up to 80 bucks for the charges.

    2. I need to get my old dish removed by myself ! I need to have the "eye" with me in case if I get canceled else, I will get an early fine for that (may be 900 as mentioned here)

    BTW, I can ignore wires as it is of no use for them and me.

    I have decided to try this and lets c how it goes... will update here how it went... But anyway, I decided not to use dishnetwork from here afte completing my 18 months contract !

    Dish sucks and people should know what they are getting into before they start dish.

    Go down dish!

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  • An
    angela michelle chalmers Aug 30, 2007

    i ordered service with dish 3 weeks ago, and ordered online, it was not made clear to me that there was a third party involved, called all SAT i believe? and no one told me there was a 18 month agreement, there was also a special going on 19.99 a month. and that's what caught my eye, cheaper than cable! so then i was also told the 49.99 deposit covers the first month rent,it would be a couple of months before i received a bill right? so my card was charged immediately then 1 week later i get a bill for 60.00. i am a single mother of two, am on a fixed income and can only afford so much, so also the tv in my living room never worked properly, and also the channels the Internet said was included, were not i found out, i had to pay extra for certain ones, even after them telling me that channel was included,
    after them sending me a bill due within 1 week i called them and told them i cant afford but the extra 49.99 deposit that was already sent, and i cant send another 60 in 1 week they said that covers the next two months bill, i told them that is what was said about the 49.99 deposit, now, i canceled my service even after being charged $50 and they told me i will be charged $500 since i had an agreement, what?! unfortunately my bank account is now charged has insufficient funds negative 200+ dollars and i am as of this weekend going to find shelter for me and my kids to go to because i will eventually get put out, i cant catch up my rent , don't make to much more money for that, and they will continue to deduct from my account even after only having service for no more than 3 weeks. this unfortunately happened the week of rent being due. please all single mothers, and/or family living pay check to pay check do not use this service. i was tricked lied to and now in debt and about to be homeless.

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  • Ga
    Gary Jacobs Aug 31, 2007

    I have had the same experience. Signed up on-line and have screen shots showing what I would pay monthly. My bill is now $35 more per month!!! No one at Dish Network can give me a valid reason for the difference. Some one needs to take this company down.

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  • Km
    km57mexyahoocom Jan 26, 2008

    I work for AT&T residential, we sell Dish Network combined in our bill, here in California,
    Daily i get customer asking about the 19.99,, it just a scam.

    1)Get it right, this is not offered by DishNetwork, BUT by resellers (plural) , please pay attention to the names on the flyers or article/adds, example "Dish TV" , "Dish Family TV" ect ect- NEVER DishNetwork or Direct Tv directly, Vendors aka Resllers, these are flyers or Pennysaver or newspaper

    2) Since they resell, the work on commission or items sold, hence they are misrepresent items, hide taxes additional fee,, Why? - Simply, there are flight by night vendor here today, gone (with your $) tomorrow

    3)Basic TV for Dishnetwork is Dish FAmly ( 40 channel 19.99 & local 5.00= 24.99, & 1 dual tuner (1 box, 2 remotes) included.
    As far as i know DishNetwork is the ONLY one to carry DUAL Tuners, saving to spend addtional for the 2 room

    4) additional equipt 1 single tuner for a 3rd bedroom or dual tuner for a 3rd & 4th is 5.00 extra,, Pay attention, if it is not connected to a working telephone jack you may pay addtional 5.00 ( 5 +5=10.00 for 3rd/4th bedroom,) so plugged it in a jack

    5)In spanish " lo barrato sale caro" , translation " the cheaper the item, the costlier in the long run",, If your tight/scrooger/miser you will fall into these scam,, but suggestion pay the right price because after all for your entertainment and fun, it work it, you'll pay more going to the movies twice per month, after the concession stand, turn you upside and shake out all the money , you be filing chapter 11,, hahaha

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  • Li
    lisa79 Jan 28, 2009

    I was sent a flyer today saying $19.99 and showing Americas top 100. I filed a complaint on them today with It's GREAT! Use this website for ALL complaints. I called about the americas top 100 and the great price plus free 4 room installation, 5 premium channels for a penny etc but boy was I wrong! They are two different packages and not clarified as two seperate deals. The $19.99 is for 40 channels not including local I was furious for wasting my time with them. The Americas top 100 was over $50.00 with taxes and surcharges =/ What is funny is they tried sticking me with a $200.00 charge due to my credit! Okay, I don't see how me paying 12 months in advance would matter? I wanted to do this so i can pay in full every year around income tax time.. I'm going with directv I think. they said if I call custoimer service and explain they should remove the $200.00 fee :)

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[Resolved] false advertising, wrong billing, poor customer service

I had a similar experience with the Dish Network. The salesman for Dish told me we had 60 days to cancel with...

problems with dish network satellite by wildblue!

Before signing-up for Dish Network High-Speed Satellite Internet by Wild Blue, read this... Just the fact...

charging after cancellation and no refund!

I canceled Dish Network 0n March 14, 07, at the end of my contract, I was then billed on autopay the next month (April). I called to let them Know what happened and that they withdrew the money from a closed bank account. Now, there is also a 35.00 overdraft fee. They apologized and said they would reverse the fee. Forward to May 5. 07. Still no credit on my account, so I called them back... First they couldn't find my account, next (after they found it) they showed no charges after March 1. After I gave them my bank reference number they again apologized and said they found it, and that the reversal was still pending (the rep. didn't know why) but he was going to click a button to push it through for the amount of the withdrawal. I then asked about the bank overdraft fee that was charged and if that was also reversed, since it was their error. (They charged a closed bank account) The rep. told me no, even though Dish Network messed up and owned up to the mistake, it is their policy not to refund fees that might be incurred due to their errors (is that legal?). What a company, huh? Must be great being able not to pay for your mistakes. I wonder if I'm also going to have to call back next month to remind them to click submit for my refund...

Probably... I f you are considering a satellite t.v. service, consider elsewhere!

  • De
    Deepak Khanna May 21, 2007

    I called dish network customer care 27th April 2007 and fix up an appointment for installing the dish at my home. At that time they spoke to me in very friendly way. They even took us $50 as an installation charges in advance. Later on we decided to cancel the the account and I called the customer desk and ask them to cancel my account. He did cancel the account and told that it will take 3-4 days to refund the amount back to my bank and if I don't get the money in 7 days then call them back. But the money did not get transfered to my account even after 7 days, so I called them back and spoke to one of there customer executive about the status, she replied she don't have any information but she will again process to cancel my account and told that it will take yet another 7 days. I asked her why she don't have any information that what had happened to my money, she said she just don't. I asked her to give me any contact information for the concern department who have that information she said she even don't have that and she bang the PHONE DOWN. It was just a RUDE and TERRIBLE BEHAVIOR from the CUSTOMER CARE EX of DISH NETWORK that I could never think off.


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victory in court against dish network

Follow up in California. Sue Dish through their agent of process, Corporation Service Company dba CSC-Lawyer...

horrendous customer service!

I was an unfortunate customer of Dish Network for about 6 months last year, and the ordeal has still not...

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